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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tjofanan

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 01/11/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *THIS GUIDE CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING:                             *
    *                                                               *
    *   {Spoilers                                                   *
    *      [100% Completion List                                    *
    *      [Mission Solutions                                       *
    *      [Awards/Prizes                                           *
    *      [360 Achievements                                        *
    *      [Other Misc. Spoilers                                    *
    *                                                               *
    *   {Some mature language (Nothing excessive - I promise)       *
    *                                                               *
     Date Started: 10/16/08
    Finished Date: 10/22/08
    contact: Email me at Saints2faq@hotmail.com
    =*=*=*=*=*=Version History=*=*=*=*=*=
    Current Version: FIN
       Main Guide finished. Currently each Main Story Mission and Stronghold only
    have the quote from the newspaper clippings in-game. Some missions have
    more detailed walkthroughs. I will detailed walkthroughs for all of them
    over time.
       Activity rewards not all complete. Will add as I complete them, or as
    people send them to me.
       I finished the game, and added a lot more missions to the FAQ
       I still would like ANY information you have (See below)
       Fixed some spelling errors
       Added "Contributors" Section. please check it out!
       Added achievements list
       Added awards for activities.
       Added spoiler alerts from my Saints Row 1 FAQ. I know you missed 'em.
       Added 100% completion list (Joe Watson)
       Added numerous suggestions sent in by other people.
       Added a few more sections. Cleaned up some more misc. spots.
       Added Hitman/Chop Shop info that I have recieved.
       Chop Shop lists available.
       Some more errors fixed.
       More Activity information available
       Many contributors added to the FAQ. All of their info has been added, and
          they have all been fully credited. If there has been an error in your
          contribution, please let me know so I can fix it.
       Only a few more things to add.
       Chop Shop info pretty much complete.
       Hitman info pretty much complete.
       Crowd Control Info completed
       More suggestions sent in from contributors for activities and some
       I would estimate this guide at about 97% done. There is some info missing
          in chop shop tips, but nothing really important. It isn't the final
          version yet, but it's close, so keep sending in information =D
       Added more shop info sent in from people. Really it is the only thing
          missing from the FAQ.
       If you have any other information that I don't have, please send it in!
       If you have anything dumb that needs fixing (spelling errors, info errors)
          send me a note telling me please.
       If you have any info that still may be missing from the FAQ
          *cough*shoplistinformation*cough*, please email me.
       This will be the last major update, although some small fixes may be made.
       Reorganized activities section. Tried to make it less busy and easier to
          read. Hopefully it helps somewhat. . .
    You have my permission to post this FAQ on your website, given the following
       You do NOT edit and/or change the file in any way
       It must be clearly stated, in an appropriate position, that I am the
    writer of this FAQ.
       You must update the FAQ within a reasonable time of it being posted on
       I would appreciate an e-mail telling me if you see someone abusing these
    [Players 1] [Co-op 2] [System Link 2-12] [512 KB to save game]
    [HDTV 720p/1080i/1080p] [in-game Dolby Digital]
    [Online multipler 2-12] [co-op 2] [content download] [leaderboards]
    My total playtime to complete career
       Please tell me about any typos or errors you see throughout the FAQ.
    I will still make updates every now and then, so it will still get fixed.
       I don't plan to add anymore sections (Tags or CD's), or make any
    major changes.
         ______ _______        .  .
        /. .  // . . ./_____\ ._ __.____               ________________
       /. ___//.___  //.   / \.\\\__. __\ _____  _____/\. .\  /\  / . /
       \. \  /./  / //_ ._/ \ \.\\ /./   / ___/ / _  /. \  .\/ .\/ . /
        \. \/./  / /  /./   /  \.\\\.\  / /   ./.// /./\ \  . . . . /
        /. /./__/ /  /./   /  . \.\\\ \/ /  . /  . /./ / /\  .     /
       /. /.     /  /./   / ./\ .\///./\ \.  /  /\.\ \/ /  \      /
      / ./.___  /__/./__./../  \  // /\/./  /  / / /\  /   /  /\  \
     /  / /  / //______//__/    \//_/\__/  /__/ /_/  \/   /__/  \__\
    /  / /  / /Table of Contents
    I) Controls                            (Cont123)
    II) How to use the guide               (Howto123)
    III) The Story                         (Mstor123)
          A) You're Alive!                    (Alive123)
    IV) The Main Story Missions            (MAINST123)
       A) 3rd Street Saints                   (SAINT123)
          1a) Jailbreak                          (SAIjb123)
          2a) Appointed Defender                 (SAIad123)
          3a) Down Payment                       (SAIdp134)
          4a) Three Kings                        (SAItk123)
       B) Ronin                               (RONIN123)
          1b) Saint's Seven                      (RONss123)
          2b) Laundry Day                        (RONld123)
          3b) Road Rage                          (RONrr123)
          4b) Bleeding Out                       (RONbo123)
          5b) Orange Threat Level                (RONot123)
          6b) Kanto Connection                   (RONkc123)
          7b) Visiting Hours                     (RONvh123)
          8b) Room Service                       (RONrs123)
          9b) Rest in Peace                      (RONri123)
         10b) Good D                             (RONgd123)
         11b) One Man's Junk                     (RONboss)
       C) Brotherhood                         (BROTHER123)
          1c) First Impressions                  (BROfi123)
          2c) Reunion Tour                       (BROre123)
          3c) Waste Not Want Not                 (BROwa123)
          4c) Red Asphalt                        (BROrd123)
          5c) Bank Error in your Favor           (BROba123)
          6c) Thank you and Goodnight            (BROth123)
          7c) Retribution                        (BROrt123)
          8c) Jail Bait                          (BROja123)
          9c) The Enemy of my Enemy              (BROte123)
         10c) The siege                          (BROts123)
         11c) Showdown                           (BROboss)
       D) Sons of Samedi                      (SONSOFS123)
          1d) Got Dust, Will Travel              (SONgo123)
          2d) File in the Cake                   (SONfi123)
          3d) Airborne Assault                   (SONai123)
          4d) Veteran Child                      (SONve123)
          5d) Burning down the House             (SONbu123)
          6d) Bad Trip                           (SONba123)
          7d) Bonding Experience                 (SONbo123)
          8d) Riot Control                       (SONri123)
          9d) Eternal Sunshine                   (SONet123)
         10d) Assault on Precinct 31             (SONas123)
         11d) The Shopping Maul                  (SONboss)
       E) Ultor                               (ULTOR123)
          (Please note) Ultor missions will contain extreme spoilers.
          1e) Picking a Fight                    (ULTpi123)
          2e) Pyramid Scheme                     (ULTpy123)
          3e) Salting the Earth...Again          (ULTsa123)
       <> GAME ENDING
       || 4e) ...And a Better Life               (ULTboss)
       || 5e) Revelation                         (ULTextr)
       <> GAME ENDING
    V) Strongholds                         (STRONG123)
       A) 3rd Street Saints                   (SAISTRO123)
          1a) Stilwater Caverns                  (SAISst123)
       B) Ronin                               (RONSTRO123)
          1b) Humboldt Park Science Museum       (RONShu123)
          2b) Amberbrook Museum Pier             (RONSam123)
          3b) New Hennequet Rec Center           (RONSne123)
          4b) Suburbs Strip Club                 (RONSsu123)
       C) Brotherhood                         (BROSTRO123)
          1c) Sommerset Apartments               (BROSso123)
          2c) Imperial Square Pagodas            (BROSim123)
          3c) Poseidon Alley Docks               (BROSpo123)
          4c) Wardill Airport Hangars            (BROSwa123)
       D) Sons of Samedi                      (SONSTRO123)
          1d) Elysian Fields Trailer Park        (SONSel123)
          2d) Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs           (SONSba123)
          3d) Stilwater University Student Union (SONSst123)
          4d) Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock     (SONSsu123)
       E) ULTOR                               (ULTSTRO123)
          1e) Rounds Square Shopping Center      (ULTSro123)
    VI) Activities                      (ACTIVI123)
       A) Crowd Control                    (CROACT123)
       B) Demo Derby                       (DEMACT123)
       C) Drug Trafficking                 (DRUACT123)
       D) Escort                           (ESCACT123)
       E) Fight Club                       (FIGACT123)
       F) Fuzz                             (FUZACT123)
       G) Heli Assault                     (HELACT123)
       H) Trail Blazing                    (TRAACT123)
       I) Insurance Fraud                  (INSACT123)
       J) Mayhem                           (MAYACT123)
       K) Septic Avenger                   (SEPACT123)
       L) Snatch                           (SNAACT123)
       M) Hitman                           (HITACT123)
       N) Chop Shop                        (CHOACT123)
       O) Diversions                       (DIVACT123)
    VII) Shops                          (shop123)
       A) Customization                    (CUSSHO123)
       B) Drugs and Liquor                 (DALSHO123)
       C) Music                            (MUSSHO123)
       D) Notoriety                        (NOTSHO123)
       E) Clothes                          (CLOSHO123)
       F) Vehicles                         (VEHSHO123)
    VIII) Extras                        (Extra123)
       A) Secret Areas List                   (secret123)
       A) 100% Completion List                (100pc123)
       B) Achievements                        (goatse123)
       C) Money-Making strategies             (moneyguide123)
       D) Zombie Uprising                     (zombie123)
       E) F.A.Q.                              (FAQ123)
    IX) Contributors                    (contrib123)
    X) The End!                         (TheEnd123)
    These are the default controls for Saints Row but they are customizable.
    Thank you again to Levrar for the layout of this control list. He let me use
    his in the last guide, and since I still can't make it for some reason, I
    stole his. Thanks!
       On Foot
     * A                         | Reload/pick up weapon/object
     * B                         | inventory
     * B + Left Joystick         | Select Weapon
     * B + D-Pad                 | Select Drug/Food
     * X                         | Jump
     * Y                         | Action/enter car
     * Click of Left Joystick    | Crouch
     * Left Joystick             | Move
     * Right Joystick            | Look (click-fine aim)
     * Left Bumper               | human shield/HOLD-hold human shield 
     * Right Bumper              | Sprint
     * Left Trigger              | Secondary attack/kill shield
     * Right Trigger             | primary attack
     * Up on D-Pad               | Recruit/Dismiss followers
     * Down on D-Pad             | End Activity/Mission
     * Left/Right on D-Pad       | Taunt/Compliment
     * START                     | Pause
     * Select                    | Bring up map
     * A                         | Accelertate
     * B                         | Inventory
     * X                         | Brake/Reverse
     * Y                         | Action/exit car
     * Click of Left Joystick    | Nitrous/Hydraulics
     * Left Joystick             | steer/select weapon
     * Right Joystick            | camera/CLICK-horn
     * Left Bumper               | Cruise control/PLANE-rudder left 
     * Right Bumper              | Look behind/reset camera/PLANE-rudder right
     * Left Trigger              | Handbrake/HELI-Alt attack
     * Right Trigger             | Primary attack
     * Up on D-Pad               | Recruit/Dismiss followers
     * Down on D-Pad             | End Activity/Mission
     * Left/Right on D-Pad       | Change radio
     * START                     | Pause
     * Select                    | Bring up map
    {How to use the guide}  (Howto123)
       This guide is set up to let you enjoy it in the simplest way possible.
    You'll notice on the Table of Contents that each section has a word followed
    by 123 next to it.
       This is for your convenience. if you want to see a certain section and
    skip right to it, simply copy the word that is in the parentheses and paste
    it into a search bar for the FAQ. the words in the ( ) appear only twice in
    the guide, once in the table of contents, and once in the document itself.
    {The Story}  (Mstor123)
            You're Alive!           |
             (Alive123)             |
       Oh yes, you're alive. You might have thought that being in the midst of a
    large explosion on a boat would have killed you, but you were wrong. And
    thats not even the best part! You're in prison. And apparently you've been
    there for 6 years in a coma. Hmm. . .
       The doctor removes your bandages and my what 6 years can do. You may
    have been one person in that explosion, but i guess 6 years can change your 
    sex, race, height, weight, and face. Ok. 
    "Did you do something with you're hair?"
       Turns out Troy was an undercover officer who is now the chief of Police.
    He "cleaned up the streets" after the Saints died out, and a company called
    Ultor owns the land the Saints used to own. Turned it into a tourist trap
    to show the cities past plight and how they overcame it. whatever.
       Gat lvies with Aisha and has been wanting to bring back the saints
    ever since you left. Nobody has seen Julius since, and nobody has any clue
    what happened to him. Either way, Stilwater is still gang infested
    and its only about to get one more to deal with.
       So you woke up, and it's big news for one particular prisoner. Big enough
    that he gets himself stabbed so he can get sent to the medical ward to talk
    to you. He has a plan to get you both out of there.
       This prisoner wants to get back to the mainland. No problem. All
    you have to do is. . well. . .all the work. He'll tag along and help you out
    if he can. So, i guess we might as well trust him.
    {The Main Story Missions}  (MAINST123)
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Mission Title<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
          Suggestions (not requirements) for this mission
       "Newspaper article"
    Before starting the main story missions, Melo sent in a suggestion to
    make the entire game infinitely times easier. Lance M also sent in a few
    tips and fixes to this list. Here's the tip:
    Before completing any missions do the following activities:
       Airport Drug Trafficking
       Projects Fuzz
       Barrio Heli Assult
       All Hitman locations
       Factories Insurance Fraud
       Downtown Snatch
       Chinatown Snatch
       Nuclear Plant Mayhem
    Doing the 7 points above will unlock the following perks:
       X2 Ultimax Shotgun (Best in game)
       Kobra Pistol
       Gal 43 SMG
       Infinate ammo for Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles and SMG's
       Infinate Sprint
       30% reduced bullet damage
       Flamethrower and Annihilator RPG
    These perks will make the game more enjoyable, mainly because you never have
    to worry about ammo.
          These are some tips from Jeremy Cook concerning these activities.
       Although it can be incredibly frustrating to track down some of the hitman
       marks, this is the easiest non-escalating aggression tasks kill all
       50 people to get unlimited rifle ammo.
       Septic Avenger Suburbs gives 5%-15% accuracy improvement in writing,
       but actually at 15% removes all weapon jitter.  These are easy to
       complete and turn rifles into the best weapon in the game.
       Airport Drug Trafficking is pretty easy due to unlimited ammo given to
       you during the missions and for some the shotgun will be king to them,
       I'm not impressed with the shotgun so much.
       Fuzz in Red Light all 6 lvls gives best pistol and unlimited Ammo.
       I don't recall the last two levels that difficult, but took multiple
       tries to complete them
       Downtown snatch gives best SMG and unlimited SMG ammo, without accuracy
       perks is best weapon in the game when have unlimited ammo; but was
       impossible for me to complete lvl 5-6 without taking over almost all
       sectors by doing most of the ronin missions.
       Factories Insurance Fraud gives unlimited sprint, which is nice but is
       not what I call a must have perk.
       Barrio Heli Assault is pretty easy, especially the first three levels,
       but the less damage perk isn't that critical, I played the whole game on
       normal difficulty without ever doing this activity.
                            /\                /\
                           /  \      /\      /  \
         _________________/__  \    /  \    /    \
         \__  ______/  \____/\  \  / /\ \  /      \
            \ \    / /\ \  /  \  \ \ \/ / /   /\   \
          ___\ \  / /_/ / / /\ \  \ \  / /   /  \  /
          \__  / /     / / / / /\  \_\/_/   /   /_/
        __  / / /  /\  \/ /_/ /  \_________/
        \ \/ / /  /  \  \    /   (SAINT123)
         \__/ /__/    \__\__/      \/  \/
       So time to start the missions. Better get off this island, I guess.
    It wont be too hard. Just work your way through the prison, and as soon
    as you get the chance, steal a cop-car (Y). It'll make it easier to get
    to the opposite end of the island (the dock).
       Not too hard to start off with.
    "A former member of the famed Third Street Saints awoke from a coma today,
    orchestrating a symphony of destruction that engulfed the entire island
       The inmate had been taken to the prison infirmary after
    awakening, and from there overpowered a prison doctor before making their
    way outside.
       After an intense gunfight, the fugative presumably made their
    way to the prison's dock and escaped pursuit by boat.
       Details are sketchy, but it is presumed this dangerous individual was 
    aided by another inmate."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Appointed Defender<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       shotgun ammo
       You can't own the world on your own. At least at first. You need to
    rescue your old buddy Gat. He's just been convicted and sentenced to death.
    conveniently on the same day you wake up from a 20 year coma and escape an
    alcatraz-like prison. Good timing. So you have to break into the courthouse
    and go on a massive shooting spree. It isn't too hard, just take cover
    when you get low on health, and reload by tapping A whenever you have a
    "In a stunning turn of events, Johnny Gat has escaped custody moments
    after being convicted of multiple counts of 1st degree murder.
       After the guilty verdict was read; an armed assailant, who is presumed
    to have recently escaped prison, burst into the courtroom and freed Gat.
       The pair then managed to fight their way out of the courthouse and lost
    their police pursuit somewhere downtown.
       The attack has left numerous dead, including one judge."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Down Payment<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       So you and Gat need somewhere to work from, and the old church is owned
    by Ultor and made into a landmark. I guess an old rundown werehouse will
    work. You'll have to go in and clear out a good sized area so that you
    can have some space to yourself. If you have a shotgun, it'll help a lot.
    Just do as the mission says and it'll be over in no time.
    "The streets of Stilwater are beginning to overcrowd.
       A recent surge in the homeless population has been attributed to an
    attack on an underground shantytown. It is unclear as to what precisely
    occurred; as attempts to interview the displaced have thus far lead
    only to rpeated stabbings and wallet theft.
       We will keep you updated as these attacks directed toward the homeless
    continue to spike."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Three Kings<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Finally we have a leader or two, a base of operations, now we just need to
    begin reqruiting some luetinents. You'll have 3 seperate sub-missions to do
    here. None of them are all that hard. One involves towing a car. Just drive
    slowly so you dont lose control, and don't take too sharp of turns. Another
    just involves killing some people. Just go one by one and make sure you are
    ready to move on before you go onto the next person. One of the longer
    missions to begin with, but overall not bad.
       Also, when you are done with this mission is when the actual game can
    begin. You'll have everything you need for a gang. Time to start some
    "Apparently, it has all been leading up to this. It began with a presumably
    benign prison break, but it has ended with the resurrection of the dreaded
    Third Street Saints.
       Residents have reported multiple sightings of the purple clad crew
    roaming the area, doing anything and everything to impress possible
    reqruits -- from gang related killings to dangerous joyriding.
       The gang has kept relatively quiet, but we at the Stilwater Gazette
    can only assume this is indeed just the calm before the storm."
                                        / /  \
             _____                      | |  |
             \    \                     | |  |
             | |\  \ .______.____  __  _|_|__|_ ____  __ 
       ._____| |/  |_|  __  ||   \_| |(___  ___)|   \ | |_
      /      |     / | {  } ||    \| |    | |   |    \| | \
          |    /  | {  } || |\  \ |    | |   | |\  \ | |
     \ \_____| |\ \__| {  } || |_\   |___/| |   | | \   | |
      \______| |_\ \_| {__} || |__\  | ___| |__ | |__\  |_/
             |_|  \_\|______||_|   |_|(________)|_|   |_|
                                RONIN123|  | |
                                        |  | |
                                        |  | |
         |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Saint's Seven<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Shotgun ammo
       The first Ronin mission starts off with some action. The Ronin are making
    way too much money from their casino. You'll have to go in (hopefully you
    have a shotgun) and kill lots of Ronin gangmembers. When you work your way to
    the back, you'll have to protect Gat as he rigs some explosives to the doors.
       When I was at this part, Gat got stuck. All i did was run into him a few
    times to try to get him out of the corner. It won't take too long, but you
    will have to be ready for quite a bit of Ronin every now and then.
    "Poseidon's Palace was the scene of a deadly robbery today as Johhny Gat
    and the leader of the Third Street Saints stormed the casino.
       The pair apparently blasted their way to the back of the casino, and
    then set explosives to crack the casino safes. The Saints then escaped the
    casino under a hail of gunfire before somehow eluding police."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Laundry Day <<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       nothing, really, but SMG ammo will help.
       So now you have a large pile of money. Aisha is a little upset, but
    oh well. Pierce thinks laundering the money is a bad idea, but like you care.
    So head to buy a car, and Then head to buy a gun. Then you have to go to
    re-sell the merchandise. A pretty nice drive, Ronin will probably start
    attacking soon, but not that bad. When you get to re-sell the product,
    the lady will have to go to her stash. Grrr. . . Ok well you have unlimited
    ammo and she's driving. Just protect her car and thats pretty much all
    you can do. The whole mission isnt too bad. Just tag along and do your best.
    "The third Street Saints and the ROnin cut a swath of destruction downtown
    today. Prelimary investigations suggest that the ROnin caught the Saints
    in the midst of trying to launder money recently stolen from Poseidon's
       Chief Troy Bradshaw had no comment on the situation brewing between
    the Ronin and Saints."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Road Rage<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       So Gat caught some guy riding on your turf. It turns out the Ronin are
    trying to find the Saints' hideout. Drive around and blow up the other
    motorcycles. There will be 4 at first, then by the end you will have killed
    7. Its not too hard of a mission, just be careful not to run into stuff on
    the motorcycle or youll be on the pavement in no time.
    "A fight between the Ronin and the Saints has left a trail of bodies and
    officials are still combing through the wreckage for clues.
       Sections of the Stilwater freeway are currently shut down while 
    investigators continue to piece together exactly what happened, but
    officials say they expect the highway to return to full capacity soon."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Bleeding Out<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       you and Gat are about to walk into the house, when you realize something 
    is up. Aisha is being held by the douche with the swords. You bust in for 
    a fight, and take out most of the Ronin, but, something very bad happens.
    and then another very bad thing happens. SPOILER --- SPOILER --- SPOILER ---
    SPOILER --- SPOILER --- ok so Aisha got her head chopped off, and Gat got
    stabbed. Jees. what a bad day. Fortunately Gat isn't dead. Hes just in the
    process of bleeding to death. Someone is on their way to pick him up and take
    him to the hospital, but in the mean time you have to protect him. Have fun.
    Take cover when necessary and reload (A) often.
    "In a stunning turn of events, legendary pop singer Aisha was found murdered
    in a suburban home years after being officially declared dead.
       When asked, Chief Troy Bradshaw declined to answer if he knew that
    (until recently) Aisha was still alive."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Orange Threat Level<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "Tempers flared yet again between the Ronin and the Saints today, this time
    at the Wardill Airport. Authorities say increased security will be the norm
    for the forseeable future at all terminals, and reminds travelers to always
    carry a sidearm."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Kanto Connection<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       The ninja spirit?
    Drive to the Restaurant, no hurry, just don't die.
       When you get there it's time for a sword fight. Kill all the smaller people
    first, and then right before the bigger ninja swings at you, press R or L to
    counter, then get to hit body and hit him with R or L. If you swing too early
    during his attack, he will counter you.
       Get used to when you have to swing to properly counter, because another
    sword fight will come later on.
    "Bodies litter the popular dining spot, Kanto, after a birthday party
    was interrupted by members of the Third Street Saints.
       kanto representatives are confident the restaurant will reopen
    for business within the week."
    A suggestion from Saintsrowruler
       After you kill Jynuchi, if you're fast enough you can grab his double
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Visiting Hours<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       God i HATE this mission! by far the most frustrating mission I have played
    so far. You go visit Gat in the hospital, when the Ronin decide to attack.
    So now you need to get Gat out, while hes on a gourney, while the Ronin
    attack. Grrr. Be sure to have a LOT of pistol ammo.
       Go up to his annoyingly large gourney and press Y. You'll have to drag him
    to the elevator, to the front door, THEN BACK to the elevator, to the
    heli-pad. While in the hospital. Use your pistol and your map to protect him
    as much as possible. When you get onto the elevator it will heal him, but
    but only once. After the second time on the elevator, the heli-pad doors are
    right around the corner. Then fly the helicopter back to your hideout.
       Just try to not get frustrated at corners, and work around them the best
    you can.
    Suggestion from Smitty Smith
       Wish I knew this when I did this mission. Apparently you can leave the cart
    and walk around the corner by yourself. If you kill all the Ronin in the next
    room before you wheel Gat in there, I found that they won't respawn.
       Thanks, Smitty, for the info =)
    "Stilwater Memorial is a disaster scene today and patients are being
    transported to nearby facilities.
       Witnesses describe a mass pandemonium as Ronin gang members stormed
    the hospital in search of a patient, presumed to be Johnny Gat of the
    Third Street Saints. Hospital officials are optimistic that power will be
    restored and patients can begin returning shortly."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Room Service<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       FULL SHOTGUN Ammo
       FULL SMG ammo
    This mission is really a run and gun. Work your way up the hotel, and kill
    everybody you can. After you plant your first bomb, run to the next ones.
    You're on a time limit now. After the last bomb is planted, and all the
    important people are killed, jump over the ledge. I know you might be kind of
    hesitant, but jump off the top ledge. During your fall, press Y to activate
    your parachute. Land safely (I hope) on the ground floor. Really its just a 
    longer mission, but it isn't too hard.
    "Citizens were shocked as a downtown hotel was rocked by explosions
    earlier today.
       Witnesses report seeing Ronin and Saints fighting inside the hotel
    before the explosions began. Claims of an individual base jumping from
    the top floor of the hotel into the atrium have yet to be confirmed."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Rest in Peace<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       One of my least favorite missions. You will need a LOT of shotgun ammo, and
    even more pistol or SMG ammo. You are in an open area with lots of enemies.
    Try to take cover and take out a few at a time. In the end, Gat buries that
    little bastard alive. Not much more to this mission than that. Pretty awesome
    scene at the end -- one of my favorite scense in one of my least favorite
    missions. neat.
    "The son of Kazuo Akuji is missing and presumed dead after yet another fight
    broke out between members of the Third Street Saints and the Ronin.
       Witness say the younger akuji had expressed interest in assaulting
    the Saints leaders while they were attending a funeral, but the Stilwater
    Gazette has yet to confirm this."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Good D<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Shotgun ammo
       Pistol OR SMG ammo
       Well, as the headline says, the Ronin are starting to become desperate.
    They have pretty much no resources, they are losing territory, and have
    no control on what happens to them. They decided to attack the Saints'
    hideout. They found a way in the back and are trying to destroy the support
       Start off by going to the designated area, and get out your SMG. Once the
    people start coming in, just shoot em up. Be really careful not to leave
    anybody, because some of them have rocket launchers, which will really
    lower the health of the columns. After the first wave, you will have to go
    to the next area. Do the same here. If you get close to someone, pull out
    your shotgun and gun em down. From distances the SMG or Pistol.
       After that wave, you have to kill any remaining Ronin in the area. Just
    Go to wherever they are at and shoot em. Also, if you press the Back button
    (Map) while in the underground building, it will pull up a map of the
    hideout, which will help you find your way around if you get lost. There
    are also a few tags in here if you run across them.
       After killing off all the Ronin, the leader of the Ronin shows up. He
    barely gets away, but it's ok, because theres only one more mission left to
    go. Buh bye samarai.
    "After being taken to task time and time again, it seems the Ronin are finally
    stroking back.
       Yesterday, the Ronin stormed what is believed to be the hideout of the
    Third Street Saints.
       However, with emergency teams too frightened to go near the area, the
    bodycount is hard to estimate."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>One Man's Junk<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       a lot of Shotgun ammo
       a lot of SMG ammo
       some food (not drugs or liquor)
       SAVE BEFORE PLAYING. . . just incase.
       Start off by going to the designated area. Basically this is a      
    run and gun mission. You'll have to go into the first boat, head       
    upstairs. Walk across the plank over to the second boat. After that,   
    go down to the lower level, and run across the plank into the final    
    boat. Continue to gun your way up to the top. Just take cover whenever 
    necessary, and it wont be too hard.                                    
       When you get to the leader of the Ronin, you will have to take him  
    out with a sword. Gah i hate these parts. It really isnt too hard.     
    You can take a bite when you need to. Just keep circling and dont hit  
    him. He will always make the first strike. As soon as he goes for the  
    hit, then you strike. You will counter him and knock him down.         
    After a little while, you'll finally take him out.                     
       The final cutscene shows you "cheating" in the sword fight.         
    Basically you shoot him. Cool. So anyways thats it for the Ronin.      
    Not too bad, eh?
    A suggestion from djg231
       When you are fighting Akuji, instead of trying to fight him with the
    sword, head down one deck and Akuji will follow you. When he does, you can
    make him walk right into the fire. Do this a couple of times and you will
    win the fight. Yes, I know it is considered cheating but the damn fight can
    be very frustrating. 
    "A chinese heritage festival turned into a massacre as members of a street
    gang known as the Ronin laid siege to the unsuspecting festival goers.
       While it appeared that no one would be able to stop the wanton
    violence, salvation to the people of Stilwater was brought in the unlikely
    form of the 3rd Street Saints.
       As fire from burning kiosks and junks lit the sky, the Ronin were
    forced back as the leaders of the Saints drove off the murderous Ronin."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
       |  __ \ |    \ |     ||      || |  | ||     ||    \
       |  | \ \| |\  ||  _  ||__  __|| |  | ||  .__|| |\  |
       |  | | || | \ || / \ |  |  |  | |  | ||  |   | | \ |
       |  |_/ /| |_/ || | | |  |  |  | |  | ||  |__.| |_/ |
       |     / |     /| | | |  |  |  | |__| ||     ||     /
       |  __ \ |    / | | | |  |  |  |      ||  .__||    /
       |  | \ \| |\ \ | | | |  |  |  | .__. ||  |   | |\ \
       |  | | || | \ \| | | |  |  |  | |  | ||  |   | | \ \
       |  |_/ || | | || \_/ |  |  |  | |  | ||  |__.| | | |
       |      /| | | ||     |  |  |  | |  | ||     || | | |
       |_____/_|_| |_|| __  |  |_ |  |_|  |_||_____||_|_|_|
                 | |  | ||     ||     ||   \BROTHER123
                 | |  | ||  _  ||  _  ||    \
                 | |  | || / \ || / \ || |\ |
                 | |  | || | | || | | || || |
                 | |__| || | | || | | || || |
                 |      || | | || | | || || |
                 | .__. || | | || | | || || |
                 | |  | || | | || | | || || |
                 | |  | || \_/ || \_/ || |/ /
                 | |  | ||     ||     ||   /
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>First Impressions<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Not too hard to start out with. Just as you're discussing some sort of
    deal to split Stilwater, the cops show up. Looks like you'll have to bust
    your way out. Work your way out of the cavern following the map pings.
    Kill the hitman target in the cave if you havent yet.
       When you get to the exit you can choose to exit by boat or by car. I
    chose boat. You'll have to work your way through a few more cops to get
    to the dock, but once you get there its no problem. Just drive the boat back
    to his hideout.
       So the leader of The Brotherhood wants to cut you a deal 80-20. Heh.
    you don't take kindly to that, and choose to go against the Brotherhood.
       "Stilwaters finest did nothing to silence their critics during a recent
    shootout in the Caverns. The police raided the caverns after recieving a tip
    that the leader of the Saints would be meeting with Maero, the patriarch of
    the Brotherhood. The ensuing battle left numerou police and tourists dead,
    as both leaders eluded capture and escaped to the Brotherhood's stronghold."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Reunion Tour<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Shotgun ammo
       SMG ammo
       While at the Brotherhood's hideout, you noticed a character from Saints
    Row 1 -- Lin's boyfriend who happens to be the mechanic for the Brotherhood.
    You kidnap him and make him plant explosives on some of the Brotherhood's
    trucks. You'll have to escort him from truck to truck, and defend him as he
    plants them.
       If you can find a strong van, take it. Reqruit some followers. When you
    get to a truck, try to park the van sideways, to make a kind of wall. Just
    have a shotgun ready, and do your best. If you can go through a forgive and
    Forget while traveling from one truck to another, do so. It'll help a bit
       When you finally get done with all the trucks, you'll go drop him off
    at the Brotherhood's hideout, where he tells the leader what has happened.
       "Witnesses say a recent string of car explosions may be due to tampering
    by a local mechanic. Shortly before a string of incidents left membrs of the
    Brotherhood dead, an eyewitness was quoted as seeing a mechanic, known only
    as "Donnie" tampering with the vehicles while being overseen by someone
    fitting the description of the Third Street Saints leader.
       Phone calls to Donnie's Garage were not immediately returned."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Waste not want not<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Shotgun ammo
       SMG ammo
       So it turns out the luetinent in charge of the Brotherhood doesn't know
    much. But you get an idea of your own. This is one of the more annoying
    missions, so be sure to have plenty of shotgun ammo, and try to reqruit some
    people to help you out.
       You'll take a boat to the island, where you will then find radioactive 
    waste. Just go down the shoreline till you find it; it's not too far. Then 
    you'll work your way to the heli-pad. If you can find a car, take it.
    Otherwise just run, It's not too far. You'll have to kill some people to
    defend the helipad, where you'll get picked up by the helicopter. Be sure 
    you are stocked on ammo.
       Checkpoint. Defend the chopper while you fly away. Unfortunately you crash
    anyways, and have to jack a car. If you pass a Forgive and Forget, go through
    it, but otherwise just drive. This mission is rather long, but not too bad
          Terrorists raid nuclear power plant
       "Security at the Stilwater nuclear power plant is expected to triple after
    an unkown assailant assaulted the island early this morning. The assailant
    purportedly assaulted members of the plant's security forces before escaping
    by helicopter.
       Earlier reports that the assailant had managed to obtain a small amount
    of radioactive waste have yet to be confirmed by plant officials."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Red Asphalt<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Quite a bit of SMG and/or Pistol ammo
       God. They have Carlos. You have to go hop in a car and go to the garage.
    There you'll find the mechanic again. You'll have to beat him up, but DONT
    KILL HIM. use your fists. eventually hell tell you to go to the docks.
       Get a strong car and drive it down to that area. The van drives in circles
    so try to cut it off and have an SMG ready. itll take quite a bit of damage
    before dying, but keep unloading on it. Unfortunately it's too late. Carlos
    is chained to the car and those fuckers drove him in circles for a long time.
    Sucks for both of you. After trying to free Carlos, you end up shooting him
    to put him out of his pain. What a bad day for the saints.
       Tip from Justin Park
       After you beat up Donnie, there is one of the army Bulldogs in the garage.
    It has a mounted machine gun turret, which make this whole mission a hell of
    a lot easier.
       "A member of the Third Street Saints was found dead today, the victim of
    a girsly gangland assassination. In a bloody recreation of the late Hector,
    Carlo Mendoza's body was dragged face down across Stilwater, until mercifully
    being shot in the head.
       While no arrests have been made in the killing, the police suspect the
    Brotherhood as the ones responsible for the vicious attack."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Bank Error in your Favor<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Pistol ammo
       a pretty cool mission. Looking for revenge for Carlos, the leader of the
    Brotherhood's girlfriend happens to bump in Shaundi. Wow thats convenient.
    Shes at the bank. Lets go get us a hostage.
       Drive to the bank, and make sure u have lots of pistol ammo. Run up to her
    and HOLD LB to grab her. You can still run with RB while u have her. Run
    upstairs and shoot some gaurds as you pass. Grab her again after she turns
    off the alarm. Run downstairs, kill some gaurds as you pass them, and work
    your way to the car.
       Drive. as fast as you can without dying. The longer you take the more beat
    up your car will get from the cops. In the end you put the car in the
    Destruction Derby and the leader of the Brotherhood ends up crushing his own
    girlfriend. Good thing your guy was there to tell him about it, or he would
    have had no idea. Something tells me this isn't the end.
       "A monster truck rally turned into a nightmare for spectators at the Ultor
    Dome as a woman was found crushed to death in the trunk of a car used in the
       The woman found dead matches the description of a woman kidnapped from the
    Barrio earlier in the day. The kidnapper was allowed to escape with the woman
    by holding her as a human shield, but officials are adamant there was no way
    they could have known what was going to happen.
       Reports that the woman was the girlfriend of Brotherhood gang leader
    Maero have yet to be confirmed."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Thank you and Goodnight<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Start off by driving to the area with the truck. This part is very easy.
    Just drive through the green fence, and kill them all with the car.
    I killed all of them without firing a single bullet and without leaving the
    car even once. Now go to the fireworks truck. This is where the fun begins.
       Throw boxes at the enemy gang cars to destroy them. I just held down LB
    to throw them and aimed at the cars. It's not too long of a drive, either.
    Just hold em off and once you get to the arena, you're done.
       So the tattoo artist tells you the shipment is coming in by boat, but thats
    all he has to offer, so naturally you burn his with the pyrotechnics.
    Either way, now you know where the shipments at.
       "Doctors are not optimistic that the lead guitarist for the Feed Dogs will
    ever play again after a mis-used pyrotechnic seared his hand earlier today.
       After leading Brother hood members on a wild chase through the city,
    witnessess say members of the Third Street Sainrs stormed the stage and
    assaulted the band before the leader scared everyone out of the area."
       Lots of SMG and/or pistol ammo.
    Hop in a car. The Brotherhood are fuckin up your turf. Head to the nearest
    sqaure. There are four parts to this mission
    1) The Shop - bust in with a shotgun and shoot the guy with an arrow over
       his head
    2) The Police Lineup - Drive by and SMG the guy with the arrow over his head.
       Get out of there quick because of the cops
    3) The parking garage - Drive up to the top and try to park sideways in front
       of the ramp. The bastard will try to take it. Shoot up his car till it
       blows up
    4) The Car - Get a good car if possible, and have lots of SMG ammo. Chase the
       giant car in circle around town and shoot it up. Blow it up before it
       blows you up.
       Ok so the leader of the Brotherhood threatens the president of Ultor.
    He has contacts with Troy Bradshaw and is trying to get the Brotherhood
    prisoners free so that he can destroy the saints. And it looks like it's
    going to happen. This is NOT going to be fun.
       Stilwater is trying to peice itself back together as the conflict between
    the Third Street Saints and the Brotherhood spilled into the streets.
       Witnessess reported multiple incidents of Brotherhood members assaulting
    Saints property throughout the Barrio.
       Numerous shops were destroyed in the resulting chaos, and even the police
    were unable to prevent the fighting from escalating before the Saints
    apparently gained the upperhand and forced the Brotherhood members from the
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Jail Bait<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       and. . 
    get some reqruits, too. they will help a LOT. Get in the car and chase the
    buses. go one by one and take them out. Shoot them up with SMG ammo.
    Really all you can do is ram them and shoot them.
       When you kill all three buses, they are also moving in 4 boats. Go to
    the marker and get on the boat. This is actually the easier part of the
    mission. The boats will explode after about a round of .44 Shep pistol ammo.
    SMGs can really take em out quick.
       After the mission is over, The Brotherhood leader gets his ass handed to
    him by the Ultor president. Turns out Ultor took their shipment as payment
    and are done doing them favors. The guards with 'big guns' escort him out of
    his office. Yay!
       "Former members of the Brotherhood have learned the hard way that freedom
    isn't free. Shortly after receiving a full pardon from the city, Brotherhood
    members being escorted from the prison island to the mainland were assaulted
    by members of the Third Street Saints.
       It's unclear why the Saints assaulted the Brotherhood, but it's assumed to
    be in retaliation for recent attacks by the Brotherhood on Saints controlled
    property. No survivors have been reported."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>The Enemy of my Enemy<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       FULL rifle/smg/shotgun ammo
       as much food/drinks as you can
       Start off by going to the airport hotel, and grabbing the chopper.
    Fly to the boat and land on it. Do so quickly because there are people with
    rockets. Once you land, get out your shotgun and start taking em out.
    You'll have to go inside the door and upstairs. Once you kill all of them
    go back downstairs the way you came in. head across the boat and into the
    other open door. Shoot your way downstairs and kill the remaining enemies.
       <Cutscene>. Shit. Grab the ammo thats there for you and head up to the
    main deck. The first wave will come aboard. Kill em as quick as you can.
    Take cover inside the boat when necesary. When all the people are dead, head
    to the top deck and get out your rifle or rocket launcher. Take down the
    choppers. The second wave will come -- repeat. Third wave -- repeat. After
    the third wave, you call Shaundi and thats the end of the mission
       Just remember to take cover, especially during the third wave.
    Go inside the boat and wait for people to walk in front of the door and
    shotgun 'em down. Take out as many people as you can before headed for the
       Also all the choppers fly in a certain pattern. If you dont kill one
    the first chance you get, it'll make the same rounds soon.
       "A cargo shop carrying heavy weapons for Ultor's security forces was
    hijacked earlier by the Third Street Saints, and officials aren't releasing
    any details as to how exactly it happened.
       The Saints commandeered the vessel shortly before it was scheduled to
    arrive in port, forcing a massive contingency of Ultor forces to attempt to
    retake it. unfortunately for Ultor, the armaments onboard the ship proved more
    than capable of holding off an assault, and the Saints escaped with the
    weapons in tow.
       Ultor's Dane Vogel declined to comment for this story."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>The Siege<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       10-15 ROCKETS
    Start off by reqruiting another homie on the way to the warehouse. He will
    help. When you get close to the warehouse keep moving. Never stop.
    Douchebags with rocket launchers are on the rooftops and will kill you
    Steal a gangcar after a little bit and work your way towards the back
    end of the peninsula, killing all of the leutenents. Revive a homie if he
    dies, it'll help later on.
       Work your way up the warehouse -- reqruit followers as you go if one
    dies, there are a few groups of them in the warehouse. Go upstairs and
    Continue working your way through the checkpoints with the shotgun.
       Eventually you'll get to the roof, where the leader of the Brotherhood
    is. Time for a fight.
       Ok. If you hit him with a rocket, he will drop to the ground. So basically
    i pelted him with rockets for about 15 seconds or so. Eventually i ran out
    so i used the rest of my Rifle ammo. Overall not too hard of a fight with
    the rockets.
       <Cutscene>. After an intense fight with Maero (the Brotherhood leader),
    you stab him in the neck and get away. Unfortunately somebody picks him up
    and he gets away. But not by much. You live, Maero barely lives, and you
    get $25,000 and another territory. The newspaper headline says it all.
    Wilyem Cain Suggests:
       As soon as you get to the warehouse, there is a guy on the roof with a
    rocket launcher. Go ahead and kill him while your still inside the car.
       Be sure to watch for other Brotherhood members that will try to run you
    over while you're walking.
       When you get to Maero, have about 20 rockets and rifle ammo. As soon as the
    first cutscene is over, immediately switch to your rocket launcher. If you hit
    him once, he will fall over. Then quickly switch to your rifle and shoot him
    as much as you can. Right when he looks like he's ready to shoot again, get
    out your rocket launcher and shoot him again. switching to your rifle
    inbetween rockets will make this battle go much easier, and drain his health
    a lot faster.
          Thanks a lot Wilyem, I appreciate you sending in an alternate strategy.
          Hopefully Wilyem's suggestions helped you in this mission. Gracias!
    Leroy Jones Suggests
       Run to the back of the roof, away from Maero, and fall off onto a ledge. At
    the far left of the ledge, as you face Maero, you can stand on the rubble.
    Crouch. Then with the sniper rifle (I always carry alot of ammo for it)
    you can see and hit him but he can't hit you. I know its a bit of a lame way
    of doing it but it works!
       "Another tragic twist has unfolded in the saga of the Feed Dogs, as their
    former lead guitarist -- and reknowned Brotherhood tattoo artist -- Matt was
    killed today.
       The Third Street Saints assaulted the headquarters of the Brotherhood in
    what was the bloodiest battle yet between the rival gangs.
       The body count continues to skyrocket and officials are left scratching
    their heads as to when the violence will end."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
       15+ rockets
       Full shotgun ammo.
       10 pipebombs
       All i can say is hollyyy jessuusss. Seems to me like you're screwed from
    the start. Heres what I did to beat this, and it still took about 5 or so
    tries. Start out by running out towards the edge, and throw down about 5
    pipebombs in one spot in Maero's path (he goes in circles around the outside
    edge of the arena). Immediately switch to rocket launcher. Once you have him
    in sight, shoot as much as you can. Hopefully by the first pass, he has
    less than 50% health. Run the OPPOSITE way as hes traveling, and have
    the rocket launcher ready. As soon as you see him -- Shoot. A lot.
    Hopefully by the second pass you take him out.
       <Cutscene>. Finally. You put a gun to his head and shoot his dam brains
    out. Thank god. The brotherhood is done with.
       "The gang known as the Brotherhood of Stilwater came to a bloody end today,
    as its leader Maero was found dead in the Ultor Arena.
       No eye witnesses were left alive, but reports from around the neighborhood
    suggest a person matching the leader of the Saints was seen entering the
    Arena shortly before the presumed time of Maero's Death.
       Calls to the Philips Building regarding what occured in their facility
    were not immediately returned."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
       888/  __/888             ____
      888/  / 888______ __  __ / __/
       88\  \888/ __  //  \/ // /_     ____
      8888\  \8/ / / // _ / //_  /___ / __/
     888__/  // /_/ // //  /__/ /_  // /_
     88/____//_____//_//__//___/ / // __/
      88888888        _____ / /_/ // /                     __
       888888        /  __//_____//_/                     /_/
      88888_________/  /____________         _____    __ 
      8888(         \  \   /   \   _\______ / == /   / /__
       88(           \  \ / //  \ / _  _  // ___/___/ // /
        8(         __/  // // / // // // // /__ / == // /
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Got Dust, WIll Travel<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       "Campus officials are still trying to sort out exactly what took place
    today after a deadly shootout near the student union. It is presumed that
    members of the Sons of Samedi were on campus pushing their designer drug
    "Loa Dust" before being assaulted by the Third Street Saints".
       However, officials say no Loa Dust has been found, leading many to
    believe the Saints procured it for themselves before vanishing."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>File in the Cake<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    It is VERY important that you have FULL SHOTGUN AMMO for this mission.
    Start by going to the back entrance on the island. Gun your way to the
    generator. basically for this mission, always have your shotgun out. If you
    run out of Shotgun ammo, use SMG or Pistol ammo. Work your way through the
       When you get to the cell block, be careful, because when I went in here for
    some reason everybody was on fire? Anyways i caught on fire and died. It
    sucked. So be careful for that, Otherwise just follow the steps in the mission
    and you'll be in and out in no time.
       "A convicted drug felon is back on the streets after escaping prison.
    An unknown assailant was seen docking the prison island shortly before
    an explosion near the prison's generator cut all power to the holding cells.
       The assailant then made their way to the holding cells, where they met
    up with the drug felon, before being airlifted from the island. Despite
    the recent rash of break outs, authorities insist nothing is wrong with the
    prison facility, and remind those seeking employment to please drop off a
    resume at the downtown police station."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Airborne Assault<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    Be sure that you Kill most of the people you see on the ground, because some
    of them will have rockets. Just incase you don't know. Rockets > Helicopter.
    Shoot up the big piles of equipment. If you miss one, he will go around again.
    Don't take it too tough, I failed once just from stupid little mistakes, so
    don't get frustrated and it isn't too hard.
       "An aerial assault has left a farm near the university in flames, and
    numerous Sons of Samedi dead. The Saints assaulted a presumed drug
    manufacturing facility today, destroying various pieces of equipment, and
    in the process crippling the Samedi's Loa Dust production.
       Not satisfied, the Saints then proceeded to wreak havoc down the streets
    of Stilwater, assaulting the fleeing Samedi vehicles and leaving untold
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Veteran Child<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    I won't cover all of this mission because it's pretty self-explanatory.
    When you get to Veteran Child, you have to go and pick up the flashbangs.
    Throw them, and when he lets her go, you can shoot him. Dont use ANY
    explosives, because Shaundi is very closeby. Just repeat those steps until
    he loses all his health.
    An alternate strategy from Russell
       Make sure all the sons are dead, and have pepper spray with you. When you
    can, Sprint to Veteran Child and Spray him, it has the same effects as a
    flashbang, quickly switch to your to your shotgun and unload as many shells
    as you can into him.
       As soon as he looks like about to retake Shaundi as a hostage. Repeat.
    This is a lot easier than using a flashbang. If you can, have as many homies
    with you as you can, and they help distract him, and lower his health.
    they also keep the sons off of your back.
       "A local DJ is dead after a shootout at On Track nightclub involving
    Saints and Sons of Samedi. Witnesses describe scenes of terror as the Saints
    leader burst into the nightclub firing at everything and everyone.
       It's unclear whether Veteran Child's death was a case of being in the
    wrong place at the wrong time, or if he was in fact connected to the Sons
    of Samedi in some way. Officials have not yet determined if an earlier
    shooting at Cocks nightclub is somehow related."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Burning down the House<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       SMG AMMO
    This is another run and gun mission. There are no real hard parts to it that
    need special explanations. If you just follow the steps it gives you, you'll
    be fine. Make sure you have a lot of Shotgun and SMG ammo to start out with.
    Also when you shoot anything explosive, make sure you're not right next to it.
    That was a mistake i made once on accident and will never make again haha.
       "What began as innocuous raid on drug labs run by the Sons of Samedi has
    ended in unimaginable tragedy. In their continued quest for dominance, the
    Third Street Saints descended onto the Sons of Samedi territory intent on
    destroying the Samedi Loa Dust labs in the projects of Shivington.
       In the resulting chaos, it is assumed that the fire from one of the labs
    continued to spread until the entire neighborhood was engulfed in flames.
       Witnesses say they have never seen anything like it, and many are
    suspicious about the city's claims that nothing could have been done to
    prevent it."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Bad Trip<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    After a pretty good cutscene, you're standing in the middle of traffic,
    and you're out of your freakin' mind. Start running down the street, and jack
    a car as son as you can. Answer your phone and then drive to the hideout.
       Once you get there you'll have to gun down a lot of Somedi. Get out your
    shotgun and start working your way through the church. Once you get halfway
    downstairs, Shaundi will meet up with you. Now go back upstairs and kill more
       Outside you'll have to kill wayyyy too many Somedi. I got to about 45 when
    the mission ended. Oh well, it could be worse I guess.
       "A reported meeting between gang leaders has ended in violence as the fued
    between the Third Street Saints and the Sons of Samedi continues to escalate.
       Witnesses report seeing the Saints leader exit a Samedi vehicle in a hail
    of bullets before stumbling across town to the nightclub Purgatory.
       What followed was chaos of the highest magnitude as Saints and Samedi
    traded gunfire leaving numerous dead at the scene."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Bonding Experience<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    Well you're trusting Pierce for once. It was ironic because my game glitched
    on this mission, so I thought it was Pierce messing up. But anyways, You'll
    Chase after the helicopters for a while, just gun em down. Then you will have
    to switch to boat. Do the same thing. Then you'll go back to land. It's pretty
    lame, I know. Just get through it so it can be over with.
       "In a scene reminscent of something found in "Bangers on Fire", the Third
    Street Saints rained hellfire on Stilwater today. It's still unclear as to
    why the Saints assaulted several helicopters that were in the area, but it
    can only be presumed that they were somehow linked to the Sons of Samedi.
       Multiple aircraft were brought down, many in crowded streets, by gunfire
    from a car known to be owned by a prominent member of the Saints.
       Aircraft in the area has been temporarily grounded by Chief Troy
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Riot Control<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    Well the druggies need their stuff. So now they are gonna turn to you for it.
    Just get out your shotgun and be ready to take out a lot of hobos. It's not
    a hard fight, it's just kind of long.
       After a while of fighting off bums, You will hop in a car and trail the
    Truck and defend it. I had to switch cars once or twice here. It can be
    tough to do without dying, but if you have to, switch cars. The truck will
    wait for you. Not too bad of a mission, but it is kind of long.
       "A warehousae full of dead bodies has raised plenty of questions and no
    answers. Witnesses confess to hearing gunshots coming from inside the
    building while purple clad individuals, presumably Third Street Saints,
    scrambled to fill a nearby truck with packages while crazed drug addicts
    assaulted them.
       One witness described an individual fitting the description of the Saints
    leader ruthlessly gunning down people in cold blood as the truck drove away."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Eternal Sunshine<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       "A meat packing plant in the Factories district is home to a grisly scene.
    Countless Sons of Samedi were massacred inside earlier in what is presumed
    to be another chapter in the gang's run-ins with the Third Street Saints.
       identified among the dead was an individual known to many as "Mr. Sunshine"
    a high ranking Samedi lieutenant thought to be the Sons of Samedi second-in-
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Assault on Precinct 31<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       "Members of the Third Street Saints disguised as camera repairmen
    infiltrated the police station today, but were chased off the premises before
    any real damage was done officials say.
       The Saints managed to make their way to the security room before the
    station was put on full alert. After a brief firefight, the Saints retreated.
       Exactly what the Saints were interested in has yet to be determined."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>The Shopping Maul<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    >>>FULL SMG AMMO<<<
       You and the crew ambush the Samedi limo (which I think is unfortunate,
    because that hearse was pretty sweet) It's a pretty awesome cutscene, but
    when It's over, it's not so awesome. Get out your rifle. SAVE YOUR SMG AMMO!!!
    kill off the Samedi and then chase the bastard into the mall. Work your way
    down to where the General is at.
       Now this can either be very hard, or very easy. It took me about 15 tries
    to figure it out. Start off with your rifle and gun it as much as you can
    while you're still close to it. After it drives away DO NOT CHASE IT ON FOOT!
    Shaundi will come and drop off an ATV. Hop on and chase it. Follow closely
    behind, but not too close because it has a mounted gun on top of it. Just keep
    gunning it down the best you can. You'll probably fail a few times at least,
    but keep trying and you'll get it eventually.
       Finally, The bastard is dead. Unfortunately his death isn't as cool of a
    scene as Mr. Sunshine's, but it'll do.
    An alternate strategy from Chris Young
    I don't know if this is too much of a tip or not, but it certainly made my
    life easier on this mission.  Continue through the mall towards the last
    portion where The General hops into the Bulldog and Shaundi runs away to
    bring you an ATV.  Hop on and follow the Bulldog, avoiding the cars the
    Samedi are driving because they are more dangerous than the Bulldog,
    especially if you miss a turn and get pancaked between the car and a
    business in the mall.
    Anyways, as The General flees through the mall, they will attempt to drive
    up a set of stairs at some point.  For whatever reason (perhaps the Samedi
    driver had a few too many 40's?), they seem to overshoot this improvised
    rampway and fall off the edge on the far side.  They will not attempt to
    right or extricate themselves no matter how much damage they sustain.
    Get your RPG or satchel charges ready and unload on them.  
    Really, the hardest part was avioding the reenforcements that were killing
    my homies and myself.
    An alternate strategy from Rune Fostervoll
       I found that mission annoyingly easy by doing the following:
    1: Get two extra homies from the crowd that joins in the ambush.
    2: When the near never-ending horde of goons come, just take one of their
    cars and drive to where the general is, triggering the scene change.
    3: Again get in the car and have your homies put lots of bullets in it while
    you just follow - don't use the ATV.
    Works like a charm. Although I did get my car destroyed and had to finish the
    bulldog with the RPG.
       "The Rounds Square Shopping Center has been designated a crime scene after
    a brutal battle between the Saints and the Sons of Samedi.
       The fighting started when a limo carrying the Samedi leader was ambushed
    outside the shopping center by the Saints. The Samedi leader, known to many
    as The General, fled below ground, but was persued by the Saints Leader and
    eventually killed.
       Officials are tight lipped on the possible repercussions of these events,
    but it's safe to assume the Sons of Samedi are effectively finished here
    in Stilwater."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                                ________________  _________
    ===============|\=======/||\\              /==\   ____ \=====================
    +++++++++++++++| \+++++/ || \\____    ____/____\  \+++\ \++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  | /       \\  |++/ /++++++++++++++++++++
    ===============|  |===|  ||  |====|  |/    _    \\ |=/ /=====================
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  ||   /+\   || |/ /++++++++++++++++++++++
    ===============|  |===|  ||  |====|  ||  |===|  ||    \======================
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  ||  |+++|  ||  |\ \+++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++++++|  \___/  ||  |____|  ||   \_/   ||  |+\ \++++++++++++++++++++
    =============== \       //        \\ |\         /|  |==\ \===================
                     \_____//__________\\| \_______/ /__\  /__\ULTOR123
    So the first "Mission" is really just a cutscene. Basically Ultor is planning
    to own more land and remodel a part of stilwater. He shows his fancy little
    slideshow to all the fancy people at the party. Whoopedy Doo.
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Picking a Fight<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    AHH jesus! wtf is goin on!
    first fight your way out of the club. Find a car and gun it to Pierce.
    When you get there dish out some grenades if you have em, otherwise SMG
    or Rifle as many as you can. Kill em all, then hop in another car after you
    rescue Pierce. Then gun it to Shaundi. Evade road blocks best you can.
    Once you get to Shaundi, Chase after the van and shoot it up with your
    SMG. Its a lot tougher than that, I know, but do your best and drive
    extremely aggresively (ram it sideways if you can). After you help Shaundi,
    the mission is over. Thank god, but something tells me it isnt over.
       "Not satisfied with the response of the Stilwater PD, Ultor has deployed
    their personal security force to help apprehend the Third Street Saints.
       While the Ultor Mesako Team engaged the Saints in a bold firefight, Ultor
    happily reports that there were no civilian casualties."
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Pyramid Scheme<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       FULL pipe bombs, Some rockets maybe
    Start off by driving with some homies to the designated area. What i did here
    was drive down the street till i got to a railroad station. Kill cops until
    you get to level 4 wanted, throwing pipe bombs down after a lot of cop cars
    pile up. Now once you are wanted level 4, run westward on the track, until
    you pass the forgive and forget, and see a building close to the track (it
    will be on your left) with yellow awnings. Jump onto this building, and jump
    down onto the ground using the scaffolding. Then Run east to the forgive and
    forget. Now hop in a car and drive over to the Pyrmid.
       Once inside the Pyramid, run through the hallways until you get to the
    keycard (beat up cops as you go). Once you get the keycard, run back the
    way you came from, and upstairs.
       Pull out your shotgun and run from blip to blip, gunning down officers
    as you go. Once you plant all 3, a timer will start to go off. You have to
    exit the base quickly. Run to the blip. Once you get there, it'll be easier.
    Run to the next blip. There are 3 cops here to shotgun down, then hop in 
    the tank. Drive up the tunnel. Floor it all the way to the top, and gun it
    out of the door. You'll go right through it, don't worry. And unlock a
    stunt jump. cool.
       <Cutscene> So Ultor is getting worried about the Saints. About time.
    and thats the end of the mission. Also, you'll unlock that big tank thing
    you drove at the end called the Ultor APC. I also unlocked a Pimp cane at
    the weapons cache, but im not sure if that was a mission specific thing, or
    a game progress thing.
       "It was a revelation that no one expected. The pyramid is real. Emergency
    crews responded to a powerful explosion that started deep within Mount
    Claflin, not expecting to find the ruins of a major Ultor R&D facility.
       In other news: Sephren Nichols TV special has been cancelled
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Salting the Earth...Again<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       FULL SHOTGUN ammo
    only reqruit one homie. When you get the 'watercraft', its more of a jetski.
    Go the the yacht, and go inside the ground floor. gun down any cops trying
    to kill you, and kill all the executives. Work your way up to the top,
    killing any cops and execs you can.
       Then run out the nearest door and towards the back of the boat. Go down
    the stairs and go to the blip. When you get in the boat, you will need the
    SMG ammo. Just chase the boat, ram it, and shoot it. Actually not too hard
    of a mission -- especially when compared to the other ultor missions. But
    I'm not complaining.
       <Cutscene> the president of Ultor is watching out of the window, when he
    tells his secretary to "move my things to my new office and set up a press
    conference" the secretary asks if he got promoted, when he says he is about
    to be. Hmm. . . oookk. . . Moving on.
       "Bodies of the Ultor Board of Directors littered the water this morning,
    as a corporate gala turned into a blood bath. This is the second time a 
    massacre has occured on the open water here in Stilwater... Fortunately there
    were no explosions."
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
          |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>...And a Better Life<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       FULL AMMO
       as many homies as you can
    Start off by watching the pretty cool cutscene. Then hop in the cop car
    afterwards. Ride bumper-to-bumper to his limo, because he will plow through
    any roadblocks for you. Shoot up his limo with your SMG as much as you can.
    After you kill it, it isn't over though. Follow it to the building.
       Securitys got the whole building on lockdown, so you need to get to the
    chopper. Once you get to it, get in it and take off immediately. Kill any
    choppers they send as fast as you can. Take out each security thing.
    The fourth one is right below the layer of windows near the top.
    After you kill all four, kill the last chopper they send, then hover nearby
    the windows.
       <Cutscene>. Alright. It's time to kill Vogel.
       This should probably be more like kill the bastard with a rifle. Pull out
    your rifle and gun him down. His health goes down fast. After that is
    probably one of the coolest cutscenes ever.
          You shoot Vogel in the mouth, and Shaundi and Pierce appear at the top
    of the tower. You call Gat, whos killing cops. then you call a chopper to
    come pick you up, which is the husband of the lady you broke out of prison
    a while ago. Heh.
       As you fly away.
       Pierce: "What do we do now?"
       You: "This is our city. Whatever the fuck we want to do."
       "Recently announced chairman of the Stilwater division of Ultor Dane Vogel
    has met an early retirement as the man voted the number 1 sexiest power
    player under 40 was defenestrated today. For more on this Earth shattering
    news, please turn to page 6."
    This is not a normal mission. This is an extra hidden mission.
    To start it, fgo to the police station
    (It's in the south/southeastern portion of the Saints Row District)
       Go up to the Third Floor and into the room that says "Authorized Personel
    Only". Listen to all three of the wiretap conversations. After that, head into
    a room connected to this one, and pick up Julius' file. Drive to the church,
    and call Dex' number in your phone. Then the mission symbol will appear
    outside the front doors.
       15ish rockets
       FULL shotgun ammo
       FULL pistol ammo
       FULL SMG ammo
    Start off by running inside and shotgunning anybody you can. Head upstairs to
    kill anybody on the upper floor. After three waves, run outside. If you hit
    the Tanks with a rocket before they unload the people, they will all die.
    If you do that, it will make it all a lot easier. When the helicopter comes,
    it will hover right in front of the door -- just shoot a rocket at it and
    it'll go down
       Run to his car. Get out the awesome laser-guided RPG. Just spin and shoot.
    at the roundabout, shoot the road block out of the way. Do this until you
    get to the theatre. Get the rocket out, and shoot down the two helicopters.
       <Cutscene> This, to me, was one of the most important parts of the game.
    This mission put together so much in just a little bit of time. If you
    really want to know what happens, then keep reading. . . . . . . . . . . .
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
     . . . . .Ok so Julius tries to explain why he had to end the Saints'. But
    since your character is a total badass, all he does is call him a pussy and
    shoot him in the forehead. A pretty important part of the story-line.
    Julius: "If it wasn't for me, you would have died on that street corner."
    You: "If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been in a god damned coma."
    Julius: "I guess that makes us even."
    You: "Not really" *pulls trigger*
    A tip from Jimmy J
       If you do this mission early on in the game (right after you free Gat),
       it will probably be harder, but it will get you $60,000. Well worth it
       to have that kind of money so early on.
    Thanks Jimmy =)
    <Thank you to Kutekasim for pointing out an error in this section>
       "The body of Julius Little was found in Thalia Ampitheatre this morning.
    While Little was the former leader of the Third Street Saints, he is probably
    most familiar to our readers as the tour guide at the Stilwater Memorial
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                                    GAME ENDING
                           {Strongholds}  (STRONG123)
                            /\                /\
                           /  \      /\      /  \
         _________________/__  \    /  \    /    \
         \__  ______/  \____/\  \  / /\ \  /      \
            \ \    / /\ \  /  \  \ \ \/ / /   /\   \
          ___\ \  / /_/ / / /\ \  \ \  / /   /  \  /
          \__  / /     / / / / /\  \_\/_/   /   /_/
        __  / / /  /\  \/ /_/ /  \_________/
        \ \/ / /  /  \  \    /   (SAISTRO123)
         \__/ /__/    \__\__/      \/  \/
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Stilwater Caverns<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "Tourists to Stilwater's underground caverns recieved a shock today as dozens
    of homeless flooded into tourist areas and past confused citizens.
       Caverns authorities believe the homeless had been living somewhere deeper
    within the facility when people, most likely teenagers, attacked the
    make-shift shanty town and forced its residents to find safety."
                                        / /  \
             _____                      | |  |
             \    \                     | |  |
             | |\  \ .______.____  __  _|_|__|_ ____  __ 
       ._____| |/  |_|  __  ||   \_| |(___  ___)|   \ | |_
      /      |     / | {  } ||    \| |    | |   |    \| | \
          |    /  | {  } || |\  \ |    | |   | |\  \ | |
     \ \_____| |\ \__| {  } || |_\   |___/| |   | | \   | |
      \______| |_\ \_| {__} || |__\  | ___| |__ | |__\  |_/
             |_|  \_\|______||_|   |_|(________)|_|   |_|
                                RONIN123|  | |
                                        |  | |
                                        |  | |
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Humboldt Park Science Museum<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "A childrens science museum was revealed to be the epicenter of a web porn
    ring. This sordid business came to light as the Third Street Saints shot
    their way through the Ultor funded museum. Dane Vogel was unavailable to
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Amberbrook Museum Pier<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
          THIS IS MADNESS!
    "The thalia Ampitheater, known for Shakespearean productions of dubious
    quality, started the run of a new show last night; murder.
       The bodies of several Ronin were found littering the stage as well as
    the docks below. While at first, citizens thought this was some new form of
    performance art, police later confirmed that they were indeed corpses."
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>New Hennequet Rec Center<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "The legacy of Marshall Winslow has been sullied as an underground casino has
    been found underneath a rec center baring the former maryor's name.
       Police are reporting that the Ronin have been operating a gambling ring
    out of the rec center ever since the siege at Poseidon's Palace."
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Suburbs Strip Club<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "A bachelor party took a violent turn as the Third Street Saints laid siege
    to a local strip club. Blood and pasties flew through the air, as gun fire
    tore through stripper and Ronin alike."
       |  __ \ |    \ |     ||      || |  | ||     ||    \
       |  | \ \| |\  ||  _  ||__  __|| |  | ||  .__|| |\  |
       |  | | || | \ || / \ |  |  |  | |  | ||  |   | | \ |
       |  |_/ /| |_/ || | | |  |  |  | |  | ||  |__.| |_/ |
       |     / |     /| | | |  |  |  | |__| ||     ||     /
       |  __ \ |    / | | | |  |  |  |      ||  .__||    /
       |  | \ \| |\ \ | | | |  |  |  | .__. ||  |   | |\ \
       |  | | || | \ \| | | |  |  |  | |  | ||  |   | | \ \
       |  |_/ || | | || \_/ |  |  |  | |  | ||  |__.| | | |
       |      /| | | ||     |  |  |  | |  | ||     || | | |
       |_____/_|_| |_|| __  |  |_ |  |_|  |_||_____||_|_|_|
                 | |  | ||     ||     ||   \BROTHER123
                 | |  | ||  _  ||  _  ||    \
                 | |  | || / \ || / \ || |\ |
                 | |  | || | | || | | || || |
                 | |__| || | | || | | || || |
                 |      || | | || | | || || |
                 | .__. || | | || | | || || |
                 | |  | || | | || | | || || |
                 | |  | || \_/ || \_/ || |/ /
                 | |  | ||     ||     ||   /
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Sommerset Apartments<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Really this is just another run and gun stronghold. Get some followers and
    drive to the student apartments. Apparently students have raves all day in
    their apartments. Just gun em down. Then you will have to kill some
    other Brotherhood members. Just make sure you have a shotgun, and take cover
    when you need to.
       "Students living in Sommerset hoping to get away from the commotion of
    campus life were in for a rude awakening as the Third Street Saints and the
    Brotherhood engaged in a brutal gun fight that raged on between mutliple
    apartment complexes."
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Imperial Square Pagodas<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       Start off by grabbing a car and a few reqruits. Go to the first area
    and shoot up some tables and people. then when the owner comes out, beat them
    up with your fists. Run onto the next and do the same for all 4.
       When thats done, run to the hotel, get out a shotty, and kill all the
    Brotherhood in the building, but DO NOT KILL THE OWNER. beat him up the same
    way as the others, and you'll be done.
       "The victims of the latest struggle between the Brotherhood and the Saints
    were the shop owners of Chinatown. Not satisfied with killing each other, the
    two gangs took to the street, muscling business owners who can barely afford
    rent, let along protection money."
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Poseidon Alley Docks<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       I thought this was a pretty smooth stronghold to take. Make sure to begin
    with you have quite a bit of SMG ammo or Shotgun ammo. Go ahead and run
    across the street and hop in that big red truck. Dont even worry about killing
    the people here. Inch your way to the street, and when another large red
    truck goes by, follow it. Be sure to stay close and not fly off the road
       When you get to the site, get your SMG or Shotgun out. Head to the back of
    the warehouse and upstairs. Kill the leutenents. Be careful of explosive
    barrels scattered about. Shoot them with an SMG from a ways away to make
    it easier for yourself.
       "A clandestine drug deal between the Brotherhood and an unkown third
    party was broken up as the 3rd Street Saints waged open war against their
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Wardill Airport Hangars<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       -Have 5-ish rockets
       -a LOT of RIFLE ammo
       -as many reqruits as possible.
    even one person will help a ton. Drive to the airport with your reqruits.
    When you get there, run down to the door, and get your shotgun out. work your
    way up to the computer. Press Y and then defend the room. Your reqruit will
    help SO much with this its unbelievable. When that's done head downstairs
    and outside.
       Use some rifle or shotgun ammo to kill the trucks, but keep some CARS
    INTACT. when all the trucks are dead, hop in a car with your reqruits.
    RIGHT NOW there is a plane taking off, chase it and kill it! before it takes
    off! By now another is probably lined up to take off. Either chase it and
    kill it, or get out and shoot a few rockets at it. Now get out and use your
    rifle to kill the other planes. If you wait too long they will take off,
    so do it as quickly as possible without dying.
       You might fail this a few times. If a plane manages to take off, just die
    and start from checkpoint. You might die a few times. Dont get frustrated,
    its worth it, because now you own the entire airport district. Only a few
    left to go with the Brotherhood.
       "Wardill airport was the latest battleground in the struggle between
    the Brotherhood and the Saints. Travelers cowered in terror as multiple
    airplanes were destroyed on the tarmac.. no word has come from Wardill on if
    the flights were filled with passengers or not."
       888/  __/888             ____
      888/  / 888______ __  __ / __/
       88\  \888/ __  //  \/ // /_     ____
      8888\  \8/ / / // _ / //_  /___ / __/
     888__/  // /_/ // //  /__/ /_  // /_
     88/____//_____//_//__//___/ / // __/
      88888888        _____ / /_/ // /                     __
       888888        /  __//_____//_/                     /_/
      88888_________/  /____________         _____    __ 
      8888(         \  \   /   \   _\______ / == /   / /__
       88(           \  \ / //  \ / _  _  // ___/___/ // /
        8(         __/  // // / // // // // /__ / == // /
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Elysian Fields Trailer Park<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "The elysian Fields trailer park is a scarred battlefield today after giant
    explosions tore throug the complex. Preliminary reports suggest that a few
    trailers housing illegal drug labs were behind the damage.
       Witnesses say the Sons of Samedi and members of the Third Street Saints
    were seen trading gunfire in the area shortly before the explosions began.
    However, it's unclear if they had anything to do with the explosions at
    this time."
       10ish rockets
       SMG ammo
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "Yet another gunfight between the Sons of Samedi and the Third Street Saints
    erupted today. The fighting this time took place in Bavogian Plaza. Officials
    are still combing through the area for clues, but there's little doubt the
    Samedi drug labs in the area were a main factor in the conflict."
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Stilwater Unviersity Student Union<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "The University "Quad Day" turned deadly today as members of the Third Stree
    Saints descended upon the festivities with a hail of bullets. Witnesses say
    it's possible the Saints were after drug dealers working for the Sons of
    Samedi, but in the resulting chaos claimed the lives of both gang members
    and students alike.
       A candlelight vigil is scheduled to be held outside the student union later
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
    "A fishing boat exploded near the Sunnyvale Gardens dock earier today in what
    authorities believe was an act of sabatoge by members of the Third Street
       Reports of gunfire and minor explosions were reported minutes before the
    large freighter exploded, and witnesses claim it was the result of yet
    another battle between the Sons of Samedi and the Third Street Saints.
       Claims tha the processing plant was a front for a Samedi run drug lab has
    yet to be confirmed."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                                ________________  _________
    ===============|\=======/||\\              /==\   ____ \=====================
    +++++++++++++++| \+++++/ || \\____    ____/____\  \+++\ \++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  | /       \\  |++/ /++++++++++++++++++++
    ===============|  |===|  ||  |====|  |/    _    \\ |=/ /=====================
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  ||   /+\   || |/ /++++++++++++++++++++++
    ===============|  |===|  ||  |====|  ||  |===|  ||    \======================
    +++++++++++++++|  |+++|  ||  |++++|  ||  |+++|  ||  |\ \+++++++++++++++++++++
    +++++++++++++++|  \___/  ||  |____|  ||   \_/   ||  |+\ \++++++++++++++++++++
    =============== \       //        \\ |\         /|  |==\ \===================
                     \_____//__________\\| \_______/ /__\  /__\ULTSTRO123
       |>>>*>>>*>>>*>>>Rounds Square Shopping Center<<<*<<<*<<<*<<<|
       5 or so rockets
       Basically the indicator is underground. Go inside the nearby building -
    it’s actually an underground mall (the Sons of Samedi boss is located here).
    The entrance to the mall is street-level. Go inside and take the elevator
    down and you should be able to find it from there.
       now that that's out of the way. . .
       Run through the mall, killing all of the groups with a shotgun. Work your
    way from the top to the bottom
       After that, bust into the conference room and throw some pipe bombs or
    grenades if you have them, otherwise just gun everybody down. If one of your
    homies die, then revive them, they will help
       After the short cutscene, bust out the door, and get out your rifle.
    When you get to the top of the stairs, KEEP MOVING. there are rocket launchers
    shooting at you. When most of the people are killed, work your way with your
    SMG to the last staircase. If a bear is coming at you or in the way, shoot
    it with some rockets.
       This is the last territory to take. I had 45/45 now.
       "Visitors to the Rounds Square Shopping Center were treated to a scene
    of chaos and death today as members of the Third Street Saints raided the
    underground mall in search of Ultor Executives. Ultor officials are
    downplaying reports that the Saints have seized control of the shopping
    center, and assure the public that business will continue as usual."
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                   ========={[(WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER)]}==========
                         {Activities}  (ACTIVI123)
       Level # - Reward
       (Hitman and Chop Shop info)
       Contributor1 suggestion/walkthrough
       Contributor2 suggestion/walkthrough
    >>Thank you to Contributor1 for this info<<
    >>Thank you to Contributor2 for this info<<
                       Crowd Control          |
                       (CROACT123)            |
              "Earn money as a bodyguard by keeping obnoxious
              fans away from celebrities -- by any means necessary."
    Suburbs Crowd Control
       Level 3 - 5% Clothing Store Discount
       Level 6 - 15% Clothing Store Discount
    Marina Crowd Control
       Level 3 - Pepper Spray
       Level 6 - Chainsaw
    General Tips from DaBugman
          levels 1-3 are pretty easy, just be sure to utilise the Blue Arrows to
       score money before the time runs out.
          levels 4-6 are harder because the number of crazy fans increases
       dramatically, and you can have 3 or 4 of them attacking the Celeb at once.
          Throwing the fans into the Blue Arrows can be a waste of time now, and the
       Celeb will max his Annoyance meter very quickly. A good plan I found was to
       beatdown the first fan carrying a baseball bat or crowbar, pick up their
       weapon and swing like crazy. Don't worry about bashing the Celeb - it's much
       more important to keep the fans away, so stick close to the Celeb at all
       times, and toss any solo fans into the Blue Arrows for extra points.
          Locations: The hardest level I found was the Cemetary because of the lack
       of quick death for the crazy fans, and only a couple of Blue Arrows. The
       Rooftop and the Train Station are good locations because you can quickly
       throw fans off the edge to their death.
          This location is also good because it's a small area, and you can quickly
       throw fans into either the SWAT van, the Luggage Belt, or the Security Guards
       for quick money.
              >>Thank you to DaBugman for this information<<
                        Demo Derby            |
                       (DEMACT123)            |
              "Smash everyone else on the track in a demolition
              derby. Earn money after each round to better equip your ride."
    Demo Derby
       Level 3 - Mechanic Discount
       Level 6 - Demo Derby Vehicles
    A Tip from DaBugman
          After you complete the Demo Derby activity, a special marker appears next
       to the original activity. It will allow you to compete in a series of Demo
       Derbys in special vehicles.
    A suggestion from Kenny Farrell
          Use nitrous! Make sure there is a car in front of you and use it by
       pressing right analog stick.
                      Drug Trafficking        |
                       (DRUACT123)            |
              "Ride shotgun and protect a drug dealer as they drive
              over Stilwater and make deals with their unsavory clientele."
    Airport Drug Trafficking
       Level 3 - X2 Ultimax (Shotgun)
       Level 6 - Infinite Shotgun Ammo
    Hotel and Marina Drug Trafficking
       Level 3 - Ronin Notoriety Reduced
       Level 6 - Ronin Notoriety Reduced 2
    A suggestion from Ryan Vandenburgh
          If you beat Escort and get the vehicle delivery service, you can have
       the Bear or the other police tank delivered when u start a
       mission. You can sit inside shooting the gun the whole time, even when
       he drives.
          The bear has never blown up or caught on fire for me, even
       though it has been close. The dealer himself never died, so you don't
       have to get out, as long as you keep killing the people coming after
       him with the gun. You do keep it throughout all the levels too.
          Just remember, you have to call it after the mission has started or
       it will put you inside the dealer's car.
                         Escort               |
                       (ESCACT123)            |
       "You are the personal driver for a high-Class hooker. Your job is to evade
          the paparazzi who want to snap photos of the people who are in need
             of her services."
    Red Light Escort
       Level 3 - Vehicle Delivery
       Level 6 - Vehicle Delivery (Free)
    University Escort
       Level 3 - Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced
       Level 6 - Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced 2
    Both Escort Complete
       Escort Vehicles
    A suggestion from Kenny Farrell
          When you get the request get it done as soon as possible, even if you
       have to go into the news vans. You will not progress until it is done,
       and you will get a pleasure bonus.
          Whatever you do, do not shoot at the news vans. This will make you
       lose pleasure.
              >>Thank you to Donselaar for this info<<
                       Fight Club             |
                       (FIGACT123)            |
              "Step into the ring and join the most violent fights in the city.
              Brawl your way to the top to earn money and respect."
    Arena Fight Club
       Level 3 - 15% more damage with fists
       Level 6 - 30% more damage with fists
    Prison Fight Club
       Level 3 - Legal Lee
       Level 6 - Troy
    A suggestion from Kenny Farrell
          Before starting, buy as much food as you can. If you take too much
       damage, use it to heal yourself.
          When fighting, use combos, and if you choose to use a weapon, it is
       better to toss it at them, because it is slow.
              >>Thank you to Richardocool1 for this information<<
                           Fuzz               |
                       (FUZACT123)            |
       "Dress like a cop, pick up your cameraman, and become a reality TV star on
          Fuzz, Stilwater's #1 TV show. Stop crime as sensationally as possible
             to score the highest ratings in town."
    Projects Fuzz
       Level 3 - Kobra Pistol
       Level 6 - Infinite Pistol Ammo (For the Kobra Pistol)
    Suburbs Fuzz
       level 3 - Police Notoriety Reduced
       level 6 - Police Notoriety Reduced 2
    A tip from DrJones
       If you go to your crib after unlocking the infinite ammo for the Kobra, and
    equip it from your stash, suddenly all pistols have infinite ammo.
              >>Thank you to Richardocool1 for this information<<
              >>Thank you to DrJones for this information<<
                        Heli Assault          |
                       (HELACT123)            |
              "Use a decommissioned attack chopper and rain death from above on
              your rivals."
    Trailer Park Heli Assault
       Level 3 - 5% weapons store discount
       Level 6 - 15% weapons store discount
    Barrio Heli Assault
       Level 3 - 5% reduced bullet Damage
       Level 6 - 15% reduced bullet Damage
    Some General Tips from DaBugman
          You don't need to wait for the Missile Lock-on before firing. You can aim
       in the general location of your target and fire - just make sure you keep the
       crosshairs close to your target and the missile will do its work whether you
       establish a lock or not.
          NOTE this tactic doesn't work as well against enemy choppers - first
       establish a lock-on, then fire the missile for a one-hit kill.
              >>Thank you to Masta G for this info<<
              >>Thank you to Christian Cantergiani for this info<<
                        Trail Blazing         |
                       (TRAACT123)            |
              "Give new meaning to the term 'burnout' while wearing a flame suit
              as you drive around Stilwater on a four wheeler. The more damage you
              create, the more time you have to cause some heavy-duty trouble."
    Downtown Trail Blazing
       Level 3 - 5% less damage from explosions
       Level 6 - 15% less damage from explosions
    Apartments Trail Blazing
       Level 3 - Brotherhood notoriety reduced
       Level 6 - Brotherhood notoriety reduced
    Both complete - Fire Fighter Suit
    A suggestion from Kenny Farrell
          Drive on sidewalks or in the path of people whenever possible. If you
       see a gas can or fire, hit it! They cause a lot of damage and increase
       your time.
              >>Thank you to Ricky Taylor for this informaton<<
                      Insurance Fraud         |
                       (INSACT123)            |
              "Play in traffic for fun and profit! Fake an injury and try to
              score some free cash."
    Factories Insurance Fraud
       Level 3 - run 2x longer
       Level 6 - Infinite Sprint
    Museum Insurance Fraud
       Level 3 - 5% less damage from vehicles
       Level 6 - 15% less damage from vehicles
    Suggestion from Gunk3000
          An easy way to beat the first few levels of insurance fraud is to jump out
       of a helicopter or plane without a parachute. If it's into the designated
       area it will fill your adrenaline multiplier. The only downside is that you
       will have to get a new helicopter or plane before each level.
    Suggestion from DaBugman
          A quick way to rack up the Damage in Insurance Fraud is to first get your
       Adrenaline going, then Dive straight into an oncoming car. Pull back hard on
       the Left Stick (assuming that you're facing the oncoming car) and this will
       make you fly a huge distance. Now that you're flying, try and bounce off
       other vehicles - the more vehicles you can contact the more Damage you
    Suggestion from Brian Wiggins
          After time runs out, as long as you're still in adrenaline mode, you can
       continue to get points. As long as you fall, your adrenaline bar will lower
       very very slightly, and if you hit a car, it doesn't lower at all.
       Since you are in adrenaline mode you will get more points bouncing off of
       stuff. You can get about $1000 from falling, but every so often a car will
       hit you, triggering a chain.
              >>Thank you to Angel Azrael for this information<<
                          Mayhem              |
                       (MAYACT123)            |
       "Take to the streets of Stilwater and go on a violent rampage.
       Just think of it as a slash-and-burn agriculture with more explosions."
    Red Light Mayhem
       Level 3 - 15% crib customization discount
       Level 6 - 30% crib customization discount
    Nuclear Plant mayhem
       Level 3 - flamethrower
       Level 6 - annihilator RPG
          Zephyr Arsland and Nemesis-X sent in a strategy to very easily beat the
          later levels of the Red Light mayhem
    A) Fire up the Red Light District Mayhem Activity. You know, the one that's
    really close to your first crib.
    B) In the last three levels or so (of the 6 available) you'll have 3 possible
    destinations for you to go and wreak havoc: The Suburbs Expansion district,
    the Downtown district, or the Hotels & Marina district. For this to work, you
    must get the latter.
    C) Choose the RPG-7 weapon (conveniently packed with infinite ammo, courtesy
    of Mayhem) and position yourself close to the south-east border of the
    district. There's an arch that reads 'Marina' or something like that. Bear
    in mind that the timer will start to tick when you step foot on the district
    D) Grab a vehicle and enter the district, following the road below the
    'Marina' sign. You'll soon come to a elevated area dominating the sea,
    some sort of coastal walkway. There's a LONG, and I do mean LONG set of
    rails here... that net little cash on their own, but will provide substantial
    wealth once you get your combo meter past 100. Get down from your vehicle,
    and with the RPG selected, fire a rocket to the ground near the leftmost
    start of the rails, so you can maximize your profit.
    E) While your character reloads, strafe a bit to the left and fire another
    rocket to the next set of rails. Your combo meter will start to go up.
    Keep strafing and firing, without even turning around. Eventually you'll get
    something like 45,000 or 60,000 dollars per rocket, and more.
    F) Lather, rinse, repeat. You can make as much as 3,000,000 dollars easily,
    which is hell of a lot more than really needed to get past lv6 (which only
    requires 800,000). The activity will end when you lose your combo meter, your
    time runs out, or you get killed. Keep in mind that if you die, whether from
    your own fault (firing a rocket at your feet, for example, or falling towards
    the beach while low on health) or by the cop's diligent attention, you will
    LOSE, the amount of money you had notwithstanding.
       A few things to be wary of: Wandering pedestrians (they act as a concrete
    shield and soak up the rocket, potentially killing you if they're close
    and/or making you lose your rythm and God forbid, your combo meter),
    park benches and lamp posts, and cops. They will try to stop you,
    but fail miserably if you don't pay attention to them.
       The second you turn around to fire a rocket at them you'll be dead meat.
    Don't get cocky and keep blasting railings. It's the best way! Also, don't
    try to hit the railings directly with your rocket. Aim for the ground NEAR
    them and let the blast work its magic.
       Not as fun as destroying the universe a car at a time or lobbing grenades
    all over a quiet suburb, it's a PRACTICAL and SUREFIRE way to get you past
    Another Suggestion from Richard Warner
       A really easy way to get plenty of money in the later levels is Satchel
    Charges. You will have infinite and you can toss all of them on nearby cars,
    lamp posts, benches, anything in sight, until you can't throw any more, then
    blow them up.
       I managed to rack up more than 150 combos in one sitting, and the damage
    total came to $843,000. Enough to beat the last level on it's own. Also, the
    cops can't react fast enough to do anything.
              >>Thank you to Masta G for this info<<
              >>Thank you to Ricky Taylor for this info<<
                       Septic Avenger         |
                       (SEPACT123)            |
              "Devalue property value in Stilwater as you spray the contents of a
              septic truck all over town. Everyone loves a nice shade of brown..."
    Suburbs Septic Avenger
       Level 3 - 15% improved weapon accuracy
       Level 6 - 30% improved weapon accuracy
    Red Light Septic Avenger
       Level 3 - 15% discount food and liquor stores
       Level 6 - 30% discount food and liquor stores
    Both Septic Avengers Complete
       Septic Truck
    A suggestion from Kenny Farrell
          Pretty simple. Just be sure to hit all the targets. While traveling
       between areas, try to hit the cop cars.
                         Snatch               |
                       (SNAACT123)            |
              "This is how life should be. Go around town and murder rival
              pimps, recruit their hos, and build up a stable of your own."
    Chinatown Snatch
       Level 3 - 2x health regeneration
       Level 6 - 3x health regeneration
    Downtown Snatch
       Level 3 - gal 43
       Level 6 - Infinite SMG ammo (for the gal 43)
    Suggestion from Joe Watson
          For harder levels, or for all levels, use the "Bear"; an Ultor SWAT
       vehicle. You won't need to change vehicle whilst in the mission, it has an
       infinite clip and ammo rifle mounted on top AND it has more than enough
       space for one and one's hoes!
          You unlock the "Bear" after one of the last Ultor Missions alternatively
       you can just get 4+ Stars on you in the Saint's Row District and steal one.
    Suggestion from Dami Adesanya
          If you do not shoot any of the gang members, then you will be fine.
       You can kill the pimps and then take the ho's back without problems. Make
       sure you have a strong car so that you will live through each round.
              >>Thanks to Ricky Taylor for this information<<
              >>Thanks to DrJones for this information<<
                         Hitman               |
                       (HITACT123)            |
    Complete 1 location
       Grenades at crib
    Complete 3 locations
       Satchel Charges at crib
    Comple all
       Unlimited Rifle Ammo
       I've been informed that the rewards aren't location specific. Just beat
    one whole list and get the reward, then beat 2 more and you'll get the next
          Jeff Wilson contacted me and sent in an organized Hitman list! Yay!
       Thanks for taking the time to type it out and give some of your own hints
       for the people. So enjoy the list, and make good use of it!
          A note from Jeff:
          These are the complete lists and what the game gives.
          The ones with a ? are the ones I haven't found yet.
       Saints Row
    Apoop - Barrio night night club. Be patient and he will show up.
    Larry - Trailer Park I found him on sidewalk.
    Seabaugh - Wait on the pirate ship in marina district and he will walk along
    Mr. Fiegel - Go to the tattoo parlor in the red light district and he will be
    there after you get inkd.
    Lt Freeball - He is a pantsless cop and he can pop up anywhere you cause
    trouble. I found him on the prison island.
    Russell - underground caverns
       Prison List
    Everett - Kill a Pimp in the red lights district and you should find him.
    Justin - Suburbs Cemetry he will be weeding behind a gravestone between
    10 p- 4a
    Chris - Ride a motorcycle around the arena district and he will show up.
    Tim - Call 555-Fire(3473) and he will be in the firetruck.
    Mitri? - Should be under the bridge in the factory districk drink 40's to
    gain his trust.
    Frank? - FBI agent Cause trouble
       Trailer Park
    Shannon - Trailer Park - I found him in the laundromat. But start a fight
    and he will show.
    Jim - make your way to the nuclear plant island and call 555-oops(6677) he
    will be in the hazmat truck.
    Roje - Coming out of the suburbs scratch that music store
    Mike- Downtown hospital get smoked and then youll find him
    Clint - got to univerity stadium and drink 40's and he will drive around
    Greg - Go to freckle bitches and order 1 of everything. then be patient and
    he will start walking around on sidewalk.
       Barrio List
    Alvan? - Arena Abandoned drive in. Drink 40's to gain trust
    Brad? - Barrio- Throw down a tag to gain trust
    Anoop - Police/Pornstar - Cause trouble
    Frank - call 455- 8008 he will be in taxi
    Scott - call 555- 6328 and he will be in sandmich car
    James? - Suburbs - technically legal and take up a ho's time he will show.
       Hotel and Marina
    Jeremiah - Ride a motorcycle around and he will be riding his around
    Nate? - Marina Poseidon Casino - Play casino games to gain his trust
    Brian - Call 911 and he will be in the ambulance
    Chris - is in the museum gift shop
    Randy - Buy a boat in the marina district and he will come and see what you
    picked out
    Nick? - Marina Heron Hotel use elevator to get to his room.
              >>Thank you to Jeff Wilson for this information<<
              >>Thanks to Jamy J for this information<<
                        Chop Shop             |
                       (CHOACT123)            |
    Complete 1 Chop Shop List
    Complete 2 Chop Shop Lists
       Combine harvester
    Thanks to Lex Jansen for this list. Although he didn't make it up on his
    own, he took the time to type it out and send it in, so much appreciation to
    him. *clap clap*
    Also, Nickmaster2007 sent in a detailed strategy and award list for each car,
    so I added the extra info onto Lex's list. Thanks to the both of them for
    taking the time to contribute =)
    Mockingbird    Suburbs
       200 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Churchill      Suburbs Expansion
       250 Respect
          Suburbs Expansion
    Hammerhead     Downtown
       300 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Compton        Museum
       400 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Topher         Hotels and Marina
       500 Respect
          Hotels and Marina
    Quota          High end Retail
       600 Respect
          High end Retail
    Five-O         Suburbs (can be found around the whole city , however)
       700 Respect
          Call Troy, he will show up in a Five-O
    Ambulance      Suburbs Expansion (can be found around the whole city, however)
       800 Respect
          Call 911. An ambulance will be delivered to you. Do this nearby a chop
          shop so you don't have to drive very far with a 3 star wanted level.
    Go!            Trailer Park
       200 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Taxi           Suburbs Expansion
       150 Respect
          Call 555-018-0174. Do it by a Chop Shop for minimal driving.
    Wellington     Downtown
       300 Respect
    Alaskan        Hotels and Marina
       400 Respect
          After you defeat the Brotherhood, it will be available in your garage,
          otherwise check the Brotherhood turf until you find one.
    Varsity        Downtown
       500 Respect
    Zenith         Hotels and Marina
       600 Respect
          Hotels and Marina
    Justice        Suburbs Expansion
       700 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Titan          Downtown
       800 Respect
          Only use the road block method with this beast! The driver has a lot of
          protection while driving, so killing him from your car is nearly
    Swindle        University
       200 Respect
    Betsy          Arena
       250 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    NRG V8         Barrio
       300 Respect
    Raycaster      Chinatown
       400 Respect
    Melbourne      Airport
       500 Respect
    Bezier         Apartments
       600 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Cosmos         Projects
       700 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Status Quo     Red Light
       800 Respect
          Red Light
    Voxel          Barrio
       200 Respect
    Magma          Projects
       250 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Attrazione     Red Light
       300 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Superiore      Airport
       400 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Venom Classic  Chinatown
       500 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Eiswulf        Saints Row
       600 Respect
          Saints Row District
    Socialite      Apartments
       700 Respect
    Peacekeeper    Saints Row
       800 Respect
          If you don't already have this in your garage, then it isn't hard to
          find. Go into a store and shoot a gun (Don't kill the cashier!)
          The alarm should sound. Get in a car and drive until you run into a
          roadblock. The Peacekeeper should be there. Just take one and go.
    Voyage         Docks
       200 Respect
          Go to the Saints Hideout and choose this as a gang car.
    Danville       Truckyard
       250 Respect
    MAG            Projects
       300 Respect
    BagBoy         Airport
       400 Respect
          Just go to the airport landing strip, and there should be plenty of
          these waiting for you.
    Backhoe        Barrio
       500 Respect
    Bulldozer      Factories
       600 Respect
    Delivery Truck Saints Row
       700 Respect
          Saints Row District
    Longhauler     Red Light
       800 Respect
          Looks like the saved one of the hardest for last. This POS is extremely
          slow and very weak. Use the roadblock method to get it, and don't get
          upset when/if you blow up. (It's only a game!)
    General Strategies from Nickmaster2007
       1.When stealing cars, always bring with you a homie. They'll be able to
       fend off cops as you try to drive to the chop-shop (This can be especially
       helpful when stealing cars such as the Longhauler, due to its slow pace
       and weak armor.
       2.For the actual jacking, there are really two ways to approach getting in 
       the car (This may seem pointless, but stealing cars in the chop shop can
       bring much more pressure than a regular car, and you really don't want to
       slip up when you've been hunting down a car for ages).
          a. Road Block: Bring a giant car,( bus, preferably) and block off the
          car's path while it is at a red light ( do not attempt to do this while
          the car is moving, for you might crash into it, causing it to drive
          away). Of course, sometimes there isn't a red light to help you, so
          that's why we have option b.
          b. Kill and steal: Really simple, find a way to get in front of the
          car, then shoot the driver with your pistol (Only a pistol because of
          the better accuracy. If a driver gets wounded and not killed by an SMG
          bullet, he'll floor it and get the **** out of there).
          c. Demo Derby: Repetedly ram into the vehicle until the car gets
          damaged and the driver flees. (This can be really bad because it isn't
          so easy trying to escape from the police with a car on the verge of
          d. EJECTION: Ram head on the the car, hoping to god that he flies
          through the windshield. (Really not my first choice. There's always the
          off chance that you'll accidently damage the car beyond repair, or that
          the driver won't eject. Of course, even IF he doesn't, you will still
          have made a decent road block.
       3. A good car for the jacking would have to be the FBI. It has great
       speed, and will make a decent barrier for road blocking. If you don't have
       an FBI, a good other option would be either the Mag, or the Bulldog.
       I prefer the Mag because of its superior handling, but that's just me.
       4. Take breaks! Never try and complete all of the chop shops in one
       sitting. It can really be tedious at some times. To keep a good morale, I
       suggest taking short breaks in between locations.
       5. DON'T USE A HELICOPTER. If you use a helicopter, you might kill
       yourself or the car you're trying to get while trying to land. Sure, it
       makes the traveling much easier, but when you get to the respected
       district, always ditch the chopper and steal a car. It makes the jackings
       that much easier.
    Strategy from Lance M
          Having more cribs makes the chop shop much easier. The police magically
       know when a car is on the chop shop list and it immediately raises your
       wanted level.
          If, however, you store the car in your crib and then retrieve it later,
       no police warning is triggered.  It's therefore pretty simple to just
       acquire a car, store it, get rid of police notoriety as normal (time,
       forgive & forget, or a simple save/reload), then retrieve it and drive it
       to a chopshop at your leisure.
          The penthouse is pretty close to one of the chop shop locations, and
       makes an ideal garage to retrieve from. 
    Strategy from DWilliams
       1. Take anything you can find to drive.
       2. Go to the area "Ex.  Downtown District"  Wait about 20-30 seconds.
          Your wanted car or vehicle shows up on the radar.
       3. Open map - locate it - and try to get to it before the blip
          dissapears. about 15 seconds unless your close.  
       4. Follow it without anything going on (gangs or cops chasing you
          hopefully not).  Pull up next to it and shoot the driver
       5. Take the car back to the chop shop.
       6. The further down the list - the harder and more money each is worth.
          If it runs from you without getting a clean shot on the driver - just
          shoot at it some. The driver will bail out. 
          Most time cop wanted level less than 1 star. On the harder vehicles it
       automatically goes to 3 stars. So stay closer to chop shops and sit in
       the area mentioned. Completed all chop shop lists in less than 1 hour
       30 minutes.
          I did collect all lists first and coordinated them to the areas. A
       couple are not close to the areas your list is from.
    Suggestion from WrexFenix
          First explore all chop shop locations until you have all 5 car lists.
       Head to the Saints Row Hideout and customize cars. about 1/3 of the cars
       you need to find can be set as gang cars.
          Pick one and set all 3 slots to it, then head outside. Turn on the
       auto-detector (Start > Activities > Chop Shop > Car), and it shouldn't be
       too hard to find. About 1/3 of the cars can be done this way, and it should
       speed things up if you can't find the cars otherwise.
          And there you have it!
       After you get all of these cars, you'll earn probably the lamest reward
       ever; 75% off at the mechanic. But, you also get the "Where's My Car?"
       Achievement, worth 10 Gamerscore, and you are one step closer to
       getting 100%!
              >>Thank you to Nickmaster2007 for this information<<
              >>Thank you to Lex Jansen for this information<<
              >>Thank you to Daddyben for this information<<
                       Diversions             |
                       (DIVACT123)            |
       Diversion Title
    Level/Number - Reward
    Level/Number - Reward
       possible Contributor1 suggestions
    >>Thank you to Contributor1 for this info<<
              Taxi Diversions
    Level 10 - Personalized Taxi
              Ambulance Diversions
    Level 10 - Personalized Ambulance / Shock paddles as melee weapon.
              Ho-ing Diversions
    Level 10 - Pimp Outfit in wardrobe
              Tow-Truck Diversions
    Level 10 - Personalized Tow Truck
              Base Jumping
    Bullseye - no damage from ANY height
    30 Muggings - Paintball Mask in Wardrobe
    50 Muggings - Reporter lady as Homie.
       Press the right stick while you have a gun to aim. Aim
       at somebody for 5 seconds and they will drop their money.
              >>Thank you to Hudson4269 for this information<<
              >>Thank you to Richard Warner for this information<<
                           {Shops}  (shop123)
       This is a list sent to me by Jaquan Lowe. Food stores will be added later.
    Thank you VERY MUCH to Jaquan for taking the time to make this list; it's
    definately helped a lot.
       Also, There was a list on Gamefaqs forums of clothing stores products,
    which I added into this list. Thank you to _Classic_Gamer_ for writing it.
       If you happen to be _Classic_Gamer and are reading this, please contact me
    so I can thank you and ask you for more info =P.
       If you have any more information (more stores, or stores products), please
    send it in to Saints2faq@hotmail.com
             Customization          |
             (CUSSHO123)            |
       Rim Jobs
       Image As Designed
       Rusty's Needle
           Drugs and Liquor         |
             (DALSHO123)            |
       Gas Station
       Night Clubs
       Brown Baggers
       Friendly Fire
          Location(s): ??
          Shopping Mall
             Most weapons (Including Annihilator RPG)
       Brass Knuckles
                Music               |
             (MUSSHO123)            |
       Scratch That
              Notoriety             |
             (NOTSHO123)            |
       Forgive and Forget
               Clothes              |
             (CLOSHO123)            |
       Leather and Lace
          Location(s): 1
          Shopping Mall (After taking down the elevator, it is up a level via
          Womens Bondage Top 1
          Womens Bondage Top 2
          Womens Bondage Top 3
          Womens Camisole 1
          Womens Camisole 2
          Womens Camisole 3
          Womens Camisole 4
          Womens Camisole 5
          Mens Leather Vest 1
          Mens Leather Vest 2
          Mens Leather Vest 3
          Bikini Top
          Leather Bra
          Womens Bra 3
          Womens Bra 4
          Laced Leather Biker Pants
          Leather Biker Pants
          Mens Snakeskin Pants
          Short Leather Skirt
          Womens Latex Pants
          Womens Snakeskin Pants
          Womens Tight Latex Pants
          Mens Snakeskin Boots
          Stripper Boots
          Womens High Heels
          Knee Highs
          Bikini Bottom
          Mens Sexy Swimwear
          Womens G-String 1
          Womens G-String 2
          Womens Thong
             LEFT/RIGHT WRIST
          Leather Wrist Cuff
          Looped Bracelet
          Metal Bracelet
          Latex Gloves
          Leather Gloves
          Standard Bike Gloves
          Womens One Piece Swimsuit 1
          Womens One Piece Swimsuit 2
       Lets Pretend
          Location(s): 1
          Shopping Mall
          Batters Helmet
          Beenie w/ Propeller
          Bling Crown
          Construction Hard Hat
          Cowboy Hat
          Deep Sea Helmet
          Devil Horns
          Mens Straw Hat
          Novelty Cat Ears
          Pirate Hat
          Soldier Helmet
          Viking Helmet
          Protective Goggles
             OVER SHIRTS
          Scrubs Top
          Flasher Coat
          Lab Coat
          Safety Vest
          Boat Shoes
          Construction Gloves
          Evil Doctor
          Hot Dog Suit
          Judge Robe
          Ninja Suit
       Nobody Loves me
          Location(s): 1
          Shopping Mall
          Asian Bike Helmet
          Baseball Cap
          Biker Helmet
          Dirt Bike Helmet
          Modern Motorcycle Helmet
          Trucker Cap
          Basic Tee
          Womens Baby Doll Tee 1
          Womens Baby Doll Tee 2
          Mens Leather Biker Jacket
          Racing Pants
          Biker Boots 1
          Biker Boots 2
          Biker Boots 3
          Futuristic Biker Boots
          Punk Boots
          Steel Toe Boots
          Womens Leather Boots
          Riveted Belt
          Tribal Buckle Belt
          Blood Vial
          Left Eyebrow/Right Eyebrow
          Tribal 3
          Two Balls
             LEFT EAR
          Multi 2
          Multi 3
             RIGHT EAR
          Multi 1
          Multi 3
          Hoop, Left
          Hoop, Right
          Large Hoop, Middle
          Nose Bridge
          Small Hoop, Middle
          Stud, Left
          Stud, Right
          Multi Hoop
          One Ball
          One Hoop, Lower Left
          One Hoop, Lower Middle
          One Hoop, Lower Right
          One Hoop, Upper Left
          One Hoop, Upper Right
          One Spike
          Stud, Middle
             LEFT/RIGHT WRIST
          Mens Thick Wristband
          Stitched Long Armband
          Tribal Wristband 1
          Tribal Wristband 2
          Tribal Wristband 3
          Womens Metallic Wristband
          Location(s): 2
          High End Retail District - Nob Hill
          Saints Row District - Harrowgate
          Items Carried:
          Bowler Hat
          Driver's Cap
          Fedora 1
          Fedora 2
          Fedora 3
          Pimp Hat
          Top Hat
          Women's Dress Hat
             OVER SHIRTS
          Dress Shirt With Bow Tie
          Long Sleeve Button Shirt
          Patterned Silk Shirt
          Short Sleeve Buttoned Shirt 2
          Short Sleeve Dress Shirt 1
          Short Sleeve Silk Shirt
          Women's Sweater
          Men's Blazer
          Men's Double Breasted Jacket
          Men's Two Button Business Jacket
          Pimp Coat
          Women's Blazer
          Women's Designer Bra
          Long Slit Dress
          Men's Pleated Dress Slacks
          Men's Silk Pants
          Women's Hot Pants 1
          Women's Long Skirt
          Women's Pleated Dress Capris
          Women's Pleated Dress Slacks
          Women's Shorts 1
          Women's Shorts 3
          Men's Dress Shoes
          Men's Flat-Toed Dress Shoes
          Men's Loafers 1
          Men's Loafers 2
          Women's Dress Slippers
          Women's Formal Heels
          Women's High Heels
          Women's Platform Shoes
          Women's Fancy Stockings
          ***** Belt
          Oval Belt 1
          Oval Belt 2
          Oval Belt 3
          Rectangular Belt 1
          Rectangular Belt 2
          Rectangular Belt 3
          Rectangular Belt 4
          Square Belt
          Men's Euro Boxers
          Women's Low Cut Panties
          Women's Thong
          Women's Formal Gloves
          Cocktail Dress
          Prom Dress
          Women's Dress
       Sloppy Seconds
          Location(s): 3
          Projects District - Sunnyvale Gardens
          Barrio District - Cecil Park
          Barrio District - Encanto
          Items Carried:
          Baseball Cap
          Doo Rag 1
          Trucker Cap
          Basic Tee
          Hensley Muscle Shirt
          Men's Muscle Shirt
          Men's Tank Top 1
          Torn Tee
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 1
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 2
          Women's Lycra Tank
          Women's Short Tube Top
          Women's Small Tank Top
          Women's Tank Top
             OVER SHIRTS
          Basketball Jersey
          Football Jersey
          Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey
          Women's Basketball Jersey
          Women's Football Jersey
          Women's Bra 1
          Women's Bra 2
          Men's Jean Shorts 2
          Men's Jean Shorts 4
          Men's Jeans 2
          Men's Jeans 3
          Men's Jeans 4
          Sports Shorts
          Track Pants
          Women's Jeans 2
          Women's Lycra Pants
          Women's Sweat Pants 3
          Athletic Shoes
          Plastic Sandals
          Running Shoes
          Short Socks
          Men's Tightie Whities
          Women's Broad Sided Panties
          Women's Panties
             LEFT WRIST
          Arm Sweatband
             RIGHT WRIST
          Arm Sweatband
          Fingerless Batting Gloves
       On The Rag
          Location(s): 4
          Suburbs Expansion District - Quinbecca
          Suburbs District - Misty Lane
          Arena District - Sunsinger
          Red Light District - Prawn Court
          Items Carried:
          Dread Cap 1
          Dread Cap 2
          Floppy Hat
          Women's Large Floppy Cap
          Men's Tank Top 1
          Tye Dye Tee
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 2
          Women's Lycra Tank
             OVER SHIRTS
          Hippie Shirt
          Women's Tied Button Shirt
          Hoodie With Hat
          Men's Denim Vest
          Track Jacket
          Women's Denim Vest
          Women's Halter Swimtop
          Bellbottom Jeans
          Men's Jean Shorts 1
          Men's Jean Shorts 5
          Men's Jeans 1
          Sports Shorts
          Track Pants
          Women's Hot Pants 2
          Women's Jeans 1
          Women's Lycra Pants
          Women's Short Denim Skirt
          Women's Tight Jeans
          Women's Track Hot Pants
          Women's Track Pants
          Athletic Shoes
          Plastic Sandals
          Sports Shoes With Strap
          Women's Fuzzy Slippers
          Circular Belt 1
          Circular Belt 2
             LEFT WRIST
          Weaved Bracelet
             RIGHT WRIST
          Weaved Bracelet
          Location(s): 3
          Hotels & Marina District - Stilwater Boardwalk
          Downtown District - Filmore
          Airport District - Wardill Airport
          Items Carried:
          Knit Cap 1
          Knit Cap 2
          Women's Knitted Cap
          Hensley Tee
          Three-Quarter Tee
          Women's Chest Band
          Women's Wrap Shirt
             OVER SHIRTS
          Baby Doll Blouse
          Caribbean Vest
          Long Sleeve Workshirt
          Long Sleeve Workshirt With Tie
          Short Sleeve Workshirt 1
          Short Sleeve Workshirt 2
          Short Sleeve Workshirt With Tie
          Women's Baby Doll Polo
          Women's Stretched Sweatshirt
          Men's Sweater Vest
          Women's Sweater Vest
          Chest Bandies
          Baggy Cargos
          Casual Slacks
          Men's Baggy Canvas Pants
          Men's Canvas Pants
          Men's Cargo Pants
          Men's Cargo Shorts 1
          Men's Cargo Shorts 2
          Men's Cargo Shorts 3
          Women's Canvas Pants
          Women's Hot Pants 3
          Women's Jeans 3
          Women's Mid-Length Cloth Skirt
          Women's Pants
          Women's Short Cloth Skirt
          Women's Shorts 2
          Women's Sweat Pants 1
          Women's Sweat Pants 2
          Canvas Shoes
          Double Strapped Sandals
          Leather Hiking Boots
          Utility Boots
          Worker Boots
          Shin High Socks
          Women's Banded Stockings
          Large Square Buckle Belt
          Men's Boxers 2
          Women's Low Cut Briefs
          Short Sleeve Jumpsuit
          Women's One Piece Swimsuit 3
          Location(s): 1
          Factories District - Black Bottom
          Items Carried:
          Baseball Cap
          Miner Helmet
          Trucker Cap
          Basic Tee
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 2
       Stilwater U. Girt Shoppe
          Location(s): 1
          Stilwater University District - Stilwater University
          Items Carried:
          Baseball Cap
          Skeeter Antenna
          Skeeter Beerhat
          Skeeter Head
          Truckers Cap
          Basic Tee
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 1
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 2
          Women's Cheerleader Shirt
          Women's Lycra Tank
             OVER SHIRTS
          Basketball Jersey
          Football Jersey
          Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey
          Women's Basketball Jersey
          Women's Football Jersey
          Letterman's Jacket
          Track Jacket
          Cheerleader Skirt
          Sports Shorts
          Track Pants
          Women's Lycra Pants
          Women's Sweatpants 1
          Women's Track Hot Pants
       Buy Jove
          Location(s): 1
          Museum District - Amberbrook
          Items Carried:
          Baseball Cap
          Gladiator Helmet
          Basic Tee
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 1
          Women's Baby Doll Tee 2
          Gladiator Sandals
       On Thin Ice
          Location(s): 5
          High End Retail District - Nob Hill
          Suburbs District - Tidal Spring
          Saints Row District - Mission Beach
          Chinatown District - Imperial Square
          Airport District - Huntersfield
          Items Carried:
          11 Shades
          Black Out Shades
          Classy Shades 1
          Classy Shades 2
          Designer Shades
          Fancy Shades
          Geezer Shades
          Large Round Glasses
          Men's Glasses
          Men's Rectangular Shades
          Nerd Glasses
          Old Lady Glasses
          Oval Glasses
          Retaliation Of The Nerds Glasses
          Round Shades 1
          Sporty Shades
          Trooper Shades
             LEFT INDEX FINGER
          Oval Ring
          Thick Ring 1
          Thick Ring 2
          Thick Ring 3
             LEFT RING FINGER
          Oval Ring
          Thick Ring 1
          Thick Ring 2
          Thick Ring 3
          Oval Ring
          Thick Ring 1
          Thick Ring 2
          Thick Ring 3
             RIGHT RING FINGER
          Oval Ring
          Thick Ring 1
          Thick Ring 2
          Thick Ring 3
             SHORT NECKLACES
          Alternating Chain
          Figure 8 Chain
          Fine Rope
          Flat Chain
          Flat Chain 1
          Large Chain
          Small Ball
          Twisted Necklace 1
          Twisted Necklace 2
             LONG NECKLACES
          Alternating Chain
          Figure 8 Chain
          Large Chain
          Rope Chain 2
          Twisted Necklace 2
          Celtic Cross
          Diamond Post
          Italian Horn
             LEFT EAR
          Large Hoop
          Medium Hoop
          Single Ball
          Single Diamond
          Small Hoop
          Thick Hoop
          Thin Hoop
            RIGHT EAR
          Large Hoop
          Medium Hoop
          Single Ball
          Single Diamond
          Small Hoop
          Thick Hoop
          Thin Hoop
             LEFT WRIST
          Men's Dress Watch
          Nameplate Bracelet
          Round Hand Clock
          Round Watch
          Segmented Bracelet
             RIGHT WRIST
          Men's Dress Watch
          Nameplate Bracelet
          Round Hand Clock
          Round Watch
          Segmented Bracelet
          Watch Band
              Vehicles              |
             (VEHSHO123)            |
       Foreign Power
       Ship It
    >>Thank you to Jaquan Lowe for this information<<
    >>Thank you to Ryan McLaughlin for this information<<
    >>Thank you to DaBugman for this information<<
    >>Thank you to _Classic_Gamer_ for this information<<
                           {Extras}  (Extra123)
           Secret Areas List        |
             (secret123)            |
       This is a special section that was made entirely by OZ. He made this FAQ
    for Gamefaqs, but since it wasn't large enough of a size, he decided to send
    it to me. Muchas Gracias! So here is the entire file of his FAQ -- I decided
    to keep version info and such on it incase he wants me to update it. Thanks
    you very much, Oz!
    Saints Row 2 - Secret Area Guide
    Version 1.00 - 17th November 2008
    Copyright 2008 by A.O.Davis (Oz not Ozzy)
    There are 32 secret areas to find in Saints Row 2, some of which you will
    discover during the natural course of game play. However, it is possible to
    seek all of them out during the early stages of the game if you so choose.
    One thing worth noting about the island areas, is that I noticed the compass
    can be a little tricky to use as a guide, particularly as you reach the edges
    of the map. My advice is to set a waypoint at the location where my directions
    start, and refer back to the map to make sure that you're continuing on course.
    A small, grassy island with several trees and bushes.
    North from the north west corner of the Misty Lane district.
    An atoll with three rocky outcrops and a partially sunken galleon.
    Just off the map, west from the University Loft crib.
    A long, thin rocky outcrap with a plesiosaur skeleton on top.
    Just off the map, west from the southern end of Prison Island.
    A slightly larger island with two arch formations and a waterfall.
    West from the south west coast of Elysian Fields.
    Before leaving Super Secret Island, look in the cave behind the waterfall.
    A small island with a ruined stairway and a sunken archway nearby.
    West from the coastal border between Mourning Woods Cemetery and Quinbecca.
    A taller island that resembles a large ramp, with a single tree at the top.
    West, and slightly north, of the north west coast of New Hennequet.
    The green patch at the south of the Stilwater Nuclear Power Plant island.
    North of the NUKE WASTE DUMP is a building marked "STILWA  R NUCLEAR".
    On the south side of the roof of this building is a small hut with a dish
    antenna on the roof. Kick in the door on the west side of the hut to enter.
    Just east of the University Dock crib, there is a tower structure with a
    small dome on top. You gain access to this dome via a stairway west of the
    larger observatory dome. Inside are three coin-in-the-slot viewing scopes.
    11 - ROBOT HOUSE
    The house next to the pier at the south east corner of the lake in the
    south east section of Frat Row.
    The top of the mountain, east of the ROBOT HOUSE, with a huge aerial
    antenna tower and another tower with dish antenna lower on the mountain side. 
    Jump in the water east of Impressions in Harrowgate and swim in a northerly
    direction into the tunnel.
    The Ultor tower in the northern most section of the Saint's Row District.
    Fly a helicopter above the top of the PHILLIPS BUILDING, then lower the
    helicopter down as if you were trying to land on the slanted roof. Do not
    actually land, as the secret area should trigger just before you touch down. 
    The Saint's former headquarters is in the middle of the Saint's Row
    District, south of the PHILLIPS BUILDING, between the two roundabouts.
    At the northern tip of land between where the two eastern most bridges enter
    the Saint's Row District there is a plaque and a statue of Alderman Hughes.
    South of the large domed structure on the Brighton coastline, there is a
    wide path with sections of glass in the floor looking down onto the water.
    North of the same large domed structure in Brighton there are some gardens
    on top of The Mix offices, which are next door to a Captain Carbuncles.  
    West of that same Captain Carbuncles is a fenced off area that opens out
    to a glass panel floored area below. You can find a stairwell down to
    that area if you go a little further west. It's under a "BULLDOG" sign.
    Located in amongst a group of several high rise buildings in the eastern
    most section of Filmore, just south of an Apollo's fast food joint.
    The downtown basketball courts are located under the freeway in Filmore,
    just south of the Brass Knuckles, opposite the multi-storey parking lot.
    South of the house to the west of the cemetery, there are three crypts.
    The southern most of these, marked "HAWK", has a hole in the floor.
    Jump in the hole and follow underground the tunnel to find the cavern.
    Just south of the northern most road in Misty Lane is a large mansion
    house. On the north side of the mansion is a large open four archway
    garage area filled with trash cans and rubbish.
    Just south of the bridge connecting Misty Lane and Tidal Spring, near
    the Tidal Spring Crowd Control activity, is a walkway with stairs which
    heads past the waste water vents before carrying on down to the waterline. 
    A group of water features with each sculpture in the middle of its own pool,
    located in the southern part of Humbolt Park, just to the east of Foreign
    Power, and south of the south west wing of the Stilwater Science Center.
    Head up to the classical ruins with lots of columns in the north eastern
    section of Amberbrook. Look for a broken figurine statue in the centre.
    Head to the circular end of the pier on the north shore of Centennial
    Beach. It's just to the west of the water based Racing diversion.
    Head to the North Shore Marina Super Mall on the Stilwater Boardwalk, to the
    north west of the Casino. Between Branded and the Charred Hard Burgers there
    is an open area where you can walk through under the mall sign with a light
    display on the ceiling showing sharks, as well as shoals of smaller fish.
    To the side of this walkway closer to Branded and quite near the road,
    there is a doorway leading to some stairs. Turn left at the top of the
    stairs and go through the door to access the offices.
    The lighthouse is at the north east tip of the small peninsula on the
    north coast of the Stilwater Boardwalk neighbourhood. Head past the
    Racing diversion and up the stairs. The lighthouse entrance is at the
    far end. Climb the stairs inside the tower all the way to the top.
    31 - PIRATE SHIP
    A wooden walkway, north of the Charred Hard Burgers in the Stilwater
    Boardwalk neighbourhood allows access to the ship, which is just to
    the south of the MARINA LIGHTHOUSE.
    32 - SKULL CAVE
    The same wooden walkway allows access to the cave. Instead of heading
    straight onto the PIRATE SHIP, take the turn off to the west and follow the
    walkway round until you reach a left turn into the cliff face. Follow this
    tunnel to the cave mouth at the waterline, near the prow of the PIRATE SHIP.
         100% Completion List       |
              (100pc123)            |
    100% complete, 100% credit to Joe Watson
       Joe sent in a list of everything you need to do to get 100% completion in
    the game. Feel free to copy it into another document of your own so that you
    can X off whatever you have done.
       I really can not thank Joe enough for this. Here it is:
    Missions / Strongholds
    Total: 42 Missions, 14 Strongholds
    Prologue - 4 Missions, 1 Stronghold
       Mission: Jailbreak
       Mission: Appointed Defender
       Mission: Down Payment
       Mission: Three Kings
       Stronghold: Stilwater Caverns
    The Brotherhood - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
       Mission: First Impressions
       Mission: Reunion Tour
       Mission: Waste Not Want Not
       Mission: Red Asphalt
       Mission: Bank Error in Your Favor
       Mission: Thank You and Goodnight!
       Mission: Retribution
       Mission: Jail Bait
       Mission: The Enemy of my Enemy
       Mission: The Siege
       Mission: Showdown
       Stronghold: Sommerset Apartments
       Stronghold: Wardill Airport Hangars
       Stronghold: Imperial Square Pagodas
       Stronghold: Poseidon Alley Docks
    The Ronin - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
       Mission: Saint's Seven
       Mission: Laundry Day
       Mission: Road Rage
       Mission: Bleeding Out
       Mission: Orange Threat Level
       Mission: Kanto Connection
       Mission: Visiting Hours
       Mission: Room Service
       Mission: Rest In Peace
       Mission: Good D
       Mission: One Man's Junk…
       Stronghold: Humbolt Park Science Museum
       Stronghold: Amberbrook Museum Pier
       Stronghold: New Hennequet Rec Center
       Stronghold: Suburbs Strip Club
    Sons of Samedi - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
       Mission: Got Dust, Will Travel
       Mission: File in the Cake
       Mission: Airborne Assault
       Mission: Veteran Child
       Mission: Burning Down the House
       Mission: Bad Trip
       Mission: Bonding Experience
       Mission: Riot Control
       Mission: Eternal Sunshine
       Mission: Assault on Precinct 31
       Mission: The Shopping Maul
       Stronghold: Elysian Fields Trailer Park
       Stronghold: Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
       Stronghold: Stilwater University Student Union
       Stronghold: Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock
    Epilogue - 4 Missions, 1 Stronghold
       Mission: Picking a Fight
       Mission: Pyramid Scheme
       Mission: Salting the Earth…Again
       Mission: …And A Better Life
       Stronghold: Rounds Square Shopping Center
    Extras - 1 Mission
       Mission: Revelation
    Total: 33
       Demolition Derby x1
       Crowd Control x2
       Drug Trafficking x2
       Escort x2
       Fight Club x2
       Fuzz x 2
       Heli Assault x2
       Insurance Fraud x2
       Mayhem x2
       Septic Avenger x 2
       Snatch x2
       Trail Blazing x2
       Chop Shop x5
          - Suburbs
          - Downtown
          - Apartments
          - Truckyard
          - Factories
       Hitman x5
          - Barrio
          - Hotels and Marina
          - Prison
          - Trailer Park
          - Saints Row
       Collected All CD's - 50 Total
       Tagged Each Location - 50 Total
    What you don't need but you can do is: 
       Racing Activities (27)
       Barnstorming (35)
       Stunt Jumps (80)
       Secret Areas (32)
       Diversions (loads)
       Zombie Uprising
    Thanks again to Joe Watson for this list. I'm using it myself to try to
    complete the FAQ. Now everybody in the world can hold hands and rejoice.
             Achievements           |
             (goatse123)            |
    Achievement Title (Gamerpoints)	Requirement
       Optional Contributor1 suggestion
    >>Thank you to Contributor1 for this info<<
       I literally took this list off of Gamefaqs. Thank you very much to Gamefaqs
    for both hosting this FAQ and supplying other sources.
       Thank you to XX_brawler__XX and Jo_Slim for contributing this list to
    2 Quick 2 Pissed (15)	Complete all races in Stilwater.
    A Brighter Future (80)	Defeated the Ultor Corporation epilogue.
    All-City (10)	Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater.
    Ambulance Chaser (15)	Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud.
    Aww Nuts! (5)	Hit 100 lifetime nut shots.
    Blue Collar (10)	Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck,
       Ambulance, and Taxi diversions.
    Brother’s Keeper (40)	Defeat the Brotherhood.
    Confidence Men (25)	Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.
    Crime Lord (50)	Complete all levels of all activities.
    Demolition Man (15)	Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
    Do Not Talk About It (15)	Complete all levels of Fight Club.
    Duelist (25)	Complete all Ronin missions in co-op.
    Duke of Stillwater (10)	Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater.
    Going The Distance (5)	Throw Someone 20 Yards Or More.
       Kidnap somebody, then take them to a high point like a mountain (between
       Sommerset and Sunsinger) then throw them off the highest point on the
    HeliGood (15)	Complete all levels of Heli Assault.
    Hello 47 (10)	Kill all Hitman targets.
    Hi Fidelity (15)	Find all CDs in Stilwater.
    Hoodlum (30)	Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges.
    I’m Not Addicted! (5)	Gambled $500,000 total lifetime.
    Kingpin (40)	Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges.
    Love Thy Neighbor (5)	Grabbed 50 human shields.
       Just grab 50 human shields with LB. Grabbing the same person twice
       doesn't count.
    Made (30)	Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges.
    Maverick Goose (10)	Find all flying stunt locations in Stilwater.
    Partners in Crime (100)	Complete all campaign missions in co-op.
    Pot Luck (25)	Complete all Samedi missions in co-op.
    Purple Haze (15)	Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking.
    Reality Star (15)	Complete all levels of FUZZ.
    Remind Me of the Babe (40)	Defeat the Sons of Samedi.
    Romero’s Hero (5)	Complete the Zombie Uprising video game.
    Saint’s Seven (30)	Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities,
    and win on all seven Strong Arm maps.
    Separated at Birth (25)	Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op.
    Seppuku (40)	Defeat the Ronin.
    Sopranos (10)	Sung Along To The Radio.
       Just turn on the Radio to your favorite station for a long time and you'll
       get this achievement.
    Splatster Chief (15)	Complete all levels of Septic Avenger.
    Spread the Love (30)	Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game.
    Still addicted to tha Row (20g)	Played Saints Row 2 single player or co-op
    for a combined 50 hours.
    Stilwater Welcoming Committee (5)	Mugged 50 citizens of Stilwater.
       Mug 50 people. Press the right stick while you have a gun to aim. Aim
       at somebody for 5 seconds and they will drop their money.
    Strong Armed (10)	Complete the Strong Arm tutorial.
    Stuntman (15)	Complete all levels of Trail Blazing.
    Surf’s Up (5)	Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing.
       Jump into a car, and when the Y flashes, press it and you'll be surfing.
       To get 3 stars, you will have to move the left thumbstick in the opposite
       side the arrow is pointing.
    Tested (10)	Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches.
    Trash Talker (5)	Taunted 50 gang members.
    Trickster (15)	Complete all levels of Escort.
    True Pal (10)	Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion.
    Velvet Rope (15)	Complete all levels of Crowd Control.
    Vengeance (15)	Exacted revenge on Julius.
    Welcome Back (5)	Complete the Saints Revival prologue.
       Finish the prologue. Just complete every Saints Mission.
    Where’s My Car? (10)	Deliver all the cars to the chop shops.
    Wrecking Crew (15)	Complete all levels of Mayhem.
    …But It Sure Is Fun (15)	Complete all levels of Snatch.
    >>Thank you to Cesar Enrich for this info<<
        Money-Making strategies     |
            (moneyguide123)         |
          Chop Shop missions allow you to get the same car as much as you want.
       You will get the same amount of money each time. To do this easily,
       just find the Chop Shop that requires the Police Car, then get the cops on
       you and repeatedly drive them into the Chop Shop. This can give you
       infinite money.
    Bryn Knight
       Robbing stores could get you up to 10K per store if you're lucky
       Destruction Derby will get you 2500+ every time
       Killing people could net you $50-$100 per person if you're in the right
          To Get extra money from the start of the game, there are certain
       activities that will become open from the start of the game.
          The easy ones to start at would be the FUZZ, Septic Avenger, Fight Club,
       Demolition Derby, Crowd Control and Helli Assult. These are scattered
       around Stillwater
          To fill your respect bar easily, get the money from the activities and
       buy what you want using all your money to get your style points up. Then
       when you get up to about level 5, you will be able to get a certain
       percntage extra.
          EG: Get 6000 Respect when you complete a activatie you will get 15%
       extra with a level of 3 style. so you will get 6900 respect.
          When you get your respect level up to 100, you will get unlimited
       respect and will be able to do as many missions as you want to.
    Lance M
          Cash raising strategy: Immediately parlay any new funds into buying
       stores, and make stronghold missions a priority.  Leaving the console on
       overnight while your character cools his heels in a crib will generate
       revenue.  It won't be too long before funds are unlimited.  
            Zombie Uprising         |
              (zombie123)           |
       Thank you very much to gamefigureouter for submitting this information.
    He is busy writing his own guide and he decided to submit this to me, so
    hopefully it is useful to some of you. Muchas Gracias!
    Now this little random irritating game is played in your crib. You take the
    role of a survivor and must band together with other survivors (homies) and
    survive through 6 waves of zombies.
       Tips for surviving
       *Note how you dont start with much ammunition in the weapons you pick up.
    It best to save as much as possible
       *For wave 1, just try to melee all of them as much as possible, this way
    you conserve ammo because the zombies tend to drop machettes and bats and
       *the handgun is good for killing random walkers, one shot to the head and
    their done
       *the shaquil O neil zombies (you'll understand when you see them) are
    extremely durable and are best handled with anything other than a hand gun,
    shotgun is prefered.
       *If there is a giant cluster of them, there is probly food or other items
    you can use under their feet, just run through wildly swinging a bat and it
    will keep them off long enough to find the items
       *use the other survivors as bait for the zombies, if they focus on them,
    they wont eat you
       * If you use the survivors, dont forget to heal them when they die
       *zombies on fire WILL seek only YOU. Kill them before they touch you or
    you will run around loosing health
       *save your grenades for when there is a group of those tall bastards so
    you can save time, health, and ammo
       *keep running around, dont stay put for too long. You run, your more
    likely to pick up esential items like ammo and food
       *If you make it to wave six, then that will be the last amount to kill,
    you will notice how the screen emptys of them when the number gets low.
       *If you cant find those last few zombies, look up the stairs they sulk
    down and you may find the straglers
    If you win your reward is some respect, and a zombie mask you can access
    at the crib. Also cant forget the 5pt acheivement you get upon completion.
       More tips on Zombie Uprising from Nemesislaw
          You should be able to finish uprising with all the weapons immediately
       available to you/weapons dropped by zombies as you kill them.
          If you cant though, there's still hope. Directly across from where you
       spawn, say, if you were facing the fountain, beyond that, there is a
       staircase leading up to a higher part of the level.
          If you follow the walkway around to the opposite side, you will find
       a minigun, fully loaded. Now if you go through the doorway up there,
       there is a flamethrower sitting just on the extreme of where the level
       warns you that you are about to leave the game and "unleash the zombie
       outbreak upon the world".
       More suggestions from Chris W
          On both sides of the fountain of acid, behind the stone walls where
       you can find some weapons, there are grassy areas that you can jump into.
       These are safe areas since the zombies cannot walk up the curb.
          Don't kill the flaming zombies right away since they can help you kill
       other zombies. Plus, the exploding zombies can easily help you take out
       very large groups. 
          Also being on the side where you can easily see the staircase, you
       can easily pick off the zombies with single head shots. After you've
       taken out most or all of the normal sized zombies, take a melee weapon
       and attack the tall zombies.
                  FAQ               |
                (FAQ123)            |
    Last Ultor Mission. What do I shoot?
       When you get in the helicopter, there will be small window panes along the
       sides of the building. Hover up until the map says you are even with the
       target, then circle the building to find it.
       The last target is right BELOW the full glass section near the top.
       When that one is destroyed, then hover close to the FULL glass section to
       trigger the cutscene.
    Can't find the _____ mission!
       1) Make sure your map filter is set to Missions
       2) Sometimes they blend in with the map. To find it, switch between the
          "Missions" and "Strongholds" filters, until something pops out at you.
       3) Make sure you have done all of the gang's available strongholds! Some
          of the missions require the strongholds to be taken (boss missions)
    Can't find the Ultor stronghold!
    I can't find the police station!
       It is located in the Saints Row district (The Gray district towards the
       East of the map). Go to the main road on the south-end of this district
       and drive along it. The police station will be along this road.
    Ultor Stronghold location.
       Go to the location on the map. Go down to street level and go into the door
       about one building to the east. This is the same place you go in for the
       last Sons of Samedi Mission. Take the elevator down into the mall, and then
       go to the location on the map.
    The Hitman mission talks about some caverns. Where are they?
       The underground caverns are actually the caves where the first Brotherhood
       mission is. The entrance is on the east coast, southern half of the map.
       It doubles as a clothes store. Good luck =)
                           {Contributors}  (contrib123)
       This is a list of all the generous people who took time to e-mail me info
    that I ended up putting in my guide. You will see their names scattered
    throughout the FAQ, and they have all contributed to the 100% completion
    of this FAQ. Thank you, contributors!
    Alex Patterson
       Sent me a suggestion to move the newspaper articles to either the end of
       the mission, or to a whole new section. I moved them to the ends, but in
       the future I will probably put them in a whole new section.
    Angel Azrael
       Pointed out an error in the Insurance Fraud information.
    Brian Wiggins
       Sent in an Insurance Fraud strategy.
    Bryn Knight
       Sent in a Money-making strategy.
    Cesar Enrich
       Sent in suggestions and tips to get some achievements. Thanks for
       clarifying some of those.
    Chris W
       Sent in some Zombie Uprising strategies.
    Chris Young
       sent in an alternate strategy for Shopping Maul. Thanks!
    Christian Cantergiani
       Pointed out some errors in the Heli-Assault activity.
       Sent in a Money-Making strategy.
       Contributed some Chop Shop Rewards.
    Dami Adesanya
       Sent in a suggestion for the Snatch activity
       Sent in a tip to beating the Ronin boss.
       Sent in some activity rewards information.
       Sent in some activity rewards information.
       Sent in a correction for some Activity information, adding that the
       unlimited ammo were only for the guns unlocked by previus activity levels.
       Says that after equipping the infinite ammo Pistol, that all pistols will
       have infinite ammo.
       Pointed out some more errors in the storyline.
       Sent in a list of typos throughout the guide. If you spot any common errors
       around the FAQ, please send 'em in!
       Sent in an Insurance Fraud tip.
       Sent in Diversion Rewards. Muchas Gracias =D
    Jamy J
       Sent in some activity rewards information.
    Jimmy J
       Sent in a tip for the Ultor mission "Revelation". Muchas gracias.
    Justin Park
       Sent in a tip for the Brotherhood mission "Red Ashpalt", which makes the
       mission a lot easier.
       pointed out that you can do the Ultor mission "Revelation" at any point
       in the game; You can do it before finishing the last Ultor mission
    Leroy Jones
       Sent in an alternate strategy for "The Siege".
       Sent in Zombie Uprising information.
    Richard Warner
       Sent in some Diversions information.
       Sent in some Mayhem activity information.
    Ricky Taylor
       Sent in some activity rewards information.
    Roger Fox
       Sent me an email telling me about some details in the storyline i messed
       up. Looks like I need to pay better attention!
       Sent in a tip for the "Kanto Connection" Ronin mission to get a bonus
    Rune Fostervoll
       Sent in an alternate strategy for the Sons of Samedi boss.
       Sent in an alternate strategy for the Sons of Samedi Veteran Child mission.
    Ryan McLaughlin
       Sent in some missing shop information.
    Ryan Vandenburgh
       Sent in a suggestion for the Drug Trafficking activity
    Smitty Smith
       Sent in some tips for the Ronin mission, "Visiting Hours".
       Sent in some Money making strategies. If you have any more tips, send them
    Wilyem Cain
       Was nice enough to send me an alternate strategy for the Brotherhood
       mission "The Siege".
       Sent in Chop Shop suggestions.
    Zephyr Arsland and Nemesis-X
       Sent in a strategy and tips to beat Mayhem activity missions. Thanks a lot
       to them for the information, it'll help a lot!
       The people listed above definitely helped with the completion of the FAQ,
    but I thought it necessary to give certain people special appreciation.
       The following people sent in so much information and tips that I
    seperated them from the list. These people sent in either a lot of tips and
    suggestions, or contributed a whole section to the FAQ. Thanks to everybody
    who contributed!
       Made a list of clothing store product on Gamefaqs forums. If you are
       _Classic_Gamer_ please contact me.
       Sent in missing Crowd Control information, as well as general tips for
       Crowd Control. Finally the Crowd Control section is done.
       Also sent in Heli-Assault info/tips, as well as Demo-Derby Info. And while
       he was at it, an Insurance Fraud Tip.
       Pointed out a shop "Ship It" for the vehicles shop list.
       Sent in a well organized Chop-Shop list. Muchas gracias, senior!
       Sent in information for Zombie Uprising. I'm sure it will prove useful for
       many having trouble with this minigame (including me!)
    Jaquan Lowe
       Made a stores list, which is currently the only list I have, s it's been
       very appreciated. Thanks a lot to Jaquan.
    Jeff Wilson
       Sent in an organized Hitman List. This pretty much completed my FAQ,
       except for some better organizing here and there, and some typos still.
       Muchas Gracias!
    Jeremy Cook
       Sent in a list of activity strategies and tips for the list to beat
       before doing main story missions.
    Joe Watson
       Sent in a 100% completion list. Thanks soooo much for it, it will
       definately be used.
       Sent in Snatch suggestions.
    Kenny Farrell
       Sent in a list of tips for most activities, filling in a lot of the blank
       area around the FAQ. Thanks!
    Lance M
       Sent in many things, including alternate strategies for activities,
       Money-Making strategies, and some fixes throughout the FAQ.
       Sent in a fix for the "things to do before the main story missions" list.
    Lex Jansen
       Sent in an organized Chop Shop list. Thanks a lot for the contribution!
       Sent in a list of good activites to complete before starting the Main Story
       Missions. Thanks, Melo, for taking the time to put it together. It's found
       at the start of the Main Story Missions section.
       Sent in a detailed Chop Shop list for all to use =D! Yay!
       Sent in a whole FAQ he made to include in my FAQ. . .as a sub-faq? Anyways,
       It's in here under the Extras > Secret Areas section. Thanks!
                            {The End!}  (TheEnd123)
       Well, thanks for reading my FAQ! I really didn't have any other place for
    this, so I am just going to put it here. This is an email I recieved from
    somebody that I thought was worth putting in here.
       give me the gude in your reply letter o i will spread rumors about the
    game and it will apear on every news chanel and game the shop and granger
    ganes and gamestation and evry gamr cheat web site ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    ha ha ha so sent me the whole gude in you next letter you have till monday
    the 10th of november at 16:00 hours or i will spread rumors about this new
    game called saints row 2 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
       I hope he realizes that he can just download my FAQ off of Gamefaqs if he
    wants it that bad. . .Anyways. . .
       Thank you very much for reading my FAQ, and I hope it helped!

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