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"Mp40+ Stopping Power= Pwnage"

Call Of Duty World At War Review:

I know this review is kinda late (About 2 years) since the release of Call Of Duty: World at War, but I kind of want to share my opinion on it because Black Ops was released a short while ago. Anyways I hope you enjoy this review and that you take it into consideration.


The story is actually in many perspectives of some realistic situations in the times of WWII. At times you will be seen as a captive named Pvt. Miller which in his side of things (spoiler alert) has many tragic things happen as many of his squad members die from torture or combat. While at other times you will be playing a survivor named Demetrius who has endured a lot of pain and suffering. The story can get you moved at times and get you interested which I found a surprised as many FPS games don't often focus much on story. 8/10

Ok. The graphics are alright and honestly its something you can expect from any other FPS. Bullets a blazing, Rockets shooting across the map, flames showering every corner you take. Pretty typical and that isn't necessarily bad its just its there not very special. However I do have some issues with the system requirements. I think that the system requirements need to be cranked cause I meet a little bit more than the recommended system requirements and it runs like CRAP on default settings. The only time I can get the game to run at about 35 or more fps is when I crank all the graphics down. Honestly you need a pretty decent graphics card to run this game. 7/10

Sound is again very typical from a fps. Nothing special yet again. Voice acting is perfectly fine and adds emotion to the conflict of the story.

I will divide this section into 2 parts, the Campaign and the multiplayer.

Campaign: The campaign is set in the times of WWII. Featuring several variety of designs and various tasks. Such as traveling on a boat to an island of impending doom or secretly running the streets to assassinate a political leader, it all creates some pretty tense moments. I do have some beef with some of the areas within solo player. How is it far that as soon as a peak my head out when sniping I'm instantly shot from all directions and if I keep on waiting I'll miss my target I need to kill? Trying to do it on Recruit is somewhat difficult, but imagining doing it on veteran. It would take so many runs to complete the mission. Another thing I have problem with is if you die you will have to start from the last checkpoint which could be very frustrating because the last checkpoint sometimes is very far away, or you spawn in a tight situation because occasionally the spawn system will put you in the middle of a firefight. 7.5/10

Multiplayer: Now the multiplayer has some problems but I'll get to them. The multiplayer to say the least is very fun. Ducking behind cover while nearly getting decapitated from an exploding fireball grenade , getting into massive team fights involving epic flanking, major pwnage, and intense hands trembling the keyboard. Its all good. There is a perk system which adds an enhancement or takes away a disadvantage from the standard playing field. Perks can be things like Juggernaut which increases your health or Sight of Hand which allows you to reload faster. However, there are many flaws to the perk system. Some of the perks are ridiculously overpowered and often used with some of the other overpowered weapons featured in the game. (Called a noob combo) An example of this is stopping power which is increased damage and Mp40. Another problem I have with multiplayer are the weapons. The multiplayer weapons combined with the WaW physics is absolutely frustrating. No one ever uses smgs, machines guns, or shotguns because assault rifles and sniper rifles dominate the rest of the weapons in power speed and accuracy. The physics in some ways are realistic as this game is intending to do and in many ways they aren't. One reason that some guns are WAY overpowered is the fact that assault rifles have BARLEY ANY recoil. Realistically and compared to other games there is barley any recoil which means that very little skill is required to be a winner at this game. Having nearly no recoil decreases skills in tap firing, burst firing, and adjusting your aim. Also, why do you take severe damage at falling 5 feet from the ground. I could probably jump from the roof of my house which is much taller than 5 feet and not even break a bone. Hitboxes, I do have some beef with. It makes sense that it takes very few shots to kill to the head and the chest, but what about the arms, shoulder, and legs? If I shot my leg 20 times I would be in a lot of pain and I would bleed to death most likely but I wouldn't die directly as fast you die in this game. I have a suggestion for the future C.O.D. games and that is to add different boxes to the arms and legs where your movement becomes slower or you become paralyzed until the next time you respawn. I think that would be a really good idea. 7.5

Call of Duty World at War is a nice game, but has some things about it that don't make it the perfect game and they should have fixed before its release. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy this game. Before you go rushing to the store however I suggest you NOT buy if there is the option the limited collector's edition. All you get is level 42 Machine Gun, a canteen which can't be used for drinking, =( a Bonus Experience pass that's offer already expired, and a bigger metal tin for everything included in the box. The LCE is 20 dollars more expensive (60 dollars) than the game itself but if you want to go get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/14/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: World at War (Collector's Edition) (US, 11/10/08)

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