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"Treyach did it good, but not great"

This review, my first, is done after playing through every single game mode on CoD WaW. Solo and Co-op campaign, Solo and Co-op Zombie mode and Multiplayer, after the 1.1 patch. So there may be a few spoilers for those who haven't played it yet.

Graphics & Sound:
Now my computer is not a Crysis runner, but even on low the graphics in WaW look great. Treyach have taken the graphics engine from IW, Added in a few shiny little details, Added a terrific gore engine, and otherwise left it alone. The graphics are on par with all modern games. The sound is acceptable, but not something that you'll notice much. The Background music for the Campaign is occasional, and the one time you do notice it playing, it stops. The guns all sound slightly different from each other which is all well and good, and the explosions, of which there are many in this game, are the most well done of the sound areas. Fire also plays an important part in the graphics, as the American campaign frequently uses flamethrowers to char the enemy into crispy barbeque, which looks very painful and realistic.

Solo/Co-op Storyline:
Back in WWII, we can't really expect an original, gripping story like CoD4's, so the game meanders it's way through the Eastern and Pacific fronts. As the US you have Sgt. Roebuck, the grizzled old soldier and Pvt. Polonsky, his loyal sidekick. Over with the Red Army, Sgt. Reznov is as ruthless a communist as they come, while Pvt. Chernov is the unwilling conscript. These four charachters are your allies throughout the game, and while none of them has the stigma of Gaz or Price, they get you through the campaign.

Solo/Co-op Gameplay:
Much like CoD4's. You run through levels, shooting at the enemy and complete various objectives. The game can get a bit tedious at times, but Treyach had the Brainwave of adding in Co-op which makes the replayability of the campaign much better. There are enough different things to do in each level that you can play a level a couple of times by yourself, however the levels can get a bit tedious, and the accuracy of the Japaneese grenades is so astounding that I'm surprised the don't all play cricket. The lack of a single player gimick like 'Arcade Mode' from CoD4 means that you'll really need to find some buddies and play with them, as the Campaign is much more fun in Competitive Co-op mode . I must also add here that all CoD games, especially this one, are excellent for LAN play.

This plays much the same as CoD4, with differences and additions. Airstrikes and Heli's have been replaced with artillery and Dogs, And each weapon in the same weapon type doesn't have the exact same unlocks (so the Pump action Shotty gets a grip and bayonet, while the Double barrel get grip and Saw-off), which gives each gun, for me, a more unique feel. There are old and new challenges, new primary grenades; Sticky and Molotov and gas and flares replacing flash and stun grenades. New perks including a modification to last stand that allows you to revive other downed players and Toss Back, which resets the fuse of any toss-back grenades you pick up which counters Martyrdom very nicely. More player levels and prestige mode and different maps all add together to make WaW Multiplayer at least as good, if not better then, CoD4 multiplayer. the one thing that annoys me and most players is the horrible spawn locations. Whatever IW did, they did it right because spawning in the middle of a firefight or in front of an enemy is an annoying problem with WaW, but don't let that detract you from venturing forth and blowing the enemy to bits with your tank shell. Oh, that's right. There are Tanks in some Multiplayer levels. >:-)

Zombie Mode:
The Crowning Jewel of Treyach's inheritence of CoD, this is excellent for co-operative play. Stuck in a house defending against endless and steadily more powerful zombies sounds like an excellent idea for a horror/action movie, but it works incredibly well for an FPS add-on. As you kill more and more zombies, you get access to more and better weapons, all from the WWII era. While in the end you have to loose, a the waves of zombies are endless, there is fierce competition to always get further next time.

Overall, I certainly thick the World at War could have turned out a lot worse. While the single player isn't as gripping and the spawns in multiplayer sometimes screw you up, Treyach did their best to come up with a good CoD shooter. I think, considering that us normal people who use PC's would have to go back to CoD2 in order to get another WW2 CoD shooter, that this is the best WW2 Call of Duty game so far. I only hope we get to see some of Captain Price in the next game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/09

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (AU, 11/12/08)

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