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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Tempestvolt

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    Combat Arms Strategy Guide
    I'm too lazy too make ASCII art, or even make the font bigger. At least now you 
    can read it easily.
    If you want to skip all of the boring stuff, scroll down a bit until you hit 
    Guide. Remember, CTRL+F saves you vauable time when reading large guides. 
    79 character test
    Version Information
    Version 0.5 December 28, 2008: This is my plain first version of this guide. 
    The other guide wasn't very in-depth, so I decided to make one. I'll make it 
    nicer when I finish all of the maps, don't worry. I have Junk Flea done and I 
    am starting Two Towers. This is just a test to see if anyone likes the guide. 
    I've only played Snow Valley 8 times despite the popularity of it, so that will 
    probably be one of the last maps I do.
    Legal Stuff
    Plagiarism is a bad thing, kids. Don't do it.
    Copyright 2008 Nathan Thom
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Sites permitted to present this guide:
    A note on hacking:
    Hacking, glitching, or exploiting faults in games is bad thing too, kids. It's 
    a bannable offense, and it screams to other players that you have absolutely no 
    skill. Even if you wanted to try hacking, you're pathetic. If you are a hacker, 
    I don't like you. I WILL report you, you WILL get banned, and I could get some 
    GP doing it. If Nexon ever starts IP or some other form of permanent banning, 
    you'll feel stupid because you can't play the game anymore, and I get to laugh 
    at you. This may seem harsh to some people, but once you see how it ruins the 
    fun of the game for other people, you'll understand why I feel so strongly 
    about this subject.
    General Strategies:
    1. Never stay in one place for more than a few kills. The enemy will find a way 
    to your spot without you knowing and kill you. If you are going to camp, do it 
    only for a few kills, then move to a new spot.
    2. Check all popular camping spots when moving. Most people will not know 
    strategy #1, so they will often run to a popular camping spot and stay there 
    until they die, when they die, they'll run back. You can use this to your 
    advantage by running past all of the spots that I describe in the guide and 
    killing any enemy in them.
    3. Reload every time you get behind cover. A few bullets can mean the 
    difference between life and death. Shotgun users, remember that you can shoot 
    while reloading, so reload after every kill.
    4. Aim for the head. A shot to the head is a one hit kill, no matter the range. 
    The protection that some headgear gives is minimal, it doesn't help.
    5. Buy mines and use them. The default grenade doesn't do much, so replace it 
    with mines. The are best used outside enemy spawnpoints, in popular enemy 
    camping spots, and on popularly traveled enemy paths. You get 3 per life, and 2 
    will kill someone with full health.
    6. When using a shotgun, remember that the crosshairs won't grow larger when 
    you jump. Use this to your advantage by jumping around your enemy when you are 
    shooting them. This is called bunnyhopping if you didn't know.
    7. Remember to use your secondary weapon. If you run out of ammo on your 
    primary, a pistol can still kill people. The default one really isn't that bad, 
    you know.
    8. Look up. There are many places that people can jump to that are up high, so 
    you have to look up to see them.
    I'll have more soon, but I can't remember any more at the moment.
    Random information:
    Remember the number 1 rule of "teh intarwebz:" If someone is better than you, 
    they obviously hack. (This is a joke people, read the line below.)
    After you spawn, you are invincible for three seconds. This is why you don't 
    run into the other team's base and shoot them as they appear. You have to wait 
    for them to stop glowing bfore you can damage them.
    No one likes a rude person. Don't go around accusing people of hacking, it just 
    makes you look stupid. Don't talk down to them, they will just get mad and 
    attempt to cuss you out. Only be mean to hackers and people who call you 
    If someone says "ns" to you, resond with a "thanks" or something. They are 
    complementing you ("ns" means "nice shot", you use it if someone gets revenge 
    on you or they score a headshot), so respond to it kindly in turn.
    If you want to aggravate someone(by someone, I mean your friends, not 
    people that you don't like), there is nothing funnier than seeing that your 
    death was caused from a pistol headshot. 
    If someone calls you a "shotty noob" (A person that likes to use the shotgun 
    and does well with it), make sure you keep killing them with the shotgun. If 
    you can, only kill them with headshots from a shotgun. This teaches them to
    respect the shotgun, and they might stop yelling at you. Don't be rude.
    Yay, finally we get to the good part!
    I will try to describe areas as well as possible, but you will have to play the 
    game to know what places I'm talking about.
    Every map has tons of good places to hide in, snipe from, jump off of, lay 
    mines in, and go through. I will describe as many spots as I can that are 
    useful. If you know of a good spot that I have not described, send me an email, 
    I'll try it out in the game, and if it's good, I'll include it in the guide.
    I will outline each map like this:
    Game Mode I'm outlining:
    My preferred team on this map:
    Alpha Strategies:
    Bravo Strategies:
    Miscellaneous information for this map:
    Here we go:
    Junk Flea
    Alpha Strategies: This is not a sniping map, first of all. The best weapon to 
    use here would be a shotgun or a gun with a high rate of fire.
    Places to check: When you run our of the main entrance, check your right for 
    someone, and go to you left to look there also. Make sure to look up also as 
    you exit the base. Keep going forward, check the tunnel and the small spaces 
    next to it for people. As you run past the purple box, make sure to turn to 
    your left and check. Also check the space next to the tank.
    If you are going to exit the base from the right side, look to your right as 
    you exit the doorway, and then check behind both of the large cylinders ahead 
    of you. Move towards the tank and check the space next to it. Go past the tank 
    and check to see if there is anyone standing in the boxes. Keep following the 
    gate. When you go past the large box next to it, look for someone in the 
    If you are going to exit from the second floor, check the top of the stair 
    case. As you exit the doorway, check behind the door.
    Camping spot number 1: Go behind the large cylinders and stand facing the gate. 
    If you move to you left until you hit another gate, you can look through the 
    gate and see part of the Bravo base. It is hard to hit through the gate, but 
    you can do it. 
    Spot #2: Behind the large box beside the gate. When you go past the tank, you 
    will see a large box and a raised object behind it. Jump on top of the raised 
    object, and then onto the box. You can watch the enemy as they run out of their 
    base. If you stand on the raised object and jump repeatedly, you can see people 
    run by. Wait until they come near, then jump on the box and get them from 
    Spot #3: Behind some boxes near spot #2. If you look left from spot #2, you can 
    see some boxes next to some pipes. Run behind those and look trough a crack. 
    You are very hard to see and to hit, but you can still fire from there. It's 
    probably better to just watch people go by and follow them.
    Spot #4: In a corner near spot #2. Jump on top of the box in spot #2 and look a 
    bit to your left. You will see a large object with a corner inside it. Stand 
    there and wait for someone to go by.
    Spot #5: in a corner next to the Bravo base. As you run toward the main 
    entrance of the Bravo base, you should see on last turn of the fence. Go there 
    and move into the corner. Wait until somebody runs past, then shoot them.
    Spot #6: On top of the purple box. Remember how I described the purple box in 
    the places to check? Get on top of that to see a small crack at your feet. you 
    can shoot people through this or just wair for them to get near you.
    Spot #7: The small corner next to the purple box. You should be able to see a 
    small corner in between two grey boxes. Stand in there and shoot people as the 
    come around the corner.
    Spot #8: Next to the tank on the Bravo side. When you get near the Bravo tank, 
    run in between the gap between it and another object. You can watch and shoot 
    the enemy as they run out of the side of their base.
    Spot #9: Behind the doorway on the side of the Bravo base. Just stand next to 
    the doorway and shoot people as they come out. Pretty obvious.
    Spot #10: The rooftop of the Bravo base. As you come through the top tunnel 
    across the map, you will see a railing next to the stairs. Jump onto it. After 
    ou land on it, do a running jump onto the rooftop. From here you can shoot down 
    at the unsuspecting Bravo team.
    Spot #11: Behind the second floor door of the Bravo base. When you move along 
    the roof of the Bravo base, you will see a door. Hide behind this and wait for 
    people to run past.
    Spot #12: The second floor of the Bravo base. As you enter the base from spot #
    11, you will see a space between the staircase and the wall. Stand in there. 
    You will be able to see part of the first floor and anyone that comes up the 
    stairs. You are hard to hit from here, so get ready for some mad Bravo players.
    Spot #13. Behind the boxes in the Bravo base. Descend the stairs from spot #12, 
    or just enter through the first floor entrances. Beware for spawners, they will 
    be invincible for 3 seconds. Run into the row of boxes and move to your right 
    as you hit the wall. This is a very hard to see spot, and you can follow anyone 
    that spawns from here.
    Bravo Strategies: This is not a sniping map, first of all. The best weapon to 
    use here would be a shotgun or a gun with a high rate of fire.
    Places to check: When you run out of the front of your base, turn left and 
    check for someone there. Keep going forward, staying close to the fence, and 
    look to your right. There is often someone standing in the right angle between 
    those two blocks, waiting for someone to run by. One hard to get to camping 
    spot is behind the small boxes next to pipess next to the tunnel. It's hard to 
    descibe. The enemy can shoot through a crack and kill you, but you can't hit 
    them easily. You can go inside the tunnel over their head, slip through the 
    crack halfway through it, and aim down to hit their head. A grenade works too. 
    After you check there, go around the large box next to the fence and check for 
    someone hiding there.
    If you leave your base by the small door on the right, turn right to see if 
    somene is there. Keep moving toward the tank in front of you, when you move by 
    it, look to your left, someone could be crouching in between the tank and the 
    object next to it. Keep going forward, turning to the left because of the wall, 
    look for a small corner ahead of you. It is between two of the grey boxes. 
    After you check that, turn around and face the purple box ahead of you, check 
    the back part of it for a person.
    If you exit from the second floor, look around the top of the staircase. As you 
    go past the door way, look behind the door and on the roof.
    Camping spot number 1: Below the stairs outside of your base. If you jump onto 
    those concrete blocks and crouch, you can see the Alpha team when they get past 
    the truck. Not much of you is exposed, so you can hit them while they can't hit 
    you. To get you from behind, the Alpha team could go through the tunnel above 
    you and run below the stairs, but they won't do that very often because it is 
    near your spawn point.
    Spot #2: On the left side of spot #1. This is behind a large box. If you look 
    to the left of it, you can see anyone passing by the tank. If you hide part of 
    yourself, you will be harder to hit while still having a clear shot.
    Spot #3: On top of the object near the tank on the Bravo side. As you go past 
    the tank, go into the small corner there. Face away from the tank and try to 
    jump onto the object in front of you. You may have to move a bit to the right 
    to do this. You do not want to get all the way up on the platform. You should 
    be able to see the truck next to the Alpha base. You can shoot people from this 
    spot, and you will be hard ot hit.
    Spot #4: On top of the boxes next to the tank on the Alpha side. Another hard 
    place to describe, a bit past the concrete barrier near the tank there are a 
    couple of boxes. You jump on one of them and crouch to get a good view of 
    whoever comes up to go through the tunnel next to you, and a view of the second 
    floor door of the Alpha base. If you stand up, you can see the heads of anyone 
    who runs out of the side of the base. This spot is pretty hard to hit, and you 
    can only aim at the second floor doorway, but it has other uses. When you see 
    someone get onto the platform above you, you can jump on top of the second box, 
    and then onto the platform next to them. They probably won't see you, so you 
    can stalk them throught the tunnel. If you see someone run out of the firts 
    floor doorway, you can jump onto the tank beside you and hit them.
    Spot #4: If you go to the right a bit from the previous spot, there is a small 
    path that you can follow that is next to a gate connect to the stairs. If you 
    turn left at the end, you can fit into a small space that you can observe 
    people from. It is difficult to kill people from here, but if you see someone 
    pas by, you can jump onto a box beside, and then onto the tank to hit them.
    Spot #5: At the Alpha side of the high tunnel, you can jump from the top right 
    edge of the platform onto a ledge. You have to run and jump to reach it, it 
    takes preactice. (You can use this ledge to watch the Aplha team run by so you 
    can drop down and follow them, but you need to keep going to get to spot #5.) 
    From here, facing the wall, there is an object blocking your path to the right. 
    You can try to jump on top of it, but you'll end up falling off of the ledge 
    right in front of the Alpha base, and you don't want that. You have to jump 
    around it, as impossible as that seems. Just jump to your right and push left 
    in midair, this also takes practice. Once you get past here go forward and jump 
    onto a ledge across a gap. From this ledge, you can shoot the Alpha team as 
    they come out of the base. They probably won't look up, so you won't be found 
    until you shoot someone.
    Spot #6: Next to the front entrance to the Alpha base. As you run toward their 
    base you can see a small space off to the right. Run in their and wait for 
    someone to come out, then follow them. 
    Spot #7: As you run to the front entrance of the Alpha base, go to your left. 
    Is a right angle, and you stand there. The enemy will run past you, probably 
    seeing you, but you can shoot them before it registers.
    Spot #8: Behind the large cylinders next to the side entrance of the Alpha 
    base. If you manage to get back here, you can shoot anyone that comes out of 
    the side of the Alpha base, first and second floor. If they find you, run to 
    your left and wait for someone to appear.
    Spot #9: Behind the first floor doorway on the side of the Alpha base. Not much 
    to say, just wait for someone to run by and shoot them. I don't know why I'm 
    even including this.
    Spot #10: The platform outside the second floor of the Alpha base. Before you 
    enter the doorway, go behind the door and wait for someone to come out of the 
    Spot #11: The second floor of the Alpha base. When you get inside the door way, 
    you will see a staircase leading down. Go to the right of it and crouch down. 
    In this corner, you can see part of the first floor and anyone that comes up 
    the stairs. You are hard to see and to hit, but you have a clear shot.
    Spot #12: Sniping spot! Go up to the second floor of you base, leave the 
    doorway, and get behind the door. You have a clear shot of the high tunnel.
    Spot #13: The spot where you go if your team is trapped in your base! When you 
    spawn, you can see a row of boxes. Get inside that row and jump at the side 
    that is closest to the exit. You should be able to see through the crack the 
    top of the row. If your team really is trapped in their base, there should be a 
    bunch of Alpha people outside the main entrance. If you move along to the edge 
    of the row, you should be able to see them. You can shoot from here, but the 
    other team will have a hard time hitting you!
    Miscellaneous: This is a small map, so people will find you easily. If you are 
    close to the enemy spawn point, DO NOT STAY IN ONE PLACE! Sit in a spot for a 
    kill or two, then move away so your victims can't get their revenge. Scenario 
    1: You are on Alpha and you get to the Bravo rooftop. You kill a few people 
    when they run out of their base, and then you sit there and wait for them.
    Suddenly, you get knifed in the head from the side. Before you  
    start with the hackusations, think about it. The person that killed you was one 
    that you had kept shooting from the roof. They just might have been smart 
    enough to run upstairs and find you sitting up there. Wow, you're stupid. 
    Scenario 2: You are on Alpha and you get to the Bravo rooftop. You get a couple 
    of kills from up there, and then you decide to wait for the people who want 
    their revenge. You run behind the door that comes out of the second floor of 
    the Bravo base and see two people rush to where you just where. You kill them 
    before they notice you and then run downstairs behind the boxes in the base. 
    They respawn and then head upstairs again to go behind the door. You follow 
    them until their invincibility wears off and then kill them both yet again, 
    chuckling to yourself. You're so smart because you never stop moving. 
    Hackusations from the guys you kept killing ensue.
    How to contact me:
    If you see and error in the guide or you if have something to contribute, send 
    me an email at Tempestvolt@gmail.com. Since I type quickly and use Metapad, I 
    won't catch all of the errors I make. Don't worry, I won't be offended if you 
    have a bunch of spelling or grammar errors to tell me about.
    If you like the guide, I would greatly appreciate any emails telling me that 
    you do! Hate mail is not okay though.
    I would like to thank some people because they have something to do with the 
    writing of this guide:
    The people of Nexon, because I had to have a game to play to write a guide.
    GameFAQs, because I had to put my guide somewhere, and it's finally a place 
    that is all about video games.
    Devileo of GameFAQs, because he was the only one to say that a better strategy 
    guide would be a good idea.
    You, because you at least looked at the guide.
    I will include just about anyone by name that sends me an email that is not 
    full of hate.

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