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  1. I equipped Rush with a two handed sword (claymore) and he isn't learning any 2 handed sword skills....

    How do I get him to learn skills?

    User Info: Kurisu1337

    Kurisu1337 - 8 years ago

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  1. To learn more two-handed skills, aka power grip, just use power grip combat arts all the time. Turn off the one handed ones, since they wont help him improve the two handed ones, obviously;D After this you just have to continue using power grip combat arts and eventually he will learn new ones. Im at BR 68, and I still havnt maxed out all the power grip combat arts. Do have them all for my wep type ( the last two, and most powerful arts are determinated by what weapon you have) but they arent at lvl 5.

    Side note: Mystics seem to have different mechanics: I've also noticed that using etc invocations can teach you new evocations, even remedies (even tho the remedies part only has applied to Rush so far) and the other way around. For example, i had turned off invocation for Torgal, and used psionics instead. After a while he learnt mystic missle 5, tho i wanted him to learn a new psionics spell.

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  1. Skills take many attacks within many battles to learn. There is no set number that I know of, but you'll probably end up going through at least 20+ battles before you learn a skill, or improve upon a skill you have.

    So long as you have a 2-hander equipped, you'll learn it eventually.

    User Info: xInfinity

    xInfinity - 8 years ago 1 0
  2. try to always choose the command "Attack with Combat Art" in the battle, this eventually will make the player learn 2 handed sword skill

    User Info: deddykun

    deddykun - 8 years ago 2 0
  3. I've found that, the more a character uses a specific technique, the faster it'll progress. You can see which technique a character will use under the status display during combat when selecting actions, so you can look there to move the combat arts along.

    Also, I've found that "Play it by ear" has a tendency to help characters learn new techniques.

    User Info: haikenedge

    haikenedge - 8 years ago 2 0
  4. Frankly, I think the Torgal situation is the wrong person to use as the example there...

    First, Torgal starts with Evocations, second, even if disabled entirely, the skill line WILL progress at certain stages of your game, and it also plays into the BR..

    Another thing to watch: You should usually tell Torgal, Emma/Emmy, Cademon, and other "bigshot" leaders to be all-rounders, not focus on specific combat or magic, because they will progress REGARDLESS, *AND*, they will learn a wider variety of both magic and combat skills, which you can disable at your whim. Blocter might be a hella tank, and a great damage dealer to back up David's rather weak attacks (unless he has Mighty Blue Streak 5 or something ;)), but he is also a GREAT healer...I kept his Herb skills enabled, and before nest of eagles, he had learnt Remedies, and he's now a Legendary Monk, which makes him more useful because he isn't just a shield anymore, he's a more valued member of your team.

    Same thing with magic users like Pagus, I actually disabled everything execept for Invocation and Remedies, and kept his Two-Hand skills enabled, and he went Legendary Magus fast, and his physical attacks were actually quite stunning, especially Thunderclap and other arts that also had a magic booster on them...He certainly is not a dual-axe Rush or an executioner like Blocter, but he's certainly close to David's damage output...

    You must take care with those "what should I focus on?" questions, sure, it may sound tempting to have Torgal focus on combat twice, but if you let him be an all-rounder, he tends to learn useful stuff at a faster rate, and he STILL has one of the highest physical damage ratings of anyone, he does slightly more damage than Cademon...Cademon can only have two two-handers like the Crocell spear things, but you can fit Torgal with four of those flame longswords before Disc 2, if you know what you're doing with components...I forget their name, but they are the next stage of the Katana's you get in Royotia, and are Gold items, man, one swipe from four of those, and everything just dies, even on a regular attack, whereas Cademon's spears still do great damage, but nothing like what Torgal does.

    Torgal also has great magic potential, especially in a union with Pagus, Maddox, and other such magic-users, if they chain the same target, it dies 99% of the time...The only thing I don't enjoy is that Torgal never seems to pick up healing skills other than Herbs...Although I have too many healers, so that isn't a problem if he insta-kills things with one regular Attack run ;)

    User Info: Alaric_Kell

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  5. Hello everyone,
    i found out that if you train every skill you'll have to lvl 4 or 5 you get the other skill sooner so if you train resonance edge to lvl 4 or 5 you'l get acalla's wrath sooner and it works with all the other skills too.


    User Info: Trium

    Trium - 8 years ago 0 2

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