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Deus Ex Human Revolution is a freedom centric RPG like Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic, Mass Effect 1, fallout and of course the first Deus Ex. However it fails to deliver in every category because it promises freedom but doesn't truly offer it.

Graphics- 7.0 Deus Ex has very good art design and the settings of Detroit and China are impressive however other aspects of the art designs are very redundant. The first Deus ex was varied and creative in designing new locations, rooms, buildings and city locations. Despite travelling the world the rooms within buildings nearly all look identical to each other, the same counters, the same size, the same lights, et cetra. The city of Shanghai consists of multiple zones however the zones are almost impossible to distinguish from one another. Also each city is quite small and despite providing alot of background such as shops and NPCS; cities offers little room for exploring new and interesting aspects of the city like the first Deus Ex, the presidium in mass effect or any of the worlds in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Aside from art design the graphics are quiet good yet for a game produced supposedly for the PC its graphics are only slightly improved over what you would expect from high production xbox 360 games, a console introduced in 2005.

Sound- 8.0 Sound is pretty good, the sounds of guns reverberate well and the voice acting is decent.

Gameplay 6.5- The developers promise you can approach a mission from any aspect you want, stealth, hacking or guns blazing. Well if you are expecting a shooter then prepare to be disappointed because after a few shots you die, so if you want to play that way be prepared to constantly reload. Even with upgrades it's almost impossible to play like first person shooter along with the fact that ammunition is very limited throughout the game until the end. Furthermore the game strongly encourages stealth which is good except the stealth attack "takedowns" uses energy cells. Energy cells are a great idea except if you use a complete one such as in takedowns they don't regenerate and of course the bars you need to replenish them are limited as well.

Furthermore the game promises multiple modes of entry for missions. So that involves crawling in vent shafts, crawling through sewers or trying to stealthily move room to room. As stated shooting your way through is not really an option and neither is hacking. Unlike the first game it was interesting to sneak behind a turret and activate towards enemies or hack the cameras or even ATM machines!! In this game hacking rewards you with mostly emails and hacking turrets/robots is not very helpful because they aren't really used until much later in the game!

Also the alternative points of entries using sewers and ventilation are not like the first deus ex or other games where using them actually makes a difference allowing you entry to secret locations, alternative points of attacks or avoiding entire areas of guards. The majority of the time you're forced along the singular linear path. Dialogue is very disappointing as it has little impact upon gameplay unlike other freedom-based games. You do not have the ability to persuade during buys/sells, side missions or the ability to enter wise-cracks. There is little freedom in choosing dialogue and it is only given during special "conversational fights" or certain choices in the game. The point being it's not fun like mass effect, fall out, or swkor.

Lastly side missions have become GTA garden variety side quests, meaning go to point A, pick up this item/kill this person and come back. That's it unlike other freedom based games you can't solve disputes, or be evil for the sake of it, help obtain a vaccine for the sick, help evil corporations/gangs, argue with strangers et cetra. Side quests are nowhere near the quality or creativity of Mass Effect 1, knights of the republics or Deus Ex 1.

Story 5- The story is average. Deus Ex 1 has an excellent story, I loved how that in the beginning you're a loyal employee and a few missions later you're breaking into your corporation! It has excellent characters who were developed and interesting, a very intriguing side character (JC's Brother) and various NPCS that filled the gap. The background of Deus EX was an intriguing concept but it was the character development and the way the story was conveyed that made it great. Deus Ex Human Revolution offers cutscenes and intercom chats to convey the plotline from the original in a generic, unremarkable tone.

So overall I give Deus Ex Human Revolution a 6.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/06/11

Game Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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