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"If Tetris and Guitar Hero had a love child, this would be It's child"

AudioSurf Review: By I Like Toast

What is AudioSurf you say? It's a game that took 12 hours to go from unheard of to my latest addiction that's what!

Now with that out of the way let's move on to my take on this game. It is fun! If Guitar Hero and Tetris had a child, this would be its offspring. You can take ANY song on your computer (mp3, mp4, wma, cd format and a few others) load it into the game, and then the game will create a path for you. Depending upon the mode you play, depends upon the color the blocks will be. Personally, being a noob I've only been doing the mono racer. Which is get colored blocks, and avoid gray blocks.

There are other modes where you have multiple colors to get and have to arrange them in chunks of 3 or more (obviously more means more points). These modes offer a lot more strategy in getting high points then the Mono racers offer. Having to combine the right colors together, rather then it always being the color you need. The racers also have various abilities ranging from being able to “push” a block into another position, erase ones you already have, or shuffle the entire board in hopes of getting a better combination. There will also be various power ups while playing on these versions. Offering a little more luck to help you get a big score.

Then after you finish up your song, it takes you to the leader board. This is where the addiction really kicks in. You can see how you compare against everyone, just people in your state, or against all your steam friends. So the competition to get on top can be quite fun for some of the more popular songs. With the low price of $9.99 it's well worth your money. No DLC to play more songs, no waiting 6 months for a new version. Now bare in mind it's still a young program, and the dev team is fairly small. It's got some bugs in it, but they are working hard on hammering them out, the forums are fairly active and a lot of workarounds are already in place. I personally haven't had any major problems beyond an occasional slow down, and one time I loaded the game and got no sound.

So in standard reviewer fashion breakdown: Graphics, Sound, Replay Value, Game play, and what will call the “Toast factor” which the higher the better.

Graphics: 6/10 Sure it's no major “next” gen console game. However it's still pretty. The colors work well with the atmosphere, it's nothing to flashy but it gets the job done.

Sound: 10/10 you pick the songs, if the sound isn't good it's your own damn fault. Oh btw, downloading just the demo (or full version) comes with the entire Orange box album, which means Still Alive for everyone!

Replay Value: 8/10 it is got the addicting nature of Guitar Hero/Rock Band with the leader boards in place. Getting to listen to any song you like, and multiple modes and difficulties give plenty to do. It's even got some basic multiplayer, which if they ever allow a competitive style online multiplayer this will get the bump to 9, which until a game can match the thousands of hours SC has given me, is about as good as it gets. All in all this game is racking up my free time very quickly.

Game play: 8/10 it is simple but fun. Isn't that what all games should be? The puzzle aspect of it is a little hard for me as I'm not good at planning combos and what nots. It is missing some aspect to make it from great to excellent. Namely it would be nice to see a few more game modes, a more varied background, and a little cleaner look for the overall game. I'd also like to be able to look up what songs I've played, however you can only look up a limited number of your “most played” songs.

Toast factor: 9/10 Did I mention I became addicted to this game in under 12 hours? It is a lot of fun, and getting to play any song you have on your computer means I'll have plenty to play for quite some time. Trying to raise scores to get placed on the global leader board is a good challenge. I'll look to see you on the leader boards!

Stream Name is I_Like_Toast, will you be my friend?

Don't be a jerk and copy my work, these are my thoughts, my view, my take on this game. Yours may be different, it may be the same. Thank you for reading my review and I look forward to writing some more.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/27/08

Game Release: AudioSurf (US, 02/15/08)

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