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"Top Secret: Hittoraa no Fukkatsu v 2.0"

For all intents and purposes, this game deserves a 10. I'm going to sum up why and why I gave it a 9.

I am admittedly, a huge Bionic Commando fan. It safely qualifies as one of my favorite NES games.
That said, "excited" would not do justice to my reaction to Bionic Commando Rearmed's announcement. A game that was being redone by fellow enthusiasts with a goal of staying true to the original..... If only all remade/revamped titled used this approach....

Graphics: 10
Bionic Commando Rearmed does an excellent job of looking like a modernized 8-bit NES game.
The design team did nothing to hide the series' 80's roots and and in turn the colors are exceptionally vibrant with the heavy use of chartreuse and magenta. When I learned that the graphics were done "3D in 2D" I was a little concerned but the game is wonderfully put together and animated perfectly. This title alone removes any previous fears about 2D polygon games.

Sound: 10
What they've done with all of the themes from the original game is wonderful. I really enjoy the modernization accomplished without taking excessive liberties. The root song for every level is there and pretty much intact from the NES . Only overlaid are more synthesizers and heavy, HEAVY drums. A very nice touch in this department was the change of the music when you enter a communication or item room. As the screen changes over, the music is muffled down to just a thumping of the drum, giving the impression that you're sealed off from the sound except for the bass that radiates through the walls/floor. Keeping the positive theme, the sound effects are perfect! I couldn't have asked for better.

Control/Gameplay: 9
A nearly flawless experience for me. I am using a Logitech Dual Action controller and it has really made the whole package come together. It plays just as it did 20 years ago only with a much better D-pad. Why a 9 and not a 10? There is still room for improvement. Grin did an excellent job of updating the entire game but the control (especially when working on the challenge rooms) is sometimes a little too challenging. Which brings us to.....

Fun Factor: 10
What a fantastic game. Just in case the solo mission wasn't enough for you, there's a co-op mode and 4 player deathmatch. Best of all, the basic controls of the game are easy for most to pick up so even your non-die-hard gamer friends will enjoy the deathmatch.
Ok, here it is, my biggest gripe: Why couldn't they offer this in stores?
I am (like many gamers) a collector. This title is brilliant and should be in a box on my shelf!
I want the box and instructions Capcom! You hear me? I would happily pay double the ($15) asking price to feel like I bought something. And that should more than cover the cost of printing and distribution.

Simply put, if you liked the original, you're gonna love....

Now when do they remake Strider? Yes, the NES version.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/06/08

Game Release: Bionic Commando Rearmed (US, 08/13/08)

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