I can't finish Theodor's Artifact quest. Can Anyone Help?

  1. I sepak with Segried and nothing happens. I already got installed patch 1.06. I need help or I won't be able to finish the game.

    User Info: dignitar

    dignitar - 7 years ago


  1. 1) Sindri (necklace) he is near mainentrance, its merchant, sell necklace by 1000 gold, You need get necklace by talking to him, not simple buy like all merchants.

    2) Marc and Severin (ring): talk to Marc (he is at house near back entrance to Ardea), teleport to Vengard, talk to gate keeper, back to Ardea, talk to Marc, and get quest: Find Severin and get him back to Marc. Marc should be near main entrance to Ardea.

    3) Conz: (ring) need kill Asdis. its Quest "Take care of Asdis".
    Conz is inside left bulding near entrance Ardea

    4) Segfried: (amulet) Quest: Segefried need tame wolf. Just tame wolf using spell "tame animal", and move with wolf to him.

    5) Hildur (necklace) its at table at bottom Reddock cave, guarded by 2 golems
    Also if You have problems with "SOMA NEED MAGIC ORE" just look ore at next building at the floor, this ore should be good, and you can complete quest, there is around 12 ore, for sure more then 10.
    I assume, resolving these 2 quests makes me many many troubles, im happy to help You with this

    User Info: Oakraven

    Oakraven - 2 years ago 0 0

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