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"Big disappointment"

I don't understand what's the big deal with this game. I tried the demo and didn't think it was so great, but after hearing all the rave reviews, I decided to spend the $10 and buy the game. Big mistake. This has got to be one of the biggest disappointing games I've ever played.

Now if you're reading this review you probably know how the game works so I won't get into that...I'll just talk about why I don't like it. Simple: it's boring. All you do is load your song and try to collect blocks and stuff that supposedly goes with the beat of the song. And therein lies the biggest problem; to me these blocks do not match up with the songs at all. They almost seem to be randomly placed, with no flow in them whatsoever. I could not feel any sort of connection between the blocks and any song I tried to play. Sure the pace of the game will slow down or speed up depending on the intensity of the song, but that doesn't change the fact that the blocks still don't seem to match up. Basically to me playing this game was like listening to music while staring at a flashing screen of colors while moving my mouse randomly around. Not exactly what I want to do for the full 3-4 minute duration of a typical song.

Another issue I had with the game was the graphics. Yes I know it's a music game, but still when I first opened it up I felt like I was about to play one of those old shareware DOS games on my Windows 98 machine during the 90's. And there seemed to be a bug where certain colors wouldn't show, like the path would be made up of white lines. But maybe it wasn't a bug, because that's how it was on two of my machines. Either way, not good.

I give this game 3/10, because if you have absolutely nothing to do then I guess playing this game is better than nothing. But still I'd rather just sit and listen to music than having to listen and move my mouse around at the same time. If you're looking for a good FREE music game for the PC, I would recommend Stepmania, which can also auto-generate steps for any of your own songs. I can definitely connect with and feel the music better with Stepmania than with Audiosurf.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/14/08

Game Release: AudioSurf (US, 02/15/08)

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