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    Tech Guide by Norn_Guy

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                                     Tech Guide
                                     by Norn_Guy
    This a technology guide for Civilazation IV for the PC.  You may copy/paste and
    print this for YOUR OWN, PERSONAL, USE but only GameFAQs is the only site
    allowed to use it. If you would like to put it on your site, don't ask, because
    I'll just say no.  I will probably answer your e-mail within two weeks, but if
    not please try again.  If you see something wrong, don't freak out about it,
    just ask me to fix it and I will look at it.  In your e-mail please say
    Civilization IV or at least Civ IV or I will have no clue who you are or what
    you want.  If you ask me a question please make sure it is not already answered
    somewhere in the guide.  This guide is copyright (C) 2007 Preston Massingham.
    My e-mail is metroidhunter56 (AT) gmail (DOT) com, but please, don't send me
    spam.  I don't like it, and I doubt anyone else does either.
    In this guide you will find all the technologies you can get, what they do, how
    to get them, and what they unlock.  This is my first guide, so bear with me
    here.  To quickly find something in this guide press Ctrl+f and type in what
    you want to find, such as Literature, Refrigeration, Space Age etc..  Thanks
    for looking at my guide and I hope I hope it helps!  (After all, that's why I
    wrote it!)  This is a note to myself.  Just ignore it.
    Table of Contents*
    [I] Introduction*
    [II] Table of Contents*
    [III] Version History*
    [IV] The Tech Tree (description)*
    [V] The Tech Tree*
    -Early Techs
    *part 1-E
    *part 2-E
    -Intermediate Techs
    *part 1-I
    *part 2-I
    -Space Age Techs
    *part 1-SA
    *part 2-SA
    [VI] Space Race Needs*
    [VI] Frequently Asked Questions*
    [VII] Credits*
    [IX] Legal Section*
    [X] Farewells*
    Version History*
    Version 0.25 - Friday, Dec 15, 2006 - Got Intro and Tech Tree done.
    Will do FAQs soon.
    Version 0.50 - Friday, January 12, 2007 - FAQs done.  I am now waiting for
    questions.  The credits section is also done.  Got the ending in.
    Version 0.70 - Sunday, January 14, 2007 - Generally fixed things.
    Version 0.75 - Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - Added Space Race Needs, fixed
    things.  Added Legal Section.
    Version 0.80 - Friday, February 23, 2007 - added a FAQ, fixed intro.
    Version 0.83 - Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - fixed grammatical errors,
    changed e-mail.
    Version 1.00 - Thursday, November 8, 2007 - fixed legal section up, fixed
    spelling/grammar mistakes.
    Version 1.02 - Monday, December 22, 2008 - fixed stuff
    The Tech Tree (description)*
    The Tech Tree is basically a large group of technologies.  In this guide I will
    divide the Tech Tree into three parts; the Early Techs, such as The Wheel,
    Hunting etc., the Intermediate Techs, such as Banking, Rifling etc., and the
    Space Age Techs, in other words, the more futuristic techs, such as Rocketry,
    Fusion etc..  In the guide the Tech Tree isn't exactly a "tree" but it will
    have to do.
    The Tech Tree*
    --        --
    -Early Techs
    --        --
    *Part 1-E
    cost: 50
    enables: Mine
    unlocks: Bronze Working, Masonry
    cost: 50
    enables: Obelisk, Stonehenge
    unlocks: Masonry, Polytheism, Meditation
    cost: 40
    enables: Work Boat
    unlocks: Sailing, Pottery
    The Wheel
    cost: 60
    enables: Chariot, Road
    unlocks: Pottery
    cost: 60
    enables: Farm
    unlocks: Pottery, Animal Husbandry
    cost: 40
    enables: Scout, Spearman, Camp
    unlocks: Animal Husbandry, Archery
    Bronze Working
    cost: 120
    enables: Axeman, Copper
    unlocks: Iron Working, Metal Casting
    cost: 80
    enables: Walls, The Pyramids, The Great Lighthouse, Quarry
    unlocks: construction, Monotheism
    cost: 100
    enables: Parthenon, Hinduism
    unlocks: Monotheism, Priesthood
    cost: 80
    enables: Monastery, Buddhism
    unlocks: Priesthood, Philosophy
    cost: 100
    enables: Galley, Lighthouse
    unlocks: Compass, Calender
    cost: 80
    enables: Granary, Cottage
    unlocks: Metal Casting, Writing
    Animal Husbandry
    cost: 100
    enables: Pasture
    unlocks: Writing, Horseback Riding
    cost: 80
    enables: Archer
    unlocks: none
    cost: 120
    enables: Judaism
    unlocks: Theology, Monarchy
    cost: 60
    enables: Oracle, Temple
    unlocks: Monarchy, Code of Laws
    cost: 120
    enables: Library
    unlocks: Theology, Literature, Alphabet, Mathematics
    Horseback Riding
    cost: 250
    enables: Horse Archer
    unlocks: none
    *Part 2-E
    Iron Working
    cost: 200
    enables: Swordsman, Iron
    unlocks: Steel, Compass
    Metal Casting
    cost: 450
    enables: Forge, The Colossus, Workshop
    unlocks: Machinery
    cost: 300
    enables: Winery
    unlocks: Divine Right, Feudalism
    cost: 200
    enables: Heroic Epic, National Epic, Great Library
    unlocks: Music
    cost: 300
    enables: Beaker Symbol
    unlocks: Literature, Drama
    cost: 300
    enables: Theatre, Blobe Theatre
    unlocks: Philosophy, Music
    cost: 250
    enables: Aqueduct, Hanging Gardens, Fort
    unlocks: Construction, Currency, Calender
    cost: 400
    enables: Explorer, Harbor
    unlocks: optics
    cost: 350
    enables: War Elephant, Catapult, Colosseum
    unlocks: Engineering
    Code of Laws
    cost: 350
    enables: Courthouse, Chichen Itza, Confucianism
    unlocks: Civil Service, Philosophy
    cost: 400
    enables: Market, Gold Symbol
    unlocks: Code of Laws, Banking
    cost: 350
    enables: Obsoletes Obelisk, Obseletes Stonehenge, Plantation
    unlocks: Astronomy
    --               --
    -Intermediate Techs
    --               --
    *Part 1-I
    cost: 700
    enables: Crossbowman, Windmill, Watermill
    unlocks: Optics, Printing Press, Engineering, Guilds
    cost: 500
    enables: The Sistine Chapel, Christianity
    unlocks: Divine Right, Paper
    Civil Service
    cost: 800
    enables: Maceman
    unlocks: Paper, Nationalism
    cost: 700
    enables: Longbowman
    unlocks: Civil Service, Guilds
    cost: 800
    enables: Angkor Wat, Taoism
    unlocks: Liberalism, Nationalism
    cost: 600
    enables: Cathedral, Notre Dame, Culture Symbol
    unlocks: Military Tradition
    cost: 600
    enables: Caravel, Whaling Boats
    unlocks: Medicine, Astronomy
    cost: 900
    enables: Pikeman, Castle, Hagia Sophia
    unlocks: Chemistry
    Divine Right
    cost: 1000
    enables: Versailles, Spiral Minaret, Islam
    unlocks: Nationalism
    enables: none
    unlocks: Printing Press, Education
    cost: 900
    enables: Knight, Grocer
    unlocks: gunpowder, Banking
    cost: 700
    enables: Bank
    unlocks: replaceable parts, economics
    *part 2-I
    Printing Press
    cost: 1200
    enables: none
    unlocks: Scientific Method, Replaceable Parts, Democracy
    cost: 1000
    enables: Musketman
    unlocks: Chemistry, Rifling
    cost: 1400
    enables: University, Oxford University
    unlocks: Liberalism, Economics
    cost: 1200
    enables: none
    unlocks: Communism
    cost: 1600
    enables: Hermitage, The Taj Mahal
    unlocks: Military Tradition, Fascism
    Military Tradition
    cost: 1800
    enables: Cavalry, West Point
    unlocks: none
    cost: 1600
    enables: Galleon, Observatory, Obsoletes Colossus
    unlocks: scientific method, Physics
    cost: 2200
    enables: Statue of Liberty
    unlocks: none
    cost: 2000
    enables: Jail
    unlocks: Democracy, Corporation
    cost: 1000
    enables: none
    unlocks: Corporation
    cost: 2000
    enables: Grenadier, Frigate, Obsoletes Parthenon
    unlocks: Steel, Biology, Steam Power
    cost: 1400
    enables: Rifleman, Obsoletes Chichen Itza
    unlocks: Artillery, Rocketry
    Replaceable Parts
    cost: 1600
    enables: Lumbermill
    unlocks: Rifling, Steam Power
    cost: 1400
    enables: Wall Street, Obsoletes The Great Lighthouse
    unlocks: Assembly line
    --            --
    -Space Age Techs
    --            --
    *part 1-SA
    cost: 2400
    enables: Cannon, Ironclad, Drydock, Ironworks
    unlocks: Artillery, Railroad
    Scientific Method
    cost: 1800
    enables: Obsoletes Monastery, Obsoletes The Great Lighthouse, Oil
    unlocks: Biology, Physics, Communism
    cost: 2000
    enables: Spy, Scotland Yard, Kremlin
    unlocks: none
    Steam Power
    cost: 1800
    enables: Obsoletes Hagia Sophia, coal
    unlocks: Railroad
    Assembly Line
    cost: 2600
    enables: Infantry, Factory, Coal Plant, Pentagon
    unlocks: Fascism, industrialism
    cost: 1800
    enables: Mount Rushmore
    unlocks: none
    cost: 2600
    enables: Hospital, Red Cross
    unlocks: none
    cost: 2200
    enables: none
    unlocks: Ecology, Refrigeration
    cost: 2400
    enables: Uranium
    unlocks: Electricity, Artillery, Flight
    cost: 2000
    enables: Artillery
    unlocks: Rocketry
    cost: 2200
    enables: Machine Gun, Railroad
    unlocks: Combustion
    cost: 2400
    enables: Transport, Destroyer, Obsoletes Whale, Well
    unlocks: Flight, Plastics
    cost: 3500
    enables: Nuclear Plant, The Manhattan Project
    unlocks: fusion, Ecology
    cost: 2800
    enables: Bunker, Bomb Shelters, Broadway
    unlocks: Fission, Refrigeration, Industrialism
    *Part 2-SA
    cost: 2800
    enables: Supermarket
    unlocks: Genetics
    Mass Media
    cost: 2800
    enables: Broadcast Tower, Hollywood, The United Nations
    unlocks: none
    cost: 3000
    enables: Submarine, Bomber, Eiffel Tower, Rock N Roll
    unlocks: Mass Media, Computers, Satellites
    cost: 4500
    enables: SAM Infantry, Gunship, ICBM, Apollo Program, SS Casing
    unlocks: Satellites
    cost: 3000
    enables: Carrier, Fighter, Airport
    unlocks: Rocketry
    cost: 4000
    enables: Hydro Plant, The Three Gorges Dam, Offshore Platform,
    Obsoletes Fur
    unlocks: Ecology, Fiber Optics, Composites, Robotics
    cost: 3500
    enables: Recycling Center, SS Life Support
    unlocks: none
    cost: 5500
    enables: SS Stasis Chamber
    unlocks: none
    cost: 4500
    enables: Laboratory, Obsoletes Angkor Wat,
    Obsoletes The Spiral Minaret
    unlocks: Fiber Optics, Robotics
    cost: 3500
    enables: SDI, SS Thrusters
    unlocks: Fiber Optics, Composites
    cost: 5000
    enables: Modern Armor, Jet Fighter, Stealth Bomber
    unlocks: Future Technology
    enables: SS Engine
    unlocks: none
    Fiber Optics
    cost: 5500
    enables: The Internet, SS Cockpit, Obsoletes The Kremlin
    unlocks: Fusion, Future Technology
    Future Technology
    cost: 6000
    enables: none
    unlocks: none
    cost: 5000
    enables: Mechanized Infantry, The Space Elevator, SS Docking Bay
    unlocks: none
    Space Race Needs*
    I only put the Space Race here because that is the one that
    needs the most techs.
    For winning the Space Race: (Not necesserily technologies.)
    You ABSOLUTLY NEED these technologies to win the Space Race...
    1) Ecology.  Reason: SS Life Support
    2) Sattellites.  Reason: SS Thrusters
    3) Rocketry.  Reason: SS Casing
    4) Robotics.  Reason: SS Thrusters
    5) Genetics.  Reason: SS Stasis Chamber
    6) Fiber Optics.  Reason: SS Cockpit
    7) Fusion.  Reason: SS Engine
    8) Apollo Program.  Reason: allows ability to create spaceship
    ...and these are just helpful along the way.
    1) Writing.  Reason: Library
    2) Metal Casting.  Reason: The Colossus
    3) Education.  Reason: University, Oxford University
    4) Assembly Line.  Reason: Factory
    5) Robotics.  Reason: The Space Elevator
    6) The Manhattan Project.  Reason: x2 production speed with Uranium
    Frequently Asked Questions*
    Q. Can I put your guide in my website/magazine/book?
    A. NO.  As I said before, DO NOT ASK.  For details, go to
    - Sid Meier, for making another great game!
    - You, for looking at this guide.
    - Me, for taking the time to write this guide.
    - GameFAQs and CJayC for keeping a great site!
    - So far no one has helped or contributed to this guide.  YOU
    could be the first to help and would be recognized as a great person!
    Legal Section*
    Oooh!  My favorite part of a guide!  The most exciting section of the whole
    1) This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    2) This guide is 100% copyright (C) 2007 Preston Massingham, and you CANNOT
    claim it as your own work.
    3) You CAN copy/paste this FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE.
    4) For people who do not know: the actual FACTS, i.e. Physics enables
    Uranium, is NOT copyrighted, my creative way of EXPRESSING these facts is
    5) If YOU see this guide anywhere except http://www.gamefaqs.com/, tell
    me immediately!  Together, we can stop plagiarism (of this guide)!  If you see
    this guide on Gamespot, that's alright, because it is an affiliate of GameFAQs,
    as they are both owned by CNET Networks.
    6) Last but certainly not least, all trademarks and copyrights contained in
    this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    I have no clue to what guide I am going to write next, so, farewell and see ya

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