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    Walkthrough by Nikolay

    Version: 1.05 | Updated: 03/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Space Quest II : Vohaul's Revenge
                            Walkthrough by Nikolay Kaleyski
                                             Version 1.05
         Vohaul's Revenge is very similiar to the original Space Quest. There is
    nothing new except the story. However, the game is great if you like the old,
    forgotten adventures. Since I listed the main things about the game in my
    Space Quest walkthrough, I'm not going to get into detail. But, as I said,
    the game is excelent.
    Some basic adventure game hints :
    -pick up everything, you will need it
    -save often
    -explore the area you are in
    -make a plan and organise your goals
    The controls :
    -you move your character with the arrow keys.
    -to stop your character, just press the arrow key with his current direction
    -special actions are done by typing them(example : "take the book")
    -to bring up the menus, press the ESC key
    -for further help, press F1
    The directions are as follows :
                             West     East
    And some advice : When I say pick up everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Even if
    it's a piece of blank paper with tomato sauce on it. You'll often get in
    situations where you need a certain item but can't go back and get it.
    NOTE : As always, I have divided the game into several parts
    Look at your watch and press the C button. Go to the transporter on the roof;
    since you're in zero gravity, you can walk on walls and roofs without much
    problem. Step on the transporter. After the decontamination, change the suit
    and open your cabinet. Look in it and get the puzzle and supporter. Go through
    the door. After the dialogue, step on the platform, enter the transporter and
    head into the shuttle. You'll be captured. After your chat with Vohaul, you'll
    be send to the planet below for slave labor. Fortunately, an accident will
    save you.
    Examine the craft and press the button. Search the guards and get the keycard.
    Go north through the bushes. Hide in the bushes to the right and wait for a
    patrol to pass. Then go east, untie the rope and after the scene, go back to
    the west. Go up the cliff and then left. Mail the form in the mailbox and get
    the whistle. Go back down the cliff then left. You should be on the same 
    screen as the mailbox, but below the cliff. Get a spore and go north. This
    really weird plant is DANGEROUS! Touch it and you're dead. So, make your way
    to the other side(where the creature was) and get some berries. Go back 
    through the plant(south) and then east. Go up the cliff, but this time go 
    east. Rub the berries on your body and enter the swamp. Some monster will try
    to eat you, but the berries will protect you. Go one screen east and find the
    deeper area of the swamp(you'll get a message). Hold your breath and dive 
    under the water. Swim west and go in the cave. Inside, get the gem and hold
    your breath again before returning to the surface. Continue going east through
    the swamp and you'll reach land. Go east until you reach a dead tree. Climb 
    it and it will fall. Get to the other end and continue walking east, where you
    will be snared. After you wake up, talk to the hunter until he comes to get 
    you. When he gets close, throw the spore, get the key from him, unlock the 
    door, get the rope and observe the platform.
    Go west until you reach the dead tree. Climb on the log and tie the rope to
    it. Climb down the rope. When you reach it's end, swing it. When it's close
    enough to the cave, let go. Get in the cave and when it gets dark, hold out
    the gem. Continue west until you fall. You'll find yourself in some kind of
    canyon. Get the gem and follow the creatures. When you are ready, say the
    word, get in the tunnel and put the gem in your mouth. You must reach the exit
    of the caves. I have included a map(it doesn't look very good because I made
    it on another system).
    NOTE : There is a cave squid in these caves, so be careful!
                           *        |           *          S
                           |         |           |       |----|
                           |         |           |       |      |
                           |------|-------| *---|----|
                           |         |           |       |      |
                           |         |           |       |----|
                           |         |           |              |
                           |------|           |----------------*
                           |         |                 *       |
                           *        *                |        |
                              *       *      *  *-|------|
                              |         |       |      |         |
                              |         |       |      |         |
                                        |      |
                                        |      |
                                        |     * 
    S : I have only seen the cave squid around here
    * : Dead end
    After you exit the tunnels, you will find yourself near an underground 
    waterfall. Get in the water and swim east. When you see two passages, take the
    right one. The whirlpool will take you to the surface. Swim out of the lake
    to the east and blow the whistle. Throw the puzzle to the beast and go through
    the passage it made. Wait until the guard can't see you, go to the elevator
    door, insert the keycard and step inside. On the platform, get into the
    shuttle. Press the POWER button, set the Attitude dial to VAC, press the
    Ascent Thruster button, read the monitor and following the instructions, take
    off. When you get off the planet, set the Attitude dial to HAC and try going
    somewhere. Eventually, Vohaul will take control of your ship and you'll fly
    into his asteroid.
    After you get off the shuttle, go to the right and enter the elevator. Press
    button THREE. Go along the corridor until you reach a door and press the
    button to open it. Go in.
    NOTE : If you see a droid in the corridor, get out of the way. You can hide
    in the elevator, a closet or elsewise a room.
    Look around the closet and get the plunger. Go back to the elevator. Press
    button FOUR. Once again, walk along the corridor until you reach two doors
    for a rest room. Open either one, go in, open the door to the empty stall
    and get some toilet paper. Continue going along the corridor until you reach
    another closet. Open it, look around and get the glass cutter. Go back to the
    elevator and press button FIVE. Follow the corridor to yet another closet.
    Go in and look around. Get the wastebasket and the overalls. A lighter will
    fall out. Get it and go back to the elevator. Press button ONE, go back to
    the landing platform and go down the stairs. You'll be trapped and the floor
    will slowly open, revealing a pool of acid. Not too good. Anyway, when the
    acid is too close to your feet, stick the plunger to the wall. When everything
    is over, let go of it. Now you just need to get rid of the security wallbots.
    Put the toilet paper in the wastebasket and drop it. Light the paper. The
    water will take care of the robots. Go right and follow the corridor to a
    door. Inside is Vohaul. Try to go up the stairs and you'll be shrunk.
    Cut the glass. Climb in the vent and push the red button. This will kill
    Vohaul. Climb out and go left to the keyboard. Pull the switch and type
    enlarge. Go back to the jar and you'll be back to your normal size. Search
    Vohaul and note the code. Examine the monitor and enter the code(SHSR) to
    abort the launch. Go up the stairs. Open the box and get the oxygen mask.
    Follow the tube until you see a crack in it. Wear the mask and you can safely
    finish your journey. You'll be back inside the asteroid. Walk left until you
    see several doors and a robot. Before it can kill you, press the button on
    the nearest door, get in the pod and push the launch button. You'll get away
    just in time.
    To save yourself look around the ship, open the sleep chamber and get in.
    I.You can
    1. Read and distribute this file without changing it or without
    removing anything
    2.Read and distribute both in electronic or printed format
    3.Copy or quote something, as long as I'm informed
    4.Use this file as a model for writing
    II.You can't
    1.Distribute only a part of this file
    2.Change this file
    3.Copy or quote something if I'm not informed
    4.Sell the file
    You can write e-mail to jimnic@abv.bg OR to jimnicbg@yahoo.com(not really
    Sites that have permission to use this file :
    Copyright 2004 Nikolay Kaleyski

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