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Reviewed: 02/23/09

Warbears, Giant Blimps, and Psychic Schoolgirl Commandos

It was the end of the Second World War and Einstein, who was disgusted by the ravages of war, decided to give his new time machine a run to ensure that such a war never happened. Going back in time, he eliminated Hitler before his rise to power and when Einstein came back to his own time he thought that was to be all calm and peaceful. However, he did not know that the Soviet Union would quickly rise to fill the void and become a much larger threat to the world than Nazi Germany ever could have been.

After the Allies have beaten back the Soviet invasion in the last two games, the Soviets found that the only way to save themselves was to go back in time themselves and kill a critical figure of the Allies. As the game starts, they come back to find that the Allies have not been as successful in fighting back but a new enemy, the Empire of the Rising Sun of Japan, now threatens the Soviet Union.

The Red Alert series has always been a real time strategy game based on the struggle between the Soviet Union and the Allies in this parallel universe. Basic gameplay involves establishing a base, collecting resources, raising an army, and crushing your opponent. This may make it sound like your average real time strategy, but it has some features that make it stand out from the rest.

First of all, the game has live action movies with real actors that helps develop the story. The game has about an hour’s worth of these clips and they star large names such as Tim Curry as the Soviet Premier, George Takei as the Japanese Emperor, and Jenny McCarthy as the Allies special commando Tanya. These clips, and the storyline, have a B movie feel to it but this just gives the game its own flavor. It should also be mentioned that this is probably where you’re going to see the most female cleavage in a video game.

Secondly, with this game you can develop very interesting tactics and strategies. Every unit has its own special ability ranging from disabling enemies with lasers to launching storms of missiles. Also, the game allows you to switch between land warfare and ocean warfare interchangeably. Deciding on whether you want to dominate the ocean or land depends on what strategy you’re best at playing. Each team has it’s own building and research style as well so each one has its own distinct strategy.

Thirdly, this game has many zany units which create an entertaining atmosphere. With such units as the giant blimps of the Soviet army, the psychic schoolgirl commandos of the Rising Sun, and the killer dolphins of the Allies calling it “zany” might not do it justice. This is what really makes the game stick out from the rest of its real time strategy brethren.

All of this with the game’s great looking (but cartoony) graphics and a rocking soundtrack, makes this a game that is hard to forget. It should also be mentioned that this is probably where you’re going to see the most female cleavage in a video game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (US, 10/28/08)

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