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    FAQ by SilverStream

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                       S I L V E R S T R E A M 'S
                       Q U A K E  ]I[  A R E N A 
                               F  A  Q
    Unofficial Quake 3 Arena FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Compiled By: SilverStream [AGQx] 
    E-mail: cqyyong@hotmail.com
    [1] Introduction
        [1.1] About
        [1.2] Contact
        [1.3] Credits
        [1.4] Notices
              [1.4.1] Disclaimer
              [1.4.2] Distribution
              [1.4.3] Trademark/Copyright
    [2] Quake 3 Arena-Frequently Asked Questions
        [2.1] General
              [2.1.1] Backflip Jumps
              [2.1.2] CD-Check and CD-Key
              [2.1.3] Changing FOV
              [2.1.4] Console
              [2.1.5] Controllers
                      [] Control Setup
              [2.1.6] Curved Surfaces
              [2.1.7] EAX/A3D
              [2.1.8] Force Feedback
              [2.1.9] Frames-Per-Second
              [2.1.10] Game Engine
              [2.1.11] Levels/Maps
              [2.1.12] Medals
              [2.1.13] PK3 Format
              [2.1.14] Power-Ups
                       [] Armor
                       [] Health
                       [] Others
              [2.1.15] Playing/Recording Demos
              [2.1.16] Quake 3 Game Credits
              [2.1.17] Quake 3 Demo
              [2.1.18] Screenshots
              [2.1.19] System Requirements
              [2.1.20] Third Person Perspective
              [2.1.21] Versions
              [2.1.22] Weapons
                       [] About
                       [] Descriptions
                       [] Rail Gun
                       [] Special Jumps
        [2.2] Single-Player
              [2.2.1] Bots
                      [] About
                      [] Description
              [2.2.2] Bot Autochat
              [2.2.3] Cheats
              [2.2.4] Difficulty Levels
              [2.2.5] Saving
        [2.3] Multi-Player
              [2.3.1] Changing Color Name
              [2.3.2] Modes
                      [] Capture-The-Flag
                      [] Free-For-All
                      [] Team Deathmatch
                      [] Tournament
              [2.3.3] Options
                      [] Internet
                      [] LAN
              [2.3.4] Ping
              [2.3.5] Pure Server
              [2.3.6] Server-Hosting 
    [3] Modifications
        [3.1] Adding custom maps
        [3.2] Mods
    [4] Editing
        [4.1] CFG Files 
        [4.2] PK3 Files
    [5] Official Releases
        [5.1] Point Release Beta 
        [5.2] Point Release Beta 2 
        [5.3] Point Release 
        [5.4] Source Code
    [6] Troubleshooting
        [6.1] Before Getting Started 
              [6.1.1] Help System
              [6.1.2] Scandisk/Defrag
        [6.2] Bugs/Errors
        [6.3] CD-Key Issues
        [6.4] Directx
        [6.5] PC Hardware
              [6.5.1] CD-ROM
              [6.5.2] Controller
              [6.5.3] CPU
              [6.5.4] Memory
              [6.5.5] Modem
                      []: Dual 56K
                      []: Gaming Modem
                      []: WinModem
              [6.5.6] Sound 
              [6.5.7] Video	
                      [] 3dfx
                      [] Matrox
                      [] Multiple 3D Cards
                      [] NVidia 
                      [] PCI VS AGP
    [7] Improving Performance
        [7.1] Q3A Tweaks
              [7.1.1] CFG File
              [7.1.2] Video Settings
        [7.2] PC Tweaks
              [7.2.1] CPU Overclocking
              [7.2.2] Multiplayer
                      [] Netgraph
                      [] Modem
                      [] Rate                     
              [7.2.3] Windows 9x
                      [] Ctrl-Alt-Del
                      [] Defrag 
                      [] Scandisk
                      [] Swap File 
        [7.3] Updates
              [7.3.1] Drivers
              [7.3.2] PC
              [7.3.3] Quake 3 Arena
    [8] Internet Resources
        [8.1] Forums
        [8.2] Utilities
        [8.3] Web Sites
    [9] History
    [1.1]: About
    	Thanks for picking up a copy of my FAQ and welcome to the first 
    release of my unofficial Quake3 Arena F.A.Q. "Unofficial" means it's not 
    supported or endorsed by id Software or Activision. "F.A.Q" stands for 
    "Frequently Asked Questions". I hope to update this FAQ regularly and 
    you can always find it on the website http://www.agqx.org or request it 
    in the newsgroup alt.games.quake3 
    	For the latest version of this FAQ, visit my webpage: 
    [1.2]: Contact
    	If you have anything you would like to add to the Q3FAQ, kindly 
    contact me at this email: cqyyong@hotmail.com  I only check my mail 
    occasionally (once a week or even longer) so it might take some time before 
    my reply reaches you.
    	If you have questions on Q3A, feel free to post it on alt.games.quake3
    in Usenet (as long as it's not an "illegal" question--warez, cd-key)
    [1.3]: Credits
    	First and foremost to id Software, who are the producers of Q3A. 
    They have consistently churned out many solid games over the years
    (Wolfestein 3D, Doom, Quake) and IMO one of the best game companies
    ever. Keep up the great work guys!!!
    	Also to alt.games.quake3 on Usenet. Much information in this FAQ 
    came from the many cool dudes at AGQ3, who are always willing to lend a 
    helping hand. 
    	To Activision, the publisher of Q3A.
    	Thanks to HQH for allowing me the use of his Half-Life FAQ Table of
    Contents and information in this FAQ, and for his help in many areas of
    this Q3A FAQ. 
    	Last, but not least, to all the people who have contributed in one 
    way or another to this Q3A FAQ. I appreciate your help and this includes 
    you too, who is reading this FAQ right now!
    [1.4]: Notices
    [1.4.1] Disclaimer
    	DISCLAIMER: I have NOT verified all information in this FAQ and 
    I will NOT be held responsible should something bad happens to your 
    computer (blows up etc), social life etc. This FAQ is purely "as-is", 
    [1.4.2] Distribution
    I.   Sending copies
          A. The copies are exact and complete
          B. The copies give credit to the author
          C. The copies are in the original form
    II.  Distributing this work
          A. Remains original from work and should not be edited
          B. Does not charge a fee for copying or distribution
    III. Distributed form includes the author's notes and information
          A. The distributed form is not in any magazine or 
             within software (permission may be obtained from author)
    [1.4.3] Trademark/Copyright
    Quake 3 Arena:
    (C) 1999 Id Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Quake III Arena, QIIIA, 
    and the id Software name are trademarks of Id Software, Inc. in all 
    countries in which this game is distributed. Activision is a registered 
    trademark of Activision, Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are 
    properties of their respective owners.
    Me!!! SilverStream [AGQx]
    My current gaming rig (just in case you're interested):
    Compaq Presario 4810
    Pentium 1 233MHz
    32MB SDRAM
    Creative Graphics Blaster Exxtreme Permedia2 PCI 4MB
    PowerColor Voodoo2 Reference Board 12MB
    ESS Audiodrive 1887 onboard
    24x IDE CD-ROM 
    4GB HDD
    33.6K modem
    Windows 95 OSR2
    15" monitor at 800*600 16-bit
    Generic keyboard, mouse, speakers etc.
    CHAPTER [2]: Q3A FAQ
    [2.1] General
    [2.1.1]: Backflip Jumps
    	You actually do this automatically when you run back and jump.
    Obviously it's only visible to other players (unless you use the 3rd
    person view--visit section 2.1.18 for more information)
    [2.1.2]: CD-Check and CD-Key
    	2 methods are incorporated in Q3A to prevent piracy:
    CD-check (CD must be in the drive in single-player mode)
    CD-Key (authentication with id's servers, for multiplayer)
    	For CD-key issues, visit section 6.3 for more information. 
    [2.1.3]: Changing FOV
    	Use the console command "/cg_fov" (default is 90) to change your
    field of view. Lower values=zoom in, higher values=zoom out. Don't use 
    too extreme values or you'll get motion sickness :-)
    [2.1.4]: Console
    	Use the ~key to gain access to the console. Here's a quick tip:
    press a key and then the TAB key to view a list of available commands
    for that particular key.
    	To copy the blue console startup screen for reference: 
    After Q3 starts drop the console and type 
    /condump whatever.txt 
    	You will then have a plain text file in your baseq3 folder
    named whatever.txt 
    [2.1.5]: Controllers
    	The best control method IMO is the keyboard and mouse although
    many will beg to differ. Joysticks are supported but the joystick code 
    in Q3A is currently not as good as that in Q2.
    []: Control Setup
    Here's my control setup (keyboard + mouse):
    Move Forward     W
    Move Backwards   S
    Strafe Left      A
    Strafe Right     D
    Jump             Left Alt                       
    Crouch           Left Ctrl 
    Walk/Run         Left Shift
    Fire weapon      Mouse1
    BFG-10K          Q
    Grenade Launcher E
    Rocket Launcher  R
    Plasma Gun       F
    Lightning Gun    Z
    Railgun          C
    Shotgun          V 
    Machinegun       Mouse2
    	I also use PS2rate(at 100MHz) which you can read more about in 
    section 6.5.2.
    [2.1.6]: Curved Surfaces
    	To control the curvature of surfaces, use the console command 
    "/r_subdivisions" (values from 1-999) Higher numbers yield more blocky
    [2.1.7]: EAX/A3D
    	EAX is unsupported in Q3A, unlike A3D. I do not recommend them
    as they introduce a performance hit in the game.
    	Refer to section 6.5.6 for more information.
    [2.1.8]: Force Feedback
    	No Quake game (including Q3A) supports FF because John Carmack 
    (programmer of Q3A) has publically stated that FF is a gimmick that he 
    can live without. You can still use your FF joystick with the game, 
    but you won't get any force effects while playing.
    [2.1.9]: Frames-Per-Second
    	Type in "/cg_drawfps 1" at the console to display your framerate 
    at the uppermost right corner of your screen. You should preferably 
    have >30 fps consistent for optimum play.
    	Benchmarking your system:
    Type in the console "timedemo 1" followed by "demo demo001". After the 
    demo has finished running, bring up the console again to view your 
    average fps. 
    [2.1.10]: Game Engine
    	The game engine used in Q3A is NOT known as the "Trinity" engine,
    as stated in earlier versions of this FAQ. 
    	Quake 3 doesn't really use the "Trinity" engine.  It still uses 
    the Quake engine.  The story is that Trinity was going to be Carmack's 
    next engine but he changed his mind and just progressively upgraded the 
    Quake engine. 
    	Here is a short interview where "Trinity" is talked about. It seems 
    like he just used it at one point to discuss technologies he was working on:
    [2.1.11]: Levels/Maps
    	In single-player, the maps are arranged in tiers, consisting
    of several maps each. Altogether there are 31 maps available straight 
    from the CD (30 standard, 1 secret)
    Maps From The CD:
    -Q3DM0 Introduction
    -Q3DM1 Arena Gate
    -Q3DM2 House of Pain
    -Q3DM3 Arena of Death
    -Q3DM4 The Place of Many Deaths
    -Q3DM5 The Forgotten Place
    -Q3DM6 The Camping Grounds
    -Q3DM7 Temple of Retribution
    -Q3DM8 Brimstone Abbey
    -Q3DM9 Hero's Keep
    -Q3DM10 The Nameless Place
    -Q3DM11 Deva Station
    -Q3DM12 The Dredwerkz
    -Q3DM13 Lost World
    -Q3DM14 Grim Dungeons
    -Q3DM15 Demon Keep
    -Q3DM16 The Bouncy Map
    -Q3DM17 The Longest Yard
    -Q3DM18 Space Chamber
    -Q3DM19 Apocalypse Void
    -Q3Tourney1 Powerstation 0218 
    -Q3Tourney2 The Proving Grounds
    -Q3Tourney3 Hell's Gate
    -Q3Tourney4 Vertical Vengeance
    -Q3Tourney5 Fatal Instinct
    -Q3Tourney6 The Very End of You
    -Q3CTF1 Dueling Keeps
    -Q3CTF2 Troubled Waters
    -Q3CTF3 The StrongHold
    -Q3CTF4 Space CTF
    -Test_BigBox (secret)
    	To access the secret level "Test_BigBox", type this in the console:
    /map test_bigbox
    	id Software's Tim Willits gives a clarification about the "authors" 
    for each level in Quake III Arena:
    	"Many people want to know which level designer designed which map. 
    This is not exactly an easy question to answer. Unlike previous id games 
    the designers are not separate individuals working on "their" maps without 
    cooperation from anyone else. In order for a company to create truly great 
    maps all the designers must learn to work together. The team of designers 
    we have now is by far the best team originated group that has ever worked 
    at id. There are no maps in Quake3 that were developed by only one person. 
    Some maps were touched by as many as four different people. Expect this 
    design trend to continue and look forward to id creating some of the best 
    maps around."
    [2.1.12]: Medals
    	 Medals measure and instantly reward outstanding combat performance. 
    You have to meet a minimum quota in battle in order to achieve them. There 
    are a total of 6 medals available in the game.
    What are the medals awarded and the requirements to get them?
    -Accuracy; percentage of hits-to-shots greater than 50%
    -Excellent; making two frags made within two seconds
    -Frags; get 100 frags
    -Gauntlet; score a frag with the gauntlet 
    -Impressive; get two consecutive rails
    -Perfect; win a match without being fragged at all
    [2.1.13]: PK3 Format
    	The .pk3 format used by Q3A is identical to a .zip file. You 
    can unpack and package .pk3 files in Q3A using this method:
    Rename it to pak0.zip
    Download/Install winzip (http://www.winzip.com/)
    Unzip it 
    Do your editing
    Create a new blank zip file
    Make sure compression is set to NONE
    Make sure INCLUDE SUBFOLDERS is checked
    Make sure INCLUDE SYSTEM AND HIDDEN FILES is checked
    Make sure everything else is _unchecked_
    Click on add. Add the root files (the files in the pak0 folder) with the 
    ADD button. 
    Then add all the FOLDERS in the PAK0 folder with the ADD WITH WILDCARDS 
    Rename the file back to pak0.pk3
    	For information on running custom maps, visit section 3.1.
    [2.1.14]: Power-Ups
    	A list of some power-ups available in Quake 3 Arena.
    [] Armor
    	Armor is very important in reducing damage done by an opponent's
    shot. You can achieve a maximum armor rating of 200 before it automatically 
    and gradually decreases to 100.
    Types and description:
    -Armor Shards (+5), green fragments
    -Combat Armor (+50), shiny yellow vest
    -Heavy Armor (+100), shiny red vest
    [] Health
    	You will definitely be receiving damage in matches, so track 
    these health powerups to restore your health. You can achieve a maximum 
    health rating of 200 before it automatically and gradually decreases 
    to 100.
    Types and description:
    -Green (+5, beyond maximum)
    -Yellow (+25 to a maximum of 100)
    -Gold (+50 to a maximum of 100)
    [] Others
    	There are a total of 7 power-ups, which remain in effect for a 
    certain amount of time, available. 
    Types and description:
    -Battle Suit, protection from lava/slime/drowning/splash damage
    -Flight, only available in multiplayer games
    -Haste, increases movement speed and rate of fire
    -Invisibility, almost impossible to detect visually
    -Mega Health, increases health by 100
    -Quad Damage, triples damage done by weapons
    -Regeneration, increases health and armor gradually to a max. of 200 
    or until time runs out
    [2.1.15]: Playing/Recording Demo
           	To record a demo, just type in "/record demo-name.dm3" in the 
    console and "/stoprecord" to stop it.
    	To play a demo, just type in "/demo demo-name.dm3".
    	In both cases, "demo-name" refers to the demo we're concerned with. 
    [2.1.16]: Quake 3 Game Credits
    (From the Q3A Manual)
    id Software 
    Programming-John Carmack, John Cash
    Art-Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud, Paul Steed, Kenneth Scott
    Game Designer-Graeme Devine
    Level Design-Tim Willits, Christian Antkow, Paul Jaquays
    CEO-Todd Hollenshead
    Director of Business Development-Katherine Anna Kang
    Biz Assist and id Mom-Donna Jackson
    Special Thanks to Eric Webb
    Bot AI by Jan Paul van Waveren
    Menu Interface by Raster Productions
    CTF and Linux conversion by David Kirsch
    Map Editor by Robert A. Duffy
    GL Setup by Dan Teven and Chris Hecker
    Additional programming by Brian Hook
    Additional level design by Brandon James and Kaai Cluney
    Quake III Arena Music by Sonic Mayhem www.sonicmayhem.com
    Quake III Arena Music by Front Line Assembly
    Sound Design by Soundelux Showorks
    Bot Combat Responses composed by R. A. Salvatore and Seven Swords
    Bot Chat Responses by Steve Winter
    Certain Cinematics by Digital Anvil, Inc
    Motion Capture by Pyros Pictures, House Of Moves, and LocoMotion Studios
    id Software logo animation by Jake Rodgers
    Manual by William W. Connors
    Manual and Package Design by Focus 2
    Illustrations by John Mueller
    Additional Testing by Steve Gibson and Sean Martin
    Director, Global Brand Management - Dusty Welch
    Producer - Marty Stratton
    Production Testing - Steve Rosenthal, Steve Elwell, Steve Boisvert, Chad 
    Bordwell, Hector Guerrero, Chris Owens, Michael Stephan
    Brand Manager - Kevin Kraff
    Manual Production - Ignited Minds: Mike Rivera and Sylvia Orzel
    QA Project Lead - Dan Hagerty
    QA Senior Lead - Matthew Powers
    QA Testers - Matthew Beal, Tracy Boland, Steve Boisvert, Chad Bordwell, 
    Patrick Bowman, Michael Denny, Neils Eike, Joe Favazza, Damien Fischer, 
    Todd Jones, Danny Lee, Matthew Morton, Matthew Nelson, Tanya Oviedo, 
    Chris Owens, Chad Siedhoff, Michael Stephan, Sadat Valentine, Eric Zimmerman
    Thanks - Mitch Lasky, Derek McLeish, Jim Summers, Jason Wong
    [2.1.17]: Quake 3 Final Demo
    	Here are some mirrors to the Q3A Final demo (47megs), in case you 
    haven't got the full game yet. 
    [2.1.18]: Screenshots
    	Just hit F11 during the game. The screenshots will be dumped into 
    your baseq3/screenshots folder in sequence (shot0000, shot0001...) The 
    screenshots are saved in targa format (.tga) which you can view with an 
    external third party program eg. Paintshop Pro.
    [2.1.19]: System Requirements
    	Please note that this is the bare minimum required to run the 
    game at a playable framerate.
    (Win32 Version)
    3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL support
    Pentium 233MMX + 8 MB Video Card or
    Pentium II 266 + 4 MB Video Card or
    AMD K6-2 350 + 4 MB Video Card 
    64 MB RAM
    25 MB hard-disk space + 45 MB swap-file
    4x CD-ROM drive
    DX3-compatible sound card
    Mouse, keyboard
    Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 
    Internet (TCP/IP) or LAN (TCP/IP and IPX)
    28.8 Kbps modem 
    [2.1.20]: Third Person Perspective
    	Type in "/cg_thirdperson 1" in the console to play the game ala 
    Tomb Raider. Crosshairs are not available in this mode though. 
    	Experience with the /cg_thirdpersonrange/angle commands to get the
    view you like best.
    	To save having to mess around typing in commands while the game 
    is on, check out this link:
    	It has a script (ie. copy it into your cfg file) that lets you use 
    the numeric pad for changing camera angles and distances (it's crap for 
    playing the game, but excellent for following other people around)  
    [2.1.21]: Versions
    	There are currently 2 versions of Q3A available--the "regular"
    (normal box) and the "elite" (tin box). The price is the same though.
    	Note: There is no "platinum" version of Q3A. It does not exist
    at all and was sparked off by rumors in AGQ3.
    [2.1.22]: Weapons
    	To disable auto weapons switching:
    1. Go to Setup->Controls->Shoot->Autoswitch weapons off. 
    2. Or type this in the console "seta cg_autoswitch "0".
    	Some detailed information on the weaponry available in Q3A:
    [2.1.22]: About
    How many weapons are given in the game?
    -9 (not all are available in certain maps)
    What are the weapons?
    -Machine Gun
    -Shot Gun
    -Plasma Gun
    -Grenade Launcher
    -Rocket Launcher
    -Lightning Gun
    -Rail Gun
    []: Descriptions
    -Gauntlet: Melee saw-blade, requires no ammunition 
    -Machine Gun: High rate of fire; spawn weapon
    -Shot Gun: Since the early days of Doom
    -Plasma Gun: Rapidly fires plasma pulses; inflicts splash damage
    -Grenade Launcher: Just like the Q1 version
    -Rocket Launcher: Inflicts splash damage in blast radius
    -Lightning Gun: Generates a stroke of electricity; short range
    -Rail Gun: Slow reloading; incredible damage; requires precise aiming
    -BFG-10K: The Big Frickin' Gun. More powerful version of the plasma gun
    []: Rail Gun
    	Most people prefer the rail trail in Q2, but the reason it wasn't
    implemented in Q3A was because the current rail uses 3000 polygons, when
    it shot across the screen (with the q2 rail) people with slow computers
    would freeze. 
    	There are 4 variables working with the railgun fire: check these 
    out and experiment:
    	The railgun trail might be fixed in a later patch but this is
    purely a guess.
    	Here's a link to a mod that gives the rail gun back its brilliant 
    spiral effect and beefs up the rail-sound a bit too:
    	Tips on becoming a better rail player:
    -Always use the railgun whenever you can. (practice, practice, practice)
    -Try to find those magic moments when to shoot eg.: 
    target uses jump-pad/ is high in the air
    target is standing still
    target has moved himself into a corner or a tight spot
    target is walking in a straight line
    target is swimming
    -Ping above 50ms means delay when shooting, you may need to do some
    -Use your crosshair as a trigger. If you see your target walking from the
    left to the right, move your crosshair in the path of the destined frag and
    wait for your victim to walk over the "trigger". Makes it easier since you 
    just have to concentrate on pressing the mouse button.
    -Keep practicing-the railgun takes probably the longest time of all the
    weapons to get good at. On the other hand, if you're good with the railgun, 
    all your weapons seem better because it's all about precision. Your aim 
    will have become very deadly by then.
    []: Special Jumps
    	You can jump higher than normal by performing a Rocket-Jump. 
    Here's how to do it: look straight down and simulataneously jump and
    fire a rocket on the ground beneath. This will propel you to greater 
    heights previously unreachable. 
    	Variants include: BFG-jump, grenade-jump, quad-rocket-jump, 
    launchpad-rocket-jump etc. (make sure you have loads of health and 
    armor for these jumps) 
    	A strafe jump propels you further than a normal forward jump.
    To perform it, just press strafe left/right and jump simultaneously,
    all the while holding the forward key. You can build up your speed 
    gradually over long distances by repeatedly doing strafe jumps.
    	Check out this link for more information on special jumps:
    [2.2]: Single Player
    [2.2.1]: Bots
    []: About
    	The single-player mode of Quake 3 Arena pits you against computer
    controlled opponents known as bots. There are a total of 32 bots available 
    for you to fight.
    []: Description
    Names of bots available:
    -Anarki         -Doom           -Major          -Slash
    -Angel          -Gorre          -Mynx           -Sorlag
    -Biker          -Grunt          -Orbb           -Stripe
    -Bitterman      -Hossman        -Patroit        -TankJr
    -Bones          -Hunter         -Phobos         -Uriel
    -Cadavre        -Keel           -Ranger         -Visor
    -Crash          -Klesk          -Razor          -Wrack
    -Daemia         -Lucy           -Sarge          -Xaero
    Doom-Space Marine of Doom
    Ranger-From Quake 1
    	Xaero is the last boss and he is extremely hard to defeat (even 
    with "I Want To Win" setting).
    [2.2.2]: Bot Autochat
    	Sick of the talkative bots? Use the console command "/bot_nochat 1"
    to disable bot autochat.
    [2.2.3]: Cheats
    	Type in "/devmap mapname" at the console. During gameplay, type
    at the console "/god" for infinite energy or "/give all" for all weapons 
    and ammo.
    	On the other hand, it has been said that the best "cheat" is still
    skill and practice :)
    [2.2.4]: Difficulty Levels
    	There are 5 difficulty levels to choose from. The higher the 
    level, the more intelligent and accurate the bots are. Ranked in consecutive
    order: "I can Win", "Bring It On", "Hurt Me Plenty", "Hardcore" and 
    [2.2.5]: Saving
    	If more than one person is playing singleplayer on your version of 
    Quake 3 Arena and you want to keep your game intact, simply rename the 
    "q3config.cfg" file to something else. When you start the game, you'll 
    have to re-enter your CD-Key, but the singleplayer settings will be reset. 
    To restore your game, simply change the name of the file back. 
    [2.2.6]: Story
    	Untold centuries ago the Vadrigar, the mysterious Arena Masters, 
    constructed the Arena Eternal for their own infernal amusement. Virtually 
    nothing is known of these beings except that they savor the carnage and 
    clamor of battle. As such, they have stocked the arena with the greatest 
    warriors of all time. And you have just joined their ranks.
    	As a gladiator in the Arena Eternal, you must not only survive, but 
    also win each and every battle against ever more powerful opponents. Don't 
    worry overly much about getting "fragged." The Vadrigar won't be cheated of 
    their favorite sport by a little thing like death. Those who fall are 
    instantly restored to life and immediately thrust back into the battle, 
    perhaps a little wiser for their misfortunes.
    	When the dust, blood, and gibs settle, all warriors will have earned 
    the right to battle again, providing further entertainment for the Vadrigar. 
    But only the warrior who has fragged the most foes will be lauded as the 
    winner. The victorious gladiator advances to a more challenging array of 
    arenas, until, at last, he or she faces Xaero, Lord of the Final Arena.
    [2.3.1]: Changing Name Color
    	In the name area of player setup...
    Type in these codes for the color you want:
    	For example, "^1Doom" will give you a red "Doom", and "^6Frag"
    will give you a purple "Frag".
    [2.3.2]: Modes
    	A list of the multiplayer modes available in Q3A.
    []: Capture-The-Flag
    	Get into the opposing team's home base, grab its flag, and run 
    home to score. Teamwork is essential--some people guarding the flag, others
    guarding the doorway, I hope you get the idea.
    []: Free-For-All
    	This is the classic form of Deathmatch. It's every man, woman, and 
    sinister alien being for him/her/itself as the players frag everything that 
    moves to get the most points. 
    []: Team Deathmatch
    	It's Red against Blue in a coordinated contest of carnage. Two teams 
    of players work to control the arena and score the most frags on their foes.
    []: Tournament
    	Players fight each other one-on-one, while future foes watch as 
    spectators. The watchers wait their turns to be the challenger who wrests 
    control of arena from the most recent victor.
    [2.3.3]: Options
    []: Internet
    	Q3A is much more fun online than with bots. For beginners, the 
    setting-up process is actually quite simple.
    	Go to Multiplayer, then Specify. Just type in the IP address of
    an online server and its port, and click Fight. 
    	The port setting for Q3A is server dependant but the default is 27960.
    []: LAN
    	If you're new to LAN, then please visit these sites for more 
    information on LAN games: 
    [2.3.4]: Ping
    	Ping is the amount of time that a packet of information takes
    to travel from the client to the server. It is measured in milliseconds
    (1/1000 of a second). This situation as a whole is termed lag/latency.
    	Factors resulting in lag:
    I. Quality of hardware (Faster computer=less lag)
    II.Quality of internet connection (modem)
    III.Quality of ISP (internet service provider)
    	Ping values can range from 0 to 9999ms. If it actually does reach 
    9999ms, then it's declared that the server is not available. Generally, 
    a reasonably playable online game should have a ping of <250ms. Values 
    of >400 can result in almost unplayable games.
    	There are 2 categories of online gamers: 
    I. LPBs (Low-Ping-Bastage)
    -those with pings <150ms; usually use higher-quality internet connections 
     eg. cable, ISDN
    II.HPBs (High-Ping-Bastage)	
    -those with pings >150ms; usually use lower-quality internet connections
     eg. analog modems (56kbps and below)
    	Things to take note of:
    	If you're a LPB joining a server where most players are HPBs, it 
    is generally considered polite to ask first if they mind. 
    	If you're a HPB on a server where there are LPBs, never whine 
    about your ping when you lose. You can always leave and join another 
    	You can view your ping during a multiplayer game by pressing 
    the F1 key. 
    How do I simulate a 200ms ping when playing alone with bots?
    -Use this console command "seta cl_timenudge x" to simulate an online
    ping. Replace x with the desired ping.
    	For more information, visit sections 6.5.5 and 7.2.2.
    [2.3.5] Pure Server
    What is a pure server?
    -A pure server does crc checks on client files to stop hacked paks 
    being used like the vision paks in the test or high visiblity skins etc.
    Pure Server has its disadvantages:
    1.  After installing the point release, any server not using the point
        release (all linux servers at the very least) in combination with pure
        on, means that I can't play on them anymore.
    2.  If I have custom maps I can't play on pure servers.
    3.  If I have custom skins I can't play on pure servers.
    4.  If I have custom mods I can't play on pure servers.
    	Note: Setting a server to pure does not stop one from using any 
    custom binds or aliases in an autoexec.cfg file. 
    	The "pure" server option doesn't allow people that have custom .pk3
    files to stay connected to a server with the setting "sv_pure" set
    to 1.  If you do have custom .pk3 files and you connect to a server that is
    "pure" then you will be able to play, but you will get kicked at every map
    change and will be forced to reconnect.
    My FOV is stuck at 90 in pure setting no matter what I do!
    -If your FOV defaults back to 90, then that's because the server admin 
    has made everybody use the default FOV of 90 in their servers config 
    file; it has nothing to do with pure at all.
    [2.3.6]: Server-Hosting
    	Here are some links related to server-hosting for Linux & NT:
    -Quake III Arena Server Setup Guide for Linux & NT
    -Quake III Arena Linux Dedicated server Binary
    -Server Administration FAQ 
    	RAM usage:
    For general use free for all, tournament maps, and team
    deathmatch, a com_hunkmegs setting of 16 is sufficient. Using the
    included tournament maps only, a com_hunkmegs setting of 12 may be
    used to conserve more memory. Capture The Flag requires a minimum
    com_hunkmegs setting of 26 with the included maps.
    	Usage for a dedicated server:
    quake3.exe +set dedicated 1 +set com_hunkmegs 16"
    	Refer to section 6.5.4 for more information on com_hunkmegs.
    [3.1]: Adding custom maps
    	Running custom levels is really easy, here's how to do it: 
    (You need Winzip btw) 
    Create a .zip file in your baseq3 folder and place the levels you have 
    made inside with NO compression. 
    Rename the .zip file to .pk3 
    You can have a separate .pk3 file for every map you have.
    	To run the map, just type /map mapname into the console (~key)
    [3.2]: Mods
    Alliance (merged team of ExpertCTF and LMCTF)
    Barrymore Mod 
    Decimal Mod 
    Demonic CTF
    DBZ: Bid For Power
    Final vs Fantasy 2
    Grapple Hook Mod 
    GX Mod
    Human Torpedo Mod 
    Instagib (railgun is the only weapon and every shot is lethal)
    Merc's Q3A Teamplay Mod 
    Team Assault
    [4.1]: CFG Files
    	Use Wordpad to view the contents of the q3config.cfg file, as 
    Notepad doesn't display it correctly.
    [4.2]: PK3 Files
    	Use a Zip program to view the contents of the .pk3 file. I 
    recommend Winzip, a great shareware utility at http://www.winzip.com. 
    How do i find out what version of Q3A I have?
    -If it's too fast to see the the "blue" screen at the start, wait until you
    get to the main menu, then access the console using the ~key. It will be
    in the lower right hand corner or the console screen.  
    [5.1]: Point Release Beta
    What is the point release beta?
    -It is the first patch for Q3A that fixes some bugs and includes
     several new additions. It has a size of 1.12 megs.
    Where to get it (mirrors):
    Fixed Bugs and Added Features 1-7-2000
    -Store CD Key in a separate file
    -Shrink Icons on scoreboard and do away with staggered heads
    -Voting can change gametype if current map does not support current
     game type
    -Server list shows ip address
    -possible team uneven measures? (as in L-Fire CTF) Prevent team
     join, prevent capture, prevent flag pickup
    -Add team overlay location colors
    -Server Browser: Could we remember settings for "Show Full" and
     "Show Empty" ? They are reinitialized every time. I like to see *ALL*
     servers and it's redundant to have to click those two buttons every time
    -New scoreboard. Minor positional adjustments to default score board
     when clients hits more than seven, the scoreboard goes into compressed mode
     and interleaves the players head models/icons.
    -Fixed health color display bug on team overlay
    -Changing gamma causes a crash
    -Spectators can now go through doors. A spectator only teleport is
     created on each side of the door that teleports a spectator to the other
     side (spectators on q3tourney4 will love this)
    -fixed drop shadows also showing up on ground with gap
    -bots should NOT use the personal teleporter when carrying a flag
    -fixed bot_minplayers, kept loading bots during intermission because
    -changing ctf strategy randomly if the game is 'stuck' for too long
    -Bots have both agressive and passive ctf strategies
    -fixed recalculating item area even if item didn't move
    -added flag status icons to the hud, displayed as:, flag icon -- at
     base, empty colored square -- flag taken, grey colored square -- flag
    -fixed resetting rush base away time when flag returns
    -fixed bots defending dropped flags
    -fixed team leaders not giving 'orders' to themselves
    -fixed removing double quoting in chat, tchat and print messages
    -Keybind INI files are broken
    -Fixed Gamestate/Snapshot issue for modem users
    -don't play denied sound if team mate picks up the powerup
    -g_teamAutoJoin (default off), sets it so players automatically join
     a team on connect
    -g_teamForceBalance (default off), forces it so that the spread
     between the number of players on a team is no more than two. Player will be
     disallowed to join a team with two or more players than the other.
    -added callvote nextmap, and display available callvote commands if
     usage is incorrect
    -adjusted maximum width of team overlay down
    -added g_needpass serverinfo so remote browsers can determine if a
     password is needed
    -Team scoreboard needs to overlay a colored team background on the
     scoreboard to clearly show team divisions
    -added the ability to set g_password to "none" which means no
     password. This makes /rcon g_password none work
    -fixed width problem for names on the team overlay
    -team scores displayed on scoreboard in spectator mode
    -team scores are now correctly updated and displayed when joining
     game in progress
    -dead player displays crossout for weapon instead of missing texture
     on team overlay
    -Fixed scores so that only the flag carrier gets five points for
     capturing. Team members do not get a bonus--the entire team gets a capture
     point. This was the originally indended scoring for Q3.
    -Fixed it so that you get the aggressive enemy bonus for fragging a
     player who hurt your flag carrier (it had an 8 millisecond timeout, oops)
    -Add g_doWarmup to allow warmup countdown timer on all game modes.
     This helps out in clan matches, since they can do a restart and get a fair
     countdown (as opposed to a random map_restart that is abruptive). This also
     gives people with slow load times a fair chance
    -add g_doWarmup to callvote so people can vote in the warmup option
    -Player is ALWAYS shown on the scoreboard, dropped at the bottom if
     player wasn't shown in the top scores
    -drop ctf flags when player activates personal telporter (you can't
     take it with you!)
    -don't draw crosshair in spectator mode (names are still drawn
     however). Crosshair is drawn when following a player.
    -empty servers should show by default on the server display list
     adding game cvar tracking so that cvar changes made in mid game are
     told to all clients. The following cvars are tracked: dmflags, fraglimit,
     timelimit, capturelimit, g_friendlyFire, g_warmup, g_doWarmup, g_speed,
     g_gravity, g_knockback, g_quadfactor, g_w
    -added the ability to select the position of the teamoverlay.
    -Updated the game options menu to make the new positions available. I find I
     like it much more in the lower left [doesn't interfer with chat text.]
    -Available positions are: cg_drawTeamOverlay 0 -
    -added 'teamoverlay' to userinfo. This allows the server to
     determine if the client has the team overlay display on and only send the
     team information if needed (turning it off saves some bandwidth)
    -made positions on team overlay static--takes the top eight players
     by score and puts them in client order (so they won't switch positions on
     the team overlay)
    -made location strings left justified in team overlay
    -Added IP banning. Similar to Quake2 method. Two new commands addip
     _mask_ and removeip _mask_. The ban list is saved in a cvar called g_banIPs.
    -g_filterBan controls ban direction (default value of non-zero means everyone
     is allowed to connect, except this teleport spectators to other side of door 
     trigger brush when the door is Not open
    -Display 2D player, flag, ammo and armor icons if draw3dIcons is off
     in status bar and on scoreboard (so all 3D icons are replaced by 2D version
     if cg_draw3Dicons is off)
    -fixed bug where bots stand still not reacting to anything, not even
     incoming enemies
    -added new individual CTF AI
    -fixed team AI when base flag is gone
    -fixed bots ignoring your commands if your name contains certain non
     alphabet characters (like . / ~).
    -added ctf task preference for human players
    -don't start kill, hitnokill, or hitnodeath chats when there are
     nearby enemies
    -Add new cg_drawIcons cvar, turns off all icons (2D or 3D depending
     on setting of draw3dIcons
    -don't start chatting when using a powerup
    -Denied no longer sounds on same team pickups
    -dropped items can fall out of the map or stick into walls. dropped
     items should use player clipping
    -If a callvote passes with "map _mapname_", the game will keep the
     value of nextmap the same. This allows a player call vote a map change
     without upsetting the map rotation
    -Screenshots broken in Q3, restarting exe causes game to overwrite
     001 etc
    -delay deferred model load until after death, and after client
     presses fire to respawn
    -"No team_CTF_redflag in map" is no longer fatal
    -Weapon Switch Issues: I'm still getting double clicks when I run
     out of ammo on the lightning gun or plasma. I'll have the fire button down,
     it runs out of ammo, it clicks, I let go of the fire button, press down, it
     clicks again
    -Fixed up flag on flag carrier player model, made it stop rotating
     while being carried
    -CTF Flag destroyed by nodrop areas
    -s_khz 44 broken
    -Right justified the team overlay
    -default shader fix
    -com_hunkMegs now works properly, com_hunkMegs has a minimum value
     of 56 for standard gameplay and 1 for a dedicated server connecting to a
     pure server works properly, no more kickouts
    [5.2]: Point Release Beta 2
    -Control menu works properly
    -Pure server connection notification
    -2D Armor icon appears properly
    -.arena files are accumulated properly across pk3 files
    -A few other smallish fixes
    Mirrors (1.1 megs):
    [5.3]: Point Release
    Version: 1.15c
    Primary fixes in this version over beta 2 are:
    -Fixed crash when bots chat on dedicated servers
    -Fixed crash when bots chat under linux
    -bots no longer 'keep' trying to score after they respawn, if they died 
    carrying the flag.
    [5.4]: Source Code
    Mirrors (1 meg):
    Source Code tutorial:
    [6.1]: Before Getting Started
    [6.1.1]: Help System
    	Make sure you take a look at the included Q3A help system. This can 
    help to solve many common problems that you might be experiencing. 	
    	To view it, just insert your Q3A CD and select "Help" on the 
    autorun screen. 
    [6.1.2]: Scandisk/Defrag
    	It is recommended that you use ScanDisk to scan for HDD errors
    and use Disk Defragmenter to defragment your HDD. Visit sections
    for defragmentation information, and section for ScanDisk
    [6.2]: Bugs/Errors
    I am experiencing technical problems with some of the Tier 4 maps!
    -The Tier 4 maps are the largest maps and therefore require that largest 
    amount of RAM. If the game is crashing or not loading any of 
    these maps, there are some solutions you should try. First, try turning 
    light maps off and running in vertex lighting mode. You can do 
    this by entering Setup->System->Graphics and setting "Lighting" 
    to "Vertex". Second, you should turn the sound quality to low within 
    the Setup->System->Sound" menu. 
    [6.3]: CD-Key Issues
    	Remember to enter your CD key in lower case letters. If you do this 
    through the menu it's automatic, but if you set it from the console, upper 
    case letters will not work. 
    	Please post all your CD-key problems to Activision/id Software and
    NOT the AGQ3 newsgroup.
    	Just a reminder, do NOT email me or post on AGQ3 asking/begging 
    for CD-keys. You will NOT get them. Prepare to get flamed if you continue
    to do so.
    [6.4]: Directx
    	The latest, Microsoft release Direct X7. DX7 is on the Quake 3 CD. 
    You can get the latest version of Direct X via:
    	If you have any trouble with Direct X x.x, then you can remove
    Direct X x.x by getting a program at:
    [6.5]: PC Hardware
    [6.5.1]: CD-ROM
    	CD-ROM speed doesn't matter much if you've installed the full 
    version of Q3 as the CD is only used for authentication purposes in the 
    single-player game.
    	Updating your CD-ROM drivers would generally help. Go to
    your CD-ROM manufacture's web site and download any new released
    drivers for your CD-ROM drives.
    [6.5.2]: Controller
    	For PS2 mouse users, there's a utility called PS2rate written by
    Juha Kujala. This little program will basically adjust the sampling rate 
    for a PS/2 mouse to equal or surpass that of the USB mouse.
    	You can get PS2rate at: 
    Problems with mouse wheel of the Intellimouse Explorer?
    1. Go to Microsoft's home page (http://www.microsoft.com/) and install 
       all the latest drivers for the Intellimouse (3.0)
    2. From your system tray, open the properties for your Intellimouse 
       driver and click on the wheel tab. Look for Wheel Troubleshooter and 
       click on the Troubleshooter button. Get to the point in which the 
       troubleshooter asks you to load the application in which the wheel 
       is not working properly. For our purposes, this would be Q3A.
    3. Load Q3A and get to the main menu.
    4. If you play Q3A in full screen (you cannot see your desktop), then 
       do an Alt - Enter to make Q3A a window within windows. You should 
       now be able to see both the troubleshooter and Q3A at the same time. 
       Follow the instructions in the troubleshooter and the problem should 
       take care of itself.
    5. Test the mouse by starting a single user game in Q3A. 
    Problems with mouse wheel? Here's a solution:
    1. Change your mousewheel setting then exit quake without playing
       when you go back in it will be working.
    2. You will have to do this everytime you mess around in the control
       menu though.
    	Alternatively, add these lines to your autoexec.cfg (if you dont 
    have an autoexec.cfg in your baseq3 folder just make one using Notepad. 
    Remember to save it as .cfg and remove the .txt extension.)
    bind MWHEELDOWN "weapprev"
    bind MWHEELUP "weapnext"
    	Also, try removing all the references other than scroll wheel to 
    next and previous weapons in the Q3A config file. 
    For the IntelliMouse on Win9x
    For the Intellimouse on MAC
    For all Logitech mice
    How do I get the two side buttons on the IntelliMouse Explorer 
    to work in Q3A? 
    -If you have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer and want to get the two 
    new buttons on the side to work in Q3A, try the following. First, make 
    sure that you have installed the latest IntelliPoint drivers from 
    Microsoft (version 3.0). Once the drivers are installed, open the 
    control panel, choose mouse, and click the buttons tab. Do not change 
    the settings of the first three mouse buttons. Instead, set the side 
    buttons to an action key. For instance, set the large side button to 
    the F2 key. To use the large side button in Q3A simply decide the action 
    that you would like the key to perform and use the keyboard equivalent 
    of that key in the control menu. It is very important that you use the 
    keyboard equivalent within the menu and not the actual mouse button.
    [6.5.3]: CPU
    	Quake 2 offically supports Intel and AMD processors. SMP 
    (multi-processors) is supported too. In order to get the benefits from 
    SMP, you must be running Windows NT 4.0 and have a compatible video 
    card and driver combination. Currently only the TNTx and GeForce cards support SMP.
    To enable SMP support, type in the console: 
    \r_smp 1 
    [6.5.4]: Memory
    	Quake 3 Arena has a memory requirement of 64megs. While this might
    be sufficient for most users, my recommendation is to aim for 128megs-
    you'll get less disk-thrashing and better performance.
    	The console command "comhunkmegs" allows you to specify the amount
    of physical RAM for Q3A's use. Here's how to use it:
    I.   Go to Start->Run->Browse to your Q3A folder
    II.  Click on the quake3.exe icon and select "Open"
    III. The box should say "C:/program files/quake3arena/quake3.exe" (with quotes)
    IV.  OUTSIDE the quotes, add a space, then +set com_hunkMegs x
    V.   Then hit "OK"; Q3A will launch 
    VI.  After the game loads type in the console /com_hunkMegs and hit enter
         It should say used x default 56 
    Where x refers to the amount of RAM you want to use for Q3A. 
    NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use a value of x more than 3/4 of your 
    available physical RAM.
    [6.5.5]: Modem
    	Always update your modem drivers to the latest.
    I'm experiencing heavy packet loss!
    -Make sure you don't have data compression enabled in your dial-up 
    networking connection as it hinders your online gaming connections. 
    Setting error control to off might also help.
    -To do this, go to My Computer->Dial-Up Networking and right-click 
    on your connection and select Properties. Click on Configure->
    Connection->Advanced and uncheck the boxes for "use error control" and
    "compress data". 
    	If the Windows 9x computer isn't showing the correct connection 
    speed when connected to the internet, follow these steps.
    1. Click on the Start button
    2. Go to Settings and select Control Panel
    3. Double-click the System icon
    4. Select the Device Manager tab
    5. Click the [+] next to Modem and double-click the modem you use
    6. Select the Connection tab and click the Advanced button
    7. In the Extra Settings field, add "W2" without the quotes (if settings are
    already present in the Extra Settings field, add "&W2" to the end of the
    current settings)
    8. Click the OK button to exit the Advanced Connection Settings
    9. Click the OK button to exit the modem properties box
    10. Click the OK button to exit the System Properties box
    11. Reconnect.  Dial-up Networking should now display your current 
    connect speed.
    	John Carmack on 28.8K Modem Play (From Quake3World):
    "I have been playing a lot of Q3 on a 28.8 modem for the last several days.
    I finally found a case of the stuck-at-awaiting-gamestate problem that 
    turned out to be a continuous case of a fragment of the gamestate getting 
    dropped. I have changed the net code to space out the sending of the 
    fragments based on rate.
    Note that there have been a few different things that result in stuck at 
    gamestate or stuck at snapshot problems. We have fixed a few of them, but 
    there may well still be other things that we haven't found yet.
    You can still have a fun game on a 28.8 modem. It is a significant 
    disadvantage, no question about it, but you can still have a good game 
    if you play smart. If there is someone that knows what they are doing 
    on a server with a ping in the low 100s, there won't usually be much you 
    can do, but a skilled modem player can still beat up on unskilled T1 
    Make sure your modem rate is set correctly. If you have it set too high, 
    large amounts of data can get buffered up and you can wind up with multiple 
    seconds of screwed up delays.
    Only play on servers with good pings. My connection gives me a couple dozen 
    servers with mid 200 pings. 56k modems often see servers with sub 200 pings. 
    If you ignore the ping and just look for your favorite map, you will probably 
    have a crappy game.
    If you have a good basic connection to the server, the thing that will 
    mess up your game is too much visible activity. This is a characteristic of 
    the number of players, the openness of the level, and the weapons in use.
    Don't play on madhouse levels with tons of players. None of the normal Q3 
    maps were really designed for more than eight players, and many were only 
    designed for four.
    Don't play in the wide open maps unless there are only a couple other players. 
    Four very active players in a wide open area are enough to bog down a modem 
    I just implemented "sv_minPing" / "sv_maxPing" options so servers can 
    restrict themselves to only low ping or high ping players. This is done 
    based on the ping of the challenge response packet, rather than any in-game 
    pings. There are a few issues with that -- a LPB may occasionally get into 
    a HPB server if they happen to get a network hiccup at just the right time, 
    and the number used as a gate will be closer to the number shown in the 
    server list, rather than the number seen in gameplay. I would reccomend 
    "sv_minPing 200" as a reasonable breakpoint."
    []: Dual 56K
    	Channel bonding has no effect on ping ie. no matter how many 56K 
    connections you use, your ping will still be that of a single 56K.
    	This translates to ISDN as well.  Using 2B channels has no better 
    latency than 1B channel.
    []: Gaming Modem
    	The "Gaming" modem is simply a repackaging of a standard,
    pre-"Winmodem" 56K v.90 modem - the kind with its own hardware signal
    processing (by way of a UART which handles conversion of data between
    your computer and the modem on the other end). This means that it
    doesn't require anything from the system CPU in order to process
    incoming and outgoing data. Once upon a time all modems were made this
    Gaming advantages: Lower ping. Modem doesn't slow down the game by
    sucking up CPU time. Game doesn't slow down the modem, ditto.
    Gaming disadvantage: Tends to cost a bit more. Not as fast as cable or
    []: WinModem
    	Winmodem is not the best choice for online gaming. In fact, they
    just plain out suck. The reason is that Winmodem relies on the CPU
    to do most of it's job. That's a major no-no, and a small performance
    hit to your overall PC speed. Avoid getting a Winmodem at all cost.
    Don't care if it's a low price. Get cheap stuff, suffer cheap stuff's
    consequences. Go and buy a regular modem, and make sure it's not a
    	Most newer internal modems and USB modems are called "Winmodems"
    because they only work under some form of Windows (unless special
    drivers are provided) and use the CPU to perform most functions that a
    hardware modem's UART would perform. They cost less and thus have
    gained great market share, but unless you're running a seriously fast
    platform a Winmodem can't compete. When processing data, they suck up
    CPU time, just like the game does. It's the same as running two
    programs at once; neither will run as fast as it could if it had the
    CPU all to itself.
    Gaming advantages: Cheaper. Can get you online when you can't afford a
    better modem or system.
    Gaming disadvantage: Higher ping. Modem tends to transfer data slower
    with other programs running. Games tend to run slower when online.
    Greater possibility of installation and performance problems due to
    adding more software to the system.
    [6.5.6]: Sound
    	Quake 3 Arena officially supports Aureal's A3D. Creative Lab's 
    Environmental Audio (EAX), the other major contender, is not supported.
    Emulating A3D with the Soundblaster Live! card
    [6.5.7]: Video
    	You MUST have a 3D-accelerator to play Q3A since software rendering
    is not included in the game. Q3A takes advantage of OpenGL to perform 
    []: 3dfx
    	Q3A supports 3dfx cards by OpenGL. Choose Voodoo instead of default
    driver to let your Voodoo x cards run as your hardware acceleration. 
    	Please update your 3dfx video card with the latest drivers. Currently 
    the latest reference drivers are the DX7 beta drivers. You can get them at: 
    	If you get this error: "Mutual exclusion prohibits this", then
    this means that there are two programs try to use the Voodoo 2 card at
    the same time. Do Ctrl+Alt+Del to see if anything else is using your
    Voodoo 2 card. 
    	For Voodoo2 users , you might also like to try Metabyte's WickedGL 
    (not Wicked3D) drivers instead of the regular 3dfx drivers. You must 
    register first but the registration is free. Here's the link:
    []: Matrox
    Screen too dark under Windows 2000?
    -Edit the following line in your "Quake III Arena\baseq3\q3config.cfg" file,
    change it from:
    seta r_overBrightBits "1"
    seta r_overBrightBits "0"
    Start Q3A and the brightness control should now work.
    []: Multiple 3D Cards
    	Go to http://www.3dfiles.com/utility/ and go under Multiple
    Video Cards section. Click the link and it should give you multiple
    programs to choose from to let you switch from 3D cards, like the
    TNT/Voodoo x for an example.
    []: NVidia
    Video too dark with your TNT2 card?
    -Try adding this line to your autoexec.cfg file in your Q3A\baseq3
    folder seta r_gamma "1.900000"
    Video too dark with your GeForce card?
    -Try adding these lines to your autoexec.cfg file in your Q3A\baseq3
    seta r_ignorehwgamma "1"
    seta r_gamma "1.9"
    seta r_intensity "1.5"
    Screen tearing problems in Q3A?
    -You can command Q3A to use a specific refresh rate by using the console 
    command "r_displayrefresh x" where x stands for the refresh rate. 
    To users of Geforce 32MB cards:
    -It's a known problem that Q3 needs more than 32 meg to run some parts of
    some maps in 32 bit color and 32 bit high detail textures at 1024*768
    resolution. You'll see this more prominently on dm6, dm9 and dm15.
    1) keep 32 bit colour and 32 bit textures but knock the texture detail 
       down one notch.
    2) use 32 bit colour and 16 bit textures.
    3) Use a lower resolution.
    -Try setting your I/O voltage in your bios to 3.5 volts as the GeForce 
    card requires more power.
    []: PCI VS AGP
    	The biggest difference is the fact that AGP frees up resources 
    that PCI would normally use. AGP also allows you to use your system 
    memory if the video card memory isn't enough for the application/game.
    	Also, AGP is constantly being improved, so depending on your 
    motherboard, there may see some benefits from that.
    	Physically speaking, AGP is a different kind of slot than PCI, so as 
    far as compatiblity goes, an older Pentium 1 machine would probably not 
    be AGP compatible (in general) as there wouldn't be an AGP slot on the 
    [7.1]: Q3A Tweaks
    [7.1.1]: CFG File
    	Try experimenting with these commands to enhance your Q3A playing
    Command: seta cg_brassTime "0"  
    Default: 1250
    Function: Sets time to display ejected shells from weapons; 0 disables    
              shell animation
    Command: seta cg_gibs "0"  
    Default: 1 
    Function: Turn off the gibs 
    Command: seta com_blood "0" 
    Default: 1
    Function: Turns off blood 
    Command: seta cg_marks "0" 
    Default: 1
    Function: Disables display of decals (blast marks, etc.)
    Command: seta r_dlightBacks "0" 
    Default setting: 1 
    Function: Disables rendering of dynamic lights    
    Command: seta r_fastsky "1"
    Default setting: 0
    Function: Enables lower quality sky
    Command: seta r_drawSun "0"  
    Default setting: 1 
    Function: Disables rendering of sun in the sky 
    [7.1.2]: Video Settings
    	You should experiment with the detail settings in Q3A to find 
    one that balances between speed and detail. Go to Settings->System to do
    so. I recommend the highest setting on "Texture Detail" only for high-end 
    video cards eg. Voodoo3 or TNT2 as this might drastically reduce your 
    	Go to Settings->Game Options to adjust several game options.
    If you want to gain maximum speed in your game, set them to:
    "Marks on Walls" off
    "Ejecting Brass" off
    "Dynamic Lights" off
    "Identify Target" off
    "High Quality Sky" off
    "Force Player Models" on
    	In addition, try running the game in 640*480 or lower resolution 
    as this will most likely give you a higher fps.
    [7.2]: PC Tweaks
    [7.2.1]: CPU Overclocking
    	You can push a processor past its limit by a process known as
    overclocking. This refers to the changing of your CPU speed if your 
    motherboard supports modification of the FSB (Front Side Bus) and perhaps 
    the multiplier. Multipliers are generally locked, so FSB is the only way 
    to overclock the CPU. Consult the motherboard's manual if the option to 
    change FSB is available. 
    	Eg. A Celeron 300 can be overclocked to 450MHz. Since the Celeron 
    300 A (w/L2 128KB cache) is stuck on 4.5 multiplier, to get 450MHz you 
    would have to change the FSB 66MHz to 100MHz. 
    	This can be quite dangerous and may "fry" your system so make sure 
    you get someone experienced to help you if you're a newbie. Be warned that
    this will definitely invalidate your warranty so proceed at your own risk.
    Also, due to the extra heating produced, the lifespan of your system may
    be shortened. Thus, a cooling device eg. a fan or heatsink is a MUST to
    prolong your processor's lifespan and reduce crashes.
    	As stated in the disclaimer, I am not responsible should you fry
    your system after overclocking it. Be warned, YOU OVERCLOCK AT YOUR 
    	Visit Gamesurge for more information on optimising your system:
    -Q3A Tune up/Tweak guide
    -HQH's links to several overclocking sites
    	Here are some overclocking links:
    [7.2.2]: Multiplayer
    []: Netgraph
    []: Modem
    Optimising internet connections:
    Registry tweaks for cable-modem users:
    Tweaking guide for online gaming for modems/isdn:
    Connection tweaks for Q3A: 
    []: Rate
    [7.2.3]: Windows 9x
    []: Ctrl-Alt-Del
    	Use this command and close everything (ESPECIALLY Find-Fast) except 
    "Explorer" and "Systray".
    	This is to free up system resources to speed up the game. If you 
    have MS Internet Explorer, turn off Active Desktop and revert back to Classic
    Desktop. I recommend you set wallpaper to "none" as this takes up valuable
    RAM too.
    []: Defrag
    	Hard-drives store information in clusters on its platters. Over
    time, the information may be broken up into different physical regions of 
    the drive and thus slow down disk access. 
    	Make sure you defragment your hard-drive regularly (at least once 
    a month) to keep it uncluttered and in tip-top condition. Go to 
    Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Defragmenter. 
    []: Scandisk
    	Go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Scandisk. Be sure
    to scan your hard-drive regularly to keep it free of errors. 
    	A note: Make sure that you run ScanDisk prior to Disk Defragmenter. 
    From HQH's HL FAQ:
    	After loading ScanDisk, make sure you select the option
    'Standard' under 'Type of Test'. Also, make sure you check every HDD
    listed in the box. Now, click the button 'Advanced...' and enable the
    following recommended options:
    1. Display Summary: Always
    2. Log File: No Log
    3. Cross-Linked Files: Delete
    4. Lost File Fragments: Free
    5. Check Files For: Invalid File Names
                        Invalid Dates And Times
                        Duplicate Names
    	Run ScanDisk with those options enabled and fix any errors that
    are given. Always delete cross-linked files, always free up lost file
    fragments, and always fix invalid things. Most of these errors are useless 
    to bring them back, so do what's best for your HDD(s).
    []: Swap File
    	Locating the swapfile on a different partition on the same physical 
    hard-drive as Windows will degrade overall system performance, and is not 
    a good idea. 
    	The heads have to keep jumping from partition to partition every
    time Windows reads/writes to the swap-this is very inefficient. Best option is 
    to locate the swapfile on a different physical HD than Windows (if you have 2+
    HDs), or on the same partition as Windows if you only have 1 HD.
    [7.3]: Updates
    [7.3.1]: Drivers
    	Very, very important. Get the latest drivers for your videocard,
    soundcard, CD-ROM, modem etc. to squeeze the maximum performance from them.
    Besides improving performance, new drivers usually fix problems present
    in the drivers that shipped with your product.
    [7.3.2]: PC
    	If you use Windows 9x, be sure to visit Windows Update Online at
    http://windows.update.com to download the latest fixes and service packs.
    	Upgrading is dreaded by many PC owners. However, if you want Q3A 
    to fly on your system, you might have to make the occasional upgrade. Q3A 
    is a RAM hog and I recommend 128 MB to be the optimum. Processor-wise, the 
    faster the better, as always in id games :) Videocard-wise, a Voodoo2 is
    considered as the bare minimum for playable framerates.
    [7.3.3]: Quake 3 Arena
    Patches so far:
    -Point Release Beta   (7.1.2000)
    -Point Release Beta 2 (12.1.2000)
    -Point Release        (13.1.2000)
    [8.1]: Forums
    -newsgroup for Quake 3 Arena
    -newsgroup for Quake binary files
    -newsgroup for Quake source editing 
    [8.2]: Utilities
    -BSP Entity Extractor 
    -Fightclub (Game launcher)
    -GameSpy (Lists and pings servers)
    -General Q3A Guides
    -GLSetup (installs the latest GL drivers for your 3D card)
    -NewMod Utility v1.5.3 (mod compiling utility)
    -MD3 Model Viewers
    -MKLog (Q3A Statistics generating utility)
    -PingTool (Pings servers)
    -QuakeHelp (Web-site focused on Quake troubleshooting)
    -QRec v1.00 (automatic unlimited demo recorder)
    -Quake 3 Arena Wallpaper
    -Servarena (Dedicated server launching front-end)
    -Tutorials on skinning 
    [8.3]: Web Sites
    -Website of alt.games.quake1/2/3
    -Official site of Quake 3 Arena
    -Producer of Quake 3 Arena
    -Home of HQH's Half-Life FAQ 
    -Gigantic site covering Quake 1, 2 and 3
    -Features a database of Q3A maps created to-date
    -All about modifications of Q3A!
    -The site included in the Q3A Start menu.
    -QWorkshop 3, editing tutorials
    -Information on tweaking video cards, modems etc.
    -3Fingers' site
    11th December 1999    Beta Release
    16th December 1999    First Release
    3rd January 2000      Version 3.1.2000 	
    10th January 2000     Version 10.1.2000
    22th January 2000     Version 22.1.2000
    Happy Fraggin'!!!
    See you in AGQ3!
    SilverStream [AGQx]
    "Do not follow where the path may lead.
    Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
    --George Bernard Shaw
    Get the Quake 3 Arena FAQ at http://www.geocities.com/cqyyong/quake3.htm

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