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    Controller Guide by KoriNokabe

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    (v 0.9.0)
    December, 13 2011
    copyright, 2011 A.R.Flores
    original work and all updates
    will be posted first at gamefaqs.com
    ==============================TABLE OF CONTENTS==============================
    Introduction     (INT00)
    Terminology      (TERM01)
    Popular mistakes (POP02)
    Powers           (POW03)
    Strategy         (STRT04)
    Weapons          (WEAP05)
    Movement type    (MOVE06)
    Stats            (STAT07)
    Skills           (SKLL08)
    Hard Light       (HRDLT09)
    Hello Folks,
    I'm Kori No Kabe and I have played a controller in DCUO since Febuary 2011.
    I started off as both an Ice Tank and Mental Controller, 
    since then I have branched off to fire tank and light controller. 
    I originally started playing on the PS3 and have recently started playing
    on PC.
    The purpose of this guide is to answer some frequently asked questions about
    controlling and to offer up some tips on how to be an effective controller
    in all situations. The advice I will be giving will vary with play styles
    but for the most part can be followed to the letter with much success.
    Although I try to be as specific as possible there are many times when 
    a situation calls for ingenuity and resourcefullness on the part of the 
    player. I make no claims to be the definitive authority on controlling
    but the following guide is months of work and trial and error.
    The topics I will be covering in this guide are:
    Popular mistakes
    Movement type
    Hard Light controlling
    The following is a list of some basic terms I will be using in this guide.
    Tank: The main defense between the enemy and the group
    mob: The enemy. Also stands for Mobile unit. This is the main force of 
    opposition in the game.
    PoT: Power Over Time. This is the ability that grants a portion of
    power to the group members over a delayed period of time
    Power Dump: This is the ability that grants a larger portion of power to 
    group members instantly divided among the three group members that are lowest
    in power reserves
    Offensive De-buff: A power that reduces the enemy's over-all offensive power
    Defensive De-buff: A power that reduces the enemy's over-all defensive power
    Stun: A power that renders an enemy incapable of performing any action for
    a set period of time.
    Power interaction: Unique game mechanic that places an effect upon a target
    that may be built upon to cause further damage or other desirable effect.
    DPS: Damage Per Second. This can be applied to the generic role of damage
    dealer or the ammount of damage output during an instance.
    Spam: To constintly use an ability over and over again.
    AoE: Area of Effect. This is an attack or other effect that hits an area,
    either, centralized around the caster or targeted around a specified 
    target. Most AoE's hit a large area but some can hit very localized areas.
    CR: Combat Rating. This is the rating given to your gear. The better
    your gear the higher your combat rating will go. Your combat rating
    will go up as you gain more and more tier gear after you get to level 30
    SP: Skill Points. Skill points is how you level past 30 and it is also
    an important part of DCUO at endgame. You earn more SP as you accomplish
    feats. After you get 100 feat points you will earn 1 SP to spend in any
    skill you choose.
    ===============================POPULAR MISTAKES==============================
    I find that the first mistake many people make while controling is taking
    their eyes of the power bars. Being a controller is dependant on how well 
    you can watch the power bars while hitting your ranged attack button. 
    Another mistake I see people doing is trying to be a dps or come 
    in on one of the top two spots in the damage output at the end of the 
    instance. Doing damage is not your job, leave that to the DPS and
    consentrate on keeping power up.
    Controllers and melee weapons: I have seen this more than once and it is
    becomming more and more common of a mistake. Controllers are not a melee
    class, primarily because we have horrible defense and cannot take a hit.
    Ranged weapons are faster and more effective at building up the combo 
    gauge while keeping us far away from battle. Ranged weapons also enable 
    us to keep on the move while still hitting a target while melee weapons steal
    away our mobility.
    A Controllers primary job is to keep the group's power up. 
    But how dows he do that while de-buffing a mob and attacking and do all this 
    while trying to stay alive himeself? 
    I have a rotation that goes PoT, Defensive de-buff, Offensive de-buff, 
    attack till PoT wears then do it all over again, power dumping when 
    The primary abilities used for this rotation are as follows:
    Telekinesis or Psychic blades for mental
    Sticky Bomb or Taser pull for Gadgets
    Claws or boxing for light
    Those are your PoT's.
    Next are your Defensive de-buffs:
    Thought Bubble or Phantom Flames for Mental. 
    Note: Although thought bubble is nice, it is used better as an stun move 
    than a de-buff. Whereas phantom flames damages, may stun as well as de-buff 
    your target.
    Gauss Grenade for Gadgets
    Whip Thrash for Hard Light 
    It is important to throw up your defensive debuffs because this will enable
    your DPS to make the most use out of his or her power.
    Next are your Offensive de-buffs:
    Cryokenisis or Terrorize for mental. 
    Note: Cryokenisis causes damage while de-buffing and sets your target up for 
    a power interaction that others may be able benifit from. Terrorize also sets
    up a power interaction but only other mentalists can benifit from it.
    Sleep Dart or Gag Glove for Gadgets
    Light Weight and Grasping hand for Hard Light. 
    Note: Light Weight has a knock back feature that is nice on groups of mobs 
    if you happen to get swarmed, but grasping hand is more of a ranged attack.
    Last is your Power Dump abilities:
    Psychic empowerment for Mental
    Defibrilator for Gadgets
    Recharge for Hard Light
    When first entering a battle field the controller needs to set himself up 
    so that he is in clear viewing of all the other group members. The 
    controller should typically set himself up behind the other group members 
    but must also be constantly on the move.
    You will find yourself moving while shooting and giving out power and
    de-buffing the enemy. This is all normal for a controller and should, 
    in fact,become a habit. You can also stick and move if the tank seems 
    to have a good handle on the mobs in the area.
    Another good tactic is to keep your camera moving. This can be dizzying
    at times but you will never know when a mob has spawned behind you and you
    will need to stun it for later combat.
    Try to help the tank out as much as possible with occassional group stuns.
    Tossing out a stun here and there will reduce the ammount damage taken
    by the tank and reduce the load that the healer has trying to keep the
    tank alive. Don't go overboard though and remember your primary objective
    of supplying power to the group members. 
    Try to keep your target locked. Use your tab key to keep the mobs locked in
    so you can blindly shoot and not be hitting nothing. Remember: you need
    to be hitting something in order to build up your combo gauge and your power.
    When facing a boss try to keep your distance as most bosses have nasty AoE's
    that can reduce your health fairly quickly if you are standing too close.
    As well as debilitating AoE's, bosses also have strong melee attacks
    that only tanks can endure for any length of time.
    Also when facing a boss try to keep him de-buffed as much as possible. 
    This will enable the DPS to burn down the mob quickly and effeciently as 
    well as cause the tank to take less damage during the encounter. This is why
    ranged skills and abilities are important, so you can de-buff while staying
    Try not to stand out in the crowd. Remember, as a controller you are
    the backbone of the group, and so, you do not want to grab unneccessary
    attention from the mobs and find yourself knocked out. Use your powers 
    wisely and attack only after your tank. NEVER be the first to attack 
    unless you are overgeared for the instance, for example; in alerts where 
    you are trying for a speed feat and can easily handle 3-4 mobs for the 
    5-10 seconds it will take your tank to get to you.
    The Lightning Bolt! Your POT has an icon that shows up as a little lightning
    bolt under your supercharge gauge. It is important that this icon stays lit
    up as much and as often as possible. This is your POT effect and when the
    icon goes away so does your PoT effect. Keep it up and the group will always
    be regening power. It will prevent you from having to power dump as often
    saving you power to de-buff and dump as needed.
    Powers alone are not enough for keeping your team charged up. You also need 
    to have a good weapon that has a high hit ratio to build up your combo
    Some weapons that are good choices for a controller are:
    Hand Blasters: Hand Blasters have a skill called pulse beam that hits 
    repeatedly for minimal damage. The damage is not important but what is 
    important is the combo counter that builds up. Your power recharge is 
    dependant on that combo counter so the higher it is the better off you 
    will be.
    Dual Pistols: Full auto is a nice skill but it can draw unwanted aggro. Try 
    to use this skill only after the tank has full aggro on everything
    within range.
    Rifle: Rifle is OK IF you know all the combos and can pull them off 
    automatically. Remember: you will be spending most of your time using 
    abilities and looking at the power bars.
    Martial Arts: Martial arts has one skill that you will be using and that is 
    Shuriken Storm. You basically spam it and you will build up your hit meter 
    really fast and get great power back. Good concept but when you need to be 
    on the move AND recharge energy at the same time you can find yourself in a 
    bit of a bind as Shuriken Storm requires you to be stationary.
    Bow: Bow has a really useful skill called Flurry Shot. This skill enables
    a 5 hit combo that will be readily reflected in your combo gauge and is
    good to build up that power in a short ammount of time. Flurry shot also
    lunges you forward a small bit but can be used on the move without breaking
    your rythim.
    ================================MOVEMENT TYPES===============================
    Movement type is almost a choice of style but when you find yourself in a 
    situation when you need to get out quickly where do you go and how fast 
    do you get there?
    Flight: Flight is good because you can basicly stay out of the mobs 
    range and, for the most part out of the mobs attention cone at almost 
    all times.
    Acrobatics: A Quick jump to the left or right can get you out of a 
    tight Jam but when you get surrounded you can glitch so there is no where 
    to go.
    Super-speed: You can always be on the move with this one. Even in combat 
    movement you are able to move faster than any of the other movement types. 
    Use that to your advantage and keep moving around the area.
    There are two questions when considering stats, with any role. One is what
    stats are important and what is a good baseline? I cannot tell you what
    to be at level 30 as the type of gear you have will determine that but I
    can tell you what to shoot for as you progress.
    1) What stats are important?
       Dominence and Vitalization are your two most important stats and the two 
       you should concentrate the most on. Power is another stat you want to have
       high but it is not neccessary.
    2) Where should VIT and DOM be at level 30?
       This is a tricky question because for the most part it will depend on what
       you have for gear at level 30. Obviously the higher the stat the better
       and as soon as you start to get tier gear that number will start to even
       out to a rather generic number. As a good baseline you can try to shoot
       for 600 on your VIT and 300 DOM. These numbers are rather low but as your
       CR and SP go up you will be getting higher numbers. It is not unheard
       of to have VIT in the 1000's and DOM around 500. These are, of course,
       elite numbers and can only be reached with dedication and hard work.
    Here is a generic but comprehensive rundown of what skills give you what
    stat and then finally the total number of SP you will need to have to max out
    your VIT and DOM. I will also list how many SP you will need for each
    individual skill to get the most VIT and DOM.
    Bow:            Lunging Stab:     +4 VIT  (2SP)
    Brawling:       Innate:           +21 DOM (6SP)
    Dual Pistols:   Full Auto:        +4 VIT  (3SP)
                    Innate:           +15 VIT (7SP)
    Dual Wield:     Whirlwind Strike: +4 VIT  (2SP)
                    Innate:           +21 DOM (6SP)
    Hand Blasters:   Innate           +21 DOM (7SP)
    One-Handed:      Innate           +15 VIT (7SP)
    Rifle:           Rolling Barage:  +4 VIT  (3SP)
                     Innate:          +15 VIT (7SP)
    Staff:           Martial Flowers: +4 VIT  (3SP)
                     Innate:          +21 DOM (6SP)
    Two-Handed:      Innate:          +15 VIT (6SP)
    Total:                            +80 VIT (34SP)
                                      +84 DOM (25SP)
    =============================Hard Light Controlling==========================
    I make a whole topic on hard light controlling because HLC is a beast into
    itself. HLC, or hard light controlling, is different because the HL powerset
    is based off of melee combat and so puts you in the middle of combat, a place
    a controller tries to never be. The main POT abilities are boxing and light
    claws. These abilities thrust you deep into melee combat, much like a lunge
    attack would do and are the starters of some of HL's biggest combos and also 
    link into the powersets "endless combos."
    The main thing to remember in HLC is to get in and get out. There are three
    ways you can go about controlling. You can either:
    1) Face a different direction from combat so that the lunging attacks of
       boxing and light claws throw you in a different direction from combat
    2) Equip a weapon that can roll you out of combat quick and effeciently.
    3) Choose a fast melee weapon and memorize the HL combos.
    Two weapons that will effectively roll you out of harms way are rifle and 
    Dual pistols. Rifle has Flip Burst. This is a move that flips you away from 
    your target and can be repeated about 3 times before you go into mortar, if 
    you have that skill.
    Dual pistols has slip shot. This ability slides you away from your opponent
    and ends with a small flip backwards. Of the two slip shot seems to pull 
    you farther out of combat and so is more beneficial to getting you out of 
    combat faster, as well as be able to launch into subsequent combos thus
    increasing your combo gauge for more power. Remember: You want to be 
    continually thinking of how to increase your combo gauge in all situations.
    HLC is more about stunning and massive crowd control than actually regening
    power. As most of the HL powerset is melee based this is the only time where
    a melee weapon would benefit you. Choosing a weapon like staff, with the
    massive stun combos, or Dual Wield and the attack speed that comes with it
    are both good choices for weapons. As a HLC you want to stay away from the 
    slower weapons like Two-handed and brawling.
    There are many powers/abilities that are quite useful to a group and are, in
    fact very good means of crowd control.
    Abilities like Ram, that toss mobs into the air AND stuns them, are useful
    in large crowds. Whip Thrash is a directional AoE that has a fan shaped
    area of effect and can stun mobs where they stand.
    Jumping in with light claws or boxing and then using ram (not comboing
    into it) is always a good strategy.
    Controlling is a fun and fast role to play and there are many ways to go
    about playing it. these tips are just some of the more effecient ways of 
    being a better controller and one that is looked upon as a must have to 
    any group.
    I wish you many adventures and the most success in your role as a controller.

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