Freeing 3 paladins from Kap Dun prison?

  1. The quest is given paladin Hanz.
    He asks me to free 3 paladins from prison. I do so and bring the to Hanz. The Nameless Hero tells them to rest for a while, they say 'You know where you can find us..." and then they go back to prison.

    -> Hanz won't talk to me anymore
    -> Quest 'Speak to Hanz is still on
    -> Lee went outside of town through a solid wall in a demon infested area and is nowhere to be seen.
    -> main quest can't go on

    I used latest patch (february 14th) 1.08.9

    Thank you in advance

    User Info: PopizzdioJazz

    PopizzdioJazz - 8 years ago

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