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"Anyone got a Super Nintendo laying around?"

Street Fighter II is one of the more recognized video games in the history of the medium, spawning its own franchise and introducing the world to a genre known as the one-on-one fighting game. While the genre had been in existence beforehand (with games like Karate Champ and the original Street Fighter being a couple examples), SF2 refined the formula to its finest form, resulting in a whole slew of similar games being released in all shapes and sizes. Of course, Capcom would later port their world-famous game to a variety of consoles, including the Super NES, the Sega Genesis... and there's even a PC version! Oh boy! Street Fighter II on our own computers! This is going to rock!


STORY: Well, here's the deal that you're all familiar with: eight fighters from around the world compete in a worldwide tournament, each with their own backstory and reasons for competing in this tournament. You fought all the remaining seven fighter you didn't take, compete in the occasional car-smashing, barrel-breaking bonus level, and challenge the four grand masters of the tournament before earning your character's own personalized ending. Simple stuff, right? Well... that's about the only thing this version of Street Fighter II got right.

GRAPHICS: For the most part, the graphics in this PC port of Street Fighter II look fairly nice and somewhat comparable to the arcade original... but some of the character portraits looks really bad, Ken and Ryu shoot Dhalsim's fireballs for some reason, there's some detail loss here and there. Again, it's not BAD, but it could have been better, even by the PC standards of those days. 6/10

SOUND: Oh dear... there's like three or four tracks in the whole game and they also sound completely AWFUL. I mean, sure they're based on music from the arcade game, but that doesn't give it a free pass. It just sounds utterly revolting. Now it can be argued that MIDI music was the only way to go in those days, but I absolutely REFUSE to believe that this is the best U.S. Gold (the people who ported this game) could put out. I mean, the game was released in 1992. You know what else was released in 1992 for PC? Wolfenstein 3D, a game with decidedly BETTER music composed entirely in MIDI... oh well, at least some of the voices and sounds made it through with out a hitch... fairly low-quality, but it's there. 3/10

GAMEPLAY: For what it's worth, it IS remotely possible to pull off all the familiar special moves on this control set-up which has you using one or two buttons depending on your gamepad, but the recognition and control is really hit-and-miss and most of the time, you'll just use your regular attacks. It's an almost frustrating affair to get anything working properly. Aside from that... the game feels just wonky. It apparently functions like Street Fighter II, but all the weird jumping physics and hit detection makes the whole thing feel like a third-grade computer project and not like the arcade game that people fell in love with. It can even be argued that this game makes the original Street Fighter arcade game from 1987 play like a masterpiece... and anyone who has played THAT game will tell you otherwise. 2/10

CHALLENGE: The AI is fairly standard fair and you have multiple levels of difficulty to choose from. Of course, regardless of what you choose as a difficulty setting, the game is already hard enough as is when you consider the strange, limited control scheme that you're forced to deal with. 6/10

REPLAY VALUE: None whatsoever... anyone got a Super NES laying around? 1/10

OVERALL: Street Fighter II on PC, as well as on other computer consoles, is nowhere near the strong offering that the Super Nintendo received around the same time. Even with the limited capabilities and potential that PCs possessed in that early period, there were games on the platform that really excelled on the platform and were also decidedly fun to play as well. Street Fighter II is not one of those games and is a horrible, horrible insult to the Street Fighter legacy. These days, this version is rather impossible to play on modern PCs without some DOS emulator program and perhaps that's for the best, because the last thing we need is the resurgence of this garbage. Avoid. 2/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/19/10

Game Release: Street Fighter II (US, 12/31/92)

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