Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Cheats


  • Cheats

    Press the NUMBERPAD ENTER (the one in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard) to bring up the Console Window. Type the following cheats in and press ENTER to turn on the desired cheat.

    refillAll Items
    rockCapture Enemy Base
    kit <kit file>Change your kit to specified file
    chickenrunChicken Grenades
    godCommit Suicide
    rumbleoffDisable constant shaky screen
    rumbleonEnable constant shaky screen
    supermanGod Mode
    hidecorpseHide corpse names
    gogetemHunt down enemies
    ammoInfinite Ammo
    autoloseLose current mission
    markMark location on map for teleport
    mark2Mark location on map for teleport
    runMove Faster
    extremepaintballPaintball Mode
    locReport current location
    boomScreen shakes
    setgama <0.0-1.0>Set gamma; default is 0.5
    namesShow object names
    eviltwinShow range of enemies and your team members in meters
    showtexturepropsShow texture properties for objects
    squirrelkiteSquirrel Launcher
    teamsupermanTeam God Mode
    teamshadowTeam Invisibility
    spawnTeleport to preset locations
    unlockheroUnlock Specialist
    perfView debug counters
    autowinWin Mission

    Contributed By: NTsui, Undergrads2003, and Squall1779994.


  • No reloading each shot for bolt action rifles

    When using a rifle that is bolt action(that is, you must eject the shot after every shot), a neat trick to avoiding that delay time is to lean left or right. When leaning left or right and shooting a bolt-action rifle, the delay time is non-existent, allowing you to shoot again right away. This can be useful early on if you like being a sniper, but the only rifle available to you is the M24.

    Interesting note, while there is no delay time, you can hear the noises of you ejecting the shell.

    Contributed By: Mr_Sociopath.

  • Unlock all missions!

    In the main Ghost Recon Directory there is a XML document named unlocked_missions.xml and inside this file it lists all the missions you have unlocked. All you have to do is open the source code, erase everything and enter the following text:


    Save this file as the original file name (unlocked_missions.xml) in the same directory and THERE! You can now access all the unlocked missions!

    Contributed By: D.Stevens.

  • Unlock all Specialists

    In the main Ghost Recon directory, there is a file called ''unlocked_heroes.xml''. Open this file with an editing program and replace the existing text. Save the file, and you should have access to all the specialists.


    Contributed By: NTsui.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    At the main menu press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following:

    unlock allAccess All Levels
    nightmareBloody, slow-motion death sequences
    completemissionMission will end as if it has been successfully completed.

    Contributed By: gsgreg, dennis riley, and GTC71.

  • Rainbow Six Raven Shield codes

    Press the Y (talk)/tilde button and erase the text that says ''say'', enter any of the codes and press enter

    Third person view - behindview <0 or 1> (0 means off 1 means on)
    Flight mode - ghost
    Disable flight walk
    Full ammunition - fullammo
    Record demo demorec
    Stop recording - stopdemo
    Play demo demoplay
    God mode for player - god
    God mode for team - godteam
    God mode for terrorists - godterro
    God mode for hostages - godhostage 1
    Disable god mode (hostages) - godhostage 2
    All the god modes godall
    Game never ends - toggleunlimitedpractice
    Walk through entities togglecollision
    View threat information togglethreatinfo
    Kill all terrorists - neutralizeterro
    Disarm all bombs - disarmbombs
    Deactivate IO devices - deactivateiodevice
    Rescue all hostages - rescutehostage
    Disable morality - disablemorality
    Summon all terrorists - callterro
    Invisible to terrorists playerinvisible
    Terrorists surrender on sight - tsurrender
    Terrorists shoot wildly - tsprayfire
    Terrorists only fire at you - taimedfire
    Terrorists all run away - trunaway
    Terrorists go back to normal tnothreat
    See all terrorists on map - rendspot
    Hostage threat information - togglehostagethreat
    Set hostage position - sethpos <0-5> (0 standing, 1 kneeling, 2 prone, 3 fetal, 4 crouched, 5 random)
    Reset hostage threat - resetthreat
    Next hostage animation - hna
    Previous hostage animation - hpa
    Animate hostage - hp <0 or 1> (0 for no loop, 1 for looping)
    Show field of vision - showfov
    Show weapon direction gundirection
    Show terrorist/hostage routes - route
    Show all map routes - routeall
    Remove all NPCs - killthemall
    Remove all terrorists - killterro
    Remove all hostages - killhostage
    Kill all Rainbow operatives killrainbow
    Remove opponents - killpawns
    Game modes - sgi
    Resets all cheats resetmeall
    Quit game quit

    Contributed By: balder.


  • Mission 9 Glitch

    There is some glitch in Mission 9 that allows you to complete the mission much easier. Just assign a second team besides your current team to walk to the extraction zone and stay there. Then, when you have used the other team to plant the bugs, the mission will be completed even if that team is still in the Penthouse. This is fixed in the lastest version.

    Contributed By: kylohk.


  • Slow Motion and changing the game speed

    Open the console with the button above tab.
    Type in ''Slomo X''
    Replace X with a number to change the game speed

    Slomo 1 - Normal Speed
    Slomo 0.5 - Half Speed
    Slomo 2 - Double Speed
    Slomo 0.2 - 1/5th normal speed

    Contributed By: DeMoN DARREN.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press Tab, then type the following codes, unless noted otherwise:

    walkDisable Flight/No Clipping
    invincible 0Disable Infinite Health
    exitexit game if you are stuck in the game
    healthExtra Health
    flyFloating Ability
    playersonlyFreeze Enemies
    summon [item name]Get indicated item
    invincible 1Infinite Health
    invisible 1Invisibility
    preferencesModify settings
    ammoMore Ammo
    ghostNo Clipping
    stealthStealth Stats
    invisible 0Turn Off Invisibility
    playersonly 0Unfreeze enemies

  • Item Cheats

    Press F2 to enter these cheats:

    echeloningredient.eringairfoilroundAirfoil Round
    echeloningredient.ecamerajammerCamera Jammer
    echeloningredient.echemflareChemical Flare
    echeloningredient.edisposablepickDisposable Pick
    echeloningredient.ediversioncameraDiversion Camera
    echeloningredient.elasermicLaser Mic
    echeloningredient.elockpickLock Pick
    echeloningredient.emedkitMed Kit
    echeloningredient.erappellingobjectRappelling Object
    echeloningredient.esmokegrenadeSmoke Grenade
    echeloningredient.estickycameraSticky Camera
    echeloningredient.estickyshockerSticky Shocker
    EchelonGameObject.KolaVodkaSummons Bottle
    EchelonGameObject.CanCokeSummons Can
    echeloningredient.ethermalgoggleThermal Goggles
    echeloningredient.ethermalmineThermal Mine
    echeloningredient.ewallmineWall Mine

    Contributed By: gsgreg and alpha_code.

Easter Eggs

  • Secret Room in Training

    On the first level, Lambert will ask you to look at the lights first to the left, then right, then above you, then below you. After that, go to your left, where you will notice a platform you can climb. So do a double-jump, then climb it. Enter the door. The room would be dark, so equip your Nightvision Goggles by pressing 2. Look at your left then get the Lock Picks. Then go through all the obstacle. After you jump above the gate to finish the level, NEVER go straight to the door infront of you, but go to your right then pick the lock of the door there. Interact with the computer then get the password '5656'. Go back to the start of the level, and instead of going to the right platform (where you got the lockpicks) go left instead. Do a doublejump then enter the password at the door. You'll be in a room with a woman who's part in training you. You can talk to her, then (if you're bored) knock her out, resulting in mission failure. :)

    Contributed By: Shadow Edge.


  • New Code Button

    In v1.1 of Splinter Cell, to activate the console you must press F2 instead of TAB.

    Contributed By: shiningshadow.

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