Call of Duty Cheats


  • Gravity and Speed Console Cheats

    The following codes only work if you have set up the Console Cheats shortcut. While in game, press the tilde key (~) to open up the console to enter the cheats . Once entered you should get a message (also in the console) stating that the setting has been changed to whatever the variable was that you entered.

    Note: You may want to put GODmode on when using low gravity if you dont want to die as soon as you land from your 500 foot jump..

    /set g_gravity ####Replace #### with a variable 1-9999. Changes the effects of gravity the lower the number the less gravity.
    /set g_speed ####Replace #### with a variable 1-9999. Changes your running speed. The higher the number the faster you run.
    timescale # (from .1 to 10)Slow or speed time (Default is 1)

    Contributed By: KKBoomer and acearotms.

  • Play Any Level

    When in a Single Player game bring down the console with the key above ''TAB'', and type the following to play any map you want.

    map airfieldPlay "Airfield" Map.
    map berlinPlay "Berlin" Map.
    map brecourtPlay "Brecourt" Map.
    map burnvillePlay "Burnville" Map.
    map carridePlay "Car Ride" Map.
    map chateauPlay "Chateau" Map.
    map damPlay "Dam" Map.
    map dawnvillePlay "Dawnville" Map.
    map factoryPlay "Factory" Map.
    map hurtgenPlay "Hurtgen" Map.
    map pathfinderPlay "Pathfinder" Map.
    map pavlovPlay "Pavlov" Map.
    map pegasusdayPlay "Pegasus Day" Map.
    map pegasusnightPlay "Pegasus Night" Map.
    map powcampPlay "POW Camp" Map.
    map railyardPlay "Rail Yard" Map.
    map redsquarePlay "Red Square" Map.
    map rocketPlay "Rocket" Map.
    map sewerPlay "Sewer" Map.
    map shipPlay "Ship" Map.
    map stalingradPlay "Stalingrad" Map.
    map tankdrivecountryPlay "Tank Drive Country" Map.
    map tankdrivetownPlay "Tank Drive Town" Map.
    map trainstationPlay "Train Station" Map.
    map trainingPlay "Training" Map.
    map truckridePlay "Truck Ride" Map.

    Contributed By: Psy.

  • Single Player cheats (Demo)

    Create a shortcut and edit the properties of it and add this after all the other stuff: ''+set monkeytoy 0 +set sv_cheats 1'' (without the quotes)

    Start the game and press the tilde sign (~) to open the console.

    Note: If after you type one of these codes in the console it tells you that ''sv_cheats are read only'', then try typing this into the console: setrandom sv_cheats 1

    Enter some of these commands:

    giveGives player an object ("give mp 40", etc.)
    give healthgives you full health
    /weapon 32Semi-Automatic Weapons
    notargetThe enemies won't shoot you
    noclipWalk through walls and such.

    Contributed By: Mister Dog and Psy.

  • Weapon Codes

    At the command prompt, enter "give (mind the space) followed by any of the below strings to summon ammunition for that weapon. Note that the weapon itself will not be spawned, thus these are only useful if you already have the weapon itself. Handy if you come across a gun you love but can't find much ammo for it.

    A word of warning: the game only caches certain weapons for each mission. If you attempt to summon a weapon that wasn't pre-cached, the game will kick you to the main screen. To be completely safe, only summon weapons that you currently have equipped.

    Not listed is the "panzerfaust" string. Like I said, the weapon itself won't be spawned, so it's of no use due to the weapon's one-shot nature. Also not listed (because I ran out of fields) is the German grenade, string "stielhandgranate."

    brenBren LMG
    barBrowning Automatic Rifle
    coltColt .45
    kar98kKar98k (regular)
    m1garandM1 Garand
    m1carbineM1A1 Carbine
    fraggrenadeM2 Frag Grenade
    mk1britishfragMK1 Frag Grenade
    mosin_nagantMosin-Nagant (regular)
    rgd-33russianfragRGD-33 Frag Grenade
    kar98k_sniperScoped Kar98k
    mosin_nagant_sniperScoped Mosin-Nagant

    Contributed By: schism trace.


  • Infinite Ammo

    Only works in single-player maps with Panzerfausts. May not work in later patches. Make sure you have a full inventory. If one of your primary rifles are low on ammunition, exchange your rifle with a panzerfaust. Shoot the panzerfaust at any direction and pick up your rifle. You will find your rifle ammo increased. Note : Don't do this cheat if you have a full or near-full ammunition. You may find yourself have lesser ammo.

    Contributed By: Makreth.

Call of Duty 2 Cheats


  • Cheats

    At the main menu screen of the demo enter the "Game Options" and Enable the Console. From there, push your tilde (~) button to bring down the console and type the following:

    seta thereisacow "1337"
    followed by
    spdevmap eldaba

    This will start the demo level with devmap and cheats enabled. This allows you to use any of the commands in game without restriction. When in game, bring down the console and enter any of the commands from below to activate the 'cheat'.

    give allEach time it's entered you'll be given 2 different weapons from the demo.
    notargetEnemies ignore you.
    godInfinite health.
    jump_height 128Moon jump (jump_height 39 for default).
    give ammoRefill your ammunition / grenades.
    timescale .25Slow motion (timescale 1 for default).
    noclipWalk / Fly through walls.

    Contributed By: Psy.

  • Command to Show FPS

    Shows your Frames Per Second in the game. Useful for benchmarks and likewise.

    /cg_drawFPS 0Display Off
    /cg_drawFPS 1Simple FPS Display
    /cg_drawFPS 3Time FPS Display
    /cg_drawFPS 2Verbose FPS Display

    Contributed By: Animawarrior.

  • Devloper 2 - console enabled

    In SINGLE PLAYER / RETAIL VERSION of the game, from the options menu under SYSTEM and select GAME OPTIONS and ENABLE CONSOLE click until YES is displayed. Then click back until you get to the main menu. Type the "~" tilde symbol, upper left character to the left of the "1" key. The console will be displayed, next type "developer 2" omitting the double quotes and strike the "Enter" key. A new menu item will apeear labeled "LOAD" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. It will take a few seconds before the list of games are retrieved and displayed. Scroll through the list and select a game. Once the game/scenario has been loaded, left click on your mouse to start the sceneario. Once you have reached a point in the game where you have the desired weapons to finish the scenario, bring up the console by typing the tilde "~" aymbol. Now type "give ammo" omitting the double quotes. This should provide a ffull load for all weapons and the max loadout for both fragmentation grenades and smokew grenades. Now that you are at developer 2 level, all level difficulties will be enhanced. Remaining enemies still aftive in the scenario will fire upon you and attack you unless they are tied down by territorial or restrictive code. You may also type any other applicable code. For a list of commands, with the console enabled, type "AI ~ cmdlist" omitting the double quotes and this will list all commands as well as all messages up to that point in the game. Use the "Page Up" and "Page Down " keys to scroll through the list. I do not have a full explanation of all commands and cannot provide support at this time. Please advise me of any discrepancies. I have played all scenarios except for the TANK BATTLES with "developer 2" active and have noted a mrked increase in difficulty over the "developer 0" default level.

    developer 2inreased difficulty level, allows cheats
    give ammoprovides full ammo loads for all wepons including grenades
    give allrandom weapon selection loads new weapons

    Contributed By: 0crusader.

  • Play Any Mission

    Bring down the console in game with your tilde key (the key to the left of "1") and enter the following to play your desired mission. This will allow you to play missions you are yet to unlock.

    map 88ridgePlay "88 Ridge"
    map toujane_ridePlay "Armoured Car Escape"
    map matmataPlay "Assault On Matmata"
    map bergsteinPlay "Bergstein"
    map downtown_sniperPlay "Comrade Sniper"
    map libyaPlay "Crusader Charge"
    map duhoc_defendPlay "Defending The Pointe"
    map demolitionPlay "Demolition"
    map downtown_assaultPlay "Downtown Assault"
    map elalameinPlay "El Alamein"
    map decoytownPlay "Holding The Line"
    map beltotPlay "Prisoners Of War"
    map trainyardPlay "Railroad Station No. 1"
    map hill400_assaultPlay "Rangers Lead The Way"
    map moscowPlay "Red Army Training"
    map tankhuntPlay "Repairing The Wire"
    map toujanePlay "Retaking Toujane"
    map cityhallPlay "Stalingrad City Hall"
    map hill400_defendPlay "The Battle For Hill 400"
    map duhoc_assaultPlay "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
    map breakoutPlay "The Brigade Box"
    map rhinePlay "The Crossing Point"
    map crossroadsPlay "The Crossroads"
    map decoytrenchesPlay "The Diversionary Raid"
    map eldabaPlay "The End Of The Beginning"
    map silotownPlay "The Silo"
    map newvillersPlay "The Tiger"

    Contributed By: Psy.

  • Unlock Any Mission

    The following cheats will allow you to unlock any mission of your choosing in the mission select screen. Bring down the console with the tilde key (button to the left of "1") in game and type the following commands to unlock your desired mission sets.

    /seta mis_10 9Unlock "Crossing The Rhine" Mission Set
    /seta mis_07 9Unlock "D-Day" Mission Set
    /seta mis_04 9Unlock "Fortress Stalingrad" Mission Set
    /seta mis_09 9Unlock "Hill 400" Mission Set
    /seta mis_03 9Unlock "Not One Step Backwards!" Mission Set
    /seta mis_06 9Unlock "Rommel's Last Stand" Mission Set
    /seta mis_08 9Unlock "The Battle For Caen" Mission Set
    /seta mis_02 9Unlock "The Battle Of El Alamein" Mission Set
    /seta mis_05 9Unlock "The Tank Squadrons" Mission Set
    /seta mis_01 9Unlock "The Winter War" Mission Set

    Contributed By: Psy.

Call of Duty: United Offensive Cheats


  • Console Cheats

    Create a shortcut to the "CoDUOSP.exe" file located in the Call Of Duty program files. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties. Go to where it says ''Target'' and add the following onto the end of the existing link: +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0

    So the link should now say something like: ''C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDUOSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0

    Next go into the game and bring down the console by pressing the "~" key, then enter the codes below for the desired effect.

    NOTE: The cheats will only work on a RESUME GAME. If you wish to use them on a new game, start the game, save it, then quit the game and reload it and the cheats should work.

    weapon 32Allows rifles to be fired in Automatic Mode. Hold down shoot
    toggle r_showLeafLightsDisplays lines where the light comes through the leaves
    toggle r_showtricountsDisplays numbers on each texture
    toggle r_showportalsDisplays where you can access via blue lines
    noclipEnables walk through walls
    notargetEnemies don't shoot at you
    cmdlistGives a list of all commands in the game
    give <item>Gives indicated item
    gfxinfoGives information about the game graphics
    give allGives the player all weapons in the game
    map <name>Loads the map you want
    toggle r_lockpvsMakes random textures turn invisible
    toggle r_lightmapMakes the ground and other stationary textures white
    killMakes the player commit suicide
    toggle cg_drawgunMakes the players arm and gun invisible which boosts the frame rate
    toggle cg_thirdpersonPuts the camera at a third person perspective. You are always invisible however.
    toggle r_measureOverdrawPuts the game in multicolours (rather laggy)
    toggle r_showtrisPuts the game in wire frame
    give healthRefills the players health meter
    give ammoRefills the players weapon ammo levels
    toggle cg_draw2dRemoves all on screen information making the game look like a movie
    toggle r_fastskyRemoves the sky which can brighten or darken the terrain depending on the map
    map_restartRestart current level
    toggle g_entinfoShows scripts over important soldiers and objects
    jumptonode <number>Teleports you to a specific node on the map

    Contributed By: Psy and Dogfish Rising.

  • Play Any Level

    When in a Single Player game bring down the console with the "~" key, and type the following to play any level and mission you want.

    map bastogne1Play Mission 1: Bastogne 1
    map ponyriPlay Mission 10: Ponyri
    map kurskPlay Mission 11: Kursk
    map kharkov1Play Mission 12: Kharkov 1
    map kharkov2Play Mission 13: Kharkov 2
    map bastogne2Play Mission 2: Bastogne 2
    map foyPlay Mission 3: Foy
    map novillePlay Mission 4: Noville
    map bomberPlay Mission 5: Bomber
    map trainbridgePlay Mission 6: Train Bridge
    map sicily1Play Mission 7: Sicily 1
    map sicily2Play Mission 8: Sicily 2
    map trenchesPlay Mission 9: Trenches

    Contributed By: Psy.

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