Friends and fellow countrymen unite! Our fair kingdom of Slavaria must suffer no longer at the hands of our unjust king, Boleslav, and his malevolent chancellor Lord Drakul. We must rise up and find a way to break the evil spell that has taken over our once beautiful countryside. Our lands lie wasted at the hands of Boleslav's soldiers; our villages are in ruin; many of our good people are dead. And why may you ask? Because Lord Drakul has decreed that no stone will remain unturned until he has found the Crimson Crown, and captured the Transylvanians whom he claims stole the crown from him.
We, loyal citizens of Slavaria, know better! The Crimson Crown rightfully belongs to our good neighbor to the north, Prince Erik of Transylvania. Upon recovering the crown from Lord Drakul and destroying the fortress of Karel Thurg, the Prince set to sea only to be overpowered by a great and deadly tidal wave. Rescued by a kind Slavarian fisherman from almost certain death, the Prince has now regained his health. He asks that we join him in his quest to find the all-powerful crown, lost in the tidal wave that almost took his life. He also yearns for any news of his sister, the Princess Sabrina, and of the brave adventurer who accompanied him on his journey. So rise up good people of Slavaria! The time to fight is now!! Help Prince Erik and myself rid ourselves of this foul stench, named Drakul, and his henchmen who lay siege to our fair land. Let us show King Boleslav that we will no longer tolerate his tyranny!!

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