Is it possible to limit FPS?

  1. Is there some way to limit the games FPS to say 30? At least WoW has this option, but I didn't find it in swtor menus.

    User Info: tapio_puranen

    tapio_puranen - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Most games will not have a feature to cap the fps other than vsync.
    However, I can recommend this program that will do it for you.

    Google "Dxtory" without the quotes

    I personally use this to cap the fps of poorly optimized games such as GTA IV and Arma2/OA/CO etc, a very handy tool to have. This also acts as a replacement for FRAPS and can take high quality screenshots and video recordings etc.

    Although just to warn you I have had issues with it when running in conjuction with FRAPS and some overlays (Steam for instance) can cause abnormal side effects every once in a whlie.

    Hope this helps


    User Info: ZedFragg

    ZedFragg - 6 years ago 0 0

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