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    FAQ/Walkthrough by askmenoinquiryz

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    X-Blades, South Peak interactive, top ware interactive
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    This guide is copyright of 2009 askmenoinquiryz
    Hello, how art thou? You doing good? Good. Ready to do some killing, and X ing,
    and.....blades-ing? If you're not, I don' blame you. However, if you're ready
    to get a session going on X-Blades, well then you're in luck.
        THE RUINS 2
        THE RUINS 2 E
    Version History
    WALKTHROUGH        [0]
    The Ruins I
    What you want to do is head straight in the path and then take a right or left
    behind the blocking. You may break the destructible objects if you deem it
    necessary. Jump through the lava gap, and then climb up through the short
    ledge. Double jumping is required.
    Now, jump on down and head straight into the clearing.
    Now you're going to get into a battle. Try to get the enemies to follow you
    around for a bit, then dispatch them with your basic slash attacks. Turn back
    often, and continue slashing if the enemies surround you.
    Keep this motion up and you shouldn't be attacked much, if at all. If there's
    an airborne enemy that's taking its sweet little time getting to you, feel free
    to bust a cap in its aforementioned posterior. You'll proceed in this manner
    until the enemy requirement has been filled.
    This is the basic gameplay system of the game. Things shouldn't be so tough, so
    you should take the time to get a feel for the controls. You should also take
    the time to mess around with the skill menu and decide which skills you want.
    The choice isn't consequential for now, so don't worry.
    When the enemies have been taken care of, you'll be granted passage, and as
    such, keep moving. There will be enemies that greet you on the way. Charge
    attacks are helpful here. When you're able to move forward again, do so and
    head down the large opening. There are destructible stones here, should you
    want to check them out. One contains a silver artifact, so that should be
    motivation enough to do so.
    Head through the force field-like material to end the level.
    The Sun Temple
    After the cut-scene, you'll be in the aptly named sun temple, and will be
    tasked with some butt kicking right off the bat. Keep running in circles, and
    then stopping to attack the enemies. Staying in one place for too long will
    allow them to ambush you. Jumping around and shooting is a useful tactic here.
    There is a large lion-like creature here that can cause some damage. Stay out
    of the path of his slashes, and you should be good to go.
    Be liberal with your skills, otherwise the enemies will get the best of you
    early on. There are some shiny crimson crystals floating about, up to no good.
    Do them a favor and put them out of their misery when you get the chance. The
    level's pretty straight forward, so you should be done in no time.
    The Abandoned Coast
    Start off by shooting the floating enemies in the horizon. Keep your distance,
    and keep firing. Strafe to the left and right when possible, and keep firing at
    the enemies that get close to you. Fire at them, and turn back to the horizon.
    Attack them with melee when they start to surround you. They can be
    overwhelming if you give them that opportunity, but that's nothing a few skill
    uses can't handle, now is it?
    You can head up the right of the ledge, and up the stairs to obtain a gold
    artifact. You can then head back down into the fight. Go the opposite way and
    do the same thing to pick up a ruby artifact. The enemies follow you while you
    are doing this, but if you keep running, they shouldn't give you any trouble.
    Head to the shiny crystal when you're done taking care of business, and destroy
    Use distancing to your advantage when taking out the flying enemies. It should
    take a while, but is the safest way to get though them. Jump slash, or shoot
    them if they get a little too close for comfort, though.
    When you've taken enough of the little annoyances out, and their friends, you
    should be done with the level. Head on over then nearest ledge and follow it
    through to the exit.
    The Stone Circle
    Head straight past and into the clearing. Attack the enemies that swarm you,
    and dodge the periodic fireballs that come your way. It's best to fight fire
    with fire with that distant enemy. Jump and fireball 'em when you have the
    chance, but do so when the swarmers aren't beating the crap out of you. Keep
    the method up of slashing the nearer enemies, then jump-strafing whilst fire
    balling the distant big guy, for a while. Though the easiest method, it take a
    while and is fairly drawn out. When the distant creature goes down, head over
    there and break that crystal.
    Take out the remaining enemies, and you should complete the level.  If you run
    past the broken structures, and keep fairly to the right of them, you'll
    discover a silver artifact. Turn back and head to the right again, to the short
    ledge that has the exit.
    Stairway to heaven
    Head up the cleverly named stairway, and on the left as you ascend, you should
    discover a gold artifact on the small ledge part of the staircase. There are
    flying enemies abound, so gun them down as you make your approach. When you get
    up to the small clearing, break the crystal while you're taking down the
    Your gun is your best friend for the guys who keep their distance. You can fire
    ball them too, should you have a little more disdain for them than usual. The
    level wont end until these guys are taken out, so though long, you know what
    you gotta do.
    When the last baddy goes down, head for the exit. There are some destructible
    objects here that you can check out if you haven't already destroyed them.
    Whatever the case, the level is complete.
    The Ruins Above The Sea
    A lot of the reaper enemies want to say hello to you as you start the level.
    Greet them back by mercilessly attacking them. Take them out with the usual
    method for flying enemies, as you slash the object next to the pillar. When
    ambushed, you can have some trouble, so don't stay in one spot for too long,
    even when destroying the object.
    There is another one of those objects to the right, in a narrow passageway. The
    enemies don't want to bid you farewell yet and as such they will follow you
    there. On your way back, you'll notice another one of them near the pillar
    structure. Destroy it. Head back near the beginning, and pass through the other
    structure to find the other one. The order in which they are destroyed doesn't
    matter, so which ever's close to you, there's not problem breaking.
    There happens to be another one in the opposite direction, so head over there
    when you're done. Then head up the stairs for the next one. The flying enemies
    can get annoying, but if you ignore them for too long, they'll gang up on you.
    I recommend taking a couple out when destroying the objects, and then ranged
    attacking the rest as you make your way to the next object.
    Ascend the next flight of stairs, and hug around to reach the next one. The
    enemies don't make it any easier, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  There is
    also a floating one nearby. The battles can get long and tedious, so use your
    skills whenever you get the chance to make things easier. Don't forget to
    purchase new skills whenever you're in decent wealth.
    There's another one nearby. Locate it by targeting. That is the basic structure
    of the level. Locate the molten round objects, and try to whittle down the size
    of the airborne enemies. Take out the objects and the remaining enemies and
    you'll be done with the level in no time. Well, actually not no time, since the
    level is fairly drawn out, but no time from the time where you had just a few
    objects left wasting your time. That's a lot of time, as compared to no time.
    Well, after that long and disturbing session of reading the word time, you
    should be done with the level.
    Head to the top level and move through the walls to locate the exit.
    The Fork in the Road
    Head straight through and attack the eager enemies. There will be a crystal in
    the middle waiting for you to destroy it. Do so while fighting the ground
    enemies. If you haven't purchased the ground crushing, crowd clearing move,
    there's no better time than now. Though they can still ambush you and cause
    trouble, the ground enemies aren't as tedious to deal with as the flying ones.
    For the most part, you'll be in the same area taking out the baddies, but
    notice a small opening on one of the pillars: there's a silver artifact over
    there. When the rest of the enemies have been taken care of, you'll be done
    with the level in no time. This time, actually no time. Alright, the next
    section wont have the word time used. Promise.
    Observation Site
    Watch out for the spikes that shoot up from underground. Look before you leap.
    You goal here is to survive, as the spikes will come towards you in different
    patterns. Try to stick to the middle, and jump when they're getting close to
    you. Shoot while jumping to slow down, and keep you airborne longer. You'll be
    doing this for a while, so though it's okay to get hit a couple of times, try
    not to get hit too much; you'll need your health.
    Your objective isn't to not get hit, it's just to be alive long enough, so
    don't fret if you land on the spikes a couple of times. Pay attention to the
    pattern, and be careful. After doing this for quite some time, you'll have a
    cut scene to contend with.
    After the scene, since you've been away from enemies for a while, the game
    makes sure you've got your fill here. There will be flying enemies all over the
    place, and ground enemies as well, just to keep you on your feet. Take the
    crystal out as you approach it. You have to take out all of the enemies in
    order to continue. Once you've killed a decent amount of enemies, you can
    explore the inner section of the staircase for destructible items to break. The
    enemy will still follow you, but after taking enough of them down, you should
    be done with the level. Before exiting, head through the area with numerous
    pillars to obtain a gold artifact.
    There is a ruby artifact on the other side as well. After you're done with all
    of that, head through to the exit.
    Deadly Passage
    Move through the passage, and be careful when you see the suspicious lines on
    the ground. There are guillotine-like corridors here, so take your time when
    you get to the lines in the ground. Dodge roll through them quickly to avoid
    taking damage.
    It's not a particularly long passageway so you should be done and encountering
    a cu t scene soon.
    The Death Arena
    What a pleasant name. Doesn't that just make you think of ponies, and rainbows,
    and everything nice? Me neither.
    Slash up the ground enemies, but be sure to take the time to destroy the
    destructible stones, and assorted items for goodies. The lion guy may take a
    few hits to go down, but if you keep jumping out of harm's way, there shouldn't
    really be any problems. Watch for his slam attack. You want to make sure your
    health is in check, because this battle is going to take a very long time.
    When he FINALLY goes down, proceed to the exit to end the level.
    The Ruins II
    The enemies here won't give you a break, so you shouldn't give them one. Start
    off by attacking the distant flying enemies, and move around while you do so.
    Try letting the critters on the ground follow you for a bit until there's a
    handful of them. Then attack them all together at the same time, but try not to
    let them touch you if you choose to go that route. Remember to jump and shoot
    whenever it seems like they want to counter attack, and then bring on the
    onslaught when you reach the ground again.
    The path will clear up once you send the remaining enemies to an early grave.
    And from the annoyances they've been giving you, I hope it's a deep one. When
    you move along and come to the clearing, you can destroy the statues for some
    goodies. There are quite a few statues and few enemies at the beginning, so you
    might as well do just that. When you get a little further into the clearing,
    you'll trigger a wave of enemies.
    They mostly consist of the reapers in the air, and agile foes on the ground.
    Jump shooting is a handy tactic here, just make sure you're semi strafing at
    the same time. Quickly have at the foes on the ground, and make good use of
    your skills. The earthquake move is spammable when there are numerous foes on
    the ground, and should you be low on health, or usually lack an instance to
    attack, you should fall back on this tactic to prevent dying, get some
    breathing room, and recuperate.
    There's a lot more stuff to break, but not too many places to go, since your
    path is blocked until the enemies are no more. Whenever they're not rushing
    you, you can take the time to destroy the breakables before coming back to the
    fray. When the path finally opens, head on through and beak what you need.
    When you get far enough, your path will be blocked off again, and as such
    you'll have enemies to take care of. Head out through the side once you take
    care of the enemies, and run along, following the diamondy path.  The final
    wave of enemies will come your way, but make sure to jump up the ledge on the
    left to pick up the ruby artifact first. Take the enemies out, and you'll be
    done with the level.
    The Stone Alley
    Head down the stone stair case, and you'll eventually come across some flying,
    ranged blue enemies. Take them out from a distance. Jump and strafe away from
    their attacks, but keep on the offensive.
    The level is reminiscent of the fist encounter with the blue enemies, in that
    it may take a while to take them out. There are also some green fuzzy flying
    foes that come your way too. Though it takes time to beat them, they are the
    only enemies in this level, so if you keep your distance with them, you'll be
    done soon.
    When the enemies are gone, take the time to break what can be broken; a silver
    artifact lies in one of the structures. When you've taken care of business,
    proceed to the exit to end the level.
    The Sea Shell
    Head forward and upwards as you explore the level. There are molten orb objects
    to destroy in this level. They're easily found by targeting though the enemies
    around you make it fairly difficult. Make your way through the level taking out
    the reaper enemies and the orbs, while still avoiding the ground guys. Again,
    the order in which you destroy the orbs doesn't matter, and you can find them
    and shoot them from far away with the help of targeting. You'll proceed in this
    manner for a while, but when done, ascend the stairs and move along towards the
    exit, in the direction of where the sun shines.
    Blades of Death
    Ah, such a soothing sound, no? 'Blades of Death'. Hearing that just makes me
    want to open up a good book, while sipping a cup of tea in my rocking chair.
    (Disclaimer) the above statement is a lie.
    You'll see a spinning cylindrical bridge in your way. The clincher here is that
    there are blades propelling around it. It's the only bridge to the other side,
    though, and so your guess of moving through it is a correct one. Wait till the
    blades on the left are in about a 30 degree angle, and then run across. When
    you find your self slipping a little to the right, move through the blade
    opening and to the left. Continue through and you'll be past the bridge.
    Then head out through to the exit. That was the only obstacle in the level, so
    once you've gotten past that part, the rest is very straightforward.
    The Great Gates
    What you want to do here is to run up the staircase into the clearing. You
    should see some spider enemies come at you when you proceed. Shoot at them and
    advance to them slowly. There's the main spider enemy in the middle, and then
    the little spider minions that try to surround you. Keep your distance from
    both of them, as they like to pounce you, and can get some cheap hits in.
    The battle take a while. If you have any charge moves, be sure to leave the
    clearing and hide behind the statues to get some breathing room, then you can
    come back to the battle. Remember, ranged attacks are your friends. It may take
    long, but not as long as it will take to start over. Don't be reckless.
    When you finally take the enemies out, move to the railing, and jump into the
    extending ledge. This is on the right side if you just enter the clearing, and
    on the left side if you turn back. There is a silver artifact hidden there
    waiting for you to scoop it up. The exit is on the lower level near the
    staircase base.
    The Arched Bridge
    As you move along, you'll notice some large red gaseous matter floating your
    way. They are easily dispatched by firing ice projectiles at them. They give
    you more than enough time to charge your attacks if you run past them a little,
    and so shouldn't pose too much of a problem. After you do that for a little
    while, though, reaper enemies will soon follow you, to join the party. Let's
    not disappoint them, shall we?
    There are a lot of destructible things in the area, so when you're not slashing
    through hordes of enemies, you should check them out. The area is long and
    narrow, so you should have some space when dealing with the enemies. After you
    take down the enemy quota, proceed to the exit to end the level
    The Way to the Temple
    Alright, start off blasting away at whatever's targetable. In a short while, a
    strange floating energy foe will punctuate the air. Fire at him for good
    measure. There will be ground-bound enemies as well, so lead them to a comfort
    zone, and then slash them all simultaneously, or make use of your skills. A lot
    of reaper enemies will float on by, but you've dealt with enough to know how to
    take them out. Walk backwards as you shoot, and strafe/jump when they get too
    Just make sure you've taken care of the ground enemies before you focus your
    attention on them, though. There'll be a lot of razzle and dazzle, as a bunch
    of ground enemies will start to come your way. Take them out with skills, and
    make sure they don't overwhelm you. Jump around when you need the space, and if
    possible, earthquake the sons of guns.
    Yeah, don't worry, it's supposed to take this long. Keep your health at a
    moderate point, and keep attacking. There is a dark statue that is home to a
    gold artifact. You may inadvertently get to it during combat, but if you don't,
    take out any statues that you've missed to obtain it.
    A LOT of enemies will come your way, but like I said, spacing, health
    moderation, and patience will see to it that you pass the level. There is a
    bigger stronger central enemy that you have to look out for during your
    slaughterfest. It shoots flames at you. The best way to avoid collateral damage
    is to lead the ground enemies away from it so that while fighting them, you can
    either avoid the fireballs, or be able to predict them.
    Shoot the enemy from a distance, but remember to do just that: distance
    yourself. Remember to go crazy with your skills when you feel your health
    dropping faster than you'd like. Earthquake works especially well in this
    situation. Attack the boss enough to stun him, and then before he gets a chance
    to strike, earthquake!
    Watch out for his lunges, and the enemies around you. Search out health when
    you need it, and don't fret if the level takes a while. When the seemingly
    never ending batch of enemies finally goes down, the level will be over. Head
    straight through to the exit.
    The Dark Temple
    The boss with shoot multiple fireballs at you. Run around and around the
    general direction of the fireballs, and once they subside, move in for the
    kill. Fireballs may very wells still be coming your way, but they should be at
    a much less frequent rate.
    The main goal is to take care of the boss, and the best way to do this is to
    keep away and jump to either the left or the right while shooting. When the
    following enemies are far away from you, you can also use charge attacks if
    necessary. Keep this manner up and you'll take the boss out with minimal
    casualties. Yeah, he wasn't really nice anyway.
    The Dark Temple (Evening)
    The area is crashing down on top of you, so to get past this area, all you have
    tou do is run all the way to the exit. Simple, eh?
    The Long Descent
    Some enemies will pop right out at you. Ground-borne, so don't worry too much.
    There's a subtle change to the scenery now, as you can tell from the previous
    level, but there's no time for admiring.
    After you take the enemies out, head all the way down the stairs to pick up a
    ruby artifact. Enemies will pop out, though so be ready. Take out the remaining
    enemies in your path, and head downwards towards the exit.
    Take out the enemies, if you haven't already upgraded your firing capabilities,
    I recommend doing so. With the amount of reaper enemies you've fought, though,
    you probably already took the path that would make that situation easier.
    After a short enemy wave, you should be done with the level. Head through the
    opening beneath the staircase and move on through to end the level
    The Abandoned Coast (Evening)
    As with the usual assortment of ground enemies, there will be fire floating
    enemies of whom are easily taken out with ice. (Ice arrows, anyone?) But make
    sure not to neglect the critters that will be following you. There will be
    reaper waves-for those guys, stay back and unload bullets. As already stated,
    take out the floating heat enemies with ice. And for the guys on the ground? I
    recommend beating the crap out of them in any manner you deem fit, since they
    aren't particularly challenging.
    Shooting the reapers may be a little time consuming, as always, but that fact
    is slightly dependent on how much you've upgraded your projectile skills. After
    the reapers, reptilian foes come your way. The can catch you off guard, but
    shouldn't be a big problem overall. Eventually, you'll clear the level
    After clearing the level, head up the ledge like you did when it wasn't evening
    to pick up a gold artifact. After that, you may proceed to the exit.
    The Stone Circle (Evening)
    Guess what? It's evening! I know right?!!? It's only been that way for the past
    couple of levels....but the time of day has no bearing on how many caps you're
    gonna have to bust in the enemies' aforementioned arse. So let's get to it,
    shall we?
    There will be four legged foes with black lightning like waves coming out of
    them as you move into the clearing. Lead them away so that they approach you
    Lead them to the ice crystal, and when they're close, slash it. This will cause
    all of them to freeze, leaving you free to deal with the big bad guy of the
    level. Use your ranged attacks as fast as you can, right off the bat.
    Be careful, as the frozen enemies will be able to move again pretty soon. The
    indication of this is when the electricity channels out of the flying boss.
    When this happens, lead them away again, and then move back to the ice to re-
    freeze them. I would be best not to leave any unfrozen.
    Keep firing at the boss whenever the critters are frozen, and attack the
    critters that happen to escape. That's the format for this level, so if you get
    accustomed to it, you'll be done in no time. When the boss is out of the
    picture, rush over to the exit to end the level.
    Stairway to Heaven (Evening)
    Head up the stairway into the clearing. Take care of the flying floating orb
    guy. Jump-dodge the attacks, and take out any ground enemies that are close to
    you. The level's comprised mostly of these guys, so keep your distance at all
    times, and should they be too much for you, immediately run for the green
    The Ruins Above the Sea (Evening)
    What you want to do here is run from the airborne enemies, and just break all
    of the molten orbs. The level is much too long otherwise, and the health trade
    off doesn't work quite well in your favor.
    Just make sure you have enough health to do the running away, and then shoot
    the enemies occasionally. When you are in a spot where there are only a couple
    of them tailing you, then you can take the time to shoot them.
    When that's over with, rush on over to the exit. You wouldn't want more of
    those annoying floaters coming to your for round 2, would you?
    Deadly Passage (Evening)
    Yup, the passage is just as deadly as before, but you can do it. I-I
    have...*sniff* faith in you.
    Alright, what you want to do is first off, find out where the line indications
    on the ground are. It's slightly darker now, so once you do that, you'll have
    the dodge rolling to do. You know, just stop, wait, then roll. Simple as that,
    if you time it right. When you get past the obstacles, just run on past to the
    end of the short level.
    Observation Site (Evening)
    For dispatching the enemies in this part of the level, I recommend bringing
    with you lightning blades. They should make the onslaught a little more
    manageable. Like I said before, when there are crowds of enemies, or enemies
    with a boss, earthquake spamming is a must. Though this part is more of the
    same, mixing and matching your skills proves helpful here.
    Keep up your ground onslaught and lead your enemies away as opposed to jumping
    all the time in this case. It works slightly better when you have earthquake.
    After a couple of waves, you should be done soon. Make sure the enemies don't
    catch you off guard, because there are a lot of them, and will punish you if
    you get careless.
    Fork in the Road (Evening)
    Start the level off by taking care of the flying reaper enemies. And by 'take
    care', I mean kill 'em. And by ''em', I mean them. And by I, I'm referring to
    the FAQ author; me. But then again, if you didn't know what 'I' means, you
    probably would have been even more lost with 'I'm'.
    It's best to shoot them rapidly while strafing. You'll be done with the level
    soon, but before you exit the level, you're going to want to head over to a
    central skeleton statue. Breaking it, will reveal that it has been housing a
    silver artifact. Grab it, and move to the exit.
    The Death Arena (Evening)
    There is a large machine-like central boss you have to fight, and following you
    are a bunch of ground enemies. Shoot him from afar, and keep attacking the mecha
    minister with lightning. Head to the clearing with the formation of crystals.
    Break through the green crystal, make sure to pick up the silver artifact. The
    boss isn't so much as a problem, as the minions that come with him.
    Just strafe and avoid the bullets of your foe, and keep your distance from both
    him, and the spiders that spawn later. In the event of you circle strafing,
    you'll notice a gold artifact near a health crystal.
    When the more taller enemies start to spawn, be sure to shoot more often and
    attack those closest to you only when you need to. If you get the chance to
    attack the boss up front, you may seize it, but try not to stick to that
    method, as it results in a lot of health lost.
    You should be done with the level soon, so head to the exit to call it a day.
    The Ruins II (Evening)
    Light blades help in dark situations such as these. Take the rudimentary
    enemies out, and then head down the path from where you came the first time
    (when it wasn't evening). A blocking path will trigger, and will not be
    reopened until the enemies have been taken out.
    There are some destructible items here, but then again, you should know that,
    shouldn't you? You were here earlier!....just....not as..eveningy....if that's
    a word....
    There are a lot of things to break when the path has reopened, but the main
    goal is to proceed down the newly accessible path to the next batch of enemies.
    Dark situations= light blades. You don't want to sprain your eye now, do you?
    In the final area where you'll have foes to destroy before you can move on, be
    sure to jump up the higher platforms to locate a ruby artifact.  The enemies
    aren't too hard, so the exit should be within your grasp soon.
    The Stone Alley (Evening)
    You'll be in the familiar corridor...the stone alley, if you will. There's a
    lot of enemies coming your way, but your main target other than the mindless
    drones is the silver artifact hidden in the stone structure to the side.
    The enemies may not be the same, but the goal is. Destroy them all, and the
    level will be complete. The design of the alley makes it fairly easy to avoid
    enemies, but your main focus should be taking them out rapidly, other than
    avoiding damage. There aren't any tough enemies that you'll have to keep your
    distance for.
    The Sea Shell (Evening)
    As soon as you realize that it's a little too quiet, the ambiance will be
    ruined by enemy approach. This is another orb destroying mission. On the second
    level, in a kind of room with one of the orbs, you should look out for a gold
    artifact. Again, what you have to do here is destroy the orbs to proceed. The
    enemies are fairly stronger though, so you can't spend all your time avoiding
    them this time around. You'll have to space them out and then attack them in
    manageable chunks.
    The orbs are in the same place as last time, so there shouldn't be any problems
    locating them. Destroy them all, and then head out through the stone bridge.
    The enemies may be different, but the level shouldn't give you that much
    trouble. You've basically played it before, with a different scenery.
    The Stairway to Heaven (Evening)
    Head up the stairway.........I'm so tempted to make a lame joke right now. But
    alas, I digress. The same floating orb enemies from last time will be here.
    They must have got your invite. Well, reward their punctuality by shooting them
    from a distance.
    The floating orb enemies are the only opposition here, so once you take them
    out, you should be home free. These guys can sometimes be a bother if they come
    at you in groups, but that isn't really the case in this mission. When the last
    one hits the floor....or ....dissipates, actually, you should be heading for
    the exit, and preparing to kick some more heiny.
    Blades of Death (Evening)
    The blades didn't like you before, and they sure as hell don't like you now.
    That's okay, because you're just going to run past them, as opposed to starting
    friendly competition with them. Make your way down to the area in which they
    The trick here, as it was last time, is to just run across, and then jump to
    the left when you yourself are slipping to the left. Then continue the jumping
    motion as you slowly progress, and you'll be over the bridge in no time. Even
    if you come pretty close to falling on the right, if you jump like you should,
    you should still have an opportunity to make your way through unscathed.
    The Great Gates (Evening)
    You have to fight the lion guy again, as you probably could have already told
    from the cut scene. You have to put the colored light out according to their
    elements. For instance, you have to use ice to take out the red fire one, fire
    to take out the blue ice ones, etc. Attack Mufasa quickly, for in a while after
    putting out the lights, he'll spawn some minions to take care of you.
    Use your ice flower to freeze the numerous enemies, to buy you some space. Keep
    the enemies on ice for a while, and unload your powerful attacks on the lion
    He'll start again with the colorful lamps, so you know what to do. Remember to
    attack leo any time you can.
    Freeze the insane amount of enemies as soon as they spawn, otherwise you'll
    never get the space you need. The boss'll conintue with these tactics, so if
    you familiarize your self with the strategy, there shouldn't be any problems.
    The battle can be pretty difficult. It's definitely more difficult from the
    first encounter. Stick to the strategy, though, and it'll be a case of
    patience, rather than a lack of resources. You'll be relieved to see that dude
    go down.
    The Great Gate (Darkness)
    You'll have to fight a friend....or is he a foe? Watch out for his attacks, as
    he can freeze you, leaving you vulnerable to damage from him or the reaper
    enemies that populate the environment. If you try to run and keep your
    distance, he will follow you, bu the reaper enemies must be taken care of
    Run around the arena, for a while, and occasionally stop to quickly target and
    rapid fire at the reapers. Do so quickly, though. The light flash technique
    works well for this level. Charge attacks are key on this level's boss.
    Once the reapers have been taken care of, you'll have some one on one battle
    time. You'll now be able to use charge attacks on him unhindered. Well, not
    entirely unhindered, because he can still freeze you.
    You should use a semi hit and run tactic whenever you're alone with the boss.
    Hit him with a charge attack, and then run off. Keep doing that, but whenever
    the reapers are summoned, take them out first.
    Entrance to the Castle
    Now you're getting somewhere. The usual assortment of enemies make an
    appearance here. You've dealt with them many times before, so though it's not
    the easiest task to do, it's definitely easier than the last battle you had.
    There aren't any enemies to freeze you every time you blink.
    The area is mostly wide open, leaving plenty of space to take out the initial
    ground enemies. When enough of them go down, you'll have the reaper phantoms to
    take care of.
    Standard fare here, but carelessness can result in death. Don't worry though,
    this part isn't excessively long.
    The Two Thrones
    Now in this part, you'll have to watch out for the attacks of the sorcerer
    enemies. The attacks consist of projectiles, which can be dodged, but usually
    aren't. Fight fire with fire by using projectile damage to defeat them. They're
    a pain. The place gets pretty crowded with the effects, the projectiles, and
    the enemies, so when you aren't sure what's behind you, it may be best to move
    to a spot where you can see properly.
    If you're going to get past this part, you're going to have to resort to your
    most powerful attacks, that take out multiple enemies at a time. It may not be
    brief, but it's a safe bet. You should be done with the level soon.
    Hall of Columns
    Head upwards. There will be a lot of enemies here, most of them airborne. A
    good tactic is to move towards the stairs and then jump off, targeting and
    shooting the airborne enemies as rapidly as you can.
    Keep this up, but do not neglect the ground enemies. If you're doing this
    right, you should be able to stay airborne for quite some time before touching
    the ground. That amounts to a lot of bullets unloaded onto the enemies.
    Eventually, you'll have to take out that turtle boss you dispatched earlier. Up
    front and personal attacks work well here. There will still be enemies behind
    you, so the trade off of damage on the boss is damage to you, and the trade off
    of taking the surrounding enemies out, is that the boss will momentarily
    recover after flinching.
    It can get dark in this level, but you know how to counter that. More airborne
    enemies will show up once you've torn the place apart enough. After some time
    of ruthless attacking, you'll be done soon if you keep your health up.
    Underground Hall
    You'll have a ridiculous enemy to fight. To win this battle against
    this...weird thing, you'll have to try and stay under its legs while you
    This enemy isn't particularly hard, and since it's the only one there, you
    should be done fairly soon.
    Head out the exit and prepare for a cut scene.
    Here it is, folks, the final boss. Prepare your self, cause the culmination of
    your abilities have led up to this point.
    The final boss' attacks consist of the expected ice freezing one, and an attack
    that brings out spikes from the ground when you're out of his way.
    Use your light attacks to fell this foe. He also chases after you, but you
    should have more than enough time to charge light attacks at him. Don't be
    afraid to use your most powerful attacks here, because...who else could you be
    saving it for?
    After you've done enough damage, he'll lunge floating orbs at you. Charge your
    shots when you get the chance, and run when he chases after you. Spam-erm, I
    mean strategically use your power bomb and light spark attacks in rapid
    succession, and this boss will go down much faster than you'd have expected.
    You'll now witness the final ending. If you purchased any evil upgrades, you'll
    miss out on the good ending. Well, whatever your choice was, enjoy, you've
    earned it.
    Thanks [TNKS]
    I'd like to thank Gamefaqs for allowing me to host this guide. I hope it helped
    many of you out there, and I hope I can make more helpful guides in the future.
    Well, thanks.
    ETC [ETC]
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