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    Weapon FAQ by Sol4688

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    Weapon FAQ
    Written by: Sol4688
    E-mail: hypersonic444@yahoo.com
    Hello, and welcome to my Dead Space weapon FAQ. In this guide, I will tell you 
    about all the weapons available in Dead Space: Where to find them, where to 
    find their ammunition schematics, how much they cost, how they upgrade, Primary
    and Secondary firing modes, the strengths and weaknesses, and how to fight with
    I would like to also note this is my first FAQ ever written. For a long time
    I've wanted to contribute, but a lot of other people would beat me to it. I've
    noticed a lack for a solid FAQ on the weapons and strategies, and I feel this
    is my time to make it.
    I would like you to take note as well that this FAQ will NOT cover any
    Downloadable content weapons.This FAQ will only cover the basic weapons
    included in the game. I have not purchased any of the download weapons,
    and it's quite unlikely I ever will. But if I do, I will be sure to add
    them to my FAQ. Until then...
    Recently updated, I will now be featuring X-Box 360 controls! Thanks
    to redgotee for the assist there.
    I've recently beaten my third playthrough of the game, and
    I've given each weapon an extensive study and training, carefully weighed their
    pros, their cons, and overall usefulness. Any person can be good with any 
    weapon in Dead Space.
    But I will assist you on picking what weapon(s) is right for you.
    Table of Contents
    Section............................. Weapons.....................Shortcut
    Part 1............................. Combat basics..................[PT01]
    Part 2............................. Plasma Cutter .................[PT02]
    Part 3............................. Line Gun.......................[PT03]
    Part 4............................. Pulse Rifle....................[PT04]
    Part 5............................. Flamethrower  .................[PT05]
    Part 6............................. Ripper.........................[PT06]
    Part 7............................. Force Gun......................[PT07]
    Part 8............................. Contact Beam...................[PT08]
    Additional notes and tips..........................................[PT09]
    Let's get started, shall we?
    COMBAT BASICS...............................................[PT01]
    Okay, so this being the Dead Space weapon FAQ, it’s only natural we begin
     with controls and basic combat strategies, right?
    Let’s start with the controls you’ll need for fighting.
    Left analog stick: Move. Moving is the first key to successful combat.
    There are no swift fancy dodges in this game. You don’t want to get hit,
    you need to learn to move.
    (X-box 360: Left stick)
    Directional buttons: Switch weapon. Pick the right tool for the right job!
    Pick a weapon layout that works best for you. Obviously, with there being 
    four directional buttons, you can only equip four weapons at a time.
    (X-box 360: Directional buttons)
    Right analog stick: Look around. Looking around will be the next key.
    If you can’t see your enemy, you’re already at a massive disadvantage. 
    Always keep your surroundings in mind.
    (X-box 360: Right stick)
    Square: Use a medi-kit. Staying alive and watching your health is extremely
    important. When you tap square, you will use a medikit right away.
    Take note, you will use whatever your smallest medikit is on hand 
    (for example, if you’re equipped with one large medikit, one medium, and 
    one small, tapping square will automatically make Isaac use the small medikit.)
    (X-box 360: X button)
    Triangle: Bring up item menu. Under most combat circumstances, you should never
    use this in the heat of battle. It’s only useful in the instance that you want 
    to check on your supplies, or use a specific medikit. But use this only when 
    there’s a lull in combat or the nearest necromorph is very far away.
    (X-box 360: Y button)
    X: Open doors/Examine/Pick up items/Quick time event action. Throughout most
    of the game, you will only use the X button for opening doors and picking 
    up supplies. However, the X button has its uses in combat. Some necromorphs
    will grab on to Isaac and initiate a quick time event (or QTE, for short)
    where you must tap X repeatedly to repel your assailant. In these events.
    a prompt will come up next to Isaac’s rig with the X button flashing.
    Mash X to remove your attacker, and watch Isaac desperately fend off his
    foes, be it with a struggling shove, a panicked punch, or a wild kick.
    Note that if you don’t press X, you will continue to take damage…
    and eventually die.
    (X-box 360: A button)
    R1: Melee attack. Isaac will bash his foe with his currently equipped weapon.
    Tap repeatedly to strike multiple times. This is, for the most part,
    a very useless maneuver. While it can be used to defeat necromorphs,
    the very apparent lack of power behind this attack makes it VERY ill-advised
    and to be used only in desperate situations, or to grant you
    quick breathing room. Also, take note that most necromorphs will
    parry your melee strikes after several hits, knocking Isaac back.
    (X-box 360: Right Trigger)
    R2: Melee stomp. Isaac will step forward and do a powerful stomp with
    his massive boots. Unlike the R1 melee attack, the stomp is a very
    formidable attack, hindered only by the fact you must be right next
    to an enemy for it to hit. The stomp is best used as a finisher after
    you’ve removed a necromorphs’ legs, or as an ammo-saving alternative
    to dealing with a necromorph you’ve used stasis on.
    If you have a necromorph who is down, but not out, consider a stomp
    instead of wasting precious ammo.
    As an additional note: There is a trophy you can obtain through uses
    of your melee skills. The “Brawler” trophy is awarded when you defeat
     30 enemies with melee attacks. This is a very fun trophy to go for.
    (X-box 360: Right bumper)
    L1: Aim your weapon. If you want to hit your enemy, you need to aim at
    them first, right?
    (X-box 360: Left Trigger)
    L2 + Left analog stick: Run. The old phrase “Run away and fight another day"
    come to mind? Well remember it, because sometimes, fleeing is the best option.
    Even if it’s to flee to the other side of a room, running can give you
    precious extra seconds to plan a strategy. NEVER be too afraid to run.
    (X-box 360: Left Bumper + Left stick)
    L1 + Left analog stick: Move while aiming. In this game, you can move while
    aiming your weapon and shooting. Learn to fight on the move,
    and you’ll end up as a target much less often.
    (X-box 360: Left Trigger + Left stick)
    L1  + Right analog stick: Aim in different directions.
    Learn to adjust your aim on the fly. Enemies won’t just stand there
    and let you pummel them senseless.
    You’re going to have to meet them halfway, and aim for them.
    (X-box 360: Left Trigger + Right stick)
    L1 + R1: Fire your current weapon.
    Each weapon has different properties and different firing abilities.
    Read up on the weapons to learn how each one shoots differently.
    (X-box 360: Left trigger + Right trigger)
    L1 + R2: Secondary fire for your current weapon.
    Each weapon has different properties and different secondary fires.
    Read up on the weapons to learn each ones’ specific secondary firing modes.
    (X-box 360: Left trigger + Right bumper)
    L1 + Circle: Activate kinesis. Kinesis can be a valuable tool in combat,
    both for offensive AND defensive purposes.
    On the offensive, you can use it to knock your opponents away with whatever
    objects you can throw at them. Keep an eye peeled for objects like fire
    extinguishers or exploding canisters. These are very potent weapons and can
    defeat necromorphs in one toss, eliminating the need
    to resort to your weapons and wasting ammo altogether.
    On the defensive side, kinesis can be use to build makeshift barricades
    to stop necromorphs in their tracks.
    Keep an eye out for large objects you can use to build barricades
    if you have the time to or if you know an attack is coming.
    Preparation is your friend. Also, kinesis can be used to grab
    not just objects, but item drops and supplies lying around.
    In the heat of battle, sometimes you won’t have the luxury of
    running to a distant ammo pack or medikit.
    Use your kinesis to snatch up an item on the fly and hop back into combat.
    (X-box 360: Left Trigger + B button)
    Additional notes: There are two trophies you can obtain through
    using your kinesis ability. The first is the "Armstrong" trophy,
    which is yours when you grab 50 objects with kinesis. No sweat.
    The other, is a little more challenging.
    The "Playing Catch" trophy requires you catch a Brute or Leviathan pod
    (their projectile attacks) with your kinesis,
    then throw it back at them.
    I cannot stress enough that is so much easier to do this
    in the Leviathan battle than with a Brute.
    Leviathan's pods are humongous and simple to toss back,
    making this an easily earned trophy.
    However, if you want to challenge yourself, try for the Brute's.
    L1 + Square: Activate stasis. Stasis is mainly used for solving puzzles,
    but makes for the perfect combat-assisting power in a fight. 
    When you activate stasis, Isaac will shoot out a blue haze at his enemy, 
    slowing time down around them, and slowing their movements to a
    literal crawl.
    Stasis can turn even the toughest, quickest, deadliest necromorph
    into a laughable sitting duck with the tiniest touch of stasis.
    Be swift with your actions, though: Stasis doesn’t last forever,
    and if an enemy is in the middle of an attack,
    getting too close to them will still make the attack go through,
    causing you to take damage. Stasis is a formidable tool,
    but don’t abuse it.
    Energy for it is limited, although you can restore it
    at Stasis recharge stations or with Stasis packs.
    (X-box 360: Left trigger + X button)
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain through use of stasis.
    The "Freeze" trophy is earned when you use stasis on 50 enemies.
    No big, right?
    L1 + X: Reload your current weapon. When your weapon is
    low or out of ammo, a reload is exactly what you need.
    Isaac will reload his weapon, and bring it back up to maxed out.
    Keep an eye on your weapon’s ammo, and always make sure you got
    enough to get through your current bout with little trouble.
    Sometimes all a necromorph needs is that split second you’re
    reloading to take you out.
    (X-box 360: Left trigger + A button)
    L1 + Triangle: Do a zero-gravity jump. When you’re fighting 
    in zero gravity, a zero gravity jump is an important maneuver
    to remember.
    Doing a zero gravity jump greatly increases your odds of evading
    attacks, as Isaac moves fairly quickly. However, when Isaac lands,
    it will take him a second or so to pick himself up and
    get ready to be on the move. So plan your zero-g jumps carefully,
    and be ready to get back on the attack
    the second Isaac regains his bearings.
    (X-box 360: Left Trigger + Y button)
    We got our moves down? Good. 
    Now let’s move on to the fun stuff: The weapons!
    PLASMA CUTTER.............................................[PT02]
    Image of the Plasma Cutter: 
    Description: High energy mineral cutter.
    Ammo: Plasma Energy.
    Ammo description: Plasma for the Plasma Cutter.
    Ammo per pack: 6
    Where to find ammo: This item is featured in the store by default.
    Ammo cost: 1,200 credits.
    Where do you find it: Chapter 1
    This is the first weapon you will obtain in the game.
    In the beginning of chapter 1, after the part where you must flee from the
    Necromorphs into the elevator, you will exit into a room with a door directly
    ahead of you and a little station to the side. In the station, you will find
    a table with the Plasma Cutter sitting upon it.
    Take note, this is the only weapon you will find like this in the game.
    All your other weapons must be found by other methods.
    But there will be more on that later.
    It's also interesting to note that when you start a new game, you will be
    unable to proceed past this area unless you pick up the Plasma Cutter.
    In repeated playthroughs later on or, you will already have weapons on you,
    and the Plasma Cutter will NOT be on the table
    (you will be allowed to proceed then, as you will have the ability to
    defend yourself already.)
    Weapon cost: 0 credits. (That is no mistake. If you sell this weapon,
    you can buy it back totally free. This is a default weapon;
    you should really have it on you at all times.)
    How to upgrade:
    Plasma Cutter
                                       S------------------- 0
                                       |                    |
    		D-------C--------- 0			C
                            |                               |
    ---> D-----------0------0----------D--------R-----------0
                     |      |          |        |           |
                     R------S          |        0-----------C
                     |                 |        |
    ---> C-----------0------0----------C--------D
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         S= Speed (reduce amount of time, in seconds, the weapon takes to fire)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    10 --> 12 --> 14 --> 16 --> 18
    10 --> 12 --> 14 --> 16 --> 18 --> 20
    1.0 --> 0.75 --> 0.5
    1.0 --> 0.6 --> 0.3
    (The game features a typo here; the game will tell you that the
    speed rates go "1.0  --> 0.3 --> 0.6," but clearly this makes
    no sense. So I print the correct version here on my FAQ. But be
    aware of the change in game nonetheless.)
    Primary firing mode: Isaac holds the Plasma Cutter at a vertical angle.
    When you shoot the Plasma Cutter, the shots will slice your target vertically.
    Secondary firing mode: When you press R2, the Plasma Cutter's front will
    turn 90 degrees, and the firing angle will be horizontal.
    When you shoot the Plasma Cutter, the shots will slice your target
    Press R2 again to return your Plasma Cutter's angle to vertical.
    Pros: The Plasma Cutter boasts great simplicity in its use.
    There is no real strategy required to combat; just point and cut.
    It also works at an impressive range, and has a fairly quick rate of fire.
    These in combination can swiftly cut down most necromorphs in little time.
    Ammo for the Plasma Cutter is also plentiful at 6 shots per pack,
    and can at times be very commonly found.
    Cons: Of course the Plasma Cutter's most debilitating weakness is its power.
    Being the first weapon obtained in the game,
    it won't be slaughtering your foes in 1 shot.
    It's also a tough weapon to use to fight off groups of enemies,
    due to its small firing area. In close quarters,
    it's probably one of the less useful weapons,
    and you'd be better off swapping for something else.
    Recommended strategies: Target your enemy's limbs carefully, 
    and start dicing away!
    If you have the energy to spare or are nearby a station, then use
    stasis first to line up your shots better. Stay a relatively safe distance
    away from your foe too. Mid range should be good. With their legs cut out first,
    a good stomp makes a handy finisher.
    When fighting multiple enemies, try and stay on the move. 
    Strafe your foes and try to take out their legs first, then move on
    to their arms.
    If you can find a safe spot that's a good distance from your enemies,
    then stay and try to hold your ground. Otherwise, don't stop moving.
    Run and gun is the name of the game here, folks.
    Comments: The Plasma Cutter is, no jokes, probably the best weapon in the game.
    A well upgraded Plasma Cutter will slice through any problem you throw at it.
    It's a great weapon for handling almost every enemy,
    and should be a mainstay of your arsenal.
    It can be invaluable as both your primary and backup weapon.
    Never leave home without it.
    The Plasma Cutter is ideal for fighting any enemy you come across,
    but as long as you target their weak points. Otherwise, you'll be
    doing minimal damage.
    Many different players will find comfort with the Plasma Cutter.
    From players with super accurate shots to those who miss a little often;
    to those who don't get fazed by the heat of combat to those who panic a bit;
    this will be the weapon for you.
    For someone who prefers more in-your-face action,
    or someone with absolutely horrible aim,
    You might want to look into another weapon.
    Additional notes: There are 2 trophies you can obtain from using this gun.
    The first is the "Tool Time" trophy, where you are required to kill 30 enemies
    with the Plasma Cutter. No sweat, right?
    The second is the much more daunting "One Gun" trophy, where the requirement
    is to complete the game using only the Plasma Cutter.
    This may sound horrifying to some, but to those who appreciate the challenge?
    Hey, go wild.
    LINE GUN..................................................[PT03]
    Image of Line Gun:
    Description: Wide-beamed slicer with timed mines.
    Ammo: Line Racks
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Line Gun.
    Ammo per pack: 2
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 2
    This is in that hallway after the operating room with all the gurneys
    (the room where you had to insert the power block to open the door to
    the winding hallway) Shortly down the hall, on the right side,
    is a power node-sealed door. Insert 1 power node, and the door will open.
     In the back of this room are the Line rack schematics.
    Ammo cost: 2,000 credits.
    Where do you find it: This weapon is a default item of the store.
    Weapon cost: 9,000 credits.
    How to upgrade:
         |				|                         |
    ---> D--------------------------0                         M
         |				|                         |
         0                          0------------C------------W---------0--------D
         |                          |                         |
    ---> C--------------------------M                         C
         |				|                         |
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         W= Width (increases the maximum width of your line gun shots)
         M= Mine (increases max damage of the mine secondary fire)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    15 --> 18 --> 21 --> 24 --> 27
    5 --> 6 --> 7 --> 8 --> 9
    1.00 --> 0.85 --> 0.70
    1.0 --> 1.5 --> 2.0
    20 --> 25 --> 30
    Primary firing mode: Isaac shoots out a wide sized cutting beam.
    This cuts at a horizontal angle.
    Secondary firing mode: Isaac fires off a miniature energy mine
    which detonates after several seconds, emitting a high-powered blast
    with a wide damage area.
    Pros: The Line Gun's instantly most noticeable pro is its
    extremely wide firing area. Easily three times that of the Plasma Cutter's,
    if not more;
    one shot with the Line Gun can hit both a necromorphs' arms or legs
    at the same time, effectively crippling it with much less use of ammo.
    It also boasts impressive firepower, and decent range.
    Plus... it is insanely fun to use.
    Cons: Probably the Line Gun's most crippling fault is ammo.
    Ammo for it can be rare, and it's quite expensive at the store for
    only 2 shots a clip. With the Line Gun, you must make all your shots count;
    otherwise you may find yourself backed up in a fight
    scrambling to another gun. Its rate of fire is also nothing special.
    Recommended strategies: Like the Plasma Cutter, proper use of the Line Gun
    involves a bit of accuracy (although slightly less due to the
    Line Gun’s excellent firing range)
    Take careful aim, making sure you’re blasting range envelops
    both a necromorphs’ limbs, then cut away.
    You should be able to take out all limbs with very little trouble.
    If the necromorph is incapacitated, but not dead, I recommend switching to
    another weapon (or turn to your melee skills) and move in for the kill.
    When facing groups, stay on the move and try to take out the foes one pair
    of limbs at a time. Preferably legs to limit their mobility.
    Don’t be afraid to use the mine in hectic situations as well, but plan
    it carefully. The Mine works on a timer, so it requires strategy
    to use it carefully. Throw one down, and lure the necromorphs into it,
    or throw it down, then toss some objects at them with kinesis to
    herd them within the mine's blasting area.
    Comments: The Line Gun is not much different from the Plasma Cutter.
    If you can use one, you can use the other with little effort.
    The Line gun simply requires more ammo conservative tactics.
    If you like a weapon you can use to conquer foes with brute force,
    or simply like to end your battles quickly, the Line gun is for you.
    The Line Gun is ideal for fighting Slashers of any kind, and will
    make short work of Lurkers. The Mine can also blow apart the
    pesky wall Guardians with ease, just so long as you can get the
    mine in range...
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain through
    use of the Line Gun.
    The "Eviscerator" trophy is unlocked when you kill 30 enemies
    with the Line Gun. Not a particularly hard trophy to obtain...
    but definitely one of the more fun ones!
    PULSE RIFLE...............................................[PT04]
    Image of the Pulse Rifle:
    Description: Military-grade assault rifle with a high rate of fire.
    Ammo: Pulse Rounds
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Pulse Rifle.
    Ammo per pack: 25.
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 2
    The Pulse Round schematic is located near the beginning of chapter 2,
    in the room with the lift, the bench, and the giant cylindrical chamber.
    It's in the room on the bottom floor before the lift
    (with the dying survivor.)
    Ammo cost: 1,250 credits.
    Where do you find it: This weapon is a default item of the store.
    Weapon cost: 7,000 credits.
    How to upgrade:
                |                              |          |          |
    ---> C------0---------R--------------------C	      |          C-------D
                |	      |                               |          |
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats: 
    5 --> 6 --> 7 --> 8 --> 9
    50 --> 75 --> 100 --> 125 --> 150 --> 175
    1.0 --> 0.8 --> 0.6
    Primary firing mode: Isaac fires the gun directly forward, bombarding his
    opponents with rapid fire. Hold down the fire button to go
    into rapid fire mode.
    Secondary firing mode: Isaac holds the Pulse Rifle vertically,
    while the barrel transforms and begins to shoot in a circular
    area around Isaac.
    Hold down the secondary fire button to go into rapid fire mode.
    Pros: Speed is the name of the game with the Pulse Rifle.
    It fires and reloads quickly, making it a reliable weapon in a pinch.
    The range on the Pulse Rifle is also quite remarkable.
    You can take out most necromorphs before they even know what hit them!
    Cons: Unfortunately, the Pulse Rifle is a weapon that requires your
    constant upgrading attention.
    With none or minimal upgrades, it's basically a peashooter.
    While not a very taxing weapon to upgrade, it's still quite an effort
    to get its damage level up to even acceptable standards.
    Also, be on the constant look out for ammo.
    If you exercise minimal control over your rapid fire,
    you’ll be paying for it in ammo.
    Recommended strategies: Pummel your enemy with quick bursts of fire,
    concentrating on limbs. Keeping fire on your enemy constantly will prevent
    them from moving, making the fight that much easier.
    Keep an eye on your ammo, and don’t let up till the bad guy bites it.
    For fighting groups, learn to quickly alternate between your multiple targets.
    The weapon is certainly capable of fending off several foes at once…
    The question is, are YOU?
    Comments: I was VERY skeptical of the Pulse Rifle when I first got it.
    With few or no upgrades, it’s by far the worst weapon in the game.
    It does no damage, eats ammo relentlessly, and I cannot justify
    any use at all for the secondary fire.
    So unless you got the time and money to invest in this weapon, I suggest
    leaving it for a later playthrough.
    However, once you do upgrade this weapon, you’ll be spectacularly
    pleased with the outcome.
    Immense firepower combines with superb speed into a weapon of mass
    destruction in your hands,that can blast through most enemies with
    little challenge.
    Like the Plasma Cutter, the Pulse Rifle can deal with any enemy
    easily enough, but you might want to hold off on targets with smaller
    or harder to hit weak points.
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain with this weapon.
    The “Autofire” trophy is awarded when you kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle,
    a task that can either be a daunting uphill battle or a cakewalk, depending on
    how well you’ve upgraded your Pulse Rifle.
    Image of the Flamethrower:
    Description: Hydrazine industrial torch.
    Ammo: Flame Fuel
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Flamethrower.
    Ammo per pack: 25
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 3
    This is near the beginning of chapter 3.
    Go through the door next to the shop and down the walkway.
    You will see a path to the side (with a necromorph playing possum)
    and a little room before you. Go into the room, and look near the back wall.
    It will be on a ledge near an audio log.
    Ammo cost: 1,000 credits.
    Where do you find it: Chapter 2
    At the beginning of chapter 2, right after you receive the Kinesis module,
    move the crates and walk down the hallway.
    You will see the Flamethrower schematic
    (which is your first schematic of the game as well) lying in plain sight.
    Weapon cost: 11,000 credits.
    How to upgrade:
                R--------0                 D--------0              0----------C
                |        |                 |        |              |          |
    ---> C------0        C--------Dr-------0        R-----0--------C          D
                |        |                 |        |              |          |
                0--------D                 C--------0              Dr---------0
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         Dr= Duration (increase amount of time, in seconds, how long fires burn)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    0.75 --> 1 --> 1.25 --> 1.5
    125 --> 150 --> 175 ---> 200 --> 225 --> 250
    1.0 --> 0.85 --> 0.7
    5.0 --> 6.0 --> 7.0
    Primary firing mode: Isaac shoots out a steady stream of fire.
    Hold down the fire button to continuously shoot fire.
    Secondary firing mode: Isaac shoots out a small sheet of fire,
    coating whatever it hits with flames.
    Pros: The Flamethrower’s best quality, without a doubt,
    is the ability to constantly damage an opponent.
    It’s also one of the few weapons capable of killing
    a necromorph with body shots just as well as limb shots.
    Also, with practice, you can kill enemies while using very little ammo.
    Cons: The Flamethrower’s biggest weakness is possibly
    the time it takes to kill an enemy. While an enemy is being toasted,
    it’s still capable of attacking you,
    so you might want to have a plan of what to do while the enemy is
    being grilled.
    Also, the range is nothing too impressive.
    Recommended strategies: One fact about the Flamethrower most people don’t
    realize is that like almost every other gun, you DO need to aim at the
    limbs to get maximum use out of it.
    If you concentrate fire on the necromorph’s body, you’re doing minimal damage,
    like with any other weapon.
    If you target its limbs, it’ll burn through them doing better damage.
    With proper training, you’ll be able to beat necromorphs with very little fuel.
    Another fact to remember is not to treat the Flamethrower as a
    “spray ‘n’ pray” weapon (although it can be VERY tempting when you’re panicking)
    It’s a weapon you fire in short bursts.
    Continuous blasting will do no more damage than one quick blast.
    If you have your finger on the fire button for more than one whole second,
    you’re wasting ammo. 
    Fighting groups is no different than fighting one on one.
    Scorch the limbs, keep moving, wait for the fire to damage a bit,
    then start burning again. If you get cornered,
    it’ll be a challenge to get free again.
    Another crucial tip to remember is that the Laws of Physics DO apply in this
    game. What I mean by this is that the Flamethrower will not work in a
    vacuum, what with the lack of oxygen. So if you find yourself flying along
    in zero gravity, and a necromorph comes at you, you'd better have another
    weapon ready or turn tail and run ASAP.
    Comments: The Flamethrower is a favorite of mine, yet boasts one of the
    more challenging learning curves.
    But I can guarantee that once you learn to use the Flamethrower to
    its max potential, it’s an excellent weapon to have in a pinch.
    It’s perfect for dealing with the little critter necromorphs
    and the reanimator bats.
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain with the Flamethrower.
    The "Live With the Hot Ones" trophy is earned when you kill 30 enemies
    with the Flamethrower.
    Don't be fooled, this one may take longer than you expect.
    Image of the Ripper:
    Description: Remote industrial saw.
    Ammo: Ripper Blades
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Ripper.
    Ammo per pack: 4.
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 3
    When you're on your way to manually ignite the engine,
    you'll eventually reach the part where you must go down several floors on
    a small lift. On the final floor, there is a broken door you must use stasis
    on, you'll see a small power node-sealed door
    (across from the room with the stasis recharge station)
    Use a power node, and inside will be the schematic lying on the
    floor among a bunch of supplies.
    Ammo cost: 1,800 credits.
    Where do you find it: Chapter 3
    When you're in the first area of the chapter, trying to refuel the engine,
    there will be a part where you cross a large gap on a platform.
    Kill the necromorphs here, and proceed through the walkways.
    (you will eventually see a necromorph run before you and climb into a vent,
    just giving you some visual landmarks here)
    You will come across  a save station, and a little beyond that,
    the Ripper schematic will  be on the floor.
    Weapon cost: 8,000 credits.
    How to upgrade: 
                                        |                     |
    ---> C--------------0---------------R------------Dr-------0--------D
                                        |            |        |
    ---> D--------------0---------------0--------C   |        0--------C
                                        |            |        |
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         Dr= Duration (increase amount of time, in seconds, the blade will stay 
         in midair during primary firing mode)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    8 --> 9 --> 10 --> 11 --> 12
    8 --> 10 --> 12 --> 14 --> 16
    1.0 --> 0.8 --> 0.6
    5.0 --> 6.0 --> 7.0
    Primary firing mode: Isaac fires out a ripper blade which hangs a
    short distance in front of him, slicing at everything it touches.
    While firing the weapon, you can move Isaac around, and control where
    he moves the ripper blade. The blade will fire for a several seconds,
    then disappear.
    Secondary firing mode: The Ripper shoots out a single blade at
    high speed straight forward, and is very similar to the Plasma
    Cutter in range.
    Pros: The Ripper can be the most ammo efficient weapon in the entire game 
    when used properly.
    With proper aiming, you can use one blade to cut through several enemies.
    Combined with its pretty good firepower, the Ripper can be very formidable.
    The secondary fire also provides decent range.
    Ammo is also fairly plentiful later on in the game.
    Cons: Sufficient stopping power must be the Ripper’s one major weakness.
    Unlike other weapons, if you’re hitting an enemy with the Ripper’s
    primary fire, it won’t stop them as it slices through their limbs.
    They’ll still continue their attack, which may force you to think
    quickly for another tactic.
    Recommended strategies: Use the primary fire to dice your opponent’s
    in their weak spot repeatedly.
    Your enemy will sometimes try to move away from the blade.
    Follow them if they attempt to take cover.
    Keep the weapon trained on their limbs at ALL times.
    Let up for a second, and your enemy will recover
    and get on the attack again.
    When fighting multiple opponents, learning to alternate your
    fire between your enemies is crucial.
    Hack a bit at the limbs of one enemy, then
    quickly swap to the other, and go back again.
    If the pressure becomes too much, put some distance
    between you and your foes, target the limbs,
    and use the secondary fire.
    Once they’re incapacitated, move in and finish
    them with the primary fire or a stomp.
    Comments: The Ripper, like the Flamethrower, requires a bit of practice
    before you get the hang of it.
    Using it to its max potential requires steady hands and keeping
    an eye on your opponent if he moves.
    If you like a weapon that requires a bit of thinking,
    keeping on the move, and LOTS of ripping into necromorph flesh,
    then the Ripper will be your best friend.
    Should you prefer an easier weapon to handle, then keep on looking.
    The Ripper can deal with Slashers and Lurkers wonderfully, but
    you might want to look to another weapon for fighting Guardians
    or critters.
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain through use
    of this weapon.
    The "A Cut Above" trophy is unlocked when you kill 30 enemies with the Ripper,
    a trophy both fun and quick to receive.
    FORCE GUN.................................................[PT07]
    Image of the Force Gun:
    Description: Short range kinetic booster device.
    Ammo: Force Energy.
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Force Gun.
    Ammo per pack: 3.
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 5
    In the room where you first encounter the Regenerator boss,
    look on a table to the side (near the glass container on the left side)
    and you'll see the schematic easily.
    Ammo cost: 900 credits.
    Where do you find it: Chapter 4
    After you reach the deck, use the elevator facing towards the front of the area
    (the one with 3 levels you can access) and head up to level 3.
    On the floor in the room you step out into should be the schematic
    for the Force Gun.
    Weapon cost: 11,000 credits.
    How to upgrade:
    ---> D-----R-----0--------R--------0-----------D       D
         |           |                 |                   |
    ---> C-----D     C        C--------0           C       0
         |           |        |        |           |       |
    ---> S-----0-----D        0--------S-----------0-------C
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         S= Speed (reduce amount of time, in seconds, the weapon takes to fire)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    20 --> 23 --> 26 --> 29 --> 32 --> 35
    10 --> 12 --> 14 --> 16 --> 18 --> 20
    1.0 --> 0.75 --> 0.5
    1.0 --> 0.8 --> 0.6
    Primary firing mode: The Force Gun emits a large burst of gravitational energy,
    knocking back any enemies within range. 
    Secondary firing mode: The Force Gun shoots out a miniature grenade
    which bounces several times along the ground before exploding
    in a burst of gravitational energy. The Force Grenade will also
    detonate upon collision with an enemy.
    Pros: In close range, the Force Gun is the single most devastating weapon
    in the game.
    Sometimes, one shot from an un-upgraded Force Gun can be enough to
    kill several extremely close enemies.
    The Force Gun is also an exceptional weapon for fighting with in
    zero gravity, for reasons I will explain in the strategies
    It’s an excellent panic weapon.
    Cons: What the Force Gun has in power, it clearly lacks in range.
    At even mid range, this weapon can be useless, being nothing more
    than a breeze to even the weakest necromorphs.
    Ammo is also, for the most part, fairly uncommon.
    Recommended strategies: The Force Gun is a weapon that’s fairly flexible
    with strategies.
    You can either run in there, bowling over every necromorph in your way;
    or you can sit back, let them come to you, and blast them backwards
    when they rush you.
    Once you knock down your foe, either move in for a stomp
    or give them another blast while they’re down.
    This should be enough to put them down.
    When fighting multiple enemies, the gungho approach should be less advised.
    Get to a safe spot, then wait for your foes to come to you.
    Knock them down with careful blasts, and move in for a quick shot
    when they’re down, then get back on the move.
    When fighting in zero gravity, the Force Gun could be your best
    friend. The secondary fire, which normally would drop the grenades
    and make them bounce a bit, is changed in zero gravity. Now, your
    grenades will shoot forward and go as far as you want. It will
    effectively alter your secondary fire into a rocket launcher.
    Go wild.
    One fun fact I've been recently alerted to with the Force Gun,
    is that when you are fighting Pregnants, you can blast at them
    relentlessly with a Force Gun and not actually risk opening
    them up. The Force Gun apparently does not penetrate enemies,
    only blast them around.
    (Thanks Jaimas for that tip!)
    Comments: The Force Gun, at the basic level, is a shotgun.
    It’s a close range powerhouse, and makes a very good backup weapon.
    If you like a weapon that carries lots of security
    and defense in close range combat, then prepare a space in your
    arsenal immediately. If you prefer a more long range useful weapon,
    then perhaps you should pass on the Force Gun.
    The Force Gun will work well on any enemy you can get in range.
    This also means it is less than ideal for dealing with wall
    Guardians, tentacle struggles, or Lurkers on far-away surfaces.
    Additional notes: There are two (well, more one really, the other depends)
    trophies you can obtain through use of the Force Gun.
    The "Pusher" trophy is obtained when you kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun.
    No pressure, right?
    The other is the "Ragdoll Check" trophy.
    The requirements for this trophy is that you somehow force an enemy
    into a broken gravity panel five times.
    While you don't NEED the Force Gun for this trophy,
    it makes it a whole lot easier.
    CONTACT BEAM..............................................[PT08]
    Image of the Contact Beam:
    Description: Heavy damage energy projector.
    Ammo: Contact Energy.
    Ammo description: Ammo for the Contact Beam.
    Ammo per pack: 1.
    Where to find ammo: Chapter 6
    This is very near the beginning of chapter 6.
    As you follow the hallways, you will eventually get to an elevator.
    Take it, and when you come out, the Contact Energy schematic
    will be on the ground before you.
    Ammo cost: 2,000 credits.
    Where do you find it: Chapter 4
    When you reach the deck, use the elevator facing away
    from the front of the ship (or the one facing the hallway
    you start from, if you prefer) and take it down.
    You will be in a lobby area. Step out into the hallway,
    and the schematic for the Contact Beam will be a little ways down the hall.
    Weapon cost: 9,000 credits.
    How to upgrade: 
                     0----------D                     C         D
                     |                                |         |
    ---> 0-----------0----------C---------0-----------0---------0-------0-------0
                                |         |           |	    |               |
                                Ch--------0           R         0-------Ch      C
                                |         |                     |
    Key: D= Damage (increases max damage of weapon)
         C= Capacity (increase amount of ammo the weapon can hold)
         R= Reload (reduce amount of time, in seconds, taken to reload a weapon)
         Ch= Charge (reduce amount of time, in seconds, the weapon takes to charge)
         0= Blank Node spot (nothing)
         --->= Starting point (where you have to begin your node insertion)
    Upgraded stats:
    100 --> 125 --> 150 --> 175
    4 --> 5 --> 6 --> 7
    1.0 --> 0.75
    1.0 --> 0.8 --> 0.6
    Primary firing mode: Isaac charges up and then releases 
    a mighty concussive force blast.
    Hold down the fire button to charge, then release to fire.
    Secondary firing mode: Isaac swiftly drops to the floor,
    and shoots his blast into the ground,
    creating a powerful shockwave blasting back any nearby enemies.
    Pros: The Contact Beam’s bread and butter is vast, overwhelming power.
    One shot will be more than enough to deal with even the toughest necromorphs.
    You don’t even need to aim for their limbs, just have them in your sights,
    and BOOM. The weapon also boasts great range.
    Ammo is surprisingly easy to find at times.
    Cons: The time it takes to charge the Contact Beam is the most prominent
    and frustrating con to an otherwise very good weapon.
    The charge makes it less than ideal for intense in-your-face action,
    and is the most useless weapon in close range combat.
    Ammo is also extremely expensive, and for so few shots,
    it’s hardly justifiable to ever purchase Contact Energy. 
    Recommended strategies: If at all possible, try to take an enemy out before
    they can see you or while they are far away from you.
    If they manage to get to mid range, I recommend switching to another weapon.
    This weapon is also perfect for taking out a necromorph
    that is playing possum.
    When fighting multiple enemies, keeping on the move is
    again the name of the game.
    This will be extremely difficult coupled with waiting for the gun to charge,
    but that’s part of learning to use the Contact Beam.
    If you get swamped, use the secondary fire to get some breathing room,
    then go back on the move.
    Comments: The Contact Beam is the most destructive weapon
    in the game, no doubt.
    And while it is very handy to have when facing down a tough necromorph,
    it may not fit into every player’s arsenal.
    It’s really a matter of personal taste.
    If you like power-based weapons, and the ability to shatter your opponents
    in one charged shot, then hey, this will be a very welcome addition
    to your armory. For those players favoring quicker weapons, then just move on.
    The Contact Beam will do the job of dispatching any enemy in short
    work. But for the sake of intense combat, avoid fighting swift
    foes like the Twitcher or tentacle.
    Additional notes: There is a trophy you can obtain from using the Contact Beam.
    The "Full Contact" trophy is yours
    if you can kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.
    Hey... I'm not even going to insult you here. It may as well
    be yours from the start.
    ADDITIONAL NOTES AND TIPS.................................[PT09]
    - It's been recently brought to my attention that the amount of
    ammo per pack can vary depending on what difficulty you are
    playing. The example I have been given was that on Easy mode,
    you are given 9 shots per Plasma Cutter ammo pack, as opposed
    to the 6 shots from Normal, Hard, or Impossible. My guide is
    written with Normal, Hard, and Impossible difficulties in mind,
    but as of recently, I've been told you will receive up to 65% 
    more ammo per pickup on Easy difficulty.
    (Thanks Blazing_Arrow for the tip)
    - While it is VERY possible to purchase every weapon in a single playthrough,
    I cannot stress enough that you SHOULDN’T.
    For one, it’ll be a severe drain on your money.
    Not just for purchasing the weapons, but for the ammo,
    and the nodes to upgrade them.
    I suggest you stick to maybe 2 or 3 weapons at a time for a single playhtrough.
    - When you're looking for cash to upgrade your guns, DON'T be in a hurry to
    sell your weapon off and get it back later...
    Once you sell it, all the upgrades will be gone with it, flushing
    all your hard work down the toilet.
    Only sell a weapon if you’re POSITIVE you won’t need it ever again.
    - There are several other trophies you can obtain with use of the various
    They include: 
    1) The "Full Arsenal" trophy. To get this, you must own every weapon in
    the game.
    And yes, they must all be in your inventory. It's very possible to
    do this in a single playthrough, but keeping with my first point;
    you shouldn't.
    2) The "Maxed Out" trophy. This will be yours once you upgrade every piece
    of weaponry and equipment in the game. Note that for this trophy to be
    unlocked, you MUST have all the weapons in your inventory.
    Also: You do NOT need to fill in every node space on a weapon to max it out.
    Only the node slots that will upgrade a stat need to be filled.
    Once all the stat slots are filled, the weapon will count as maxed out,
    and you can move on to something else. 
    You might want to wait until a second or third playthrough
    before you attempt this trophy.
    - Learn to conserve ammo. Yes, this is a survival horror,
    so this should be a given. But in Dead Space, it's easy to
    get carried away in battles and blow your much needed ammo.
    Important ways to save ammo include learning to use your kinesis
    for offense, using your stomp attack, luring your enemy into a trap,
    or even just running away if you're given the option.
    Following these simple guidelines will help you maintain your supplies
    and give you a better fighting chance for future instances where combat
    is unavoidable and your supplies are necessary.
    - After you get a weapon, find a save point, save your game,
    then just take some time and train with it. Get a feel for your weapon...
    Shoot with it a couple of times, try the primary and secondary fires,
    just get used to your weapon.
    Taking the time to bond with your weapon is crucial.
    If you purchase a weapon, yet don't end up touching it until you're
    forced into the heat of battle, then you may find yourself
    fairly disoriented.
    It's one thing to have a good weapon, but a whole other to
    know how to use it.
    And better to learn to use it in free time than in a
    split second before a necromorph attaches itself to
    your throat...
    - Learn to fight necromorphs with your weapons.
    Silly sounding, yes. But knowing how each weapon works against
    what necromorphs is just as crucial.
    So when you hop into battle, take note of how effective each
    weapon is against that necromorph.
    Doing so will grant you greater preparation when dealing
    with your foes.
    - Ammo drops and finds are not always fixed, and a good majority of
    the time, will be confined to whatever weapons you're currently
    carrying. For example, if all you're using is a Plasma Cutter and
    Ripper, then the vast majority of your ammo drops and finds will
    be Plasma rounds and Ripper blades. Keep this in mind, as you can
    easily manipulate what ammo you find.
    - If you would like to add something to my faq or comment,
    please do not hesitate.
    E-mail me at hypersonic444@yahoo.com
    Remember! This is my first faq. Any feedback is welcome.
    I would like to thank all my readers and those who have offered
    their input to my FAQ. It's the players who make the FAQ, so you
    guys matter the most!
    This faq is copyright 2008 Nick Foster.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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