Y won't the behind enemy lines mission end?

  1. I've done everthing required, i.e. crossed enemy lines, placed explosives on vehicles or artillery pieces, found 3 lots of mines on the road, mapped out enemy positions (& received confirmation ticks that all missions have been accomplished,) & had no confrontations in the process. True I was spotted a couple of times but I went back 2 the last save & then completed the job unseen. After all was done I returned 2 base but the game won't end or tell me what 2 do next. Y not? Should I have entered the enemy base when I was there?

    User Info: Bodomen

    Bodomen - 7 years ago


  1. Found out alone thank u, Yes enter their base, (nobble transmitter,) and don't have 2 return 2 my base, just go 2 northern checkpoint.

    User Info: Bodomen

    Bodomen - 7 years ago 0 0

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