My Pause Hotkey Changes?

  1. I like using the speed hotkeys, their convenient, only my pause hotkey keeps changing. It will occassionally be the ` key, but for some reason it will become the p key, which isn't convenient at all. I'm just wondering if anyone know why it changes or how I can get it to change back?
    It will randomly change back on it's own sometimes. It will only change back after I leave the lot, I can go to another lot and it will no longer be the p key, or I can go to another lot where it was the p key last time and it'll be the p key on that lot again. I have tried leaving the lot, leaving the neighbourhood and exiting the game, and none of them seem to consistently change it back.

    User Info: AssasinAllyka

    AssasinAllyka - 8 years ago


  1. As Far As I Know Both The ` Key And The P Key Should Both Always Work As The Pause Key, Though You Might Have To UnPause With The Same Key That You Paused With

    User Info: drvdogmadt

    drvdogmadt - 7 years ago 0 0

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