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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zelda60

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    =                      Terminator Salvation Faq/Walkthrough                  =  
    =                            For the Xbox 360                                = 
    =                            Version: 1.00                                   =
    =                           Started: 06/29/09                                =
    By: Zelda60       Email:elebitsownsmysox@hotmail.com
                                   Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction/ Version History
    2. Characters
    3. Achievements
    4. Campaign
    5. Tips
    6. Copyright Information
    7. Special Thanks/ Credits
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my guide for one of the most boring games on the earth. Terminator
    Salvation. It was released as a movie tie in and follows the same trend that 
    most movie games follow. The only thing that I see most people using this 
    guide for is to figure out how to get all of the easy 11 achievements that
    this game offers. Everybody that plays this game will have hardly any problems
    getting every single achievement in this game because it can easily be done in
    under 5 hours.
    2. Characters
    Throughout the game you will come across many characters, most of them 
    friendly.There isn't one main bad guy in the story, but instead just a few 
    types of different robots. Here is a list of the characters:
    John Connor: John Connor is the main character that you play as during the
    game. He acts somewhat as the leader of the squad and is bent on finishing
    his mission no matter what. He believes in the rights of others and shows
    this through multiple times through the story.
    Blair Williams: Blair is one of the other main characters of the story and
    is John's best friend. Although she does not want to join him on his near
    suicide mission, she does tags along anyways.
    Barnes: Barnes is a side character that is met during the story. He is the 
    leader of small group of people trying to survive during the war, but
    eventually decides to join John Connor's group.
    Angie Slater: Angie is a character that eventually joins John's group to 
    recover David Weston and his crew from the middle of the war. At first she
    reluctant to join, but she eventually comes to terms with herself and begins
    to believe in the mission that John Connor and the rest of the crew are on.
    David Weston: David is the person that the whole mission revolves around. At
    the beginning of the game David contacts John to see if he is able to rescue
    him and his group of soldiers from the middle of the war. John believes that
    this is the right thing to do and teams up with many of the characters listed
    above to save David.
    The Robots: Although im not sure of the Robots names (too many T's and numbers
    for me to remember every single one) they are the major enemies in the game.
    The only porblem with this is the variation between them. Throughout the whole
    game you will only fight 4-5 different types of enemies, which is disappointing.
    Although the variation lacks, they make up for it with their quest for
    dominance and their super awesome machine guns.
    3. Achievements
    - L.A. 2016  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 1 L.A. 2016 on any difficulty.
    -Thank Heaven  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty.
    -New Acquaintances  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 3 - New Acquaintances on any difficulty.
    -The Sights  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 4 - The Sights on any difficulty.
    -Underground  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 5 - Underground on any difficulty.
    -Into the Wild  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 6 - Into the Wild on any difficulty.
    -Angie  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty.
    -Every life is Sacred  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 8 - Every life is sacred on any difficulty.
    -For the Resistance  (80 GS)
    Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any difficulty.
    -Seasoned Commander (100 GS)
    Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty.
    -Veteran Commander  (180 GS)
    Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty.
    4. Campaign (Singleplayer/Co-op)
    This is where the majority of the guide will be written, even though the game
    is only around 4 hours long. Some levels are around 10 minutes each while a 
    few levels are close to 30 mins. There are no boss fights but instead some
    encounters where you have to kill a certain amount to continue, or just other
    enemies like helicopters. So then instead of talking, lets get to the 
    NOTE - It is recomended that you play the game on hard difficulty. It will
    save you time because you won't have to do a second playthrough if you want
    all of the achievements.If you want to just play on easy or medium you should
    know that while the level achievements will still unlock, the difficulty ones
    = L.A. 2016       =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty rating: 1/10
    Prepare yourself for the easiest 1000 GS ever, that is not Avatar of course.
    After watching the cutscene you will take control of John Connor and will be
    briefly taught the controls. Move forward and over the cover until you are out
    beside the two guys. Run forward to the building where the two guys are 
    standing. Proceed through the building up to the point where you walk down a
    flight of stairs, triggering a cutscene. Follow the group and shoot down the
    enemies that appear. Continue forward running down the linear street until you
    reach a crumbled building on your left side. When you go in you will be 
    attacked by a group of small wasps. Eliminate them and continue on until you
    reach the next ruined building. When you enter you will activate a cutscene
    that shows the building exploding. One of the evil robots (that is what we
    shall call them) will burst through the door. Run to the end of the hallway
    towards a door to complete your objective and to escape the building. Once
    outside again meet up with your team and enter the ruined building to your
    left. Once inside go up the stairs to activate a cutscene. When the cutscene
    is over you will have to destroy the hunter ship. Pick up one of the nearby
    missile launchers and take cover. When the Hunter Ship appears in front of
    you, aim at it and fire a missile. After enough shots the hunter will ram 
    the building and your objective will be complete. Proceed forward outside 
    and across the sign to activate a cutscene. When you regain control you will
    be on the back of a truck for an on rails segment. Take out all of the flying
    enemies that follow you but also try to not let your gun overheat.Eventually
    the HK ship will return and you will have to shoot it down. You can do this by
    shooting the part that has the white cirlce around it enough. When you have
    damaged it enough the part will break off. Continue doing this for the parts
    that they tell you to aim at and the HK ship will eventually crash into 
    the tunnel that you drive into. When the Hk ship has been blown up you will
    continue on but will instead have to shoot at one of the cars following you
    and some more flying robots. The level will be over when you reach the end 
    of the tunnel. The achievement will also unlock here.
    = Thank Heaven    =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty rating: 1/10
    When you gain control of John run forward and up the slope to meet up with your
    group again. Move forward and enter the ruined building. Continue on until you
    exit to the outside again. Continue down the street and enter the building on 
    your left. When you enter you will be ambushed by a small group of flying 
    robots. Once you kill them you will continue on down the street. At the end of
    the street you will be introduced to the spider. The only way to kill him is
    to destroy the battery pack on his back. You can do this by flanking him and
    aiming at his back when he is distracted by your teamates. After killing the
    first spider two more will arrive to join the party ^_^. Dispatch them and
    continue on until you reach what looks to be like a ruined gas station. Proceed
    through it killing all of the flying enemies that you see. At the end of the
    building you will recieve some ammo and a few grenades which can be used by
    clicking the right bumper. When you exit the building you will have to fight 2
    spiders and a few flying robots. Quickly kill them without getting too close to
    the spiders, or else they will smash into you and you will die instantly. After
    killing them continue down the street until you reach the evac point. A scene
    will trigger when you reach the point. When you regain control you will have to
    go outside and destroy all of the machines in order to clear the landing area
    for the evac choppers. Watch all of your sides and kill all of the flying 
    robots. When you have finished you will be inside again. Collect any of the
    ammo/guns that you see and proceed onto the roof when you are told to. Use the
    mounted machine gun to clear out any enemies below you. When they are all dead
    you will be attacked by some enemies from behind you. Kill all of the flying
    robots and then flank the lone spider to kill it. Another spider will come when
    the first one is dead and attack you. Follow the same strategy to kill it. 
    After killing the second spider proceed downstairs. A cutscene will be shown and
    you will be attacked by a Harvester. Run down the street and into a ruined 
    building to progress. Eventually you will see a hole in the ground. Drop into
    it to complete the level and to get away from the harvester. This is where the
    achievement will unlock.
    = New Acquaintances=
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty rating 1/10
    When you gain control of John proceed forward until you are attacked by a group
    of spiders. Proceed through all of the ruins fighting the spiders that attack
    you until you reach the exit. Go through the whole in the building infront of
    you that is on your left side. Continue through the building until you reach
    a few guns that you can pickup. Collect whatever guns/ammo that you want and
    continue on until you reach the crash site. Get rid of the spiders and the few
    flying enemies and then go meet up with the crash survivers. After watching
    the cutscene some spiders will attack you. Go through the crashed building to
    your right in order to get behind all of the spiders and then kill them.After
    all of the enemies are dead continue on left from where the other people were
    shooting. A cutscene will trigger and when you regain control you will have to
    run away from the SUPER EVIL MEGA robots : D. Follow your group through the 
    buildings until you reach a dead end. Take cover and wait for the robot to walk
    around the corner. When he does don't waste any ammo because the ceiling will
    drop on him and kill him. After the cutscene follow your teamates up the stairs
    because another SUPER MEGA EVIL robot will be chasing you. Continue on until
    you reach a dead end. When you do Dobkin will begin to make pipe bombs for you.
    Take cover near Dobkin and grab a pipe bomb whenever he says they are ready. 
    When you have some pipe bombs throw them at the robots to kill them pretty
    quickly. Eventually the door will be opened and you will be able to continue
    through it. Keep on following the hallway until another room that is closed.
    Dobkin will put a bomb on the door. Eventually the door will explode when the
    robot gets close to you. Run through it when this happens and take cover near
    the back of the next room. Dobkin will provide you with a few more pipe bombs
    that you can use in order to kill the 3 robots that enter the room. After doing
    this the level will end and the achievement will unlock.
    = The Sights      =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty rating: 2/10 (Only because it is slightly longer than the other
    missions. It is actually probably the longest or second longest in the game)
    When you gain control of your character follow your teamates through the area
    until you are attacked by a group of spiders. Continue on down the street until
    you reach a dead end. At this point enter the building on your left and climb
    up all of the rubble until you get to the top. When you reach the top you will
    be attacked by a group of enemies. If you want a bit of an advantage during
    this battle you can climb the stairs to the top floor but it is not necessary.
    Grenades can also be found on the top floor which will help with the spiders.
    After the fight is over you will trigger a cutscene by rejoining with the 
    squard. After the cutscene is over, follow your group out of the building and
    up the steps in front of you. When you reach the top your teamates will think
    that they see a member of the resistance but instead it turns out to be a more
    SUPER ADVANCED LIFELIKE ROBOT or the T-Some number ^_^. Lets just call him SALB
    for short. You will have to fight two of them. Don't let them get too close or
    else they will one hit you. After they are dead follow your teamates and
    another cutscene will trigger. After the cutscene go down the stairs infront
    of you and down the street until you are attacked by a group of spiders. If
    you follow the cover and go to the end of the street, there will be a powerful
    machine gun on your right side near a dead body. Pick this up and wait for the
    spiders to be distracted. When they are distracted hit them in the back with
    only a few rounds from this powerful gun. Before you know it all of the
    enemies will be dead and you will be able to continue on. Move through the
    ruined building and down the stairs until you reach the outside again. When
    you are outside take cover and destroy the flying enemies, and then proceed
    down the street and take out the group of spiders. You can go up to a higher
    spot by taking some stairs on your left, but once again it is not required
    unless you want to change your gun or just get a better fighting position.
    When all of the spiders are dead a cutscene will trigger. When you regain
    control you will be at the top of a building. Destory the all of the robots
    that attack you and when you are done continue up the stairs. When you go
    upstairs you will have to fight another Hunter Ship. Keep shooting rockets at
    it like the first one and eventually a wall will open up that will lead you to
    the roof. Keep shooting rockets at it and it will eventually blow up. After
    the cutscene you will be in the streets again. Continue on down the street
    and fight the spiders that attack you. Keep moving down the street until you
    encounter another group of spiders. if you want you can go up the ramp and
    fight them from higher up but it is not required. When they are dead continue
    on and fight another group of spiders ( I know this is starting to sound
    repetitive but it is almost over). After they are dead continue forward along
    the street and fight 2 more spiders. When they are dead, a dropship will come
    and drop a few more off, just to annoy us now. When those two are dead follow
    your teamates through the rubble and into the second floor of a building by
    walking up the knocked of red thing. When you are in there restock on all of
    your guns and prepare to fight some flying robots. After everything is dead go
    downstairs and follow the path through the buildings and outside again. Keep
    walking forward to the end of the road and the mission will end. FINALLY.
    This will unlock the achievement.
    = Underground     =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    When the level starts just follow your teamates until you enter a big room. A
    cut scene will trigger. Continue to walk forward after it is done. Go up the
    escalator and continue to follow the path until you reach a group of people.
    After the cutscene continue on to the back of the camp until you see Barnes.
    After you find barnes follow him all the way back. You will be informed that
    machines have followed you. Walk all the way back to the big room with the 
    escalator and prepare for a big fight. Use the mounted turrets if you want or
    just pick up a gun and run for some cover. I found it pretty easy to just use 
    a regular machine gun to take out the flying guys while using the turret on the 
    spiders and everything else.If you run out of ammo in each turret then just go 
    get a rocket launcher and blow up the rest of them. When you are finished a 
    cutscene will show you getting onto a train. When you regain control you will 
    be in an on-rails section with a rocket launcher. I found it easiest to kill
    the enemies if you aim at the tires instead of at the actual motorcycle. 
    Eventually the train will stop and you will have to defend the train while
    passengers get on. If you just shoot everything that moves you will progress...
    it is that easy : D. When you are done the train will continue to move again.
    Just keep shooting and eventually the train will crash. Finally after another
    cutscene you will be shooting on the back of a truck. All you have to do is
    protect the school bus so just shoot anything that you see while driving.
    Eventually you will make it on to the freeway, but you still do the same thing.
    Eventually all of them will be dead and the mission will come to an end. This
    is where the achievement will unlock.
    = Into The Wild   =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10
    Begin the level by walking down the street and then into the house on your
    right. When you are outside you will be attacked by a small group. After they
    have been defeated keep moving down the street and turn into the house on your
    right. Follow your teamates through the house and then outside again. Go across
    into yet another house and fight a few spiders along with some flying guys and
    those super awesome mega guys that we talked about earlier. After they have been
    killed continue on through the whole in the house infront of you on your left.
    Keep walking once you exit the house until you encounter some more robos. Keep
    on walking after the robots have been killed to end the mission. This is where
    the achievement unlocks.
    =     Angie       =
    Achievements: 80 GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty Rating: 3/10. This may be the only level that will cause problems
    for you on hard mode. I'm not guaranteeing that it will, but towards then end
    it may get a little crazy depending on your skill at the game. Overall it is
    not that bad, but it is kind of long so be prepared. Everything after this is 
    pretty easy.
    When you start the mission keep moving through the hallways until you reach a
    cutscene. THis is where the fighting starts. When the cutscene is over you will
    have to protect Barnes while he sets up some explosives. In order to do this
    just take out all of the robots that attack you. After you are done defending 
    Barnes go through the door that the enemies were coming out of. Keep moving
    down the stairs and eventually you will come to a big door that is closed.
    Eventually it will open up and you will be outside again. A few flying robots
    will attack you. Kill them and walk up the stairs to the next robot encounter.
    After you take them out continue walking until you turn left into a building.
    Inside the building you will have to fight a few more spiders and some other
    enemies. When you have killed them continue following your teamates picking up
    any ammo/guns that you want along the way. When you exit the building some
    more enemies will come. Take them out and then proceed into the next building
    along the way. Inside the building there will be a lot of enemies to fight.
    Keep running along the sides of the boxes collecting as much ammo as you can to
    take all of the guys down. Eventually they will all be come and a door will
    open for your team to go through. Keep walking down the hallway until you
    finally come to an elevator. This will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene
    is over you will be in control of a mech. Since this is an onrails part just
    keep blasting whatever comes at you and try not to overheat your guns. When you
    come to an area with AA guns, use your missiles to blow them up. Keep repeating
    this strategy until the last AA area. When you get to this area make sure that
    you blow up all of the turrets before trying to take down the ships in the sky.
    After clearing out the last AA area you will be done the mission. At this point
    the achievement for this chapter will unlock.
    = Every life is sacred=
    Achievements: 80GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty Rating: 1/10 THis level is nothing compared to the level that you
    just did.
    When the mission starts walk forward and fight a few enemies. After they are
    dead keep moving along until you go up a flight of stairs and see those walking
    robots. Destroy all of the ones that you see and continue along the path. After
    John is done talking with David, you will enter a room filled with enemies. Kill
    them and continue on to the next group. Eventually you will come to a big set of
    stairs on your right. Keep climbing up the stairs and fighting enemies until
    they are all dead. When they are go back downstairs and go through the big door
    that opened. This will trigger a cutscene showing John and David finally
    meeting. This ends the mission already ^_^. This is also where the achievement
    = For the Resistance=
    Achievements: 80GS for finishing the level on any difficulty.
    Difficulty Rating: 2/10 for easy and 4/10 for hard.
    Well this is the final mission already. When you start the game follow the path
    until you reach a big room with lots of robots in it. When they are all gone
    move to the other end of the room, and collect whatever guns you want along the
    way. Climb up the stairs at the end and fight the flying robots that will begin
    to attack you. When they are dead walk to where your friends are in order to
    start a cutscene. After the cutscene is over you are going to have to help fend
    off a bunch of robots while the program runs. Just keep pelting them with 
    Missiles and bullets until they are all gone. A cutscene will play when they are
    all dead. After the cutscene all of the robots will deactivate and you will just
    have to run out of the building. Keep following the path until you eventually
    reach a big room with a bright light at the end. When you enter the room you
    will get shot at. Ignore the shooting and just keep running to the end. You will
    make it to the end before you die. When you make it to the end, sit back and
    enjoy the final cutscene!
    You have finished Terminator Salvation.
    If you finish the game on medium you will unlock the achievement:
    -Seasoned Commander (100 GS)
    If you finish the game on hard you will unlock the achievements:
    -Seasoned Commander (100 GS)
    -Veteran Commander  (180 GS)
    5. Tips
    - When playing the game always make sure to pick up extra ammo and guns that
    are explosives. Always carry some sort of RPG or grenade launcher just incase
    you get swarmed by some sort of robots.
    - Always use cover! It will greatly help you in many of the fights and is often
    essential when playing some of the later levels. It will also help a lot when
    dealing with spiders.
    - Learn to rely on your partners. If you are long on health just sit back and
    wait for your partners to kill some of the final few robots out there. They are
    more than capable of helping you out in some tough situations.
    - If you are low on ammo stand near the computer characters when in big fights.
    They will constantly supply you with more ammo to use!
    - Always make sure to look for higher ground in battles. This helps a lot
    because it makes it a lot harder to get hit and allows you to plan your attacks
    more without being right in the middle of all the chaos.
    -Use your ammo wisely! Never throw out an explosive gun that has rounds left in
    it. These rounds could be used on anything as long as you get some use out of
    them. Make sure to use the ammo out of a gun completely before switching it out.
    6. Copyright Information
    This guide is copyright (c) Joshua Clabuir.
    This walkthrough shall only be posted on gamefaqs unless I give permission   
    allowing you to host this guide on your website. This guide may not be re-
    produced in any way shape or form. This guide can not be sold for personal
    gain. You are aloud to print it out as long as you do not sell it for money.
    Feedback is greatly appreciated, and credit will be given in the special
    thanks portion of the guide.
    7. Special Thanks/Credits
    Thanks to GRIN for creating the game.
    Thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting my guide.
    and Thanks to you, for reading it! :D

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