Snooker and Pool on the Wii. Now that's interesting!

The official game of World Snooker with all the real players and venues.
A sublime control method.

- New Real mode. Move around the table and line up shots like a real pro.
- New control method. Take the shot for real with the Wii Remote.
- New achievements system with unlock players, rooms with other features.
- New player stats give feedback on performance incredible detail and...
- New direct coaching to address any areas of weakness.
- New easy to navigate

- The 96 Top players in the world
- The official tournaments of the 2008 Season
- Three professional commentators
- The World 8-Ball Championship
- A mixed cue sports event called the Golden Cue
- Trickshot challenges

"Once you start to play you won't want to put it down - it's like being there!" Steve Davis