Prepare To Risk It All!

The ancient monks who preserve the wisdom of the Lost Lands have been frozen in stone.
Young Rohan must plunge into the Risky Woods to release them.
Only then can wisdom triumph once again.

- Battle your way through Risky Woods and murky caves
- Encounter stomping skeletons and treacherous traps
- Overcome terrifying flying friends as they attack from above
- Rescue the monks, prepare for one last battle up ahead!!!
- 12 levels of furious arcade action
- 8 varied landscapes
- Battle huge end of level guardians
- Deadly weapons including: chains, axes and fireballs
- Encounter over 20 devious running, flying and jumping enemies
- Parallax scrolling and rich graphics
- Collect 14 different power-ups
- Discover the hidden treasure chests...some good, some bad

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