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"This game is truly a gem, a diamond in this generation"

(( Introduction ))

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this game when I bought it. I've played both the original Deus Ex and the Invisible War sequel. The original one was a good game but had some flaws and the sequel was much worse than first. Some say that the first Deus Ex is the best game in history, I seriously disagree. If the best game in history must come out of Deus Ex series then it is Human Revolution without a single doubt.

I said I wasn't expecting this game to be good, the reason for that is because of early demos. The ones I saw weren't much promising and the graphics were really terrible. I thought it's was going to be another Invisible War. But when the game came out and I played it, I've changed my mind. After the years 2005, only two games are really worth your money and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of them.

(( Graphics ))

In today's gaming world, graphics is very important. If a game wants to be successful, it must have blinding visual. There aren't many players that can tolerate good game with awful visuals.

*** Textures:

The environments are done very well. All textures are high quality, and I haven't noticed a single instance of seeing a low quality texture like Dragon Age: Origins. The colors chosen and the style of objects surely match the atmosphere of game. There is one thing worth noting though; in some of the stages the background used is only texture! For example in one of the levels, you're in an elevator and you can see a beautiful scene out of window, you can easily notice that it's just a texture. I remember two occasions that the background used was totally texture and no modeling in it. I agree it's a bit odd for today's games, but it was nicely done.

*** Objects & Modeling:

This is where the game lacks, Models. They could really use more polygons in models because characters seem like dolls! The clothing isn't as complicated as it should be. Objects except weapons and items are no different either. You can easily tell that they either didn't work much on them or didn't have necessary skills to make them better. The color used on characters is artificial; characters don't look like living humans at all! Objects are single colored mostly, meaning that the used only one color in each side of the object. The lack of different colors is felt in all parts of game. Also if you play on high resolution, you don't need much anti-aliasing as this game surprisingly has a few jaggies.

*** Lighting & Shadows:

This is the best part of Human Revolution graphics. The art style of lighting is in a way that some may like, others may hate. There were some complains about it from the first announcement. They just used too much yellow in lighting! It fits into the atmosphere of game but it screws up the graphics. Almost everything you see in this game has a yellow filter applied to it!!! Maybe that's the reason characters don't seem real. The use of yellow in this game goes way beyond necessary amount. The shadow system on the other hand is exactly as it should be but still with a yellow filter applied to it.

Overall, like most of RPG game Graphics is the weakest part of this game. People with hunger for visual may not like it at all. It's not THAT bad of course, but it could have been much better. Comparing to Crysis 2, graphics is terrible but comparing to Fallout: New Vegas, it's perfect. I mean it's much better than many other RPG titles while worse than other FPS titles.

+++ Score: 8.5/10

(( Gameplay ))

*** FPS:

The style is like a typical first-person shooter. You have iron-sights and cover system. Headshots are either lethal or do extreme damage and damage for hitting each part of body is different. And most importantly, you have regenerative health system, or at least some kind of it. You have a total of 200 health points, and you can regenerate 100 of them. The other 100 can only be gained through consumption of medicine.

But you can't just rush through dozens of enemies and slaughter them with a pistol like you do in Call of Duty. You MUST use cover system and strategy to survive because even on the easiest difficulty, you'll die with a few shots. You'll die much faster than in the first Deus Ex considering you don't have health regeneration augmentation.

There are different guns like Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifle & Assault Rifle plus some next-gen guns like Laser Rifle but they have removed the melee weapons. There's no Dragon Tooth sword anymore, and there is no crowbar and knife either. They have been replaced by take-down system which is always instant kill, but it used energy.

And you can finish the game without using augmentations but it's quite harder. So I guess that makes this game playable as a generic FPS if you select dialogs randomly too.

*** RPG:

Now we've reached the shinning part of the game. First there is looting and inventory system, then the augmentation. They've removed the skill system of the first game but in exchange made augmentation system more complicated. You level-up by gaining experience point and each time you do, you'll get a Praxis Kit which can be used to upgrade augmentations. There are three ways for getting a Praxis Kit and ultimately upgrading your augmentations.

First, you get one Praxis Kit each time you accumulate enough XP points and level-up. Second, you can buy them from LIMB clinics throughout the game. And third, you can find them during missions. But unlike the first game, you don't need a bot to help you upgrade your augmentations. There is no medical or repair bot in game.

Using augmentation needs energy. Energy is showed in batteries under your health. You can have up to five batteries if you fully upgrade yourself. Each ability costs different amount of energy. Take-downs for example fully deplete one battery. Also, partially depleted batteries will automatically recharge but if a battery is completely empty, you have to recharge it by eating energy boosts.

Inventory system is like what you seen in the first game, except its size can be upgraded. You have a column like inventory to place items you find in, and unlike Invisible War, each item has a different size.

And the most important part of any RPG game, the power of choice is here. Your choices affect how the game progresses and reward you in various ways. This game has a dialog wheel like Mass Effect but you can see what exactly the character says by selecting each of them.

And in the end augmentation system is handy but not necessary, what makes this game a true RPG is the freedom of choice. Just like the first game, there are many ways in which you can complete an objective. You can complete mission in different ways depending on your augmentations. For example you can hack a computer to deactivate a laser system but alternatively, if your hacking augmentation is not high enough, you can find the password on one of the guards.

+++ Score: 10/10

(( Sound & Music ))

*** Music:

The main theme of the game is perfect, even better than the first game. The main theme really drags you into the events of the game, too bad you'll only hear it in credits. But apart from that the environmental music is nice too. It fits into the cyberpunk universe of the game and it really represents the dark theme of the world.

The main menu music isn't as good as the first game and doesn't have anything special but the theme song which you hear in credits is enough to make the whole soundtrack amazing. Location music's good too and fit into the theme.

*** Sound Effects:

It's really hard to say if the music is better in this game or the sound effect as both of them are near perfect. The weapon fire really injects you with a FPS feeling. Each weapon has a great unique sound. And the environment sounds are done well. You can really feel the riots while hearing them shot. There's not much to say here other than the fact that like many games it supports Dolby surround.

+++ Score: 9.5/10

(( Story ))

Certainly one of the best in this generation and absolutely the best after 2005. You really feel the universe of the game. The story is very rich, well-written and well-told. It answers nearly all questions in the end and you will be completely satisfied as there are no loose ends and plot holes.

You play as Adam Jensen and you are the security head of Sarif Industries. The girl you like, Megan Reed is researching on something that will change everything about augmentations and suddenly your facility is under attack and before you know what happened, everything goes to hell. And fate of scientists and Megan Reed is unknown, presumed dead. And you are saved by replacing your body with augmentations. Six months later, after your recovery, you come back and...

You can really feel for Adam Jensen and you feel how people felt about augmentations. You experience how technology can affect emotions. As technology progresses and more people get augmented, emotions grow weaker and weaker, eventually they will be forgotten.

There are four ending and all four of them answer all remaining questions. There is a big shock for you near the end of game. The strongest part of this game is without a doubt, the story. So if you like good and meaningful stories, then this is the game for.

+++ Score = 10/10

(( Conclusion ))

If you're a Role-Playing fan like me, you should definitely buy and experience everything in game. If you're a FPS fan you should check it out, but you certainly can't play it like Call of Duty because it's a bit hard if you just run and gun.

If you like games with good story then you won't find many other games that have a better story than this. And finally, if the ONLY important thing for you in a game is graphics then I'm sorry for you, go play Crysis 2 because this game won't satisfy you.

I say it's perfect not only because of quality, but also because I have encountered ONLY 2 very minor bugs in my whole playing time!!! And both of them were visual, one with character placement system and one with shadow system. You could say that this game doesn't have any bugs!!!

This game is truly a gem, a diamond in this generation. No matter what kind of player you are, and not matter what genre you like. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a MUST-BUY for everyone.


Platform: PC
Game: Deus Ex - Human Revolution
Final Score: 10 from 10 (Absolutely Perfect, Flawless)
Bottom Line: MUST-BUY

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/07/11

Game Release: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (US, 08/23/11)

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