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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    The long in-development Aliens: Colonial Marines has finally released courtesy 
    of Gearbox! This latest entry in the long-running Aliens franchise aims to show
    fans what happened weeks after the events of the goundbreaking science-fiction 
    classic film Aliens!
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2013
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    E-mai: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Campaign
       Mission 1: Distress
       Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
       Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
       Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley's
       Mission 5: The Raven
       Mission 6: For Bella
       Mission 7: One Bullet
       Mission 8: Rampart
       Mission 9: Hope in Hadley's
       Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
       Mission 11: Home
    3. Versus
       Team Deathmatch
    4. Arsenal Upgrade
    5. Service Record
    6. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Taking place weeks after the events of the blockbuster film Aliens, a group of 
    colonial marines investigate what exactly happened to the mining colony that 
    was terrorized by Xenomorphs!
    <---Marine Controls--->
    Left Stick - Move/Strafe/Sprint
    Right Stick - Turn/Look
    A - Jump
    B - Crouch
    RT - Primary Fire
    RB - Secondary Fire
    Right Stick (click) - Melee
    LT - Zoom
    X - Use/Reload
    LB - Motion Tracker
    Y - Next Weapon
    D-pad (right) - Equip Sidearm Weapon
    D-pad (left) - Equip Tactical
    D-pad (down) - Flashlight
    D-pad (up) - Taunt
    <---Xenomorph Controls--->
    Left Stick - Move/Strafe/Sprint
    Right Stick - Turn/Look
    A - Jump
    LT - Wall Climb
    X - Use
    RT - Primary Attack
    RB - Secondary Attack
    LB - Use Ability
    Y - Aimed Leap
    B - Fatality
    <---Other Controls--->
    Start - Pause
    Back - Scoreboard
    Now you're ready to FIGHT THE FEAR.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    2. Campaign
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Following the scenes, you will be in control of Winter. He'll show off his 
    gun and then you'll be able to move out of this room. Go through the only door 
    and start walking through the space-tube. A body will smash on top of it, but 
    ignore that and keep moving forward to the door at the other end. Press X to 
    enter, and then hang tight in the airlock.
    The subsequent door will open up eventually, allowing passage. You'll find 
    your fellow marines scrambling to save the lives of a few injured marines on 
    the ground. They ask you to use your motion tracker, so do that now. To equip 
    it, press LB and start moving it around.
    There will be three human blips nearby, but also a circular, unknown blip. Exit
    this room to reach a large hangar area. Half of a synthetic (the non-talking 
    half) will be noted by Winter. Go to the door on the right and press X to use 
    your torch to cut it open. This will be completed when a meter is filled after 
    a certain amount of time has passed.
    The next room is covered with icky stuff. As you explore the area, you'll 
    notice three eggs on the ground as well as a camera that's set up. Take a 
    right from the camera and you'll find body armor on the ground. Pick it up, 
    and then go straight down the hall to find Keyes attached to the wall. Press X 
    to start cutting him down.
    A Xenomorph will ruin this and attack, knocking Winter to the ground. Complete 
    the QTE by mashing on the X button, and the Xenomorph will run away. Let 
    Winter to stand up and then pursue the Xenomorph using the motion tracker. Find
    it, shoot it a bunch, and then when it's dead, return to Keyes. Finish cutting 
    him down.
    Following the subsequent conversations, Winter will decide to help Keyes. 
    Follow him through the next door and continue following him to the next room, 
    where more Xenomorphs will attack. Get your back to a wall and just kill them 
    as they come. Continue following Keyes and he'll lead you to stairs. Follow 
    them up and then go through the next door with him. Retrieve the data log from 
    the center console, and then Keyes should take care of the Xenomorph that 
    attacks. Wait for Keyes to finish with the door in here and then follow him 
    Down the next hallway, a Xenomorph will burst through the glass. Kill it and 
    keep following Keyes from room to room, killing the Xenos as they show up. 
    There will be a lot of Xenos that show up, and their acidic blood can burn 
    away any body armor you have and also do a lot of damage, so try to keep your 
    distance. If they get too close, click in the right stick to do a melee attack,
    but be ready to back up quickly to avoid taking acidic damage. Keep following 
    Keyes until you reach a larger room with ammo and armor on the ground. Gather 
    these supplies while Keyes messes with the door.
    Keyes will get the door open, and then idiotically toss a grenade at the ship, 
    causing an explosion that leaves the doors locked down. Run over to O'Neal, the
    marine behind the makeshift barricade, and gather the supplies. There should 
    be more armor and ammo, plus a med pack sitting on the crate if you need it.
    Get your back to the hangar doors and get ready. The Xenos will come in a 
    constant wave. Keep firing at them until the hangar doors open. You should 
    have plenty of ammo. Your secondary fire by pressing RB will shoot grenades, 
    so use that if the situation gets hairy, but be careful about shooting grenades
    too close, or else you'll die in the blast as well.
    When the hangar doors open, retreat inside. Follow Keyes through the umbilical,
    but some chest-exploding things will happen. What follows is a scene that 
    almost feels like a QTE, but don't worry about pressing any buttons. Return 
    to the previous ship and sit tight as O'Neal and Winter give a status report 
    on the situation to Cruz.
    Go through the vent in the floor. Then go through the next door. Let the 
    stabilization process occur, and then continue into the next room and check 
    out the lab equipment. Move through the next room, follow O'Neal around the 
    gunk, and then continue to kill the Xenos as they show up. Keep an eye out for 
    supplies. There are plenty of med packs lying around these next few areas of 
    the game.
    You'll reach a larger room with a circular catwalk. Follow O'Neal around. Be 
    careful of the Xenos, as they will be much more active here. Kill them as they 
    come and then keep following O'Neal from door to door. You'll reach the upper 
    level of this area. Kill the Xenos and follow O'Neal to the end through the 
    next door. He'll start opening it, and will need you to protect him while he 
    does so.
    Fight off the Xenos until O'Neal can get the door open, then go through to 
    escape. From here, go right and through the next door. You'll find armor as 
    well as Hicks's Shotgun, which is a Legendary Weapon and will automatically 
    replace your current shotgun. When that's done with, return to the center room 
    and go the way opposite of the Legendary Weapon.
    You'll be in the Cargo Bay Area. Follow O'Neal to the stairs. Kill any Xenos 
    that get in the way, but try to avoid as many as possible. Follow O'Neal to the
    cargo bay controls and then activate the controls. Hang tight as the Xenos are 
    sucked into the vacuum of space.
    Grab the ammo from the center area and then take cover by pressing B. A couple 
    of enemies will enter the control room through a nearby door. Pop out of cover 
    to kill them one at a time. Take whatever they drop and then proceed with 
    caution into the next room. Take a right and go through the corridor. Shoot 
    the enemies through the window.
    Then continue to the next set of rooms. Avoid the middle area as you'll be 
    left exposed. Go all the way to the end and you should be able to flank the 
    next few enemies that come out of the next area that you need to go through. 
    Loot their dead bodies and then follow O'Neal down the stairs. A health pack 
    will be on the counter if needed.
    A soldier will shut the door on you and O'Neal in the next area. Take control 
    of the Powerloader by pressing X. Use RT to control its right arm and use LT 
    to control its left arm. Go over to the hangar doors and press RT to rip the 
    hangar doors open.
    Follow O'Neal into the next room, and you'll find a bunch of Facehugger eggs. 
    Shoot the eggs to avoid being attacked by Facehuggers. If one does attack you, 
    mash on the indicated button to avoid being killed by it. Destroy the eggs as 
    you move through this area, and kill any Facehuggers that are crawling around 
    outside their eggs as well. Keep an eye out for ammo and the like as you 
    follow O'Neal.
    You'll be in a larger room with more eggs and a door that is electronically 
    locked. You'll find the keypad on the wall, though not nearby. Interact with 
    the keypad and it will unlock. Destroy the eggs, then move into the next hall 
    and continue following O'Neal. He'll lead you to a storage room area. Cut 
    through the door and O'Neal will be reunited with Bella. After their reunion, 
    cut open the next door for them.
    Keep following Bella and O'Neal until you reach a long hallway-like area with 
    vehicles in the center. More soldiers will start showing up. Get behind cover 
    and kill them. IF you hang a right, you can get on an elevated position. Kill 
    the enemies here and then use your elevated position to flank the enemies 
    below. Be sure to loot the mercenaries as they drop goodies such as health 
    packs and armor. Push your way forward until the large hangar doors at the end 
    A heavy enemy will show up. Get behind cover and fire grenades at him until he 
    dies. He'll drop a full body armor, so pick it up and then continue through the
    next doors. You'll come to a door that you can't open until O'Neal and Bella 
    are near you, so wait for them to catch up. Then as soon as the door opens, 
    kill the mercenary here and then sprint to the right.
    Bella and O'Neal will go left and fight the mercenaries there. Through the 
    railing, you can shoot a few mercenaries on the other side. Then regroup with 
    Bella and O'Neal and finish off the enemies that they didn't kill and follow 
    them. Call the elevator once you reach it and then ride in it.
    At the top, kill your way through the enemies and then at the next door, turn 
    around. You'll find fully body armor hidden behind a crate. Grab it and then 
    start pushing forward through the next wave of enemies up ahead. If you start 
    to take too much damage, hang back and let O'Neal and Bella take care of 
    matters for you for a little bit.
    Then push through the next area of enemies. You'll move through tight 
    corridors, so be ready to take out the mercenaries as they show up. You'll 
    then open up to another long corridor. Kill them from afar, and then a heavy 
    enemy will show up. Throw a few grenades down the corridor and when you run 
    out, start firing at him with all you've got until he goes down. Run down the 
    corridor and loot everyone.
    In the next room, crouch. Kill the mercenaries and then work your way to the 
    control panel that they were messing with. Stay crouched to avoid taking fire 
    from the mercs outside. Interact with the control panel to get the door open 
    and then follow O'Neal and Bella through the corridors to reach the next 
    The next elevator will open up into a sort of school-like area. Two enemies 
    will be at the bottom. Kill them quickly and then run down there. In the next 
    set of halls, there will be turrets set up. At the bottom of the school-like 
    area, you can go to the left or you can go to the right. Go to the right. Stay 
    crouched and kill the enemies as they come. You'll be able to flank one of the 
    turrets from here easily. Press X to deactivate the turret when you get near 
    it. Now keep following the halls and you'll reach another turret to disable. 
    Move behind it quickly, disable it, and then everyone can move on to the 
    weapon control room.
    In here, immediately get behind cover. Move up, but do it slowly. There is a 
    turret at the top of this area, so you will need to flank it. Going to the 
    left or to the right will yield identical results. Enemies will stay behind 
    cover mostly in this area, so utilize any grenades that you have. Get as close 
    to the turret as possible before disabling it. Clear the area of enemies and 
    then turn off the weapon system.
    Backtrack from the control room. Just sprint and follow your partners. There 
    will be mercenaries as you move through the areas, so take cover and take them 
    out before proceeding. You'll reach a hall with the air being sucked out 
    through a partially opened door, so shoot the canister keeping the door open 
    for safe passage.
    Loot the rooms thoroughly as well as the items dropped by the mercs. You'll 
    reach an elevator. Get inside and use it. Then run through the next few rooms. 
    Xenos will start attacking the mercs. You can stay behind cover and let the 
    Xenos kill all the mercs if you want, and then start clearing them out, as the 
    Xenomorphs are much easier to kill than the mercenaries.
    Whatever you choose, start pushing forward. The walkway will give out and 
    you will fall in the water below. Xenos will come out of the vents on the 
    ground. Kill them and then rush to the lift and ride it up. Then resume pushing
    forward to the next room. Go to the control panel and interact with it in order
    to "run a bypass", as the mission objective states.
    Continue, grabbing the body armor and ammo in each room, and kill the Xenos as 
    well. The area will open up into a long hallway, in which there will be many 
    more Xenomorphs to deal with, plus a couple of mercs. The Xenos will make quick
    work of the mercs, so take out the rest of the Xenomorphs and continue through,
    where you will find an elevator. Wait for the elevator to show up, then get on 
    and activate it.
    Push forward to the next major area, where you will reunite with Cruz. Kill 
    the mercs as they show up, but stay behind cover. Sprint to the first release 
    lock and arm it by using the computer. Then as you make your way to the second 
    computer, the catwalk will be destroyed.
    Stay crouched and slowly backtrack. There is a center room with the controls to
    the crane that you need to make yourself a bridge to the next console. A heavy 
    will be guarding it. From up on the catwalk, kill him and all the enemies 
    below. Go to the controls and use them. Then sprint back to the destroyed 
    area of the catwalk. Use the container the crane brings up and sprint to the 
    next console. Activate it.
    Upon landing at Hadley's Hope, chill out for a while so everyone can get a 
    grasp on the situation. Then start walking to the mining colony proper in which
    the bulk of the film Aliens took place. Fans of the movie will see memorable 
    sites. Keep going until you reach an area that Cruz says is the new HQ for 
    this operation.
    Pull the lever on the wall to get the power going. Then stand with Cruz as he 
    debriefs everyone. Follow O'Neal through the next sequence of rooms and 
    corridors. There are panels on the wall that you have to place motion trackers 
    on so everyone can know where the Xenomorpsh are at all times. The fifth 
    motion tracker you place will malfunction. Fix it, and then a bunch of Xenos 
    will start appearing in the area.
    Fight your way back to HQ. At HQ, there will be more Xenos to kill. Wipe them 
    out, and then Cruz asks you to go back and get the turret. Backtrack to the 
    hallway with turrets. Pick up the designated one with X and then take it back 
    to HQ. Lay it by the ammo cache by holding RT. Then another wave of Xenos will 
    The safest place here will be by Bishop. Hang out by him and kill the Xenos 
    when they get close to you. If you need to restock on ammo, there is ammo by 
    the turret, remember. When all the Xenos are dead this time, wait for Cruz to 
    give you new orders.
    You now have to make your way to the comm tower to check on Bella. You and 
    O'Neal will be given Smart Guns. Grab it and then follow O'Neal into the next 
    room. The partially ajar door will be fully opened. Move through the hall and 
    then fall through the hole in the floor.
    The Smart Gun will come in handy for this area. The gun will automatically 
    aim at Xenos as they crawl around, so you really just have to shoot. Try to 
    conserve ammo with this thing as there will be a ton of Xenos to contend with, 
    and do that by shooting in bursts. You'll reach a room covered in gunk. Hold 
    your ground here and waste the rest of the Xenos. If you need reprieve and 
    run out of Smart Gun ammo, hold LB to show the door you'll go through to reach 
    the Comm Tower. The Xenos won't pursue you here, so you can just take potshots 
    at them from safety.
    When they start to die down, run around to make them start showing up again 
    and continue killing all the Xenos. When they've all been killed finally, you 
    can go through the door to start making your way to the comm tower again. 
    However, a Xenomorph will attack Winter...
    Winter starts this mission trapped to a wall. He escapes. Press B and crouch. 
    You'll be crouching for a good majority of the rest of the level. Move very 
    slowly through this area. The large Xenomorph, I assume the titular Raven, 
    will burst through the ceiling and try to swipe at you. If he succeeds, then 
    it's a one-hit kill. So move slow so you can avoid taking damage from the 
    Once you get by the Xenomorph, you'll have to move through a complex sewer 
    system. The lever to the door is being blocked by steam. There is another lever
    right next to the steam machine. Pull that lever to turn off the steam. Then 
    pull the next lever to open the door to the sewer proper.
    Stay crouched and keep moving. You'll see these weird husks all over the place.
    One of them will start moving. Whenever it starts walking around, stop moving. 
    Wait for it to crouch into itself and then resume moving slowly through the 
    This part lasts forever, but it's simple. Just move by the husks. When you see 
    one of them up and walking around, then stop dead in your tracks before 
    continuing. There will be a lever you'll come across eventually that you can 
    pull which will cause steam to erupt out of a nearby machine and a bunch of 
    these Xenos will run to the machine and blow up.
    Go room from room, repeating this process. You'll find a door that needs to be 
    cut open, but be sure to blow up the walking Xenos first by pulling the nearby 
    lever. Then cut the door open and continue. Repeat this process, going room 
    to room, slow, and you'll be fine.
    Finally, you'll meet up with O'Neal. Except he is behind a sewer gate and 
    can't be reached for now. Continue through to the tunnel areas, and then big 
    Xeno from earlier will show up and start chasing you. Run through the door 
    and turn around, pressing X to weld it shut. Then go to the next door and 
    keep doing that. As you move through each door, stop to weld it shut so the 
    Xeno can't catch up with you.
    Upon reaching the elevator, press the button to take it to the top. O'Neal will
    be waiting for you with a duffel bag full of your stuff. Grab it to get back 
    all your weapons and gear. Then follow O'Neal outside. Kill all the Xenos out 
    here and then continue following him to find Bella. She will tell you that 
    Reid has been taken by the Xenos.
    A huge crate will be lead to Reid's area. Fight your way to her, kill the Xenos
    around her, and then accompany Reid and Bella back to the comm tower. Now you 
    have to protect her while she deals with it. When she's done, follow everyone 
    into the hangar area. More Xenos will swarm in. Kill them all and then move to 
    the next hangar area.
    O'Neal will be captured by the Raven Xenomorph. After Bella and Reid get into a
    fight, go through the hangar doors. Drop down the ledge and then crouch. Go 
    through the tunnel to the right as soon as Raven shows up. Kill the Xenos 
    and then go through the next little tunnel area as soon as Raven shows up again
    to avoid fighting him.
    Finally, you'll reunite with O'Neal right next to a Powerloader. Get inside the
    Powerloader. Your teammates will deal with the smaller Xenos, so focus on the 
    big one. Just keep mashing RT to smack him with the right arm. If he gets too 
    close, press LT to knock him back a bit. It will take quite a few swings, but 
    finally it will be killed.
    This mission begins with a long stretch to the facility. Just push forward 
    and keep shooting the Xenos as they show up. As you reach this cave system, 
    acid-spitting Xenos will show up. They, as you can probably guess, spit acid. 
    Their acid is honestly not that damaging, but it's better if you can kill them 
    before they can spit any at you.
    You'll finally reach the facility, but it is in pretty bad shape. Gather the 
    loot as you follow O'Neal and Bella through it. You'll then reach an annexed 
    section of the facility, where there will be turrets set up in the halls. 
    Crouch down the first hall to avoid the turret fire coming through the nearby 
    Then go around the corner and through the door to reach this turret and disable
    it so O'Neal and Bella can get through. Then sprint by the second turret, and 
    ignore the third turret as well. There will be a destroyed vent on the ground 
    that you can crawl through that will open up to a room with a health pack. 
    Use it if need be, and then notice the ladder.
    The ladder is going up, but you can't use it for some reason. so instead, jump 
    on the machinery to reach the upper area. Then drop down into the next room. 
    Cut open the door, then disable the turret that's outside. Cut open the next 
    door and you'll be able to disable the final turret and everyone can start 
    moving through the facility together again.
    You'll have to move through an outside area with mercs. Go through the crates 
    so you can flank them. There will be a Heavy amongst them, so take him out 
    before focusing on the other mercs. When you round the corner, lob a couple of 
    grenades behind the barricades to take out the rest of the mercs and then 
    continue to the elevator.
    Xenos will show up and start fighting the mercs as well. Let them do their 
    thing and then wipe out the Xenos. As you move to another outside area, be 
    wary of the Merc in the distance with a rocket launcher. Go right and into the 
    building as the mercs and Xenos battle each other. You can flank the mercs 
    from here. Focus on the one with the RPG first by shooting out the windows and 
    shooting at him. If he fires a rocket at you, you can easily dodge it from 
    this distance.
    When the mercs are all dead, finish off the Xenos. Then run to the elevator and
    pull the lever.
    Another long hallway awaits, in which you have to kill Xenos as you move. Keep 
    pushing forward and then you'll reach an area with spotlights. The spotlights 
    will kill anything that get in the light. Wait for the light to pass and then 
    sprint by.
    You'll reach a cave area with Xenos and a couple more spotlights. Sprint and 
    jump over the gap to avoid the first spotlight, then find a safe spot and 
    start killing the Xenos. Then move by the third spotlight and you'll then see 
    a few mercs on a bridge. You won't be able to use your weapons for this part. 
    Wait for the mercs to leave, then continue stealthily into the facility proper.
    Following the cut-scenes, you'll now have to move through the facility. The 
    first room you get to will feature two scientists. If they hear you, they will 
    run to activate the alarm that will in turn release a poisonous gas in the 
    room unless you can turn it off in time. The game recommends being stealthy, 
    but you can really just shoot them both quickly with the shotgun and then 
    Go through the next room. Then AS SOON as you open the subsequent door, turn 
    to the left sharply and kill the merc there. Run around the other side and 
    kill the three or so mercs before any of them can get down the hallway. Take 
    cover and toss a couple of grenades down the hall to kill any other mercs 
    that happen to show up.
    Continue pushing through the rooms of scientists and killing them first. You 
    will then move back to an outside area. As soon as you get here, take a left, 
    as an armored vehicle wll show up and start firing at you. Shoot the tanks by 
    it to light it on fire, forcing the vehicle to retreat. Kill the mercs as you 
    move along the rocky path yourself.
    Sprint forward. The vehicle will back up through an area below you. Kill the 
    mercs down there. Grab the health pack if needed, then drop down. Sprint to 
    cover and get a lay of the situation. You need to reach these crane controls 
    that will be to your right, if you're facing the facility. The module you need 
    to destroy is the center area, and the crane will take care of that as well. 
    You need to get rid of the armored vehicle, too.
    Blow up the tanks next to the armored vehicle and it will retreat again. Then 
    start hugging the cliffside to your right as you move up. Kill the mercs one 
    by one. The controls will be in a briefcase-looking thing up the slope to the 
    right of the starting area. Activate the controls once the coast is clear, and 
    the armored vehicle will be destroyed.
    An RPG-equipped merc will guard the doors to the facility, so kill him. Then 
    go into the facility. Fight your way to the control module room, where you 
    will find out that you need to disconnect three power cells in order to allow 
    you to control the power.
    Each of the three power cells are easily accessed. There is one that is blocked
    by locked doors, but simply go above it and drop through a hole in the ceiling 
    to access it. There will be two scientists guarding this cell, but only one 
    scientist will be guarding each of the other two cells. Remove the cells by 
    pressing X once your enemies are dead and then return to the control room to 
    pull the lever.
    Follow O'Neal and you'll move through a room with the Alien Queen. Ignore the 
    Queen for now because there's nothing you can do about her. O'Neal will then 
    lead you to an outside area crawling with Xenos and Mercs.
    Go from cover to cover and kill all the Xenos and mercs as you see them. Grab 
    any loot, as always, and keep pushing forward. You'll then go through an 
    indoor facility-like area. You can shoot one of the enemies from behind in the 
    back of the head as soon as you enter this room. Stay as far back as possible 
    as you proceed so you can take out the other mercs, then continue following 
    O'Neal and you'll wind up back outside.
    Stay with O'Neal and keep pushing forward. Kill all the enemies you see as you 
    progress. Finally, you will find the captured marine. Kill all the mercs that 
    are guarding him, and then a cut-scene will play.
    Follow O'Neal and Hicks down the street. They will walk in a sort of triangle 
    formation as the Xenos come from both sides. Kill the Xenos and push forward to
    Hadley's Hope. Grab the turret and then return to the streets. Deploy it in 
    the streets and then enter Hadley's Hope.
    You now have to find all the marines. Rush to HQ where you will find a few 
    marines fighting Xenomorphs. Kill the Xenomorphs in each room. Bring out your 
    motion tracker to help you locate all the marines. One marine will be trapped 
    in a room with a Xenomorph and a locked door. Cut him out, eradicate any 
    Xenomorphs, then resume your search.
    The final marine will be trapped underneath a shelf. Help him by pressing X 
    and then regroup with Cruz. Make your way to the vehicle bay and grab the 
    turret. Set it up anywhere, and then make sure you're at full health and full 
    ammo by using the ammo box in the small room here.
    Go around the area and grab the smaller pieces of body armor. A full body 
    armor is next to the ammo boxes, but don't waste it. A few waves of Xenos will 
    drop into the area, so hold your ground and kill them all. If your body armor 
    runs out, then go grab the full set of body armor next to the crates. There are
    a few health packs in this area as well in case your health gets low.
    When these Xenos are dead, the next door will open. Go outside, and then a 
    huge charger Xeno will appear. This thing is giant and has a large, armored 
    head. Throw grenades at it and use a flamethrower if you have that as well. 
    A bunch of smaller Xenos will be crawling around during this fight, but let 
    your AI companions worry about them for now, as the huge one will only target 
    you. Sprint away from it and put some distance in between you and the beast and
    shoot at its legs when you run out of grenades. When it dies, Cruz will open 
    the next door.
    Run over to the drop pod ship. Remove one of the three fuel lines by pressing 
    X. Then Xenomorphs will come into the area. Thin them out a bit and look for 
    body armor before removing the next fuel line. You don't want to be cornered 
    next to a fuel line, so it's good to make sure that there aren't any Xenos in 
    your area at least. Remove the third fuel line when ready, and then eliminate 
    the remaining Xenomorphs.
    Follow your group into the tunnels. Grab the flamethrower on the crate, and 
    then move deeper into the tunnels. There will be Xenomorph eggs all over the 
    ground. The flamethrower proves very handy in destroying them. Spray the flames
    all over the place to get rid of the eggs and the Xenos that show up.
    Fight your way to the elevator. It will need power, so go up the stairs next 
    to it. Before cutting away the gunk blocking the lever, turn around and kill 
    the Xenomorph behind you. Then cut away the gunk and pull the lever. Return to 
    the elevator and ride it up.
    Your new goal is to destroy the three AA guns. There are mercs EVERYWHERE, as 
    well as a few Xenos. Clear the area of mercs. There are huge caches of supplies
    dotted around the place. Use your HUD to find them to restock and heal yourself
    if needed. The AA gun will be in the center of the area. Ignore it for now and 
    bring up your motion tracker to find an RPG.
    Go to the RPG, which will be next to a disabled armored vehicle. Equip the 
    RPG and fire three rockets into the AA gun to destroy it. Now continue to the 
    next area, where the AA gun will be at the top of a tower. There will be more 
    caches of supplies all over the place in case you need body armor or ammo. 
    Fight your way through the mercs to get the next RPG, this time in a building 
    with a bunch of other supplies. Grab it, and then destroy the second AA gun 
    with it.
    As you continue, you'll notice a valley with mercs huddled inside barricades. 
    Fire grenades down there and take them out as best as possible, then run to 
    the next RPG. It will be in a crate. Grab the RPG and then destroy the AA gun. 
    Use the extra rocket to kill any remaining enemies. Then grab the legendary 
    flamethrower and continue pushing forward.
    You'll find a group of survivors. Save them by killing the Xenomorphs in the 
    area. Then the Xenomorph Queen will show up. Run around and fire at her. Use 
    the same strategy as you used with the charging Xenos from before. When enough 
    damage has been done, the queen will burst through a door.
    Follow the Queen through the door. Fight your way through the mercs and Xenos 
    until you reach the ship. Then watch the scenes unfold.
    The final boss fight of the game is simple. What you need to do is pull the 
    first manual release switch. Then run around the map in a circle, grabbing all 
    the armor and such as you go, so that the Queen can't attack you. Then pull 
    the second switch, which will be across from the first. Repeat the process with
    the last two switches.
    Then go behind the loader where a button is. Wait for the Queen to get close, 
    and then press the button to launch her into space. If the Queen won't get 
    close, shoot her to get her attention.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Versus
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Aliens: Colonial Marines supports an online Versus mode. There are four 
    different game modes to play, and a variety of maps.
    Last Hope
    The Hive
    There are two rounds. In one round, you'll control the marines, and in the 
    other round, you control the Xenomorphs. Typical Team Deathmatch rules apply - 
    whoever gets the most kills wins.
    In this mode, the Xenomorphs and the marines have two different goals. The 
    Xenos have to protect their eggs by not allowing marines arm any explosives 
    throughout the area set to destroy egg clusters. The marines, meanwhile, need 
    to activate these bombs by standing by them for a set amount of time until 
    that area is captured.
    The marines have to run from objective to objective and escape the map in 15 
    minutes. The constantly spawning Xenomorphs have to stop them from escaping 
    within the time limit by slowing their progress through killing them and such.
    Marines have a set amount of lives and have to battle against Xenos that 
    constantly spawn. Marines have to survive for the amount of time that is set 
    while holding their ground against the Xenos.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Arsenal Upgrades
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    By leveling up your marine (done through multiplayer and campaign), you earn 
    commendations. These commendations can be spent on upgrading all your various 
    weapons in the game. You can also purchase new skins and such for your marine, 
    plus customize loadouts.
    The Xenomorphs can also be customized in similar ways. You can only earn 
    Xenomorph XP by playing the multiplayer mode.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    5. Service Record
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Game progress, such as your level for Xenomorphs and marines and such, is 
    tracked here.
    Special Projects are the collectibles hidden throughout the game. There are 
    35 dog tags, 6 legendary weapons, and 12 audio logs. You can see which 
    collectibles appear in what stage by checking that stage in the main menu.
    Stats for your progress in the campaign and your performances in multiplayer 
    modes are housed ehre.
    There are three different types of challenges. There are marine challenges, 
    campaign challenges, and Xenomorph challenges. You can check your currently 
    active challenges at any time in the game by pressing start.
    There are 50 achievements to unlock in Alien: Colonial Marines. You achievement
    progress is also tracked here. If you click on this, it will take you to the 
    Xbox Guide menu to see your achievements.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    6. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you complete Aliens: Colonial Marines on Xbox 360, 
    PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U! Please e-mail if you have any questions, comments
    or concerns. And be sure to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and

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