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Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero Cheats

Easter Eggs

  • Submarine

    The second time you visit the Mirror Lake location. Wait around a while and you'll see a periscope appearing in the lake, and a nonsensical message will pop up if you look at it. This is a reference to another Sierra adventure game, Codename Iceman, which centers around a submarine.

    Contributed By: Sashanan.

  • The first bug

    On the title screen, right-click on the scorpion crawling across the screen and you will get a message saying "Congratulations! You found the first bug in this game!"

    Contributed By: Sashanan.


  • Debug Menu Teleport Chart.

    This cheat will let you teleport to wherever you need to go.

    First, Activate the Debug Menu by typing "razzle dazzle root beer". After you type that, press Alt+T. This brings up a box that reads, "Which Room Number"

    The following numbers will take you where you need to go.

    9 = Beginning Menu
    10 = Erana's Peace
    13 = Ogre
    14 = Kobold Cave (Bear)
    15 = Kobold Cave (Kobold)
    21 = Baba Yagas Hut
    22 = Baba Yaga's gate
    28 = Bottom of Mountain
    29 = Outside Erasmus' House
    30 = Inside Erasmus' House
    31 = Erasmus' tower
    32 = Mage Game
    37 = Castle Gates
    38 = Barracks
    39 = Main courtyard
    40 = Stable
    41 = Castle Door
    45 = Goblin Training Center
    53 = Farm
    54 = outside Healer's Hut
    55 = inside Healer's Hut
    58 = Snow Giant Braggi
    60 = Meeps
    64 = Graveyard
    65 = Town Enterance
    70 = Mushroom Ring
    73 = Archery Range
    76 = Dryad
    81 = Screen with Hollow Log
    82 = Flying Falls
    83 = Hermit's Cave
    84 = Antwerp
    87 = Lake
    88 = End of Troll Cave
    89 = Entrance of Troll Cave
    91 = Ambush Spot
    93 = Toro
    94 = Brigand Lair
    95 = Brigand Lunchroom
    96 = Yorick
    97 = Brigand Leader's Room

    Most numbers will bring you to various map squares, however 1-8, 46-50, 90 and 98+ will crash the game.

    The general trick to finding out what square goes where is to take a map of the game and start from the top (starting with Erana's Peace) and move left to right, increasing in number.

    Contributed By: Mekkiah.

  • Debug Mode

    Type ''razzle dazzle root beer'' in the text parser to activate the Debug Mode. This will be deactivated once you move to a new screen. With the mode activated, you can alter the game in several ways.

    ALT+B will allow you to adjust the number of silvers you have in your bankroll.

    ALT+I will give you one of any item you want, as long as you know its number:

    1 = Silver Coin
    2 = Gold Coin
    3 = Food Ration
    4 = Mandrake Root
    5 = Brass Key
    6 = Broadsword
    7 = Dagger
    8 = Leather Armor
    9 = Shield
    10 = Piece of Paper
    11 = Small Apple
    12 = Vegetable
    13 = Glowing Gem
    14 = Alabaster Vase
    15 = Gold Candelabra
    16 = Music Box
    17 = Silver Candlestick
    18 = String of Pearls
    19 = Gold Ring
    20 = Spirea Seed
    21 = Small Rock
    22 = Flower
    23 = Lock Pick
    24 = Thieves' Tool Kit
    25 = Thieves' Guild License
    26 = Empty Flask
    27 = Handful of Green Fur
    28 = Flask of Fairy Dust
    29 = Flask of Water
    30 = Mushroom
    31 = Cheetaur Claw
    32 = Troll Beard
    33 = Chainmail Armor
    34 = Healing Potion
    35 = Potion of Magic Power
    36 = Vigor Potion
    37 = *blank*
    38 = Dispel Potion
    39 = Undead Unguent
    40 = Magic Mirror
    41 = Magic Acorn

    ATL+K will allow you to adjust your skills. You'll be given a number prompt to pick the skill, and another to pick its level:

    0 = Strength
    1 = Intelligence
    2 = Agility
    3 = Vitality
    4 = Luck
    5 = Weapon Use
    6 = Parry
    7 = Dodge
    8 = Stealth
    9 = Lockpicking
    10 = Throwing
    11 = Climbing
    12 = Magic
    13 = Health Points
    14 = Stamina Points
    15 = Mana Points
    16 = Experience
    17 = Skill in Open
    18 = Skill in Detect Magic
    19 = Skill in Trigger
    20 = Skill in Dazzle
    21 = Skill in Zap
    22 = Skill in Calm
    23 = Skill in Flame Dart
    24 = Skill in Fetch

    ALT+T will bring up a prompt that will teleport you to another location. I don't know all the numbers, and have no desire to learn them. You're on your own here. There's a good chance you'll get an OOPS error and will be kicked...

    ALT+E will bring up a little tech window about Ego's (you) status. Your position, movement state, and other junk.

    ALT+S will bring up windows about the sprites in the area.

    ALT+P will alter the colors so that you can see what is in each level of the foreground and background.

    ALT+X will give your Hero 80 for every stat.

    Contributed By: CyricZ.

Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero (VGA Version) Cheats


  • Get into Thieves guild without being a thief

    If you are a hybrid class such as a fighter with thief skills (stealth, pick lock) you can still get into the thieves guild. Since you don't start off the game with the lock pick unless you are a thief you wouldn't normally be able to make the thief sign to Sneak in the alley. To get around this click on Crusher in the Bar and he'll ask you the password. Hit escape and then go the alley at night. When you are ambushed by the two thieves click the hand icon on Sneak and he will tell you the password allowing you to enter the thieves guild.

    Contributed By: J Nice.

  • Unlimited Stat Points

    When creating a hero, add 5 points to a useless skill (ex. lock picking for a Fighter) then add 1 point by pressing the "page up" button on the keyboard. Now keep removing 5 points causing the useless skill's number to become negitive. Use points to max all stats.

    Contributed By: gizzywiz.

Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire Cheats


  • Debugging Mode

    Type in 'suck blue frog', then hit Enter to access Debug Mode. Type any of the codes below to use:

    Alt + IChange Inventory
    Alt + HChange Skills
    Alt + KChange Stats

    Contributed By: pony slaystation.

Easter Eggs

  • King Arthur

    Walk around in the desert for a while. You will run into the dead body of King Arthur of Camelot. (He was in a game called Conquests of Camelot, also released near the same time as this game.) You will receive a funny message if you look at the body.

    Contributed By: Ollie The Magic Bum.

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