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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Nancy Drew:                               ;MMMW......WMMM,
    Danger By Design                        MMW..............MM
                                      MMMM MB..................@M7
                           ZMMr      MMWWMMM..................WMMMM
                        MMMMMMMMMM:  M@......................MM8 MMa
                   rWMMMMW......WMMMMMB....................BMMi   M
     rMMMM@B...................................M   MMMMMMMM,
     MMB.........BWMM@B........................M    ZMMM7
      MMB...M        8W.......................BMMMM@:
       MM...M       MMB.......................BM 2MMMMMM@;
        MM..MM     .MW........................BM   .MMMMMMMMB
        iMM.BMr    M@..........................M      .7MM.@MM                :X:
         rM@.MM,  MM...........................M         MMMMMM            XMMM@MMS
          2MM.MM,ZMB...........................M.        ,X..@M:          MM     M.
           SMMW@MMW..................BW@@WB....MS                         MM  aMMW
             WM@.................MMMMMMMMM@....MM                    aMMMMMBMMM7
              7M................MM0:     iM....@M                   MMMMMM
              :M..............BMM        XM....BM:              BMMMMWMMM
              MM.............WMM          M.....MM        :8MMMMMMMMMMM
             MM.............BMZ           MW....BMMMMMMMMMMMM@MMMMMMMMMM
            8MB.............BM            MMB.........B@@@B.@MM2
            M@..............BM            rMMMMMMMMMMMMM@B@MM8
           aM...............BMM:                :7Z0000MMMMM
            rMB...MM                  MM...BM
            MM...BM.                  rMB...MM
            M@...MM                    MM....MS
            MW...M;                     MW...MM
            MW..WM                      @MW...MM
            M@..MM                       @MW..WM
            MM..M.                        .M@..MM
            MM..M,                         BM@.WM
            MM.WM                           SM@.M.
            MM.MM                            ZMW@M
            MW.MS                             MMBMM
           MMB.M                               M@WM.
         ,MMB..M                               8M.MMZ
        .MM....M                               .M..@MM
        MMWB...M                                M...BMMM
        MMSM...M                                M.WMM@WMMZ
        MB M..BM                               ,M@MSrMMB@MM
           MW.WM                                BMM   MMBWMMi
           MMMWM                                  M    .MB.MMM.
             MMM                         .rr2S88Z2MM.BS.ZMMMMMMMM
    PC 2006 
    Version:        1.0     released on the 2nd of October 2006
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Nancy Drew: Danger By Design' for the PC, an adventure game by Her
    Interactive released in 2006. This is the fourteenth game in the long-running
    Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    You control the game with the mouse mainly. Because it features such an
    extensive tutorial I won't get into much detail here, it would all be
    duplicated information. Basically if you are unfamiliar with the Nancy Drew or
    any first-person adventure games, check this out before you start playing the
    This walkthrough will not take you by the hand and tell you exactly to go left
    or right at each location. One should explore each area thoroughly, Nancy will
    make comments and write some information into her log if it's important. Talk
    to people about everything, you can't do much wrong.
    You cannot die in this game. Well you can, but there is always a 'Second
    Chance' that takes you back to before the mistake. You cannot, at any point,
    be stuck for that matter. This is ideal for exploring, so do not be afraid to
    look at everything or move into places that appear dangerous. Even "dying" can
    help solve what you need to do next.
    Money is a minor part in the game. You start out with plenty and should not run
    out if you know what items to buy. The only other things that costs money are
    food your order at the cafe and the entrance fee to the catacombs. If you need
    money you can simply play a small color-in mini-game at the park to raise 15
    Euros. It's not too hard and maybe even fun for some, so try to play it anyway.
    All merchants can be given a lower price for their items, just not ridiculously
    low. The best prices are stated in the walkthrough.
    Nancy promised her Dad not to stay out too late at night, so she'll
    automatically go home around 8pm. You can be out later, but once you return to
    the subway map she will dash home to sleep. Simply continue your investigation
    from where you left off, but you could check out the newspaper for recent
    events before taking off.
    Minimum Requirements:
    400Mhz Pentium,
    64MB RAM,
    300 MB hard drive space,
    16-bit color graphics video card with at least 16MB of VRAM,
    16-bit Window-compatible stereo sound card,
    12X CD ROM,
    Mouse and Speakers.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    The walkthrough is for both the junior and senior level. The only differences
    are two puzzles, and that you do not have access to the checklist. The
    following is divided into sections of checklist pointers, so if you play on
    senior you cannot tick them off, but you will still get the idea of what you
    need to do.
    You start the game in Nancy's room. On her desk you can read the tutorial, old
    cases, turn on/off the lamp for fun, but start the investigation by clicking
    on the plane ticket. Off to Paris we are!
    After you arrive, enter the office and talk to Heather. Take the metro pass
    she hands you. Open the toolbox for a Zippy calling card.
    *Get in there and meet Minette.
    Enter the door opposite to where you entered to meet Minette.
    *Make Minette her tea before her brain cells start misfiring or something.
    Go over to the tea stall and mix several tea blends into the pot: Boojum,
    Breland, Callicula, Fennelry, Gibbering, Hog Bone, Macrophylla, Phyrigia,
    Pipsweet, Varvaine and Yellow Buttons. Pour it into the pot to complete the
    task. When you try to exit, Minette will comment about it and give you a new
    job to do.
    *Check out EVERYTHING in the Moulin where Minette works for possible clues as
     to why she's receiving those threats.
    Go around the room in both directions and check out the stone gears, read the
    magazine on the table, look at the dress and then go back to the office. This
    task won't finish until later but you'll probably do this automatically then.
    *Check out he list of chores that Heather left for me on the computer at my
    Access the computer and read the to-do list. Lots of new things we need to do.
    *Fix the plotter.
    The plotter is the large printer next to your workstation. Open the lid and
    press the H to set it to 2. This will result in V=1, H=2 and I=1. The test
    print will be good.
    The phone rings, so answer it quickly before you get fired. 
    As you try to exit, a letter is slipped underneath the door. Read it. You'll
    get to this later.
    *Go to the Square du Vert Galant Park and buy four 'things' for Minette that
     have the same basic qualities as the 'stuff' she has in the center of the
    If you checked out the items you'll know roughly what you are looking for. Go
    to Pont Neuf via the Metro and talk to the merchant on the left first. Buy the
    green rings for 4 Euros. Go to the other end of the park and talk to the
    merchant near the river. Purchase the orange cone for 1 Euro as well as the
    lava lamp for 15. The merchant in the middle sells a blue move canister, pay
    him 21 Euros for that. He'll also ask you to pain for you in exchange of 15
    Euros a piece. This is more of a bonus as you won't run out of money unless
    you useless items. Play it for fun if you want to.
    *Pick up that envelope from JJ Ling.
    Ride to Place Monge and talk to JJ. Collect the envelope.
    *Take a good look around JJ's place.
    Check out the newspaper lying on the table, the recycling box and the magazine
    near the phone. It's quite optional to do this.
    *Pick up those fabric photos from Dieter von Schwesterkrank.
    Ride to Rue du Bac. Talk to Dieter about the photos.
    *Hole up in Dieter's dark room and get those prints made!
    You'll need to develop them yourself. Go left into the dark room and look at
    the table. Familiarize yourself with this as soon you won't be able to see
    anything. Start by placing a negative from the bath into the enlarger at the
    top left. Now flick the switch on the wall and the fun begins:
    -Switch on the small light on at the enlarger and leave it for 6-9 seconds.
    -Place the paper into the Developing Fluid just to the right for 7-12 seconds.
    -Then leave it in the Stop Bath for just under 5 seconds.
    -Finally place them into the Fixer on the right for 8-15 seconds.
    You'll know if you did it right or messed up straight away. You will also need
    to do this for the other three negatives. This isn't too easy, so here's a
    Instead of going to the table, flush the toilet in this room ten times. You
    will end up with a blue egg in your inventory and a sound will confirm the
    cheat is activated. Now turn to the table and use the blue egg to get the
    fully developed photos.
    Before you leave, talk to Dieter. Then, look to the left next to the dark
    room and pick up the camera. Ask to borrow it.
    *Take the fabric photos I developed at Dieter's to Jean Michael Traquenard.
    Talk to Jean Michel about the photos. He'll ask you to order something
    in-between the conversation, so pick anything you like as you aren't paying
    for it.
    Return to Abessess where the office is located. Answer the phone, those
    designs will be shipped soon. Give Nancy the envelope you collected at JJ's.
    Attempt to enter Minette's work area but she's too busy.
    *Follow the instructions by the folder and put together summer, cruise and fall
     outfits for Prudence Rutherford.
    Check the book on the design table. Remove the film of the pages. Click and
    drag the cloth items onto the model.
    Summer: Green Hat, Black Sunglasses, Pink Top, Green Trousers, Pink Fur Boa
            (hands) and Pink Slippers.
    Cruise: Pink Bunny Ears, Pink Bunny Mask, White Fur Top, Pineapple Purse,
            Orange Trousers, White Boots.
    Fall:   Short Blond Hair, Yellow Mask, Purple/Green Checkered Shirt, Black
            Purse, White Trousers, Green Boots
    *Go to the computer at my work station, log in as Minette, then beat the
     highest score on that computer game she's obsesses with so that she'll get her
     mind back on designing clothes.
    Access your computer, click on Jane's Game Portal and insert the username and
    password (Carol / rude). If you tried playing the game earlier, you'll have
    noticed that each match only gives 1 point per photo. Your aim is to get three
    or more of the same face picture in a row so they'll disappear. Now each head
    is worth 50 points and you need to beat the high score of 1,000. If there are
    no more faces left to match up, press Mix It Up underneath the board. Beat
    the score in 120 seconds. It might help to match up two faces and hope you
    find a third later, but this also costs you some time.
    Enter Minette's room to giver her the flea market items. When you try to leave
    the office, she'll ask for another job.
    *Go tell JJ to get over to Minette's now.
    Ride to Place Monge and tell JJ she's wanted by Minette. Persuade her to leave
    the cooking up to you.
    *Go get some mint for that cookie recipe of JJ's.
    Ride to Hotel DeVille and talk to Jean Michel. Order thee Creme de Glace but
    take the mint instead of eating it.
    *Figure out how to substitute molasses for brown sugar.
    Back at JJ's house, go to the back of the kitchen to the right of the stove
    and open the cabinet. Take the molasses. You could have bought he Food
    Substitution Book at a merchant in the park, but to make it short, 1/2 cup of
    brown sugar = 1/2 cup of white sugar + 1 teaspoon of molasses.
    *Make those mint cookies for JJ so she'll report to Minette and Minette can
     finally get some clothes designed.
    Approach the kitchen table from inside the kitchen to start mixing. Place the
    molasses on it, as well as the mint (chopping board).
    Add the ingredients:
     -3 cubes of butter
     -1 1/2 cups of white sugar
     -3 eggs
     -1 teaspoon vanilla
     -1 teaspoon molasses
     -2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour (farine)
     -1/2 teaspoon baking soda
     -1/4 teaspoon salt (sel)
     -1 finely chopped mint sprig
     -1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
    Click the sheet at the top left to start baking. JJ will call so answer the
    phone, if the sides have curled up from the mint you know you've done it
    right, and so will JJ.
    *Check my desk for any new assignments.
    Return to Abbesses. You'll receive another phone call, tell him Minette is 
    busy until he hangs up.
    Look at the pink sheet hanging on the left of your monitor.
    Check the dodo box you saw earlier and attempt to open it. You'll have to
    solve three puzzles first. The aim is to get to the lit spot with the dodo but
    not getting caught on the way. The foes will slide around towards you, but
    also go into the same direction if possible. The only thing that keeps them
    away are the dashed lines. Use the interface at the bottom left to move
    around. The middle button will reset the puzzle. You have unlimited tries to
    solve this. Follow these directions (U=Up, D=Down, L=Left, R=Right) to open
    the box:
    Yellow: R, L, U, U, U, U, U, L, D, D, R, R, R, D, D, D, R, U
    Green:  L, D, D, D, R, D, D, R, R, R, U, U, L, L, U, U, U
    Blue:   L, D, D, L, U, R, D, D, D, R, R, D, L
    Yellow: R, D, D, L, L, L, U, U, R, R, R, D, D, D, D, D, L, L
    Green:  R, R, L, L, L, U, D, L, U, U, U, U, U, R
    Blue:   R, D, R, D, R, R, U, U, L, L, R, R, D, D, D, D, D, L, L
    Check out all the letters from the box, note that one is different than the
    *Head to the flea market in the park, buy a stuffed parrot, and give it to
    Take a picture of the Cross as you enter, you'll need it later.
    Attempt to talk to Dieter at Pont Neuf. He'll run off but leave a clock and
    newspaper clipping behind. Take those.
    The merchant in the middle sells you the required parrot for 5 Euros. This
    task will finish later when you see Heather again. Return to your office.
    Minette will freak out, help her.
    *Find all the roaches that are loose in Minette's studio and put them back in
     the box they came in without squishing any of them.
    Run around in the studio and catch those cockroaches. One of them is on top of
    the desk, read the note while you are there. There is one roach hiding behind
    the computer desk. Nancy will hunt it back there and find a letter from Lynn.
    Continue hunting all 9 of them, sometimes you just need to come back to an
    area later to catch it. They are all on the outer ring, just walk both ways
    to see the different angles. When you have them all, Minette will return to
    work and ask you to dispose of the roaches. You can throw them in the park if
    you wish, but you can also hang on them for the rest of the game.
    *Now that you have her phone number, call the historian, Lynn Marique, and
     pump her for information about the Noisette Tornade.
    Use the phone at your workstation to call Lynn. First dial the Zippy code,
    then her number. Talk about everything.
    *Ask Dieter about the obituary and that clock thing that fell out of his
     pocket in the park.
    Visit Dieter at Rue du Bac and approach the closed dark room door. Talk to him
    one more time. After the conversation, take the camera sitting on the right of
    the door.
    *Use that little clock thing that Dieter dropped to open the panel by the
    Turn around and walk towards the wall on the other side. Insert the clock into
    the small hole there.
    *Open the panel at Dieter's with that clock key again and try to get all the
     clock faces to match the one on the key before the timer runs out.
    As it says, there is a timer but it's quite long so don't panic. Your goal is
    to set all of the clocks to 3 o'clock, but turning one will often turn another
    one at the same time. Here are the solutions.
    Clocks: 1 2 3
            4 5 6
            7 8 9
    ``````` 8 - 1 - 4 - 7 - 6 - 9
    ``````` 8 - 7 - 4 - 1 - 4 - 7 - 9 - 6
    Enter the passageway.
    *Use Dieter's camera and take pictures of all the things on his list so he'll
     answer some questions!
    This will take you a little while longer to complete, but you have already
    taken the picture in the park. Next, photograph the spider. The controls of
    the camera are quite simply. The top button takes the picture, the next on
    deletes them from the camera memory and the bottom two either cycle through
    the pictures on the camera or can be used to confirm "yes" and "no" when you
    a picture.
    There are four more photos to be taken throughout the game which I will
    mention again when you get there next time, but here's a checklist for you
    nonetheless as you can take those whenever you want:
    [] Cross (Pont Neuf, Park Entrance)
    [] Spider (Rue du Bac, Passageway)
    [] Stapler (Abesses, Desk)
    [] Teapot (Abesses, Minette's Tea Stall)
    [] Skull (Denfert Rochereau, Catacombs)
    [] Candle (Denfert Rochereau, Catacombs)
    *Explore the passageway that opened up at Dieter's!
    Continue through the tunnel and at the end you'll find a metal safe.
    *Figure out what numbers to dial into that lock that's on the wall at the end
     of the tunnel off Dieter's studio.
    The combination is 1-9-4-5. Take the book, read it and find the graph paper
    which you should also take.
    *Call Zu, the Parisian spelunker, and see if he knows anything about nut-like
     symbols I saw at the end of the secret passageway  off of Dieter's studio.
    Back at your office, talk to Heather (you'll giver her the parrot thus finally
    finishing that task). Take a picture of the stapler on your desk and the
    teapot in the work area where you made tea at the beginning of the game.
    Use the phone to call Zu. He wants an autograph before he will help you. This
    also opens up the catacombs.
    *Somehow get JJ to write, 'Zu my love Jing.'
    Talk to JJ at Place Monge, ask her to play hangman. Simply guess the letters
    Z, U, M, Y, L, O, V, E, J, I, N, G. You'll lose, but get the paper you want.
    *Take the 'autograph' I tricked JJ into giving and put it in that skull in the
     catacombs like Zu told me to.
    Take the Metro to Denfert Rochereau and walk towards the skull. Insert the
    autograph into the eye. While you're here, take a picture of the skull as well
    as any candle.
    *Call Zu, tell him I delivered the autograph, and see what he has to say about
     that symbol I saw.
    Use the phone at Place Monge to call Zu. You an also return to your office to
    make the call, but it's a little further.
    *Ask Jean Michel if there's an uncropped version of the picture of Minette's
     studio that was in Glam Glam, one that includes those stone disk before they
     were splattered with paint.
    Jean Michel is still at Hotel de Ville. Talk to him about the picture and
    he'll want you to first prepare some ice cream.
    The counter has 8 different ice cream and toppings.
    | Strawberry |  Caramel  |        | Tapioca Beads | Berries |
    |------------+-----------|        |---------------+---------|
    |   Vanilla  | Chocolate |        | Whipped Cream | Bananas |
    Create the ones that are ordered on the digital display and ring the bell if
    you think you are done. If you made a mistake, throw it in the trash.
    6 AIXOIS:   Whipped Cream - Strawberry - Caramel - Bananas - Caramel
    5 L'ENFER:  Chocolate - Whipped Cream - Chocolate - Whipped Cream - Berries
    4 TROPICAL: Bananas - Tapioca Beads - Berries - Strawberry - Chocolate
    4 CORBEAU:  Chocolate - Caramel - Bananas - Caramel - Chocolate
    3 MYSTIQUE: Tapioca Beads - Berries - Bananas - Whipped Cream - Tapioca Beads
    2 FATANSIE: Berries - Tapioca Beads - Strawberry - Whipped Cream
    1 LOULOU:   Bananas - Caramel - Bananas - Caramel - Bananas
    When you're done, JM will give you a picture of the gears.
    *Ask Dieter if he's related to the Hans von Schwesterkrank who was Noisette
     Tornade's boyfriend during World War II.
    *Take Dieter's camera back to him and tell him I took pictures of everything
     on his list.
    With all the pictures taken you can go to visit Dieter at Rue du Bac. Talk
    about everything and you get a postcard.
    *See what, if anything, that grid I found in the tunnel off Dieter's studio is
     good for.
    *Figure out the significant of the card with all the eyes on it that Dieter
     gave me.
    Combine the eyes postcard with the graph paper.
    *Try to find out the meaning of Noisette's last words: 'red left...green.'
    *Now that I know the grid I found and the card Dieter gave me go together,
     figure out which eyes are relevant, then see what message they create.
    Select all green eyes and red eyes looking left, i.e. red left...green. The
    result will be a message: Sous Lorraine 4154.
    *Figure out the significance of 'Sous Lorraine 4154.'
    Look at the cross in front of you and enter 4-1-5-4.
    *Get a wetsuit, since Zu said I'd need one in order to reach the place where
     he saw the 'noisette' symbol.
    Return to the park at Pont Neuf. The first merchant sells a string for 3
    Euros and a long stake for 10 Euros. The merchant in the center sells a pie
    tin for 1 Euro and the required wetsuit for 31 Euros. Also ask about his
    decoder machine. The final merchant has a flashlight for just 3 Euros.
    *The secret compartment I opened on the Cross of Lorraine statue must contain
     clues to something. Figure out what!
    There are three puzzles to this mystery.
    *Put the mouths of that statue in the correct position.
    Turn the crank at the three mouths ten times so the subtitles say EEEE - Ahhhh
    - OOOOO. If you don't have the subtitles on, then it shouldn't be too hard to
    figure out what position makes what kind of sound.
    *Turn the crank on the windmill statue until the colored vanes are in the
     correct positions.
    The windmill has a crank, turn it until the purple vane is at the top. Walk
    away only for the squirrel to turn it back. Try this one more time and Nancy
    will mention she should do something about it.
    *Find a way to keep the pesky squirrel from jumping on the handle of that
     windmill statue every time my back is turned and undoing everything!
    Place the stake on the left of the windmill, and combine it with the pie tin
    and string. Try the handle again and this time it will stay on purple.
    *Figure out how that fish statue fits into the grand scheme of things.
    Simply push the red button and the grate will open behind it, if the other two
    park puzzles have been solved by now.
    *Explore the passageway that opened up when I turned on the fish fountain in
     the park.
    Go down the ladder behind the fish statue and follow that tunnel.
    *Open that chest I found at the end of the tunnel that leads away from the
     park and see what's in it.
    Open the chest at the end of the tunnel and take the key. Return outside.
    *Follow Zu's directions and head down the secret passage he told me about.
    Take the Metro to Denfert Rochereau and open the skull in the catacombs. Enter
    the passage that opened on the right side. If at any point you hear the police
    approaching, wait in an alcove until they have left. Turn right before the
    crossing, go forward until the next way across the sewers. On the other side,
    go left and go into the first alcove on the right. Enter the water.
    *Put on your wetsuit, take a deep breath, and swim underwater until you get to
     the other side of the flooded tunnel.
    Go forward until you dive, the follow these directions to the other side (L=
    Left, R = Right, F=Forward): F, F, F, F, F, R, F, L, F, F, R, F, L, F, F,
     F, F, L, F, F, R, F.
    *Look around on the other side of the flooded tunnel for the 'noisette' symbol
     that Zu saw.
    Continue on until you reach the door.
    *Figure out what numbers will open the compartment at the end of the flooded
     tunnel that has the inscription about Europe, Pont Neuf, Blanche, Chateau
    Enter the metro stops as input: 3-7-2-4. Take the item from the safe. Now
    return to the beginning of the flooded tunnels: L, F, F, R, F, F, F, F, R, F,
    L, F, F, R, F, L, F, F, R, F, L, and forward to the end.
    Turn around and follow these short directions: F, F, R, F, F, F, R. Take the
    bottle of wine and turn around. F, L, and continue forward to the end. Exit
    the water and take the clothes back. Back through the sewers: Walk right as
    soon as you can, walk across to the left and leave the catacombs.
    *Go back to the park and trade Monsieur Marchand that bottle I found
     underwater for his M380 decoder.
    Return to the park at Pont Neuf. Exchange your bottle of wine for the decoder
    at the merchant in the center.
    *Set the dials on the M380 decoder to the positions indicated by those big
     stone disks that I saw in the picture Jean Mi showed me.
    Look at the decoder and select the lower part. Turn the dials to IX, V and III
    *Type something that's been encoded into the M380 decoder and see what
    *Check out the book I found in the locked compartment. Odds are it belonged to
     Noisette Tornade.
    Using your keyboard, type in the code from the book (O=letter O, 0=Zero):
    When you are done the decoded message will say Rouge Blanc Rouge Blue Rouge.
    *The thing with the vanes that you found must be good for something, figure
     out what!
    Return to the office. There is a bomb attached to Minette's office. You need
    to exchange the connectors so they disarm the bomb. I've made a picture of the
    solution, but I'll try to describe the order of connectors from top to bottom,
    and left to right.
    -Green Circle, Green Square
    -Yellow Circle, Yellow Circle
    -Blue Circle, Blue Square
    -Green Circle
    -Red Triangle, Red Square
    -Yellow Square
    -Green Triangle
    -Blue Triangle
    Enter Minette's work area and place the vane thing onto the sign just in front
    of you.
    *Determine what the deal is with those colored disks that are hidden away in
     the center of Minette's studio.
    *Minette went  to a lot of trouble to conceal the message that I decoded using
     the M380, so it must be very important. Figure out what it means!
    Slide the disks around until the central color is red, white, red, blue, red
    from top to bottom.
    *Explore the passageway that opened up when I arranged those colored circles
    in the center of the Moulin.
    Walk into the passage that opened until you reach the door.
    *Figure out what to do with that key I found in the passageway off the park.
    *Figure out how to open that door at the end of the passageway I opened in the
    Use the key to open the door.
    *See what's in the room at the end of the passageway!
    Inside the room, read the letter. Close the cover again afterwards.
    *The bunker lock mentions...
    To get the correct combination, you need to write down...
    and shift them with 380...(e.g. U +3 letters = X; N + 8 = V; E + 0 = E)
    [380 38038038 038038 0380 380]
    so that the new letters are...
    Type this into the M380 machine after changing the lower part to X, IV and III
    and the output will be DEUX.........UN.CINQ..SE.PT which, translated to
    English means 2-1-5-7, the combination we need to escape this cell.
    Of course you can just enter the code into the lock to open the door, without
    any kind of thinking involved...
    *Get to a phone and tell the authorities about the stained glass.
    Walk along the passageway to hear voices above. Go up and Minette will attack
    you. Each attack will have the same stance and sound. Click on the area
    Minette will attack to block it. This will take off a bunk chunk of her health
    bar. If you get hit, you will take some damage but so will she, thus if you
    manage to block more than you get hit she should run out of energy.
    Enjoy the ending and preview of the next adventure!
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (2nd of October 2006)
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