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    Walkthrough by wolvenbane

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    Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City
    Virtual Villagers 3, like the first two, is a casual game. The object is to
    help your villagers survive until they can discover the true nature of the city
    they found. The game will continue to play even when it is turned off (it uses
    your system clock to determine how much time has passed between play sessions
    and calculates building percentages, food stores, tech points, etc). As such
    you probably won't play for more that 30 minutes at a time but it's a nicely
    done game nonetheless.
    VV3 doesn't need a walkthrough per se, but I've included solutions for all
    16 puzzles at the bottom. Hints and tips are just below if you don't want to
    completely spoil the game.
    Use your mouse to interact with villagers and move (click-n-drag) around
    the map.
    Thanks to several other websites where I got some of the information including
    the complete potion list (I had only made about 40) and the solution to the
    clam puzzle.
    About your Villagers:
    * Nursing mothers can NOT perform any other task. Keep this in mind if you are
      setting up parents. A male parent will have children with ALL females of
      breeding age (18-40ish). A female parent will have another child only when
      she is through nursing the first.
    * Set your villagers' prefered skills in the "Details" page. Put a check by
      the skill you want them to perform the most. Villagers can learn more than
      one skill, and will do any job they have been trained for. It is a very good
      idea to have your doctor(s) trained in farming and/or building so they can
      help elsewhere when there are no sick villagers.
    * Untrained villagers tend to wander off. A lot. When teaching your villagers
      a new job be certain to watch them until they repeat the task on their own. 
    * Children can learn a job at age 14. Just like adults, drop them where you
      want them to work (at the research table for scientists, huts that need
      repair for builders, etc.). From ages 2-13 they just gather collectables.
      Kids can also pick herbs! Use them to grab potion ingredients quickly. Drop
      them on the herb/collectable and they'll pick it up.
    * Villagers will drop the objects they are carrying if you pick them up or
      interrupt them with a celebration/lecture. If it is an important item like
      a key, don't worry. The item warped back to the place you found it.
    Hints and Tips:
    * Make sure to plant your first seed right away! Drop an adult villager on the
      seed near the lift. That seed may be a mango, papaya,or banana (random).
    * The collectable tablet pieces will start to appear near the rubble when the
      rubble clearing project is at least 2%.
    * You will need more builders and scientists than any other profession. The
      builders are required for many of the puzzles and of course to expand your
      village by building huts. Scientists give those precious tech points that
      you'll spend on upgrades.
    * Village Chief powers (can be used once per day, based on Leadership):
      1. Magic Food - drop the chief on the food bin to create 100+ food.
      2. Teaching - drop the chief on the podium in the ampitheater (where the
         chief's robe hung) to give a lecture. The children will sometimes gain
         skill points.
      3. Collectables Locator - drop the chief at the top of the stairs (by the
         door). S/he will "look" for a rare collectable. One will appear within a 
         few moments and will only stay on screen for a short time. Either pause 
         (space) the game or carry a child around while you are looking.
    * Drop the Village Chief onto a project (such as hut building) and s/he will
      direct work. This will help complete the project faster.
    * Mushroom Cheat! When you see a mushroom pause the game. Drop a child onto
      the mushroom. Grab a second child, unpause the game, and drop them onto the
      same mushroom. If done quickly both children will pick up a mushroom and
      you'll get double the food. This works with other collectables as well.
    The six herbs:
    * The Cactus is located just above the Science area.
    * The Black Orchid is on the edge of the grassy area below the orchard
    * The Rose is located on the right edge of the orchard, below the hanging thing
    * The Lotus is to the left of the stairs near the bath
    * The Tiger Lily is partway up the path to the door (orange flower on right)
    * The Berry (Magic) or Pitcher Plant (Nature) is located to the left of the
      alchemy lab where the kids go when nature calls. These plants only appear
      when you have purchased Level 2 in your faction.
    Potion Combining:
    R - Rose 
    O - Black Orchid
    C - Cactus 
    L - Lotus 
    T - Tiger Lily
    P - Pitcher plant 
    B - Berry 
    Ingredients Result 
    R + R + R = Romantic/Embrace
    R + R + O = Feels Lonely
    R + R + C = Fertile
    R + R + L = Happy feet - Dances
    R + R + T = Stinky Breath - Villager burps green cloud
    R + O + O = Stomachache - minor health gone
    R + O + C = Burns - minor health gone
    R + O + L = Awful - makes Villager sick
    R + O + T = Burns - minor health gone
    R + C + C = Yummy - Kids drink
    R + C + L = Light & Springy (able to get pink diamond)
    R + C + T = Blannesamagawa loomajoobamooga!! (crazy!)
    R + L + L = Fertile
    R + L + T = Woozy - Villager spins and sits
    R + T + T = Fun - acts like child
    O + O + O = Yikes! Half health gone
    O + O + C = Stomachache - minor health gone
    O + O + L = Stomachache - minor health gone
    O + O + T = Woozy - Villager spins and sits
    O + C + C = Awful - makes Villager sick
    O + C + L = Energy - runs short while
    O + C + T = Must exercise!
    O + L + L = Nasty, bitter
    O + L + T = Has to Go! Nature Calls!
    O + T + T = Sleepy - sits/lies down
    C + C + C = Minor Health given
    C + C + L = Medium Health given
    C + C + T = Nasty, bitter
    C + L + L = Medium Health given
    C + L + T = Feels Hungry (eats a lot)
    C + T + T = Nasty, bitter
    L + L + L = In a Trance
    L + L + T = Hiccups - Villager hiccups & jumps
    L + T + T = Nasty, bitter
    T + T + T = Fun - acts like child
    P + P + P = Itchy
    P + P + R = Feel Better
    P + P + O = Sleepy - sits/lays down
    P + P + C = Feel Better
    P + P + L = Feel Better
    P + P + T = Awful - makes Villager sick
    P + R + R = Soapy - hiccups floating bubbles
    P + R + O = Burns - minor health gone
    P + R + C = Feel Better
    P + R + L = Fertile
    P + R + T = Hiccups - Villager hiccups & jumps
    P + O + O = Gets rid of sharks (several villagers take to ocean)
    P + O + C = Nasty, bitter
    P + O + L = Burns - minor health gone
    P + O + T = Has to Go! Nature Calls!
    P + C + C = Too hot - tries to cool off
    P + C + L = Feel Better
    P + C + T = Nasty, bitter
    P + L + L = Having an epiphany in a trance  nothing
    P + L + T = Stomachache - minor health gone
    P + T + T = Nasty, bitter
    B + B + B = Paralyzed ...can't move...
    B + B + R = Burns - minor health gone
    B + B + O = Sleepy - sits/lies down
    B + B + C = Nasty, bitter
    B + B + L = Burns - minor health gone
    B + B + T = Awful - makes Villager sick
    B + R + R = Gets rid of sharks (several villagers take to ocean)
    B + R + O = Burns - minor health gone
    B + R + C = Scientific Clarity
    B + R + L = Yummy!
    B + R + T = Yummy!
    B + O + O = Nasty, bitter
    B + O + C = Who turned out the lights?!
    B + O + L = Feels Smarter
    B + O + T = Has to Go! Nature Calls!
    B + C + C = Freezing - Tries to get warm
    B + C + L = Feel Better
    B + C + T = Nasty, bitter
    B + L + L = Epiphany/Trance
    B + L + T = Stomachache - minor health gone
    B + T + T = Whoa! Teleports villager near beach
    Puzzle Walkthrough:
    TIP: puzzles do not have to be completed in any certain order (with a few
    noted exceptions). I suggest you complete 1 and 2 immediately. Do #3 next.
    Depending on your tech points complete 6 and 11 as soon as possible. The
    lift (#6) will help you get more seeds in your orchard. Getting rid of the
    sharks (#11) gives you an unlimited food source.
    -=Puzzle 1=- THE FIRST CHIEF
    Villagers Required - Any (all)
    Tech Required - None
    Drop all your villagers on the robes in the amphitheater. If you can't find 
    your chief right away wait until the moms no longer have babies and drop them
    on the robe. You will need to repeat this process each time the chief dies.
    -=Puzzle 2=- THE BEEHIVE
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - None
    First light the fire (collect wood and dry grass in the firepit, then light the 
    fire). Then drop an adult villager on the burned out torches near the hive.
    S/he will return the torch to the hive and calm the bees so you can collect 
    -=Puzzle 3=- THE ALCHEMY LAB
    Villagers Required - Adept Scientist
    Tech Required - None
    Scattered randomly around the village are five items: 3 pots (red/white,
    yellow/white, and brown), a bowl with spoons, and a spear (orange/brown with
    a gray blade). Drop your scientist(s) onto each item and they will return to
    the lab. Once the fifth item is returned the lab will be complete and you
    may begin brewing potions. (Collect all three ingredients, drop a scientist
    onto the alchemy table, and when the potion is finished drop a villager onto
    the potion pot and they will drink it.)
    -=Puzzle 4=- ROSTER OF THE DEAD
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - None
    At the far right of the map is a grassy area - at the upper right of this area 
    is a big leafy bush. Have some villagers remove these leaves which uncovers the 
    roster of the dead (they will gain building skill; trained builders can
    accomplish this faster).
    -=Puzzle 5=- WEATHER DANCE
    Villagers Required - Chief, 3 Adept Farmers
    Tech Required - Lvl 2 Leadership
    First drop the chief on your lit fire. S/he will begin weather dancing. Then 
    drop the farmers on the fire and they will join in. You will know they are 
    successful when sparkles appear over their heads and under their feet. 
    -=Puzzle 6=- THE LIFT
    Villagers Required - 3 Adept Builders
    Tech Required - Lvl 2 Restoration
    Drop your 3 builders on the "strange machine" in the orchard. Make sure their
    action line reads "repairing the lift". If you have done this correctly, the
    lift will be repaired.
    -=Puzzle 7=- THE RUBBLE
    Villagers Required - Any (builders are faster)
    Tech Required - Lvl 2 Restoration
    Drop a villager on the pile of rocks at the bottom of the map. S/he will clear 
    away the rocks, gaining building skill.
    -=Puzzle 8=- THE ANCIENT BATH
    Villagers Required - Master Builder
    Tech Required - None
    You will need to have completed Puzzle 3 before this one. Drop your 
    builder on the chalkboard in the alchemy lab (s/he will "see" it if you fly
    them over the lab) - s/he will create the plans for the bath. Drop your 
    builders on the bath to complete the project.
    -=Puzzle 9=- THE STATUE
    Villagers Required - Chief, Master Builder
    Tech Required - Lvl 3 Restoration, Lvl 3 Leadership
    You will need to solve puzzle 8 (the bath) before you can complete this
    puzzle. Drop the Master Builder on the chalkboard and s/he will draw up plans 
    for the statue. Drag an adult villager up the path to the door until s/he 
    "Sees a good place to anchor the statue" -- this villager is more likely to be 
    successful if s/he has some building skill. That villager will then build 
    scaffolding to help anchor the statue. Your chief must direct work on the 
    statue, so drop him/her on the statue to begin this process - if the chief 
    stops directing work, then progress will halt until you return the chief to 
    his/her duties. Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the 
    statue to help "pushing the statue". The villagers must push the statue up the 
    path towards the door. This will take several hours. Drop a few extra builders
    to make it go faster.
    -=Puzzle 10=- THE ORCHARD 
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - Lvl 2 Restoration
    You will need to plant three seeds to complete the orchard. You should have
    planted the first seed already. If not, it's to the right of the lift. Drop
    a villager onto it and s/he will plant it. For the next two seeds you will
    have to complete puzzle six (the lift). When a rainstorm starts put an adult
    villager on the life (their action will say "standing on the lift) and wait
    for the bucket to fill with water. When the lift rises to the top a seed will
    drop. Put the villager on the seed and s/he will plant it. When all three
    trees are mature the puzzle is complete. If you are having trouble getting a
    villager on the lift in time, pause the game as soon as it starts raining.
    Drop a villager onto the lift and then unpause. You can do a weather dance
    to force rainfall.
    -=Puzzle 11=- SHARK REPELLENT
    Villagers Required - Scientist
    Tech Required - Lvl 2 Faction
    You will have to complete puzzle 3 (alchemy lab) to do this puzzle. Make a
    potion depending on your faction. NATURE: Black Orchid, Black Orchid, Pitcher
    Plant. MAGIC: Rose, Rose, Berry. Have a villager drink the potion. S/he will
    take it to the ocean and get rid of the sharks. You may now go fishing in the
    -=Puzzle 12=- AROMATHERAPY
    Villagers Required - Master Doctor
    Tech Required - Lvl 3 Medicine
    You will need to have completed Puzzle 8 (the bath) to do this puzzle. Drop
    your Master Doctor in the bath. S/he will fill the bowls around the bath with
    lotus plants ("doing aromatherapy"). Then drop a Master Doctor on the fire to 
    light the burners and finish the puzzle.
    -=Puzzle 13=- THE ASH DIAMOND (Key)
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - None
    After playing for a while you will notics sparks around the fire. Let it go
    out and a diamond will appear in the ashes. Drop villagers by the waterfall
    (the rightmost one where they drink/wash) and they will carry water to the
    hot diamond. Continue dropping villagers on the waterfall until they start
    drinking water again. The diamond is then cool enough for a villager to carry
    to the door.
    -=Puzzle 14=- THE PINK DIAMOND (Key)
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - None
    You must have the alchemy lab to solve this puzzle. Make a potion from a
    Cactus, Rose, and Lotus. Have a villager drink it and s/he will feel light
    and springy. Drop him/her by the pink diamond (far right of the lift, above
    the orchard) and s/he will try to reach the key. They will jump up, grab the
    key, and carry it to the door.
    -=Puzzle 15=- THE BLACK PEARL (Key)
    Villagers Required - Chief, Master Builder
    Tech Required - None
    You must restore the statue (puzzle 9) before you can solve this puzzle. A
    pearl will appear below the statue. Have a master builder pick up the pearl.
    S/he will will take it to the waterfall to be finished. Then have the Chief
    pick up the pearl. S/he will take it to the clam and switch it for the key.
    -=Puzzle 16=- THE SUN DIAL
    Villagers Required - Any
    Tech Required - None
    You will need to have solved Puzzles 13, 14, and 15. Once all three keys are in 
    the door the sun dial room will be revealed. Drop a villager on the sun dial 
    until it reaches the position at the furthest left (there are three locations 
    for the sun dial). When a beam of sunlight hits the sun dial, ghostly figures 
    will appear in the room. Drop a villager on those ghosts and the mystery of the 
    secret city will be revealed!
    FIN - Thanks for reading!

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