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    FAQ/Walkthrough by x MJ x

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                                       C R Y S I S        W A R H E A D
                                                    By MJ
    - Updates
    - Game Difficulty
    - Suit Skills
    - Other Skills
    - Walkthrough
    - Weapons and Modifiers
    - Tips
    Nov.24: FAQ Complete. Will add explosive items next.
    Game Difficulty:
    Easy - Enemies are highlighted on map. Drivers control mounted guns. Simple
           Binoculars. Enemies speak English. You pick up ammo automatically. Less
    Normal - Same as Easy but a few more enemies are around. Enemies visible on map.
    Hard - Harder enemies. You regenerate health slower. Enemies speak English.
           You pick up ammo automatically. Normal Binoculars. Enemies don't show up
           on map.
    Delta - Even harder enemies. They can kill you in a few hits. You regenerate
            health even slower. No enemy grenade notification on screen. No
            automatic ammo pick up. You have to do it manually. Enemies speak
            Korean. No crosshairs. Enemies aren't visible on map.
    Suit Skills:
    [Mouse 3 brings up your suit skills menu.]
    Speed - You walk faster without spending energy. When running your energy
            depletes. Also your melee is faster.
    Strength - Jump higher to reach rooftops, rocks and other structures. Melee does
               more damage.
    Stealth - Enemies can't see you. Standing still will drain the energy slower and
              running drains energy faster. Very helpful in the harder difficulties.
    Defense - Absorb damage at the cost of energy. This is helpful in the harder
    Other Skills:
    Use - Besides interaction the use key can be used to grab a enemy. Use them as a
          shield! (Default: F)
    Melee - Hit a enemy with your gun or fist. (Default: T)
    Prone - Laying down on the ground. Good for hiding in bushes and such. Also good
            for aiming with scoped weapons. (Default: Z)
    Grenade - Throw grenade. (Default: G). Switch grenade type with H.
    Binoculars - View things from afar. Enemies and weapons will be highlighted.
                 Use mousewheel to zoom. (Default: B)
    Nightvision - See in the dark. I never used it much. (Default: I)
    Weapon Modifier - Menu to modify current weapon. (Default: C)
    Ammo switch - Depending on weapon it changes from single shot to burst,
                  incedinary, or tactical attachment. (Default: X)
    This was written on Normal difficulty. Since this game is pretty open I just
    point what the mission objectives want you to do.
    [1 - Call me Ishmael]
    + Get away from the crash site
    Head SE to the next area.
    + Join with Sierra airstrike team
    Equip maximum speed to make walking here somewhat faster. Head between NE and E
    to the next objective. There are some KPA units along the way. Equip Reflex
    sites to make shooting easier. You can find weapons in the house at NW on a
    table in the back and grenades inside the broken car here. Head E to the next
    area. Use maximum strength to jump over the broken bridge.
    + Access KPA tactical network
    Head along the path and shoot up some KPA's. Ride a truck to make things faster.
    Head S to the yellow dot. Use the computer to access the network. You can find
    Dual weild SMG's on the table here too. Check the third trailer for weapons and
    + Destroy propaganda station
    Head SE to destroy the satelite on top. Use a grenade or a explosive to destroy
    it. Pick up the weapons inside the house here and you're done. Head back to the
    main road to the next objective.
    + Head to the beach resort
    Head S and fight off the KPA's at the roadblock.
    + Secure the beach resort
    Lots of KPA's to fight here. First we need to destroy the APC tank on the road.
    Use your landmine's you got earlier and place it on the road. The tank will
    blow up when it rides over it. Now head to the beach and kill the KPA's. Use
    cover and run boost to heal if necessary. Once you killed the last one you
    are done here.
    [2 - Shore Leave]
    + Secure the camera
    Head N and fight the KPA's along the way. Head towards the crashed jet. Grab
    the camera next to the ammo supply.
    + Rendezvous with O'Neill
    Head NE to meet up with O'Neill.
    + Keep O'Neill safe - Get to the rally point - Get to the VTOL
    Follow O'Neill's truck or exit your vehicle and take a ride on O'Neill's truck.
    Make sure to ride on the gunner seat to take out KPA's on the road. Shoot the
    enemy trucks tires to make them stop following you.
    + Secure the LZ
    Grab the sniper rifle in the middle of the area and take out all red targets.
    Afterwards grab any ammo or grenades and find a ride.
    + Infiltrate the harbor
    Grab a enemy vehicle nearby and head to the green dot. There will be heavy
    KPA presence on the road. Take out the chopper with your turret. Switch trucks
    if you get damaged a lot. After the checkpoint its best to go on foot. Theres
    a sniper nest ahead and gun turrets that can take out your truck easily. Pick
    off the KPA with your sniper rifle and grab a vehicle afterwards to the harbor.
    + Access KPA tactical network - Locate weapons cache
    Use your speed boost to run in and take out the KPA behind the gun turret. Stock
    up on ammo near by and jump over the barbed fence with strength boost. Kill more
    KPA's and locate the weapons cache where you can find a grenade launcher! Head
    towards the green dot, more KPA's along the way. Access the network inside the
    + Board the submarine
    Use your speed boost and take out the KPA's ahead. You have to be fast or the
    place will fill up with KPA. Use your grenade launcher to quickly take them out.
    Board the sub to finish here.
    [3 - Adapt or Perish]
    + Persue Colonel Lee - Get to the hovercraft
    Jump on the boxes and use strength to jump out. Grab the weapons and get to the
    hovercraft. Ignore the enemies nearby. We have to go after Colonel Lee. If you
    get lost you can always exit the craft and just strength jump on the rocks to
    get to the checkpoint.
    + Rendezvous with Eagle Team
    Don't bother fighting the aliens. Just run to the checkpoint. Grab the Gauss
    rifle and head out.
    + Head to the tunnel
    Stay with your team, these aliens can do big damage on you. Take them out with
    the Gauss. Destroy any turret trucks by just shooting it until it explodes.
    You can find a shotgun inside one of the white houses. Also you can grab any
    weapon from the frozen KPA's by just meleeing them to knock there weapon out of
    there hand. Head towards the checkpoint.
    + Destroy the exosuit
    Grab the missle launcher and grenade launcher near the entrance. Hide behind
    something for cover and keep shooting at it. Ignore the little aliens and focus
    on the big one. Once its dead the little ones disappear. Grab any weapons/ammo
    and enter the tunnel.
    [4 - Frozen Paradise]
    + Persue Colonel Lee
    Grab the sniper rifle near the car if you don't have it already and pick off the
    guys on the boat. Make your way down to the checkpoint and pick off enemies with
    the rifle and grenades on the turret. Grab the missle launcher and chaingun
    laying around before heading up the boat. To get on the boat use strength to
    jump onto the icy rocks. Head inside where the jet is.
    + Find a way through the carrier
    Go in and face some enemies, grab any guns and make your way to the right corner
    . Head down the long corridor and down the hole. Clear the enemies and go to the
    vending machines are at. Look up and strength jump up. Ammo/weapons located
    here. Stock up and head to the green dot.
    + Persue Colonel Lee
    Use the gauss to take out the aliens quicker. Fight the soldiers with scoped
    weapons. Use the boat has cover and to restock on ammo. Use shotgun on the
    little aliens to kill them faster. Remember to speed run for cover to heal. Head
    S to the cave.
    + Get to the mining complex
    Head in and fight aliens / soldiers along the way. Head down to the complex
    without getting seen. Don't fire at them just yet. Find a opening in the fence
    to reach the checkpoint.
    + Rendezvous with Eagle Team - Clear the compound
    Clear out the aliens and meet up with Eagle Team. If you attract the big flying
    alien a rocket can take it out in 1 hit.
    + Defend the area
    Stock up and hold off the aliens. You can also use the tank gunner but you
    don't have to. Stock up again and enter the mine.
    [5 - Below the Thunder]
    + Exit the cave
    Make your way thru the cave. Nothing hard here.
    + Find the freight tunnel
    Head upward to fight a few soldiers here. Use grenades to get the guy behind
    the turret to leave it. Finish them off and go left and jump the rocks up. Go
    pass the mining equipment and jump down the hole. Kill the enemies in the corner
    to the right and head that way to find ammo. Go back and go straight to a game
    save. Fight more enemies here and head straight.
    A truck will chase you here. Use a grenade and time it to kill it in one hit.
    More soldiers will pop put. Use the sniper rifle and pick them off. Same thing
    in the next room. Head upstairs to find the elevator.
    + Locate the train
    More fighting here. Afterwards head to the otherside to get on the train.
    [6 - From Hell's Heart]
    + Keep track of the train
    All you have to do here is survive. Use the turrets to take out the enemies and
    + Disable the train
    Head S to the trains control tower. You can find weapons/ammo in the houses.
    Climb the ladder and the train will start again. Use the truck nearby to get
    back on the train. Then it's back to killing soldiers.
    + Keep track of the train
    Man the turrets and kill them all. When the train stops look for ammo/weapons
    at the destroyed jet. Then get back on the train.
    + Massive attack
    Aliens will attack. Use the turret or go on foot and kill them all. Afterwards
    get back on the train.
    + Reach the bridge
    Reach the bridge to finish here.
    [7 - All the Fury]
    + Infiltrate the airfield
    Head E and pick off the oncoming enemies with your scope and head inside the
    airfield. Watch for the mines!
    + Locate and secure the container - Get more munitions
    More killing here. Locate the yellow dots to find rockets and other weapons.
    In the next checkpoint you will face a chopper and a APC, along with soldiers.
    Head towards the container afterwards.
    + Contact the VTOL
    Get into any vehicle and ride to the checkpoint. Clear out any foes and head to
    the tower and climb up the long ladder. Use the radio in the corner to contact
    + Defend the container - Get the experimental weapon - Destroy exosuit
    First we need to get to the weapon. Run to the crashed plane and look inside.
    It is inside a container. It has unlimited ammo but is slow to charge. Head N
    to destroy the exosuit. This thing is tough. You need about 15-20 good shots
    (im guessing, didn't actually count them) to take it down. It will flash when it
    is hit. To avoid the homing rockets use the red/white storage container to hide
    inside. It's located near the exosuit. Afterwards head back to the container to
    finish the game. Congrats!
    Weapons and Modifiers:
    Pistol - Standard, not good for the later enemies in the game. Can be dual
             Modifiers: Laser, Silencer, Flashlight
    SCAR - Good weapon for long range. Grenade launcher is a plus.
           Modifiers: Laser, Silencer, Flashlight, Tactical attachment, Grenade
                      launcher, Iron sights, Reflex sights, Assault Scope
    FY71 - Good rifle early game because soldiers carry it. Also it has the
           tactical attachment that can kill a KPA in 1 hit. Later in the game you
           will get incendinary ammo which kills soldiers even quicker! It has just
           about every attachment you would want. My fav gun.
           Modifiers: Laser, Silencer, Flashlight, Tactical attachment, Iron sights,
                      Reflex sights, Assault Scope, Sniper Scope, Grenade launcher,
                      Incendiary ammo
    AY69 SMG - Can be dual wield. Eats ammo fast. Not good for long range fights.
               Modifiers: Laser, Silencer, Flashlight
    Shotgun - Good for alien killing and upclose action. This with stealth are
              Modifiers: Flashlight, Iron sights, Reflex sights
    Submachinegun - Good for the second level because soldiers carry it. Can carry a
                    lot of ammo. Theres better guns than this though.
                    Modifiers: Laser, Silencer, Flashlight, Iron sights, Reflex
    Precision Rifle - Excellent for sniping. Prone for steadier aim.
                      Modifiers: Laser, Flashlight, Iron sights, Reflex sights,
                                 Assault Scope, Sniper Scope
    Missle Launcher - Use this to take down choppers and alien flyers. You only get
                      3 missles.
                      Modifiers: none
    FGL40 Grenade Launcher - This can take out quite a few soldiers if there close
                             enough. Its secondary fire is a remote grenade that is
                             thrown out but doesn't detonate until you press Mouse
                             2. You can even pick it up and throw it. Its secondary
                             ammo is the EMP grenades which can be handy for the
                             soldiers in the snow levels and aliens.
                             Modifiers: Flashlight, EMP ammo
    Gauss Rifle - Great for alien killing. Slow charge up though. Hard to find ammo
                  Modifiers: Laser, Iron sights, Reflex sights, Assault Scope
    PAX Cannon - Last weapon you get near the end. Can kill alien flyers quickly
                 with 1 hit. Use it on the red exosuit. Slow charge.
                 Modifiers: none.
    These are tips for the harder difficulties.
    - Use Binoculars: Binoculars can highight all nearby enemies on the map. Easier
                      to kill them when you know where they are.
    - Vehicles: Take out the tires to make them stop chasing you. Then grenade them!
    - Meatshields: Grab a enemy and use them as a shield! They absorb all the
    - Hit and Run: Since enemies have a uncanny aim in the harder difficulties its
                   best to use Speed or Stealth and a good close up weapon like
                   shotgun to pick them off one by one, then run away.
    - Stealth heal: Use stealth to refill your health.
    - Steady aim: Use prone for steadier sniping.
    Copyright 2008 - MJ (goforbrokehub@yahoo.com)
    This FAQ was created by MJ. It may freely be saved to your hard
    drive, or printed, if it is not used for monetary transactions. You may post
    it on a Website if you e-mail me first to inform me of this, no changes are
    made, and that I am given credit for this FAQ. I reserve the right to
    require any website hosting this work to remove it.
    Crysis Warhead Developed by Crytek 2008. All Rights Reserved.

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