What is the password for mastaplaya69?

  1. I don't ahve the required level to hack it so i need the password to further progress this shanghai justice quest.

    Or could you tell me the locations of the shops in hengsa so i can buy the auto-hack device?

    User Info: Rayan1337

    Rayan1337 - 6 years ago

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  1. Login: mastaplaya69
    pass: tigolebitties

    User Info: mrdarkmacmar

    mrdarkmacmar - 5 years ago 2 0


  1. I haven't seen anyone post the password for this terminal yet anywhere, but you MUST have hacking level 3 to complete a later step in this quest, so I suggest getting some praxis points and upgrading your hacking.
    If you've been completely neglecting hacking you should at least get up to level 3, and I suggest taking the Hacking Stealth augments to lower your detection rate. The Fortify augment isn't quite as useful, at least not until the high level hacks.

    I don't know what else you were spending points on (I think I've had 18-20 by this point and I have some to spare) here's some suggestions for finding more points in Hengsha:
    1) In the Hengsha Garden apartments. enter from the roof and get into the elevator shaft. Climb/drop down to the bottom of the shaft and crawl under the elevator to find a Praxis kit
    2) You can buy two Praxis kits at the LIMB clinic in Hengsha for 5000 credits each
    3) In the quest for the bartender - if you tell Jaya you'll take care of it, and pay off Bao to stop harassing her for good, it will cost you 5000 credits, but gets you another praxis kit.
    4) Explore everywhere you can, including every back storage room in every little shop in the street (at least the ones where the doors open). Each one of those you access gets you 100 XP.
    Also, hacking is itself a great way to get XP (and gear and credits, with all those safes and storage lockers in town). You get 25 XP per security level of the device you hack, and datastore nodes can contain additional XP as well.

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  2. It is possible that there simply isn't one. At the very least, no one knows it so far.

    The best thing to do if you don't want to use praxis points is to go to the PS Store and buy the explosive mission pack. It is relatively cheap and supplies merchants with the automaic unlocking device, allowing you to bypass any keypad or computer security. It only occupies 1x1 in the inventory and stacks to 5, so always keep a few in stock. However, the supply is limited and they are very rare outside of stores.

    This mission is a punishment for non-hackers, there should be another (pacifist) solution.

    User Info: KaiserAfini

    KaiserAfini - 6 years ago 0 0

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