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Wizard101 is one of the best games today, especially for kids. It is a turn based style RPG where you are a wizard from another world brought into Wizard City by the headmaster, Ambrose, to go to Ravenwood School of Magic, however you are ambushed by Malistaire Drake, the once teacher of the School of Death, who it seems is now bent on causing havoc. You duel through different worlds attempting to track down and stop the rogue professor. You duel with cards to cast powerful spells and summon minions to aid you in battle. It is Harry Potter meets Yu-gi-oh.

The worlds (which most are based on real life places such as Egypt and Japan) are eye catching and very well done. There are characters based on both real life people and famous book characters such as Sherlock Bones (I'm sure you can guess who this is) and Krokopatra (as in Cleopatra the last Pharaoh Queen of Egypt). There are many features this game hosts such features as pvp, instances, pets and most of the usual MMO stuff. There are some features that are lacking though, such as a party system and a guild system. There is filtered chat, which makes it nice not having to deal with the usual foul language and extremely rude/childish behavior of most other games. There are many new releases coming out as well including housing, new wizard classes, pets, worlds, spells and more. Though marketed as a "family" game hard core gamers find it enjoyable as well.

Game play itself is easy as they take you through a tutorial right from the start and all info on instances and quests can be located on the forums of or the official fan site

There is flexibility to the game as far as payment goes as well. You can pay a monthly subscription, which with 2 accounts is still cheaper than one account on most MMO's, or you can use the "crowns" system which is basically a cash shop, but you can buy different parts of the game (ie the street you will be working on or the next world when your ready). However BOTH are not needed as pretty much everything in the crown shop is sold in regular shops for in game gold.

The "free" trial is a permanent trial, which means you can play as long as you want, enjoy the unranked pvp and many of the other features of the game. However at some point to continue with the quests and leveling you will need to use one of the two options of payment.

Overall the game is well worth playing. From the beautifully designed worlds to the newly added voice overs, anyone from the youngest member of your family to the most dedicated gamer will enjoy this game, and for the price it can't be beat. 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/30/09

Game Release: Wizard101 (US, 09/02/08)

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