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"Overall, there were a lot of improvements but there were also certain aspects that killed the game."

Finally, the newest installment of Red Alert has arrived. Most changes are enjoyable but some of the aspects should've been left out. Let me explain.


Many people complain about the cartoon-ish graphics and refuse to see the other good points this game has to offer. Personally I like the cartoony style. The bright and colorful graphics even looks impressive on the lowest settings. Impressive enough to make the game enjoyable at least. I have encountered some bugs though, like placing a sovjet defense structure on a bridge, you see only half of the defense structure. The outline when selecting units can also be so bright it's annoying.

Graphics 9/10


Nothing much to say here. I like the new soundtrack. The tracks are different enough to keep the battles interesting and refreshing. Too bad that you can't listen to the soundtrack without buying it.

The sound of the units is a mixed bag really. It's a good thing the Apocalypse Tank has held its old sounds, while the new ‘Kirov Reporting' isn't really an improvement.

Sound 10/10


Of course, this wouldn't be Red Alert without it's hilarious storyline. The scenes are so over the top that it's enjoyable. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about so this doesn't need any explanation.

Also, not really the storyline, but even the tutorial is hilarious. Poor soviet tank, hehe.

Story 10/10


In my opinion, the most important part of the game, too bad it's a bit of a letdown.

First I have to say I like the C&C 3 interface. When selecting units, it gives a better overview than in Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge. Too bad I can't select a primary building so that I can build sovjet troops from my allied war factory, provided that I have a sovjet mcv of course.

But that means there is a little more strategy involved, which is nice. A nice touch is that now Kirov Airships are now deployed from airports instead of war factories.

The factions provide also different gameplay in terms of base building. The allies have the way of building as in the old Red Alerts. you click on a buiding on a tap. Wait until it's complete and you can deploy it, while the Sovjets can deploy it imstantly and have to wait til its done, like in generals.

The Empire has a complete unique way of deploying which brings many possibilities in advancing your base.

Another unique aspect is that most buidings can be constructed on water. A lot of units can traverse land and sea too as well. A welcome addition, since I've always felt that the sea's in Yuri's Revenge weren't used as much, since most of the fighting was done on land.

That is where the game breaks down. In Yuri's Revenge, I always had fun building an impressive base. Not really Turtling since a sent troops to attack in a regular interval, but to have a wall with defense structures around your base.

Well, don't bother in this game. There are these 'support powers' A bit like in generals, where you could earn points and get the sniper or spy drone upgrade.

Here it is totally overpowered. Here you get toxic bombs, time bombs which you can place on exact locations, tractor beams which destroys your units, and even satellites which comes crashing down to destroy a base in a few seconds.

Even the superpowers seem more fair in that they have a timer and give you the opportunity to destroy them before they are activated. but now: Build 5 apocalypse, and watch them get destroyed in an instant. Made a wall with a nice defense around your base, so that you can focus elsewhere on the battlefield? Wrong, pay attention or else you'll find yourself without a mcv. This would be fair if you could counter them in some way, but sadly, you can't. And now that the ore system is moving at a slower pace, you'll be left soon with no defense and no credits to defend yourself.

Gameplay 5/10

Difficulty and Replay Value

The AI has vastly improved. It no longer builds three Kirovs and rush them to your base to attack till they drop. Ignoring your defenses. Now they attack where the defense is the weakest. The Ai will also play hit and run tactics and it will attack with a variety of units. Now Brutal really is Brutal.

The replay value isn't that great in my opinion. Its all rush and who gets the first destructive support powers and superweapons to win.

Difficulty and Replay Value


Since I find gameplay to be very important, I'll give this game a 7, even if the individual scores add up higher (8)


- Graphics look fresh and bright, nice new approach
- Great soundtrack
- Fun storyline


- Some sounds are worse than it's predecessors
- Can't build a nice base without having it destroyed every five minutes.
- Supportpowers are so overpowered, this game would be better of without them.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/05/08

Game Release: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (EU, 10/31/08)

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