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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Morpheus328

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/02/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crysis Warhead                                                |
    Developed by: Crytek GmbH                                     |
    Published by: Electronic Arts	                              |
    Walkthrough by: Nicholas Bale			  	      |
    This file is Copyright (c)2008 Nicholas Bale.
    All rights reserved.
    ---------- Crysis Warhead Walkthrough v 1.0 -------------
    TABLE OF CONTENTS		                       	|
    CH01 ----- CALL ME ISHMAEL -----
        OB01 - Get away from the crash site
        OB02 - Join up with the Sierra Airstrike Team
        OB03 - Head to the beach resort 
          SE01 : Access KPA tactical network 
          SE02 : Destroy the propaganda station 
        OB04 - Secure the KPA base 
          SE03 : Locate the ammo cache 
    CH02 ----- SHORE LEAVE -----
      MA02 = FIND THE CAMERA =
        OB05 - Secure the camera 
        OB06 - Rendezvous with O'Neill
        OB07 - Keep O'Neill safe
        OB08 - Get to the rally point
        OB09 - Get to the VTOL
          SE04 : Secure the LZ
        OB10 - Infiltrate the harbor --
        OB11 - Access the KPA tactical network  
          SE05 : Locate weapons cache 
        OB12 - Board the submarine 
    CH03 ----- ADAPT OR PERISH -----
        OB13 - Pursue Colonel Lee  
          SE06 : Take hovercraft
        OB14 - Rendezvous with Eagle Team
        OB15 - Reach the tunnel
        OB16 - Destroy the Exosuit
        OB17 - Enter the tunnel
    CH04 ----- FROZEN PARADISE -----
        OB18 - Pursue Colonel Lee
        OB19 - Find a way through the carrier
        OB20 - Pursue Colonel Lee
        OB21 - Get to the mining complex
        OB22 - Rendezvous with Eagle Team 
          SE07 : Clear the compound 
        OB23 - Defend your position
        OB24 - Enter the mine
    CH05 ----- BELOW THE THUNDER ------
        OB25 - Exit the cave 
        OB26 - Find the freight terminal
        OB27 - Locate the train
    CH06 ----- FROM HELL'S HEART -----
        OB28 - Keep track of the train 
        OB29 - Disable the train 
        OB30 - Keep track of the train
        OB31 - Massive attack 
        OB32 - Reach the bridge 
    CH07 ----- ALL THE FURY -----
        OB33 - Infiltrate the airfield 
        OB34 - Locate and secure the container 
          SE08 : Get more munitions 
        OB35 - Contact the VTOL 
        OB36 - Defend the container
          SE09 : Get the experimental weapon 
        OB37 - Destroy the exosuit 
        OB38 - Get to the VTOL 
    EX01 - Legal  
    EX02 - Contact Info           
    |     CH01: CALL ME ISHMAEL		  			|
    0=== MAO1: DESTROY THE KPA BASE ========0
    | Isolate and destroy the KPA base 	|
    A discussion from the past between O'Neill and Psycho. Things go wrong. Back to
    the present.
     -- OB01: Get away from the crash site --
    | Move from the combat area to	        |
    | somewhere safer.		        |
    You begin by running out of your crashed VTOL. Follow the soldier's orders and
    make your way to the ridge. This is your typical tutorial mission: just follow
    the green arrow/dot on your map, ignore the explosions going on around you. 
    Once you reach the village, something big will take you out. After waking up 
    by Emerson's promptings, you'll see the package take off. Eventually you'll get
    another objective. You know the drill.
    -- OB02: Join up with the Sierra Airstrike Team --
    | Sierra are inbound with an airstrike.  Monitor |
    | events and receive next instructions.		 |
    Near a small river you'll get your first KPA contact, and like many enemies in
    the game you can take him down or stealth around him, sticking to the bushes.
    Generally, you'll want to use stealth through most of the game, or at least a 
    fair amount of cover. The greatest danger you can be in is when the enemy 
    surrounds you, giving your armor no chance to recharge. In short, don't get
    caught in a shooting range.
    Keep moving on, watch the pretty explosions as the jets fly overhead. 
    -- OB03: Head to the beach resort --
    | Move to the beach resort and     |
    |  prepare to neutralize the KPA   |
    |  base.			   |
    To your north-east there'll be a few soldiers and a patrolling jeep. At the 
    very least, you should tag them with your binoculars and keep an eye on the 
    jeep as it trundles around. You'll also  get some comms about intel that you 
    can pick up. It's on the way, so stop by.
    ===== SE01: Access KPA tactical network =====================
    | Access the KPA tactical network and see what you can     |
    | discover.						   |
    | -----------						   |
    | Getting the first secondary objective is pretty simple.  |
    | Make your way down the hill to the small KPA encampment. |
    | Stealth is a perfectly  viable option here, just make    |
    | sure to keep behind cover when you're recharging your    |
    | energy. Inside one of the containers is a cache of 	   |
    | explosives, so be sure to stop by and pick those up for  |
    | some fun later. In the container next to it, there are   |
    | also two AY69 sub-machine guns, which at this point are  |
    | better than the pistol you're carrying. Also in here in  |
    | the intel, so download that. You'll learn some facts,    |
    | including the name of your big bad: Colonel Lee. Then    |
    | you'll get another secondary objective.  		   |
    The run to the beach resort isn't too bad: you can run along the road, 
    avoiding KPA infantry and jeep patrols by sticking to the brush. You can also
    shoot them all. Either way. If you want the long way, you're also able to swim
    around to the other side, but it takes a little more time. 
    ===== SE02: Destroy the propaganda station =================
    | A KPA propaganda station is flooding the radio channels. |
    | Destroy it.						   |
    | -------------						   |
    | Seems there's a thing that needs explodin'. You can just | 
    | make a beeline for the yellow marker when you get the    |
    | objective, swimming across the water. It's not very      |
    | well-defended, and either using force or stealth can be  |
    | accessed easily. Inside the building you can find an     |
    | assault scope, FY71 and ammo, explosive charges,         |
    | claymores, and grenades. Use some of the charges on the  |
    | station (that large device with the radar dish rotating  |
    | on it). Keep in mind that the explosion will alert       |
    | anyone that isn't dead. Team Idaho says thanks. You're   |
    | welcome. 						   |  
    Make your way along the coast to the primary objective. Along the way, there'll
    be a roadblock that O'Neill will take out for you, and nearby there'll be some
    soldiers with shotguns. Other than that there isn't much else worth 
    noting. Do keep an eye out for the men on the mounted guns: you don't want to 
    take them on a frontal assault, just cloak up and move around them, or take 
    them out quickly with a headshot. Up next is the resort.
    -- OB04: Secure the KPA base --
    | Neutralise the 	      |
    | reinforcements and secure   |
    | the KPA base.		      |	
    The beach resort is probably the first real challenge you've faced so far. 
    Multiple vehicles (including a tank) patrol its perimeter, the area is 
    infested with KPA, and except for some bushes on the outside, there's not a 
    lot of places to hide. The area does get bombed from time to time, however, 
    which might take out one or two targets. Anyway, make sure to head to the 
    lookout point and tag as many targets as you can; you'll want to know where 
    they are at a given point. You need to take out all the reinforcements to
    continue. Try not to be too obvious about what you're doing, or more enemies
    will be called in and you'll be shelled heavily. 
    You'll need to take out the enemies in the beach house. The front is pretty
    well guarded, so sneak around and take them out from behind. 
    ===== SE03: Locate the ammo cache ==========================
    | Explosives are located in the beach bar.		   |
    | ------------------------------------------               |
    | Pretty straightforward. The hut in the middle island     |
    | holds explosives as well as some enemies to take out.    |
    | There's a bunch of ammo and some more SMGs, but make     |
    | sure to get the missile launcher at least.		   |
    Now you need to take out a tank. Unless you're good with some tossed 
    explosives, make good use of that missile launcher and unload a few missiles
    into it. Then head back to the beach house. You'll need to shoot some soldiers
    to get the game to realize you've secured the area, so do so. 
    |     CH02: SHORE LEAVE			  			|
    0=== MA02: FIND THE CAMERA ========0
    | The plane's camera picked up 	   |
    | some interesting photos.	   |
    -- OB05: Secure the camera --
    | Recover the Camera from   |
    | the plane crash site.	    |
    Hop down and begin to make your way through the valley. There are a few patrols
    hidden throughout the area, so either stick to the bushes and cloak yourself,
    or make sure you know where they are so you can gun them down before they 
    swarm you. Along the way, near the western ridge, you can find a pair of pistols
    and grenades. Soon you'll reach O'Neill's smoking wreckage. To the south-east
    of it you'll find a shotgun, F7Y1, and ammo. Stick to the underbrush as you 
    approach, there are patrols about. 
    Follow the green dot, and you'll hear a beeping noise, alerting you to the
    pilot's chair, where the camera you need is. 
    -- OB06: Rendezvous with O'Neill --
    | Meet with O'Neill and help him  |
    | to the rally point.		  |
    Follow the path, and strength-jump up to O'Neill. Simple.
    0=== MA03: REACH THE SUBMARINE =========0
    | Once the submarine leaves 	   	|
    | there's no way of tracking it.   	|
    | Get there before it leaves.	   	|
    -- OB07: Keep O'Neill safe --
    | Protect O'Neill from the  |
    | KPA units guarding the    |
    | road.			    |
    -- OB08: Get to the rally point --
    | Big mother is arriving at the  |
    | rally point to extract 	 |
    | O'Neill. 			 |
    A vehicle escort section, this part is kind of annoying. It's not too bad if 
    you're playing some of the easier difficulty levels, as you can shoot enemies 
    as you drive by them. If you don't get control of the turret while driving,
    however, this part is a little worse. You'll need to follow O'Neill while a
    bunch of KPA fire at you. If you get out of your vehicle, they'll begin firing
    at O'Neill's substantially-weaker vehicle, so you need to sit tight and just
    switch between the driver's seat (1) and the gunner's seat (2) as the situation
    demands. Luckily, O'Neill won't drive off without you.
    As you make your way forward, make sure to differentiate between the importance
    of targets. Shoot red, exploding barrels to take care of enemies nearby. Take
    car of vehicles early on to avoid them pursuing you. People can be run over
    for fun and profit. Your priority targets should be gunners, mounted on the 
    ground or on vehicles. They can do some heavy damage to you. You'll pass a 
    checkpoint on a bridge, then get a new objective.
    -- OB09: Get to the VTOL --
    | The VTOL pilot couldn't |
    | land at the RP and has  |
    | landed further down the |
    | road. Get O'Neill to    |
    | this new location.	  |
    Soon after this, you'll go by an APC on the side of the road that you can take 
    control of, if yours is getting a little worse for wear. You'll soon leave the
    paved road, just make sure you follow O'Neill and you'll get back on. Soon 
    afterwards, you'll pull up a dirt road and meet your VTOL and its escort under
    heavy attack. 
    ===== SE04: Secure the LZ ==================================
    | KPA are surrounding the LZ. You must neutralize them 	   |
    | before the VTOL can take off.				   |
    | -------------------------------			   |
    | Shoot anyone who isn't on your team. Keep under cover	   |
    | behind rocks, but if  you're so inclined, you can cloak  |
    | yourself, move under cover, and see how much damage you  |
    | can do to the enemy from behind. There's a bunch of ammo |
    | and a variety of guns (including precision rifles) here  |
    | to replenish your reserves. Just keep shooting all the   |
    | enemies until Psycho says the LZ is safe.		   |
    -- OB10: Infiltrate the harbor --
    | The submarine is inside the   |
    | harbor. Infiltrate the harbor |
    | and figure out a way to get   |
    | onboard.			|
    If you  want a vehicle, grab one down below, as well as any ammo you want near 
    them. Otherwise walk along the road. On the beach is a small outpost with some
    ammo and explosives, including a missile launcher. 
    You can swim to the objective, but if you decide to walk/drive there, you've 
    got some resistance. If you've got a precision rifle, now is a good time to use
    it. Be careful, though: if you're spotted and don't act quickly, a flare will
    be sent up, calling in a helicopter. Make sure to tag it if this happens. 
    Helicopters are irritating buggers that can be eluded, but not lost. They're 
    good at spotting you in the underbrush, and they hurt when they shoot. Stay 
    cloaked, stay in the bushes, and move fast. Or, if you have a missile launcher
    handy, shoot it out of the sky with a couple shots. 
    The roadblock ahead can be cleared with your rifle, or avoided entirely with 
    stealth, your choice. Just make sure to watch out for the watch tower and 
    mounted machine gun. There's a cache of ammo near the tower, including another
    missile launcher. 
    -- OB11: Access the KPA tactical network --
    | There may be a way onto the sub via the | 
    | KPA terminal. Access it.		  |
    The harbor comes up immediately after some bends in the road, and it is 
    well-guarded from the front. As always, running in guns-a-blazing is an option,
    but not recommended. If you want to play it quietly, look the south side of the
    complex for a broken fence that'll give you access. 
    ===== SE05: Locate weapons cache ===========================
    | KPA's been moving munitions into one of the buildings.   |
    | Move in if you need to re-equip.			   |
    | ----------------------------------			   |
    | On the second-floor of a poorly-defended large building  |
    | is a stash of weaponry, including a FGL40 Auto Grenade   |
    | Launcher, a powerful but clumsy weapon. Useful if you    |
    | need to take down electronics...people too, I suppose.   |
    As you move further into the harbor, it gets better defended. You can jump over
    some razor wire to take a quieter approach, but there's enough cover to allow 
    you a fighting change otherwise. It's also a good time to test out your new
    grenade launcher, if you picked it up. Keep in mind that making yourself known
    will sound an alarm and bring in reinforcements.
    Head into one of the containers to find your objective. 
    -- OB12: Board the submarine --
    | The submarine will leave    | 
    | soon. Get onboard.	      |
    Do as it says. You'll have a run near the sub where you'll have no cover at 
    all. In this case, simply jump into the water and find the closest ladder that 
    you can. Make your way onto the sub and jump right in. 
    |     CH03: ADAPT OR PERISH		  			|
    | Colonel Lee has something that could	|
    | be devastating to mankind. You must 	|
    | stop him.				|
    -- OB13: Pursue Colonel Lee --
    | Lee has escaped with the   |
    | container. Follow 	     |
    | Emerson's instructions to  |
    | capture him.		     |
    Brrr. Hey look, all your weapons are gone. Damnit. Wait until the big freaky
    thing is gone before you jump out of the sub, grabbing some nano-disrupters 
    along the way. There are some weapons right outside the sub, but there are 
    also some KPA in nano-suits. Conveniently, we have nano-disrupters, so use them
    after grabbing the weapons.
    ===== SE06: Take hovercraft ================================
    | A hovercraft will help you keep up with Colonel Lee.	   |
    | ------------------------------------------------------   |
    | Grab the hovercraft for some needed speed on the ice.    |
    | You'll have to take down the soldiers. It's slippery as  |
    | hell and the camera sucks, so take a bit of time to get  |
    | accustomed to it. 					   |
    Follow your objective, but watch out for aliens and mines (sea mines, 
    technically). The mines have a good chance of killing you outright, and the 
    aliens will give chase and sap your health. Simply follow what Emerson is 
    At one point you'll see a group of KPA fighting a massive spider alien thing.
    This is where you get out. Find the stairs that lead up the ridge, and follow
    -- OB14: Rendezvous with Eagle Team --
    | Rendezvous with Eagle Team. You    |
    | will need to leave the hovercraft  |
    | behind.			     |
    You'll find your first encounter with what I call the hoppers, small aliens
    that are faster and smaller than the others. Thankfully they're also weaker,
    but they still explode after they've been defeated. Sometimes you'll see one
    or two covered in an impenetrable shield: this means that there's another 
    nearby generating that shield, so you'll want to take that one down first.
    Don't forget that these aliens can be grabbed and beaten like the KPA infantry.
    Make your way around them any way you can. Keep going and you'll run into 
    Eagle Team, another group of nano-suit-equipped commandos. 
    -- OB15: Reach the tunnel --
    | There's a soft spot in   |
    | the ice leading through  |
    | to a mountain tunnel.    |
    | Reach it to move to the  |
    | next valley.  	   |
    Eagle Team is going to be a lot of help here, taking care of a lot of the 
    enemies you encounter. Just keep pushing forward and they'll follow. Head along
    the dirt road, but try not to stay in the open. Since you're in the front,
    more often than not you'll be the target, and those ice beams hurt. There's
    also going to be one or more flyers, so watch the skies. 
    When the path turns to east, on the western side there's a cache of ammo just 
    as some KPA vehicles turn the corner. Grab the grenade launcher in the cache
    and unload on KPA before moving forward. You'll enter a large area filled with
    destroyed vehicles, weapons, and ammo. Grab what you can, and get ready for a 
    big battle.
    -- OB16: Destroy the Exosuit --
    | The exosuit stands between  |
    | you and the tunnel 	      |
    | entrance. Destroy it.       |
    Hold your fire until you see the giant alien open its mouth, then fire what you
    can into its jaw. Make sure you keep moving, and take care of any other aliens 
    that arrive and attack your team. Use whatever you can, just keep attacking,
    and make sure you don't get caught in its ice beam. 
    -- OB17: Enter the tunnel --
    | Enter tunnel once Eagle  |
    | Team have blown the      |
    | door.                    |
    Head through the tunnel to proceed.
    |     CH04: FROZEN PARADISE		  			|
    0=== MA05: STOP COLONEL LEE ============0
    | Prevent Colonel Lee escaping with the |
    | container.				|
    -- OB18: Pursue Colonel Lee --
    | Follow Lee's hovercraft.   |
    You'll approach a large ship, at which point you're immediately shot at. The 
    area ahead is swarming with nano-suit commandos, so be careful. Alternatively, 
    there's a precision rifle near your team that you can use to pick the KPA off 
    one at a time. There are a few on the pathway to the ship, and a few on the 
    deck of the ship, armed with rifles of their own. Some aliens will show up as
    well, but they'll be taken down quickly. Just be wary for the APC further down
    the path, and try to stay out of its way.
    Near the bottom of the frozen path is a cache of weaponry including a powerful 
    minigun. Then strength-jump up the icy platforms to reach the entrance to the
    -- OB19: Find a way through the carrier --
    | Colonel Lee is probably on the other   |
    | side of the carrier. Find a way        |
    | through.			         |
    To your right is a green flare, a gauss rifle, and a shotgun. You'll want the 
    gauss rifle, a number of commandos are about to become your friends. With 
    bullets. Defeat them or sneak by them, towards the door under the hole in the
    ceiling. At one point you'll need to fall down a hole in the floor: make sure
    you cloak first to assess the situation. When you fall, you'll see a room 
    with a few commandos. 
    The exit to the room is on the south-eastern side, through the roof. You'll 
    need to strength-jump onto a vending machine and then through the month. The
    exit to the ship is not far from there. Fill up on some guns 'n' ammo, then]
    jump off the ship. 
    -- OB20: Pursue Colonel Lee --
    | Follow Lee's hovercraft.   |
    We're back to Lee. Take out the enemies ahead of you and follow the green 
    point. Your path will lead through a cave, keep an eye out for hoppers and 
    KPA commandos. You can actually run right by them if they're engaged in battle.
    -- OB21: Get to the mining complex --
    | Meet with Eagle Team at the 	    |
    | mining complex.		    |
    You'll come out of a cave to quite a sight. Head to the house on your left, 
    where you'll find a bunch of ammo and weaponry. Along the path there are more
    aliens and KPA, and a bunch of hoppers. Eventually you'll reach the mining 
    complex, after observing the strength of the alien exosuits.
    -- OB22: Rendezvous with Eagle Team --
    | Eagle Team are at the mine 	     |
    | entrance. Meet them there.	     |
    ===== SE07: Clear the compound =============================
    | Help Eagle Team by clearing the compound of hostiles.    |
    | -------------------------------------------------------  |
    | The objective is pretty straightforward: destroy every   |
    | alien in the area.  They all appear on the map. Find a   |
    | good position, and make sure you don't get surrounded.   |
    -- OB23: Defend your position ----
    | Hold out against the aliens 	 |
    | while Eagle Team primes the 	 |
    | entrance of the mine with 	 |
    | explosives.			 |
    Take down all the aliens you can see. There are a number of rocket launchers 
    available for use; use them. Be wary of hoppers that die (and explode) too 
    close to your position. There's a large amount of gauss rifle ammo, too, which 
    is perfect against hoppers. Eventually a giant walker will arrive, and that'll
    be your cue to get the hell out of there and into the mine. Make sure you fill 
    up on ammo as you run in.
    -- OB24: Enter the mine --
    | Enter the mine.        |
    |     CH05: BELOW THE THUNDER		  			|
    0=== MA06: GET THE CONTAINER ===========0
    | Find Colonel Lee and the container.	|
    -- OB25: Exit the cave --
    | You are in a 		|
    | collapsed cave 	|
    | system. Move through 	|
    | to the mine. 		|
    Well, you've lost your map. Night vision is useful here (i). Keep hugging the 
    left wall as you proceed. Jump into the pool of water, and head through the 
    tunnel with the flare. Eventually you'll find a group of KPA fighting some 
    aliens below you. 
    -- OB26: Find the freight terminal --
    | The mine has a freight terminal.  |
    | Find a way in. 		    |
    Move through the watery tunnel. There're a lot of KPA and aliens mucking about,
    so keep your night vision on whenever possible. Eventually you'll come to a 
    point where you can take a higher path or crawl through a tunnel. The higher
    path leads to a group of KPA and a weapons cache. Some of the KPA are armed 
    with Gauss rifles, so be careful. 
    Both paths lead you to the same place: a large, machinery-filled room. There are
    armed, mounted machine guns and men with guns. Sneaking by is possible, but 
    harder. Make sure you keep cover from the mounted guns though, they'll tear you 
    Head down the corridor next to the guns and watch the ceiling collapse. Further
    on, there's a soft-top driving through the tunnel, so proceed carefully. 
    There're also some soldiers equipped with heavy weaponry deep in the tunnel,
    so cloaking while sticking to cover is advisable. 
    After a right turn in the tunnel, you'll enter a room filled with enemies. What
    you need to do is get to the second floor, on the right side, and enter an
    elevator. Avoid enemies along the way for an easy time, or take them out. Just
    stay away from the middle ground, where you can get shot from multiple 
    directions. Once up the elevator, move through the rooms until you reach the
    freight terminal.
    -- OB27: Locate the train --
    | Locate train in second   |
    | hall.			   |
    The large tunnel ahead is filled with enemies and it's easy to get caught up
    in crossfire. Instead, stay in the doorway and snipe out any targets that get 
    in view, before moving forward and clearing out the stragglers. A precision 
    rifle a couple rooms earlier is perfect for this. Make your way to the opposite
    side of the tunnel. You'll eventually reach...another tunnel, this time with a
    functional train in it. Move to it.
    |     CH06: FROM HELL'S HEART		  			|
    0=== MA07: CAPTURE THE CONTAINER========0
    | Find and recover the container.	|
    -- OB28: Keep track of the train --
    | Keep track of the train until   |
    | the container can be 		  |
    | evacuated.			  |
    You're on a moving train, and soon you're going to be on a moving train in the
    open. Activate your speed boost and rush down the train, taking care of any KPA
    you see. Make sure you do this before you get outside, or things will get 
    Don't use any cloaking here; you're moving, and as such your cloak drains
    quickly. While you can man a mounted machine gun and rip into targets around 
    you, I find there's a much easier way to do things: find the container (at the
    head of the train), and jump in the gap between it and the engine car. Since
    the window of opportunity to see, aim at, and shoot you is so small, You'll
    pretty much be safe from everything except any vehicles that happen to pull up
    right beside you. But then you can just shoot them like the jerks they are. 
    From here you just ride the train until O'Neill contacts you. Then jump off the
    train when it stops. 
    -- OB29: Disable the train --
    | Get to the station's 	    |
    | control tower and lock    |
    | the train ready for	    |
    | extraction.		    |
    O'Neill will cover you here. Rush towards the control tower (though don't 
    worry about taking too long). You want to make a beeline for the air-control-
    looking tower, with white paint. Head to it (there's a soft-top along the way), 
    and make sure a path is cleared between it and the train. If you want a grenade
    launcher, there's one in one of the houses near the tower, as well as an 
    assortment of other fine weaponry. 
    As you get to the top of the tower, the train will begin to move. Rush to it as 
    quickly as you can, and jump back on. 
    -- OB30: Keep track of the train --
    | The train is moving again. Keep |
    | track of it until the container |
    | can be evacuated.		  |
    Stay in the same place as before, follow the same routine: wait, shoot back at
    whatever is shooting at you, get off when the train stops. O'Neill will warn 
    you of any real problems ahead. The worst you'll have to deal with will be a 
    helicopter, but chances are it won't be able to shoot at you before you head 
    through a tunnel. Eventually you'll enter the swamps, and the KPA won't be the
    only problem you'll be facing. 
    -- OB31: Massive attack --
    | Defend yourself and    |
    | the container from the |
    | exosuits.		 |
    It's just like the objective says. Get ready for a lot of aliens, hoppers and 
    fliers, to assault your position. First there'll be a wave of about six
    hoppers, one of which is a shield generator. Take out most of those, and 
    Emerson will warn you of another wave, this time with fliers. There're some
    Scar rifles and rocket launchers near a bit of debris on the eastern side of 
    the train. This also provides some decent cover, but remember to keep moving,
    at least circling around the wreckage while you fire at the aliens. That'll be
    the last of them.
    -- OB32: Reach the bridge --
    | The train is moving 	   |
    | again. Keep track of the |
    | train until it reaches   | 
    | the bridge.		   |
    Get back on the train. There are no enemies to fight this time, so grab a high
    perch and watch the scenery go by, at least until you reach the bridge.  
    |     CH07: ALL THE FURY		  			|
    Note: The man who died was NOT O'Neill, just some random soldier. 
    0=== MA08: CAPTURE THE CONTAINER =======0
    | Find and recover the container.     	|
    -- OB33: Infiltrate the airfield --
    | The container is in the 	  |
    | airfield. Find a way in.	  |
    There are a fair number of KPA between you and the airfield, so sticking to the
    bushes is best. Watch out for the soft-top that appears further down the 
    tracks. Once you reach the entrance, as always, you can shoot your way in or
    find a quieter way around. If you prefer the stealthy approach, you can head 
    around to the northern side to find a broken fence entrance (those KPA should
    really repair their fences).
    -- OB34: Locate and secure the container --
    | The container is by the main hanger.    |
    | Take out all the KPA defenses and wait  |
    | for further instructions.		  |
    ===== SE08: Get more munitions ===========================
    | Re-supply if you need to.				   |
    | ---------------------------				   |
    | There are three weapon caches around the base, and they  |
    | are worth checking out, especially if you're low on      |
    | ammo. The eastern one, inside of a shipping container,   |
    | holds a Scar rifle and ammo, rifle grenades, missile     |
    | launchers, and frags. The western cache holds gauss and  |
    | Scar rifles, a missile launcher, and rifle grenade. The  |
    | last cache, to the south-east of the container, holds    |
    | the same. 						   |
    The airfield is, as you might expect, well defended. Alerting the KPA to your 
    presence makes it even more so. There are numerous patrols walking around, so 
    you might want to take yourself high up to a rooftop where, conveniently, 
    there lays some ammo and a missile launcher. From this position, you can pretty
    much take on the entire army if you want to. In fact, to complete the 
    objective, you're going to need to defeat pretty much every KPA, at least those
    around your objective. Watch out for the tank's attacks, and use the missile 
    launcher. Also beware the helicopter that arrives if the alarm is called. Reach
    the container and kill any remaining KPA around it.
    -- OB35: Contact the VTOL ---
    | The sphere is interfering |
    | with all communication.   |
    | Get to the control tower  |
    | and contact the VTOL      |
    | yourself. 		    |
    From here, you need to get all the way down the airstrip towards the large 
    control tower to the south. You can either be quiet about it, or find an APC 
    (ignore the soft-tops, they won't last). There are tanks and soldiers 
    equipped with rocket launchers, however, so make sure you don't stop.
    There are many paths to take along the strip, but the route along the eastern
    side is heavily covered with foliage and will give you ample locations to stop
    and recharge any energy. Just make sure you don't go down the center runway if
    you're on foot, no matter how fast you are: you'll get taken out pretty quick. 
    Don't forget to use your strength to jump over any fences in your way. There 
    are also a series of holes in fences that'll allow you to walk around the 
    biggest challenges and open areas of the strip. Just keep moving towards the 
    large, white tower. In the middle of the strip there's a crashed C-18 with a
    lot of assorted weaponry and explosives if you want to risk it. 
    On the west side of the tower, there's a minigun. It's your choice if you want 
    to pick it up, but you'll soon need some heavy firepower on your side, you if
    for some reason you've been using any machine gun but the Scar, you might want
    to change your arsenal. At the tower, you can either climb up the large ladder 
    on the east side or walk inside and go up the numerous flights of stairs. Once
    at the top, make sure you're well-equipped, and get ready for a fight. And
    some epic music.
    -- OB36: Defend the container --
    | The exosuits are surrounding |
    | the container. Defend it.    |
    ===== SE09: Get the experimental weapon ====================
    | An experimental weapon is in the crashed C-18. Get it.   |
    | -------------------------------------------------------- |
    | You're about to be introduced to the Particle 	   |
    | Accelerator Cannon (or PAX), arguably the best weapon in |
    | the game. But it's not going to be an easy fight to get  |
    | to it. There are numerous aliens in the way, the C-18 is |
    | in a wide open space, and  even it doesn't provide much  |
    | cover. Once you get it though, you'll get a  powerful    |
    | short-range cannon with infinite ammo that can take down |
    | almost any enemy in one shot. It's in a large case with  |
    | a keypad on it. Do realize that this is a splash-damage  |
    | weapon, and it will kill you if you're too close to your |
    | target.						   |
    There will be a pair of fliers around your position. Make sure you take them 
    out from a secure location before wandering out onto the strip. There's some
    gauss ammo on the balcony of the tower if you need some, you can use it to 
    take out some hoppers below. When you think the area is safe, move your ass
    through the airstrip. Look out for the red fliers, they'll drop mines that can
    take you out quickly. Look for the anti-air emplacement outside of the tower
    if you need help taking them out. Then you'll see your target. 
    -- OB37: Destroy the exosuit --
    | The giant exosuit is        |
    | preventing the extraction.  |
    | Destroy it.		      |
    Grab the nearest vehicle that isn't ready to immediately explode, and chase the
    big red bastard down the runway. The thing has to basic attacks: it launches 
    a volley of missiles that will track you while in the air, and it uses two 
    freeze rays to sap your health quickly. You can either strafe around it as 
    fast as you can, either with a vehicle (keep mind where you're headed so you
    don't abruptly crash), or using the speed mod. Alternatively you can hide behind
    come cover and pop out to fire at its big ugly jaw. If you picked up the PAX 
    earlier, this is the best time to use it. If it gets close enough to the 
    container, O'Neill will come in to give you a hand.
    Now all that's left is to make your way to the container. Make sure any 
    remaining alien forces don't pick you off along the way.
    -- OB38: Get to the VTOL --
    | O'Neill is brining in   |
    | the VTOL to extract the |
    | container. Get over 	  |
    | there.		  |
    Head over to O'Neill's hovering VTOL, watch the final cutscene, and watch as 
    Psycho kicks ass.
    |    EX01 - Legal		|
    This work is copyright (c)2008 Nicholas Bale, and can only be published on
    Gamefaqs.com, CheatCC.com, and SuperCheats.com. If you want to add this 
    walkthrough to your site, just contact me about it first.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
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    |    EX02 - Contact Info	|
    If you have any questions or comments, email me at nicholasbale@gmail.com

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