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    Crest Location Guide by meentje85

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    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    Crest Locations
    On Hogwarts, there are a total of 150 crests to collect. 
    25 of those you get by collecting mini-crests.  
    You need a total of 25000 mini crests. 
    You can get these crests by casting Depulso on glowing objects. 
    The other 125 crests are hidden on Hogwarts and for you to find. 
    I am trying my best to describe the locations. 
    There are several ways to collect crests:
    #	Some are lying on the ground. Just walk over them.
    #	Some are out of reach but visible. 
    	Cast Wingardium Leviosa.
    #	Some are on a plateau on the wall or are hold by a statue. 
    	Cast Wingardium Leviosa on a nearby object, 	
    	like a bench or flowerpot, and knock them of there position.
    #	Some lay broken  on the floor. Cast Reparo.
    #	Some are stuck in or behind a plant. 
    	Cast Incendio to set them free.
    #	Some are behind a gate. Cast Depulso to break them. 
    	Then Wingardium Leviosa to get them through the gate. 
    	Then Reparo to fix them.
    #	Some are behind a spider web. 
    	Cast Incendio on the web and Wingardium Leviosa on the crest.
    There are also lion statues who are holding a crest. You have to 
    complete a sort of mini quest to set it free. This can be a duel or 
    making a potion. There are 10 of these lion statues to find.
    There are also specific banners hanging from the ceiling. You have to 
    hit these banners, a couple on a row, to  release the crest. 
    There are 5 of these banner runs.
    Then there are firework boxes. Set them of with Incedio to release 
    the crest. Then cast Reparo to fix it. There are 5 firework boxes to find.
    Walk  with Luna
    1-3	On the way to the castle with Luna, you come across these.
    4	Up the steps past Hagridís hut to the left near the trees.
    Gryffindor common room
    5	On the wall above the fireplace.
    6	On the left wall above the archway to the dormitoryís.
    Gryffindor boys dormitory
    7	On the left between two beds.
    Grand staircase
    8	From the Gryffindor tower go straight ahead, then left. 
    	Then look to the left, itís on the wall.
    9	Go further down the stairs to the left. You walk over it, canít miss.
    10	At the bottom under the stairs.
    11	From the entrance hall go down, left, right, right, itís on the left. 
    Entrance courtyard
    12-13	On the left and right of the entrance doors on the wall
    14	Go to the stairs leading to the boathouse. Itís on the right 
    	on a ledge under the window.
    15	There is a lion statue in the left corner.
    16	Go out of the courtyard towards the viaduct. To the left 
    	in the corner lies a broken crest.
    17	Go towards the paved courtyard. Itís on the left wall, behind a plant.
    18 	Just outside the viaduct, when facing the bridge itís on the left 
    	near the steps.
    19	On the inside above the big doors.
    20	Behind the pig statue
    21	Above the archway to potions dungeon.
    22	Go up the stairs, through the doors, itís on the left 
    	behind a spider web.
    23 	Continue down the hall, itís above the doors.
    24	There is a banner run here.
    25 	Go through the doors and then right. Itís above the doors 
    	leading to the transfiguration courtyard.
    Potions dungeon
    26	Coming from the shortcut portrait, itís on the left wall, 
    	behind a spider web.
    27	Next to the previous crest is a small room. There is a crest behind the gate.
    28	Out of this room to the left. Go down some steps to the right.
    29	Go back up the steps and then right under the arches.  
    	Turn around and look up, is on the left.
    Fifth floor
    30	Coming from the grand staircase, go down the steps and through the door. 	
    	Turn around, itís above the door.
    Clock tower
    31	Coming from the fifth floor straight ahead, behind the bells, 
    	on a wooden beam.
    32	Go to the left, itís next to the stairs.
    33	Go all the way down the stairs. There is a lion statue in the corner.
    34	There is a crest on the back of the clock pendulum.
    Clock tower courtyard
    35	When facing the clock tower itís to the left, through the archway.
    36	In the right corner near the tree lies a broken crest.
    37	On the wall in the left corner behind a plant.
    38	there is a fireworks box in the middle of the courtyard.
    Hospital wing corridor
    39	Coming from the clock tower there is a lion statue on the left.
    40	At the end on the wall to the left.
    Covered bridge
    41	Coming from the clock tower courtyard towards the stone circle 
    	there is a crest halfway down the bridge.
    Hagridís hut 
    42	On the roof of Hagridís hut.
    43	To the left on a stone in a plant.
    44	At the end to the left.
    45	There is also a lion statue at the end.	
    Stone circle
    46	Looking at the covered bridge, itís above the doorway.
    47	To the left of the bridge, in a plant.
    48	Towards the owlery on a stone to the left.
    49	A little further, towards the cave, is a fireworks box.
    50	On the outside wall, left of the entrance.
    51	As you enter, itís under the stairs.
    52	Go up the stairs, to the first floor. Itís under the stairs.
    53	Go up the stairs, itís behind the gate.
    Quidditch cave
    54	On the wall above the entrance to the cave.
    55	On the path next to the pond, you canít miss it.
    56	Go around the pond, on the wall straight ahaid, near some stalagmites.
    Quidditch tower
    57	Go down the stairs and look through the big arch shaped windows to 
    	the opposite tower. There is a crest on the wall.
    58	Exit the tower and go left up the stairs. There is a crest 
    	behind the bench in the corner.
    Quidditch locker room
    59	In the middle of the room, on a pedestal.
    Training grounds
    60	Coming from the quidditch locker room go up the stairs and then left, 
    	itís in a plant.
    61	Go around the fenced area, itís on the wall left of the tower with 
    	huffelpuff flags.
    62	Follow the wall to the right, there is another one on the 
    	wall behind a plant.
    63	Continue along the wall. Up the small steps.
    64	Facing the herbology entrance, itís on the left behind the gate.
    65	Turn around, itís in the middle on a stone.
    66	On the right of the herbology entrance behind a gate.
    67	From previous crest, look to the right on the wall, itís 
    	above the alcove with the flowerpot.
    68	Around the corner on the left side in an alcove behind a spiderweb.
    69	Continue down the path, youíll come across a lion statue.
    70	there is a firework box near the fenced area.
    71	From the training grounds, through the small room, take the greenhouse 
    	to the right, itís left in some bushes.
    72	Exit this greenhouse, look up to the left wall, above the entrance.
    73	Turn around, at the end between the greenhouse, on the ground 
    	lies a broken crest.
    74	In the other greenhouse, all the way to the end to the left.
    Herbology corridor
    75	Coming from herbology, immediately to the right in a pot.
    76	There is a banner run here.
    77	In the corner is a lion statue.
    78	Around the corner on a bench.
    79	Go right up the stairs, itís to the left on the wall.
    Library corridor
    80	Coming from the herbology corridor, itís around the first 
    	corner on the left wall.
    81	At the end near a desk, lies a broken crest on the floor.
    Charms classroom
    82	On the right wall.
    83	On the left at the end of the table.
    84	There is a lion statue in the left corner.
    85	All the way at the back, itís behind the middle gate.
    86	Turn around and go left. Itís between two bookcases to the left.
    Paved courtyard
    87	Coming from the grand staircase, go through the door then turn around, 
    	itís above the door on the wall.
    88	Go up the stairs and follow the path, at the end go left, 
    	at the end is a crest.
    89	Go up the stairs, there is a firework box here.
    90	Continue, at the end is a crest on the wall behind a plant.
    91	In the small tunnel towards the boathouse is a crest on the left wall.
    Dungeon corridor
    *At the end of this corridor is a stairs to the 6th an 7th floor*
    92	Coming from the potions dungeon,  itís on the left near the metal fence.
    93	A bit further on the left wall.
    94	A bit up the stairs at the end of the corridor.
    95	Halfway up the stairs is a crest hold by a statue.
    First floor
    96	Coming from the grand staircase, follow the corridor, go left, 
    	continue through the double doors, turn around, itís above the doors.
    Third floor
    97	Coming from the grand staircase, go down the steps and into the corridor. 
    	Halfway this corridor stand a statue on the left holding a crest.
    98	Continue down the hallway, down the stairs, 
    	itís on the left behind a gate.
    Suspension bridge
    99	Coming from the 3rd floor, itís above the opposite doors on the wall.
    100	There is a lion statue on this bridge.
    101	Coming from the entrance courtyard, Itís on the stairs to 
    	the boathouse, near the end.
    102	Itís high on the wall of the boathouse, you can see it when 
    	youíre coming down the stairs.
    103	Itís on the wall above the doorway.
    104	When going toward the paved courtyard, itís hidden in 
    	the bushes to the left.
    105	Proceed towards the paved courtyard, itís on the rock wall on 
    	the right, behind a plant.
    106	There is a firework box on the path between the boathouse 
    	and the paved courtyard.
    Sixth floor
    107	There is a banner run on this floor.
    Seventh floor
    108	Coming from the grand staircase, follow the corridor, 
    	itís in a small alcove on the left.
    109	Continue forward, itís on the wall above the door.
    110	Turn around, go left, left again, itís to the right on the wall.
    111	There is a banner run on this floor.
    Stone bridge
    112	Coming from the viaduct corridor, itís above the doors you entered from.
    113	Itís on the side next to the opposite doors.
    Transfiguration courtyard
    114	Itís on the wall next to the door to the transfiguration classroom.
    115	From the shortcut portrait, go right and into the courtyard, 
    	turn around, itís left of the arch on the wall.
    116	There is a lion statue near the shortcut portrait.
    117	In the doorway of the tower in the middle of the courtyard is a crest.
    118	There is a banner run in this courtyard.
    Transfiguration classroom
    119	As you enter turn around, itís above the doors.
    Astronomy tower
    120	Coming from the training grounds, as you enter is on the left wall.
    121	Down the corridor, go left to the circulair stairs. 
    	There is a statue here, itís behind it.
    122	Go up the stairs, halfway up go left down the stairs. 
    	Through the door, turn around, itís above the door.
    123	There is a lion statue in the corner.
    124	Around the corner, straight ahead, up the steps, past the gate, 
    	itís straight ahead behind a gate.
    125	Turn around, itís to the left of the gate on the wall.
    So, this is all the locations of the crests. The other 25 are gained 
    by collecting mini crests. I hope itís of use to you. Thank you for reading.

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