Review by jak123456

"Brilliant Retro Puzzle/Action/Run 'N Gun"

Graphics: 10/10

Very nicely rendered, they remind me of shoot 'em ups made for the Dreamcast like Ikaruga, Armada, and Zero Gunner 2. That is a good thing when all things considered. I don't know why the protagonist looks eerily like Duke Nukem, but who cares. Explosions are very effective, and there's no complaints here.

Sound: 10/10

There's a reason why I mentioned those shoot 'em ups earlier, the music sounds just like something out of a manic shooter, particularly Raiden Fighters. Again, this is a good thing. The original 8 bit music is masterfully brought to the present day, and it rocks hard. There's a heavy techno presence here, particularly within factories and later on; but this is good techo. If you hate techno, this aspect of the game might turn you off.

Game play: 9/10

Perfection. I was playing this on a keyboard, and the controls were incredibly accurate, more so then the original Bionic Commando. Multiple ways to take out enemies; shotgun them, grab and then throw them to their death or even use them as a shield, chuck grenades at them, swing into them, and etc. A lot of fun you can have just killing people. But, I would also list this game as a puzzle game in addition. Granted that the puzzles are not the most challenging within the game, but leave that to the challenge rooms and you'll see what I mean.

A varied list of enemies, some great bosses, though I was disappointed that 4 of them were re-used later on and still didn't present much of a challenge.


Online multiplayer would've been nice and have added to the replayability factor. I don't understand why even the PC version missed out on this, as I think it could've been done pretty easily by letting players set up a server.

Hacking is all but useless. You get no special weapons or items by doing so, but only little tips on bosses which you could find even more easily on GameFaqs. The only reason to hack is if you're very low on health and are in desperate need of it.

Overhead levels are repetitive and still very easy like in the original.

Things of note:

The dialogue between you and your comrades is funny at times, but not exactly on par with Portal.

Just as much replayability as the original Bionic Commando, and more so if you invite some friends over.

Remember when in the original that the end boss' head explodes? It's back, and it is outstanding.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/18/08

Game Release: Bionic Commando Rearmed (US, 08/13/08)

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