Xtreme Weapons

A Bloody Knife for slicing and dicing alien scum
The quiet but Xtremely deadly Silent Uzi
Roast a couple enemies with the napalm packed Roman Candle Launcher
Put those crappers in a deep freeze permanently with the Statue Maker

Xtreme Game Options
Modify game options and launch Duke Nukem 3D from within Windows 95
Choose and adjust the behavior of several game features
Create your own hacks with the CON editor

Xtreme Duke Modifiers
Alter Duke's health, visibility and gore levels
Customize your weapons by altering ammo amounts, pick-amounts and blast radius.
Configure Items to have more, or less, staying power
Cause Duke to spew blood & guts when injured

Xtreme Monsters
The Gorilla Captain: pumped with enough explosive rounds to take out Duke quickly and painfully
The King Cobra: more than just a snake, it's a poisonous death trap

More Xtreme Stuff
Adjust the speed, strength and weapon power of all alien scumbags
Crank up the gore level and watch those alien monsters splatter with intensity
Change fountains of water into fountains of blood and wads of poison
Turn dead alien bodies into lethal exploding corpses or have them resurrect into ghosts.

Plus 50 Xtreme Levels

Works with Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Atomic and Duke Plutonium

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