What *exactly* is the criteria for the "Ghost" EXP bonus?

  1. I've yet to be engaged in combat by anybody in the game, but yet I still fail to get the "Ghost" bonus. WHAT MUST I DO? *Exactly*

    Can I use silent takedowns as long as they go unnoticed? Can guards be "Alerted" but not "Hostile" or do I have to go *completely unseen*?

    Do security cameras/bots/turrets count? Or is that a different bonus? If it is a different bonus then am I allowed to put cameras in "Suspicious" mode or not? Stupid game doesn't say *GHOST FAILED* or anything so I'm totally flailing in the dark here.

    User Info: Glamador

    Glamador - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    Ok I'm seeing some contradictions here. I get that alarms can't be sounded or people can't go hostile, that's perfectly logical. What I'm not seeing is confirmation of whether or not it matters that they do NOT find downed bodies (dead or alive). Can I or can I not have bodies discovered? I realize this automatically puts them into alarmed status but so long as they don't see me, does it matter?

    An example would be at one point you basically trip the alarm as its story driven and about 7 guys start hunting for you in a room. Could I pick them off one at a time (without being seen) but not have to worry about hiding their bodies to get ghost?

    User Info: Digdug1983

    Digdug1983 - 5 years ago

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  1. Simply no "Hostile" and no Alarm is sounded

    But "Alarmed" or "Suspicious" are okay.

    User Info: tstcuwsn

    tstcuwsn - 5 years ago 4 1


  1. I got mine on the first mission - I used silent takedowns, even when it appears the guard has slightly noticed me. I've went into Alerted/Looking for you mode.

    The cameras "saw" me a few times but I always backed out before the alert.

    Did you fail a hacking thing and make an alarm go off? That's about the only thing I can imagine you did wrong.

    User Info: Ultima_Weapon33

    Ultima_Weapon33 - 5 years ago 0 2
  2. Guards cannot go into Alerted mode and Cameras cannot trigger the alarm. I kept losing the ghost bonus on the first mission and I later found out that I had forgotten to hide a body I had knocked out and it triggered the guards into Alert mode. No one ever saw me, but they were alerted to my presence so I lost the bonus.

    User Info: JoeJJohnson2nd

    JoeJJohnson2nd - 5 years ago 0 3
  3. Guards can still get to Alert and you won't lose ghost. You'll lose ghost if a body gets found or a shot gets heard, but you can still throw things at the floor to make noise and get ghost, in my experience.

    He's right on cameras though.

    User Info: Blind_Assassin

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  4. No alarm can be sounded. Cameras will sounds alarms, as well as humans, but I don't believe turrets will.

    User Info: Captain_HammerX

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  5. The Criteria for the Ghost Requirement is that you must make it through a mission without being seen. This means no Hostile views on your mini-map, and no alarm sounded. You don't have to knock people out you can kill them, but it must be done with a silenced weapon (Crossbow, Silenced Pistol etc). Hide your bodies as you go, if you don't do this step you will trigger an alarm if another guard stumbles across the body.

    User Info: Master_R2D2

    Master_R2D2 - 5 years ago 3 1
  6. Also later in the game I also noticed the guards react to smashed walls - I don't mean the sound when making it, but when a guard patrols and sees it, he gets alarmed and runs there.

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  7. Don't get let the enemy see you and set the alarm off, or start chasing after you and shoot at you. This includes cameras and bots.

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  8. Ghost is not really about never engaging the enemy, as you can still get it even if you straight up kill enemies, you just have to do it in such a way that they never even know you're there. If at any moment you are getting shot at, you've lost Ghost. If you used a silenced 10mm pistol to instantly headshot-kill a guard, it won't count against Ghost unless someone sees you do it. You would lose it if he was looking in your direction when you popped out and shot him, or if one of his buddies was looking in your direction when you did it. However, if all they see and hear is someone drop dead in front of them, Ghost is not lost. If a guard is looking in your direction and you blind-fire your stun pistol at him from around the corner, and he goes down from the hit, Ghost is not lost. It is not recommended to blind-fire anything but a Stun Pistol, since blind-fire has HUGE firing randomness, and Stun Pistol is a one-hit KO anywhere on the body. If you miss, he will go Alarmed at the very least, and if you miss again, he will go Hostile.

    If he hears you make a noise, or even if he notices you moving, and goes over to check it out, you do NOT lose Ghost unless he finds you and CONFIRMS your presence. You know he finds you by the fact that his triangle turns red and the minimap turns "Hostile". Red triangles = you are seen, Ghost is gone. Yellow triangles mean guards are looking for something, but you haven't been seen, for all they know it might have been a cat or their imagination, so you haven't lost Ghost. There are missions where all the guards START as Alarmed (Yellow) and never go out of it, but I have gotten Ghost from these as well.

    Generally, if your minimap turns red, you have lost Ghost. Turrets do not count unless they start shooting at you. If you are getting shot at, you have lost Ghost. If a guard turns around and sees you, and turns your minimap red right before you hit instant takedown, you have lost Ghost. (If he sees you during the takedown cutscene you're performing on him, it doesn't count against you).

    If at any time you see the words "Hostile" on your Minimap, even if it was only for an instant and it fades away, you have lost Ghost. If a guard is ABOUT to turn around to face you because he heard you make a noise, but you take him down quickly enough that he never turns Hostile, you have NOT lost Ghost.

    Alarms and Cameras also count against Ghost. A camera going Suspicious doesn't count against you, but if it turns red and sounds the alarm, you've been spotted, and worse yet, these also count against Smooth Operator. You can get Smooth Operator without Ghost, but not the other way around.

    ALL grenades instantly remove Ghost, no matter what type, but mines do not unless the enemies find you once the mine goes off.

    You don't get Ghost for side-quests. Main objectives only.

    User Info: Vid-szhite

    Vid-szhite - 5 years ago 3 1
  9. I believe in "Give Me Dues Ex" difficulty you have to be stealth at all time , you cant alert your enemy or make those turret or robot become suspicious or else you will lost ghost bonus .. i play a total stealth approach in this game with "Give Me Dues Ex" difficulty and i can confirm you wont lost ghost bonus by doing take down just make sure your enemy status didnt change to alert or hostile when you do that

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  10. Correction . Ghost bonus can be done even enemy is alarmed as long as body or player not being found or seen . (Give Me DUES EX difficulty)
    Here is a video for it - www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkiTbLc9Cc0

    User Info: bluecat68

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  11. Vid szhites answer is correct (I'm pretty sure)

    Guards can "see" you and can say "what as that" and as long as the radar doesnt say hostile you still have ghost (or rather the possibility of getting the ghost bonus). As the youtube video shows the guards can still be "alarmed" as long as the radar screen doesnt go red they still haven't "seen" you (in other words they have to see you and be sure its you).

    Also cameras can "see" you and get suspicious but as long as they dont sound the alarm you still have ghost.

    And yes you can use silent takedowns, as long as you hide the bodies and they are not found (in other words as long as the first two conditions are not broken).

    And yes bots and turrets will count against your ghost bonus if they starting firing at you.

    Basically as far as I'm aware any time you set off the alarm or it says HOSTILE on the radar, you have lost the ghost bonus.

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  12. No Digdug1983, you can't. If bodies are discovered, you lose Ghost (at least on Give Me Deus Ex difficulty). See bluecat68's video for confirmation.

    User Info: ArsenHazzard

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