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    Multiplayer Trophy Guide by jduecker0609

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    +                                                                             +
    +                        The Old Guy's Gaming Guide To:                       +
    +                               GRAND THEFT AUTO IV                           +
    +                      STRESS FREE MULTIPLAYER WALKTHROUGH                    +
    +                                                                             +
    I know it's 2013, and this game has been out for a bunch of years.  I know GTA
    V is out, and it's awesome, but since I'm an Old Guy, I just started this game
    a few months ago.  When I got to multiplayer, I was stumped at first as to how
    to get all of the PS3 Trophies for this, and despite some good videos, there
    really wasn't a concise strategy guide for systematically clearing all of this
    easily.  So, I'm going to write one anyway!  If you are new to GTA IV,
    hopefully you can use this to (sort of) breeze through the multiplayer part.
    If you left because it was too hard, and that 74% is still bugging you, maybe
    you can use this to clean up the rest and take your platinum home.  Either
    way, I hope you enjoy the guide and I hope it helps you.
    Use Ctrl+F to find the appropriate section using the numbers on the left...
    A1)..........................Purpose and Disclaimer
    A2)...............................Getting A Partner
    A3)................................To Non-PS3 Users
    A4).................................Before We Begin
    B2).....................................Mafiya Work
    B3)...................................Car Jack City
    C1).....................................Team Events
    C2).................................Cops and Crooks
    C3)..............................Team Player Trophy
    D1)........................Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic
    D2)..................................Co-op Overview
    D3).................................Hangman's NOOSE
    D4).................................Bomb da Base II
    D5)....................................Deal Breaker
    +                                                                             +
    +                         SECTION A: GENERAL INFORMATION                      +
    +                                                                             +
    A1) PURPOSE AND DISCLAIMER:  This is a very specific guide, with a very
    specific purpose:  to get all 10 GTA IV multiplayer trophies as quickly and
    easily as possible.  If you follow this guide, you will be using glitches at
    least twice and a partner at least 108 times, so if you feel these tactics are
    beneath you I advise continuing without what you read below.  There aren't
    really any cheats in here though, and the whole process will still take around
    80 to 100 hours to complete, so you have to be pretty committed to get through
    this part of the game.  I also don't claim to know everything:  there are
    other strategies available by now that I used when I first started, so feel
    free to use some of them if the ones below aren't working for you.  As with
    any multiplayer game, there are hackers out there who can help you get your
    goals faster, but can also completely ruin your game.  I haven't met any of
    them and I don't really want to.  My style is to just grind it out until it's
    done, and that's the basis for the guide.
    A2) GETTING A PARTNER: You'll need a partner for this, not just a bunch of
    random schmoes that you meet in the rooms.  Some of these tasks are much easier
    if you have someone you're working with to get the trophies.  The best way to
    find a partner is to look in your contacts on your cell phone (your real cell
    phone) and find someone that will play with you at the same pace.  Having a
    real friend (or an awesome little brother), and helping each other is actually
    pretty fun, if you have that kind of friend.   Or, you can buy two copies of
    the game and give one to your friend, on the condition that he (or she) helps
    you with your grind.  If neither of these are available, you'll have to meet
    someone online and get to be their friend.  Here's my strategy for doing this:
    Start in Deal Breaker.   This is one of the three co-op missions, and seems to
    be the one where you'll have the best chance of finding another trophy
    collector like yourself.  The reason for this is that it's the hardest of the
    three to get a good time on, and requires the most patience to complete.
    Also, if everyone bails on you in the middle of the fight, you'll still get a
    couple grand for killing the guys, whereas the other two give you basically
    nothing if you don't finish.  So:  get decent at Deal Breaker, then meet
    someone that will partner with you for these challenges.  Before you ask them
    to be your partner, you might want to compare trophies with them:  you can
    tell a lot about someone's intentions by looking at their trophy list.
    Anyway, once you have a partner, it's time to let the games begin!
    A3) TO NON-PS3 USERS:  This guide was written for the PS3 version of the game.
    If you are playing this on Xbox or PC, you can still use the strategies, but be
    aware:  private matches don't count!  I know on Xbox there are "Ranked" and
    "Unranked" matches, and only ranked matches count towards your achievements.  I
    think it's the same on the PC, so be careful of this.  The way to get a
    "private" session is to set up a ranked match, then kick off any players that
    come in until it's just the two of you.  Not nice, I know, but in most cases it
    will be necessary.
    A4) BEFORE WE BEGIN:  Here are a few basic assumptions before you begin:
    first, I assume you understand the basic gameplay, and the lobby structure of
    GTA IV, so I'm not going to waste pages covering it here.  Second, I'm going to
    assume that you are starting at level zero, and playing for the first time.  If
    you've been in some of these matches before, just skip them and get what you
    need.  Third, I'm going to assume that you have exactly one partner for this in
    every match.  If it pays to have more, I'll include it in that section, but all
    of this is designed to work with only two people.  Fourth, before you begin,
    PLEASE familiarize yourself with the options available for the different
    matches.  Think about each of these options, as you can make things MUCH harder
    on yourself by ignoring, say, traffic when you're trying to chase down a truck.
    There are options for each match (pedestrians, cops, traffic, time of day,
    etc), options that you can set to default for each of your matches (auto-aim,
    cops, etc), and options to choose when you're setting up a session for your
    friend (quick match vs. custom match, private slots).  Learn the right
    +                                                                             +
    +                        SECTION B: THE FIRST BORING PART                     +
    +                                                                             +
    I'm not going to lie:  these challenges are going to be very boring for one or
    both of you, since you're not actually going to be competing.  But, they have
    to be done some way, and this is certainly the easiest.
    B1) DEATHMATCH- First, set up a Custom Match and set your Private Slots to Max.
    Get into a deathmatch using Pistols as your weapons.  Set the duration to "10
    Minutes" and shoot your partner 20 times or more while he gets a beer or
    something.  Then, let him do the same thing to you.  You'll each win a
    deathmatch, you'll each be promoted (TROPHY ONE:  CUT YOUR TEETH), and you'll
    each kill someone 20 times with a pistol in a deathmatch (TROPHY TWO:  TOP OF
    B2) MAFIYA WORK- Now, get into a session of Mafiya Work.  Again, keep the
    session private, so nobody busts in on your game.  I suggest you both actually
    try in the first game, just because it's fun.  Whoever wins will then lose the
    next game.  As long as each of you wins once, you're done with this one.  For
    B3) CAR JACK CITY- Third, set up a Custom Match for Car Jack City, but set your
    private slots to "1."  Invite your friend, then wait for some poor bastard to
    come into your room.  You need at least three to do this game, so that's why
    you're waiting for another guy.  If you have two friends, that would be better,
    so each of you would just win once and be done with it.  Anyway, one of you has
    to focus on getting the cars and getting them to the drop offs.  The other
    one's only job is to mess up the third guy.  Shoot him, crash into him,
    whatever is fine.  If he gets mad and leaves, that's OK too.  Your score will
    still count if only two finish.  Now, do the same thing but let the other guy
    win.  You are now done with this one.  For good.
    B4) RACES- Fourth, it's time to race.  When you do races, please make sure you
    set up private matches.  You don't want anyone coming in on these, as it just
    makes the whole thing harder.   You'll have to win 108 races total to get all
    the trophies for this game.  That means, if you have a partner, you'll have to
    run at least 216 races, and they're all pretty boring.  Here's how it is broken
    down:  there are two categories:  Race and GTA Race.  Each one has 20 standard
    races, 4 boat races, 10 helicopter races, 10 free runs and 10 cannonball runs.
    For each race, pick the fastest vehicle you can and set your laps to '1.'  For
    the first race, each of you must win without hitting "much" (TROPHY THREE:
    JOIN THE MIDNIGHT CLUB).  After that, you can hit whatever you want, just make
    sure each wins one before moving on.  After the 20th win, you'll get (TROPHY
    FOUR:  TOP THE MIDNIGHT CLUB).   That's pretty much it for this section:  it's
    not hard, but it will take 20 or so hours.  Feel free to break this up and do
    other things, just remember to keep track of the races you've done.
    +                                                                             +
    +                       SECTION C: BEING GENERALLY A JERK                     +
    +                                                                             +
    C1) TEAM EVENTS- Okay, this where the team events come into play.  Conventional
    wisdom would say that getting on the same team and learning how to beat people
    is the way to go, but I've found it's faster to get on opposite teams and have
    one person sabotage the other team's operation.  I do apologize to anyone that
    got caught in this while I was writing this guide: if you got on a team with
    some dude who died like 40 times in a deathmatch, you're the one that I'm
    talking about.   You're basically going to have to be on the winning team in 5
    different game types:  Team Deathmatch, Team Mafiya Work, Team Car Jack City,
    Cops 'n Crooks, and Turf War.  The strategy is the same for each of the 5
    types:  get both of you in a public room (just go into the room and invite your
    friend), get on different teams, then have one win and the other do whatever
    they can to make sure the first one wins.  Then, switch sides.  This whole
    thing, if done correctly, will take about an hour, and you'll be done with all
    of these for good.  When you've won all 5, you'll get (TROPHY FIVE:  TAKING IT
    C2) COPS AND CROOKS- There are two things I want to mention here as well,
    before we move on.  First, when you do Cops 'n Crooks, make sure you win in the
    same match as both the Crooks and the Cops.  You'll need this later, so don't
    leave this game until you won both sides in the same match.
    C3) TEAMPLAYER TROPHY- The second note is about (TROPHY SIX:  TEAMPLAYER).  You
    win this for killing 5 opposing team members in a deathmatch.  To do this,
    obviously, you'll need to be in a Team Deathmatch with at least 6 people, 5 of
    whom are not on your team.  If you get in with some noobs, you'll be fine, but
    if you get good people they'll probably nail you before you even know they're
    there.  Your friend can count as one of them, but you need to kill 5 DIFFERENT
    people in the match, not just the same guy 5 times.  This may take a while if
    you suck at shooting like me.
    +                                                                             +
    +                        SECTION D: BEING A GREAT TEAMMATE                    +
    +                                                                             +
    If you've followed the guide so far, you probably have 7 trophies out of the
    10.  I assume you got (TROPHY SEVEN:  LET SLEEPING ROCKSTARS LIE) at some
    point, as it's almost impossible to miss.  It's a viral one, so you will pretty
    much get it as soon as you kill someone that isn't your partner, then he'll get
    it as soon as he kills you.  That leaves 3, and these are the hardest ones to
    get in the game.  The rest of the guide will be devoted to knocking them out.
    PETROVIC) out of the way.  The requirements for AWP are pretty vast, but if
    you've done everything in the guide you won't have much more to go.  You have
    to win every race (that's the 108 that you did in section one).  You have to
    win every single player event (Deathmatch, Mafiya Work, and Car Jack City), and
    you have to win every team event, which are those 5 you did in section 2.  Now,
    all that you should have left for this are the three co-op missions, and you'll
    be done with this one.  So go ahead and pass Hangman's NOOSE, Bomb da Base II,
    and Deal Breaker.  You don't have to be the highest scorer, or get a great
    time, you just have to pass each of the missions once.  I suggest you do this
    now so you can get it out of the way.   Don't even worry about times or
    strategies just yet, just bozo your way through until you pass them and get a
    feel for the mission and the areas.  Then, you'll have two trophies left.
    D2) CO-OP OVERVIEW- Getting (TROPHY NINE:  FLY THE CO-OP) requires probably the
    most skill in all of the multiplayer, if you're going for trophies.  Remember
    those three missions you did in the last paragraph?  Now you have to do them
    fast.  Each has a target time:  beat all 3 times and this trophy is yours.  It
    will require some strategy, and I'll include mine below.  A quick note first,
    though:  these strategies were written by me, and I'm a pretty good pilot and
    a pretty bad shooter.  Feel free to modify any of these to suit your strengths,
    but these seem to allow the second player to do as little as possible.  Each
    one of these is designed for a two player match, but you can have up to 4
    working together.  Mostly, it's easier with two, but I'll note the exceptions
    when they arise.  Ready?  Good, let's start with Hangman's NOOSE.
    D3) HANGMAN'S NOOSE- Your target time is 2:32.  You have to kill about 15 guys,
    pick Petrovic up in some kind of vehicle, then get him to the safe zone.  We'll
    go with two players to start this, and we'll call them the pilot and the
    shooter.  The pilot should be the host to prevent any delay while flying.  The
    pilot shoots some guys in front of him, then bears to the left where all the
    NOOSE vans are.  He kills some more guys that run around the corner and come
    out of the van, then jumps in one of the NOOSE vans and drives it to the grate
    in the pavement right by the jet (where the little yellow marker will show up).
    If Petrovic still won't get out, he jumps out and kills whoever he can until
    the message pops up that says "Get a vehicle."  Of course, as soon as this
    message appears, he gets in the van.  Petrovic will get in, and the shooter
    will get in the back.  Then, he takes off, turns right, goes out the gate, back
    in the other gate, and stops by the choppers.  All 3 get in the chopper, then
    the pilot flies into the safe zone.  Crashing here is OK, so if you're short on
    time, just slam the chopper right into the marker and you'll be done.  The
    shooter, meanwhile, shoots some guys then fans right to clear the area.  He
    keeps working his way back toward the jet and keeps killing guys until the
    message pops up saying "Get a vehicle."  Then, he provides cover fire for
    Petrovic if necessary, then jumps in the back of the van.  After this, the
    shooter's only job is to get in the chopper quickly.  The main goal is to all
    be in the truck in less than 1:13, but I've seen this done in as little as 47
    VARIATIONS And RANDOM NOTES:  The classic way to do this is to have the pilot
    immediately go for the chopper and bring it back to the jet.  I don't advise
    this for a few reasons:  first, the shooter will have to kill 15 officers by
    himself in 45 seconds or so, while the pilot is basically landing the chopper
    in a war zone.  Petrovic has to cover about 40 yards without falling down
    (hard to do), and it's easy to wreck the chopper while all this is going on.
    If you have a good pilot and a good shooter, however, you can get better
    times with this method.
    Petrovic is kind of stupid.  This is just a fact, so be aware of some of the
    dumb crap he's bound to do while you're trying to be a hero.  First, he's not
    very good at running around cars, so try to keep a clear line between his
    doors if you're switching vehicles.  Second, he becomes "attached" to one of
    you (stalk much?).  If you're the one he's attached to, he won't get in a
    vehicle unless you do.  So, if you picked up Petrovic, don't stand around
    shooting people waiting for him to get in the chopper:  he won't do it!  If
    the pilot died and he's "attached" to the shooter, again, get in the chopper
    or he won't.  Nothing is more frustrating than being shot at repeatedly
    while everyone stands right next to the chopper and does nothing....  You
    CAN both get in a vehicle before he does, though, and he will find an empty
    seat and get in.
    Three and four player versions:  If you must play this with 3 players, go
    ahead and send a guy out for the chopper immediately.  The other two can
    usually hold down the fort until the pilot gets back.  If you are playing
    with 4 players, be advised that the chopper only holds 4 people, and you will
    be picking up Petrovic.  That makes 5, huh?  So, send two people to the
    choppers.  One takes a chopper back to pick up the party, the other one takes
    a chopper and goes straight to the safe zone.  He gets out and stands right in
    the middle of the field and waits to get mauled by a kamikaze helicopter...
    D4) BOMB DA BASE II- A little more complex here, but not too terrible.  The
    target time is 5:34, and it usually takes two people about an hour to figure
    this out and master it. There are two main parts to the mission, with a cut
    scene in between, and with this method, the goal is to get the cut scene
    started in under 3:00.  Again, we'll go with a two player team, although more
    people makes this one easier.  We'll call them the pilot and the shooter.
    Let's start with part one.
    Your first goal is to chase down a truck, steal it, and get it back to the
    base.  There are 3 random spawns for this truck, and if you get the far one you
    have almost no chance of completing this in time.  I trust you'll be able to
    recognize all three after a few tries.  Both of you should get in the same SUV
    and haul ass for the truck.  If you are driving, stop as soon as you start
    shooting until the passenger of the rear SUV is dead.  It should only take a
    few seconds.  When you do, both guard SUV's will stop, and you can just follow
    the big truck.  If you can shoot and drive, do it.  Kill the two guys in the
    back of the truck, then pull up next to the truck if you can and shoot the crap
    out of the driver's door, engine, whatever.  Just keep throwing bullets at it
    until it slows down.  Drive a little past the truck then, get out, kill the
    guys if they get out, then steal the truck and get back to base.  Again, you
    have 3 minutes to do this.
    Part two involves setting two bombs on this huge ship on the other side of the
    island.  Find a fast way through the buildings that works for you, then look
    at the ship as you come in:  see the big bridge (of the ship) up on top?
    You're going to be crashing your helicopter right up there.  It's fun,
    actually, but also very dangerous.  You can come from the water if you're
    really good, or go completely around the boat and come in from the easy side.
    Hold down L2 so you don't spin, and wait till the blades of the chopper snap
    before getting out.  Are you both up there? Good.  Now for part 3.
    The top bomb is right below your feet:  jump down on the water side, kill the
    guys, and plant the bomb.  The bottom bomb is a little trickier:  fall off the
    bridge and head for the water side of the ship.  As you're walking toward the
    front of the boat, you'll see little numbers on your right.  When you get to
    "12," walk right up to it and jump.  You will take advantage of a glitch that
    allows you access to the lower area without fighting your way down.  Thanks to
    007Craft and YouTube, you can see this on video.  Get to the yellow marker,
    plant the bomb, then blow yourself up with a grenade.  Now, both of you get
    off the ship, and get ready for Deal Breaker. 
    VARIATIONS AND RANDOM NOTES:  First, when you're on your way back to the base
    with the truck, there is a health pack on your left, right before you hit the
    yellow marker.  If you crash into the corner, you will be healed along with
    your truck.  This way, you go into part two with full health.  Second, once
    you crash on the bridge of the ship, it really doesn't matter who plants each
    bomb.  The important part is to get the top one planted without dying, because
    you'll spawn below and have to fight your way back up.  If you are having
    trouble staying alive up there, here's a tip:  the guys can't kill you while
    the bomb planting animation is taking place.   So, throw a grenade into the
    area, wait for it to explode, then run immediately into the yellow marker.
    You'll plant the bomb while the guys are stunned, and get killed immediately,
    but you will achieve your goal.  Another tip for the bottom bomb:  I've
    noticed that I have a hard time getting down there when somebody is shooting
    at me.  So, if you hear gunfire, find the culprit and kill him, then go back
    and try the glitch again.
    If you're playing with 3 players, this mission is much easier.  The truck
    will stop faster, and you'll have a backup if someone dies on the bridge.  If
    you have 4 players, it's even easier, for the same reasons.  I trust that you
    can figure out who does what at this point, but take note that you CAN get in
    the back of the explosives truck, so it does hold 4 people.
    D5) DEAL BREAKER- This is the hardest of the three to get a time on, and ends
    the guide pretty much where it began:  where you met your partner!  Your time
    to beat is 7:03, and there are many ways to succeed depending on what everyone
    is good at.  Let's start with my favorite way.
    Again, we'll have a pilot and a shooter.  Both guys get in the same car and get
    to the chopper that spawns north of the garage.  The pilot flies west to the
    water, then comes in the back door of the refinery.  To get there, you'll want
    to follow the shoreline until you come to some tall buildings on your right.
    Turn left in front of those buildings, and you'll see a little green strip to
    the right of the cooling towers.  You want to land in the little open area in
    that green strip, but don't get out of the chopper!  Just drop your partner off
    and take off again.  Land the helicopter on the southwest corner of the 7th
    story of the refinery.  You should be able to do all of this in about 2:15.
    Now, it's time for some killing.  Get the 4 guys up on level 7, then poke over
    the rails and get the three guys on level 6.  Get any green droppings that you
    can find, then go down a the south stairs.  Now peek over the rail, and there
    will be a guy way down there on a little side platform.  Shoot him and get
    down to level 5, then about 3 steps down to level 4.  You can get 3 guys from
    here.  Get them.  Now run down and pick up the rocket launcher that's right
    there, then clear out the final 3 guys on this level.  Pick up any green things
    they drop, then get down the North stairs again to level 3.  You can kill 2
    guys from the stairs, then two more from the first crate on your right.  I
    think there's 4 guys left after that, but I'm not sure.  Clear level 3, unless
    your partner is already up there, then haul ass back up the stairs to your
    chopper.  In order to get this time, you need to be in the chopper in under
    5:00.  Make sure there is nothing to pick up on levels 4,5,6 or 7.
    For this part, the shooter is in charge of levels 1 and 2.  Jump out when your
    pilot drops you off, then pick off the first 8 guys from there.  Run in to
    the refinery and pick up all the green things as you go.  Kill anyone on level
    1 (most of them are red dots that are away from all the other guys, so get
    them first), then move up to level 2 and clear that out.  If you're done, go
    ahead and go up to level 3.  Once you do, your partner will be running for the
    chopper, so it's your job to finish clearing the level.  Get all the green and
    red things before 5:00 is up, and the second part of this mission will begin.
    Once the refinery is cleared, some dudes will spawn.  You'll have to kill them
    quickly and get back to base, but you won't know where they spawn until the
    level is cleared.  Tricky bastards.  Anyway, one possible location is the
    boat.  You'll know it because the icon will come up in the water.  Most people
    think this is the easiest spawn, but I hate it because I can't hit the boat
    with the Rocket Launcher!  Let's try anyway.  The pilot will drop the chopper
    right on the rail in the corner, right by the water.  He'll get out and try to
    take the boat out with the rocket launcher.  The shooter will run up to level
    4, get a rocket launcher, and try to do the same thing.  If you both miss, get
    in the chopper immediately.  You can either try to kill them with your AK-47,
    or if you're a really good pilot you can flip the boat over with the blades of
    the chopper. Don't get too low, though, or you'll wreck the helicopter and
    your time.
    The other spawns are all on land, and you'll learn their locations quickly
    enough.  They will either be in a van or on motorcycles, and they'll either be
    on the freeway, or going over the bridge, or driving down the road.  The
    classic way to do this is to have the pilot take off as soon as the guys
    spawn, and drop the chopper down at an interception point in the path of the
    dudes.  Then, he gets out and kills the guys, either with an AK-47 if it's the
    bikes, or a rocket launcher if it's the van.  I suck at shooting with the
    rocket launcher, so I just take the van out with the rotors of the chopper.
    Believe me, if someone sees you do this in a match, they will send you a
    friend request almost immediately!  The problem is, it's a moving target, and
    it's really easy to wreck the chopper in the process.  Meanwhile, the shooter
    got off the refinery, got into a car or bike, and hauled ass to wherever the
    spawn was.  With any luck, the pilot will kill the last bikers right as the
    shooter pulls up.  Then, both of you hop in the chopper and get home.  You
    can crash the helicopter right into the garage.  You won't die, just don't
    get out until the heli comes to a complete stop.  Then, run in the garage and
    you're done.
    The other method for doing this is to do the same thing for the boat, but take
    the time to pick up the shooter before heading for the road spawns.  There are
    a few places around the refinery where you can land the heli on the ground, so
    find your favorite and wait for him to get there.  This way, you both can
    hammer away at the guys, and when they're dead, you're both ready to go home!
    THREE AND FOUR PLAYER VARIATIONS:  If you play with more people, your chances
    are actually about the same of getting a good time.  On the plus side, no more
    guys spawn at the refinery, so it's really easy to clear the first part
    quickly.  On the minus side, more guys spawn at the end, making the killing
    and collecting a bit of a mess.  Here's how I try to play the big matches:  in
    a three player match, there's a pilot, a boat guy, and a car guy.  The pilot
    drops everyone off in the back (by the way, you do this because all the moving
    guys spawn back there and you can get them before they start running for cover
    or up the stairs), then basically does the same thing he always does:  clears
    7, 6, 5 and 4.  Once he gets done with 4, he should be rolling right back up
    to the chopper, though, as two guys can clear the first three levels in about
    3:30 or 4:00.  The two other guys take everyone out on 1 and 2, then climb the
    3rd floor together.  About halfway through the third floor, the car guy bails,
    gets in a car, and starts driving for the street spawns.  The boat guy is the
    guy responsible for clearing the rest of the building quickly, at which point
    he runs up to 4, grabs a rocket launcher, runs back to 3 and jumps off the
    building.  He runs out to the boat spawn to hopefully take out the boat, while
    the pilot has already parked and is firing away.  Once the boat is dead, both
    people get in the chopper and try to help the car guy by either intercepting
    the bad guys or just picking him up if he already killed them.  Then,
    everybody goes home.  By the way, it takes at least a minute to get home from
    the refinery, so it's imperative that everyone be in the chopper, flying home,
    at 6:00 or less.
    A 4 player game is very similar to a 3 player game.  Everyone except the
    pilot gets out at 1, but the 4th guy runs up the back stairs and kills whoever
    he can from there, gets to level 4 for the rocket launcher, then gets out to
    the boat spawn. The pilot clears the rest of 4 then flies to the boat spawn.
    The car guy takes off about halfway down level 3 and hits the road, and the
    4th guy clears the level, jumps in a car, and heads for wherever the car guy
    isn't.  Whoever kills their guys on the road first goes after the second road
    guys, and hopefully everyone meets on the graves of the last bad guys.  Then,
    into the chopper and into the garage!
    D6) WANTED- If you hit all of these times, you will now get (TROPHY NINE: FLY
    THE CO-OP).  The last one is (TROPHY TEN: WANTED), and all you have to do to
    get it is get to $5 Million.  That's all?  Yeah, well, unless you have a hacker
    friend, this will take a few months of long, boring hours, doing missions you
    already did 1,000 times.  It's not so bad, though, and I've certainly spent
    more time doing less productive things in my life!  The easiest legal way to do
    this is to play Hangman's NOOSE on Hard Mode over and over and over again.  You
    can get around $90,000 per hour doing this, and it's really not all that hard.
    The most fun way (in my opinion) is to play Deal Breaker on Hard Mode.  You'll
    only get about $60,000 per hour, but the people you meet are hilarious and the
    mission is much more interesting.  There are a few glitches you can take
    advantage of that will get you more like $200,000 per hour, if you're willing
    to invest the time to make them work.  One of them is on Happiness Island in
    TBoGT multiplayer, but I don't know really how to do it.  The other one is the
    Sniper Glitch on Bomb da Base II.  I have actually done this, and it's not bad
    if you can kill things easily.  I can't, so I chose to just grind it out.
    Either way, there are plenty of videos on how to take advantage of these, so do
    whatever works for you.
    +                                                                             +
    +                           SECTION E: FINAL THOUGHTS                         +
    +                                                                             +
    Congratulations!  You have now received all 10 trophies for this game.  I know
    it was frustrating and boring at times, but hopefully it was worth it.  Thank
    you for reading this guide, and I hope it helped you on your way.  In addition,
    there are a few other people I'd like to thank for their help and patience.
    Numbers 1 through 10 are D-mon22.  This guy is truly a master at his craft, and
    if you are in a session of Deal Breaker and see his name pop up, I strongly
    urge you to play a little with him.  He does things that I've never seen done
    before, and in my experience has never done anything but smile when you make a
    horrible mistake.  This attitude is extremely rare in the elite class of
    gamers, and I can't tell you how much it means to me to have one of the "good
    guys" at the top.  Good luck, man, I hope to see you at number 1 soon!  Other
    quick shout outs to all the people that helped with my grind, the most
    significant being SkullDaster, FranknMonster, Marnoman, and Donmondy.  Thanks
    again for all the games, and I hope to see you at level 10 before long.
    Additionally, I have used gamefaqs.com and YouTube extensively throughout this
    game, and the people that have posted videos and guides are always welcome at
    my table.  I can specifically mention 007Craft and CryptoClassic (I still want
    to get on the double dutch bus), and tell you that if you watched ONLY their
    videos, you could probably get through GTA IV in its entirety without reading
    all of my stuff.  Also, a time honored thank you to Eric Waechter, who wrote
    some really funny guides back in the day and inspired me to start this guiding
    thing myself.  Lastly, my wife, who I think can now fly Deal Breaker better
    than me, just from watching for so many hours.
    Copyright- There isn't any.  I think I'm allowed to do this, right?  I don't
    care if you reprint it, use it, pretend like you wrote it, whatever is fine
    with me.  I wrote all of this for my own enjoyment, and to possibly help
    anyone that wants some help with the game, so do whatever you want with it.
    Version History- This is version 1.0.  There won't be any updates.
    Contact- Again, no contact.  I'm an old guy, I don't even have facebook, and
    I check my email about once a week for my schedule at work.  If you liked the
    guide, that's great.  If you think it sucks, then find a different one.  If
    you think it could be better, write a better one.  In fact, take what I
    wrote, pretty it up a bit, and pretend it's yours.  I'm already on to the next
    game.  If you're an old guy like me, I hope you liked the game, and the guide,
    and I'll see you next time!
    Thanks again, and Good Night!

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