Multiplayer save game file location?

  1. Can anyone tell me where to find my multiplayer save file so i can back it up? (btw im using vista)

    User Info: xXdavepwns27Xx

    xXdavepwns27Xx - 8 years ago


  1. Make sure you are able to view hidden files and folders before you do this. To view hidden files and folders open My Documents > click Tools at the top of the box > Folder Options > View > Then under the heading 'Hidden Files and Folders' select Show Hidden Files and Folders

    Getting your online profiles & saved games

    Go to: My Computer > (C:) > Documents and Settings > Your Windows User Name > Local Settings > Application Data > Activision > CoDWaW > Players > Profiles > And there you are

    User Info: EdgeForGOD

    EdgeForGOD - 8 years ago 0 0

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