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    Walkthrough by alphamanishigh

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    Copyright (c) Corey Marquette 2009
    e-mail free90free01@hotmail.com (include gamefaqs.com at the begining of your 
    -    Table of Contents
    	    - Copyright
    		- About The Guide
    		- Tips
    		    - Fighting
    			- Skills
    	    - Chapter 0
    	        - The Washed Up        +- C0P01 -+
    		    - Food and Water       +- C0P02 -+
    			- Abandoned Refuge     +- C0P03 -+
    		- Chapter 1
    		    - Alone and Abandoned  +- C1P01 -+
    			- Jan                  +- C1P02 -+
    			- Don's Camp Part 1
    			    - Doug
    				- Ricardo
    				- Brannon
    				- Sam
    				- Brogar
    			- Don's Camp Part 2
    			    - Brogar
    				- Lorenzo
    				- Hawkins
    				- Dwight
    				- Enrico
    				- Beppo
    				- Rohbart
    				- Craig
    			- Don's Camp Part 3
    			    - Pickpocket
    -    Introduction
    -    Copyright
        This guide is copyright be me Corey Marquette, reproduction of this guide 
    is prohibited without my permission. This guide should only be on gamefaqs.com. 
    -    About This Guide
        If you have corrections or questions about the guide, drop an email at 
    free90free01@hotmail.com. Just include gamefaqs.com in the subject so I don't
    completely ignore it.
        This game has been out for a little while now and still no one has written 
    a guide at the time I'm writting this. So I figured why not I'd love to play 
    again. After thinking a while about doing the game based on developing an Order
    warrior I decided to focus on the Don Faction.
        The character I'll be developing throught the guide will focus on one 
    handed swords and shields, with thieveing skills as a backup. 
        If you don't want to make a Don character, you can still use my guide up to 
    the point I reach harbor town, where you must choose your side. The starting 
    root I take will most likely be the most profitable path, and if you desired to
    max sword fighting and join the order it's advised you do it in the Don's camp 
    before joining the Order. This will take a bit of money and levels to 
    accomplish, but can be done.
        Following each section of the guide will be a list of loot I gained while
    going from point a to point b. None of the loot on the list be items I 
    purchased, and pickpocketed, alchemised, blacksmithed..etc items will be noted 
    as such. This should hopefully help you in keeping up with the loot around the 
    areas and the amount of gold I have from selling items. I'd suggest you explore
    and save as often as possible.
        If an item is important enough, I'll place a +-- Tip --+ to notify about 
    the item so you won't miss it.
    -    Walkthrough
    -    Chapter 0 - The Washed Up  +- C0P01 -+
        You start the game off as a nameless man washed up on a beach after the 
    ship you were on sinks in the ocean. Unfortunately you start the game off with 
    absolutely nothing, not even a weapon. Lucky for you though quite a bit of 
    stuff from the ship has washed up too, so let's grab what we can. For now you 
    can go ahead and ignore the female corpse labeld 'Sara', we'll get to her soon.
    +-- Tip --+
        Next to the female corpse is a club, a decent starting weapon. Just make 
    	sure you equip it to use it. also you can go a ways out into the water to 
    	find coins and mussels.
        As You follow the beach to the north northwest, you'll come across one of 
    your first enemies. A hungry sea vulture, note that a second vulture is just 
    above the beach and will probably be aggro, and join the fight. Just watch your 
    back. These guys are pretty weak even in pairs, just remember to block (parry) 
    with the club. If you're having a hard time getting a swing in, from them 
    dodging, just circle them and push 'em against the cliff wall so they can't 
    move backwards. If the second one didn't come down, go ahead and attack him 
        Going south is were the good loot is, you'll eventually find a drowned 
    body. On him you'll find a hunting knife. This will do significantly more 
    damage then the club, and most things will only take 3 hits with it for a 
    little while.
        Once you'r done combing the beach you should have a nice chunk of loot to
    help survive the harsh world of risen.
    +-- Loot Found On The Beach --+
        Gold Coins - 15              Hunting Knife - 1
    	Club - 3                     Ring - 1
    	Small Healing Potion - 1     Grog - 2
    	Herring - 1                  Rum - 1
    	Wine - 1                     Egg - 1
    	Apple - 1                    Raw Chicken - 1
    	Clam - 1                     Mussel - 9
    	Torch - 1
    -    Chapter 0 - Food and Water +- C0P02 -+
        Go ahead and talk to Sara now, who'll suggest you find some food and water.
    So take her advice and start heading up the path, take your time and search the
    woods for plants and items. There not much to fight around here, just a few 
    vultures. A little ways up the path you'll find a poccupine type creature, a
    young stingrat. These can kill you if youre not evasive. They like to lunge 
    back and forth and you can block them with a weapon alone. The best thing you 
    can do is keep moving, step backwards and as it comes at you doge to the side
    then attack it. 
        If you exploreing thouroghly you'll come accross a cave to the west, ignore 
    it for now, we'll come back. Head up the path were a hungry wolf is eating a
    corpse. Draw yopu weapon as you charge in and take a few quick swings to kill 
    it before it knows what happened. Loot the body and wolf and head up the path 
    until Sara stops you again. Pickup afew plants near by, then head back to the 
    cave I mentioned earlier, and be prepared for a few tough fights. If you don't 
    want to brave the cave, you can continue the path, they both lead to the same 
    place. The cave has more loot and more experience to be gained.
    +-- Tip --+
        If you haven't found it yet, turn away from the entrance of the cave, and 
    	hug the right way as you head towards the beach. You'll eventualy come 
    	across a clearing with a mushroom, next to the mushroom is a sword and 
    	shield. The shield can block small creatures like wolfs and rats. Very 
        As you get closer to the entrance of the cave, you'll notice a camp fire 
    inside. Sitting around this fire is three gnomes, this will probably be the 
    toughest fight you'll face for a little while. Espescially if you charge in to 
    the room. Your better off creeping up to the entrance till one of them stands 
    up and starts shouting, now stop and wait for him to start moving at you. As he
    does back up into the entrance passage way. This way the can't surround you in 
    a narrow area. take them on one at a time and make sure they don't get behind 
        The next hallway will once again lead to another room with two gnomes, 
    sometimes one of the gnomes is tucked away to the left around the corner so be 
    cautious and don't let him get behind you. That should be all the enemies in 
    the cave, loot the place and find the exit.
        As you leave the cave head to the left and up hill. Kill the easy wolf, and	
    keep moving. after the second torch, is a young stingrat that can be hard to 
    see if its dark, but atleast it'll be sleeping. Shortly up ahead is finaly a 
    place to rest.	
    +-- Loot Found On The Way To The House --+
        Gold Coins = 61              Rusty Sword = 1
    	Sturdy Branch = 1            Club = 2
    	Sickle = 2                   Small Shield = 1
    	Healing Plant = 1            Healing Herb = 3
    	Healing Root = 2             Mana Plant = 2
    	Mana Root = 1                Mana Mushroom = 2
        Green Leaf = 2               Druids Hemlock = 1
    	Turnip = 1                   Berry = 2
    	Fried Herring = 3            Raw Chicken = 2
    	Fried Meat = 2               Raw Meat = 3
    	Wine = 1                     Water = 1
    	Teeth = 5                    Mussel = 1
    	Torch = 3                    Clam = 1
    	Bone = 1                     Purse = 1
    	Claw = 4                     Bolt = 2
    	Lockpick = 1                 Vial = 1
    -    Chapter 0 - Abandoned Refuge +- C0P03 -+
        Your next goal is to search the abandoned house and find something to eat.
    +-- Tip --+
        Any bed that is not occupied can be used to advance time. This is really 
    	helpful to overcome the extreme darkness in this game. So feel free to 
    	sleep and advance to the afternoon if it's dark out. Note that even if it's
    	someone elses bed, you can run into there house, sleep and run out without 
    	them escalating to violence.
    	Starting outside, to the south of the house is a campfire and chest to be
    raided. As you walk to the back of the house you'll notice a 'Water Barrel'.
    These can be used to heal yourself for free, I'd suggest you use these at every
    chance you can to avoid useing your items. Southwest of the house, is a lone
    wolf. Go dispatch him for some easy experience and go inside the house. 
        You'll notice a chest inside that's locked, a key lying next to the bed 
    will unlock it. Inside is a useful frying pan that can be used at any fire to 
    cook raw meat. Cooked meat can heal you, so feel free to cook some meat every 
    so often. I like to save the raw meat, because it's needed for some quests 
    early on.
        Go back outside and report to Sara. She'll need some meat, so if didn't get
    any from the cave early on. Go ahead and cook some of the raw chicken, then 
    give it to her.
         With that done, chapter 0 should be finished and we are now in chapter 1.
    +-- Loot Found Around The House --+
        Gold Coins = 22              Healing Plant = 1
    	Raw Meat = 1                 Mana Potion = 1
    	Pixie Hat = 1                Saw = 1
    	Mushroom = 1                 Mint = 2
    	Teeth = 1                    Berry = 1
    	Milk = 1                     Water = 1
    	Small Healing Potion = 1     Key = 1
    	Grog = 1                     Broom = 1
    	Bread = 1                    Healing Herb = 1
    	Frying Pan = 1
    -    Chapter 1 - Alone and Abandoned +- C1P01 -+
        From here on things might get vague at times, do to the nature of this 
    game. Since things will no longer be linear, it's your choice on how to get 
    from one point to annother and wether you do things in the order I do them. 
    I'll try to structure things into quests so you can use the quest map to 
    basically follow me where I go.
        Exit the house and begin to head up the path, that curves back and forth up
    the hill. Kill the couple vultures that are on the path, but becareful with the 
    second one, and make sure the final blow does send it flying over the cliff. If
    you want the meat from it, it could drop quit a ways down.
        When you reach the temple ruin, you'll notice a grave moth flying near the 
    steps. These guys are pretty weak, just be on your guard. They can hit you 
    multiple times if you're not quick with the blocking. Circle around the temple
    to find two more of them. Once you're done searching around the ruin head on 
        Beware as you enter the room at the bottom of the stairs. It's your first 
    trap. There's two panels on the floor that will give away as you walk over 
    them. This is the only way to get through the ruin though, so draw your weapon 
    and drop in. Immediantly turn around and face the grave moth that awaits you. 
    Loot the room, then activate the levelr to leave. Just don't fall for the same 
    trap twice and time walk around the center panels.
        Continue up the path outside, killing the stingrat if you didn't before. As
    you crest the top of this path you'll notice a house standing by it self. Just
    run on inside like you own the place. You'll be greeted by one of the hunters,
    +-- Loot Found On The Way To Jan --+
        Gold Coins = 14              Berry = 3
    	Mana Mushroom = 4            Raw Chicken = 2
    	Mana Root = 1                Mushroom = 3
    	Wander Lust = 1              Druid Hemlock = 1
    	Wing Dust = 4                Green Leaf = 2
    	Raw Meat = 1                 Mana Plant = 1
    	Wine = 1                     Torch = 2
    	Water = 1                    Small Mana Potion = 1
    	Small Healing Potion = 1     Small Healing Scroll = 1
    	Mana Root = 1
    -    Chapter 1 - Jan +- C1P02 -+
        Talk to Jan and he'll give you a quest to find a better weapon.
    	+-- Quest --+
    	"Get Yourself a Decent Weapon" 
    	Head into the house and make sure your search the cupboard downstairs for a
    key. Once your done downstairs, go upstairs and use the key on the chest.
    Inside you'll find a sword and a map. That will finish the quest so equip the
    sword and head outside and talk to Jan.
        You can interogate Jan about the island and the two main factions to learn
    more about what's going on. He'll also offer to lead you to either Harbour Town
    or to the Don's camp. For now leave those options alone and make sure you 
    search the local area around the house.
        If you picked up the shield early on, you can take on the boar south of the
    house. Just make sure you save before the fight, it can break blocks and get 
    strikes in. While you're here walk into the large bush/tree by the cliff wall 
    for a little bit of hidden loot.
        Once you're done looting ask Jan to lead you to the Don's camp. Don't 
    worry about looting or killing along the way. We'll clear these areas after we
    leave the camp. When Jan stops and leaves, save your game. Just up-ahead is a
    stingrat on the right. There is also another one just further down the path you
    probably wont notice before you've already got the attention of the first one.
    So trigger the first stingrat then retreat backwards. These guys have a fair
    amount more health that they're younger kind, but if you got a shield they
    just take time. If not, try to lure them one by one and dodge backwards when 
        If you stray off to the right of the path, there's a few more rats and a
    Nautilus to deal with. Nautilus's are no threat just whack'em and take the 
    shell. Around the corner is Enrico, just ignore him for now and head back to 
    the path. Continue up ahead towards the bridge which leads to the Don's camp.
        At the campfire ahead is Doug, who'll give you a map of the bandit camp and
    Eventually will trade with you.
    +-- Loot Found On The Way To The Bandit Camp --+
        Gold Coins = 27              Sword = 1
    	Arrow = 16                   Bolt = 20
    	Potion = 1                   Small Healing Potion = 1
    	Healing Herb = 5             Green Leaf = 7
    	Mana Root = 1                Berry = 1
    	Wanderlust = 1               Raw Chicken = 1
    	Raw Meat = 5                 Mushroom = 1
    	Bread = 1                    Rum = 1
    	Water = 2                    Vial = 1
    	Nautilus Shell = 1           Torch = 2
    	Key = 1                      Lockpick = 1
    	Small Map of The Island = 1  Map of Bandit Camp = 1
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Doug
        Talk to Doug about the camp and the faction leaders. While you're here sell
    All your extra weapons, and unless you're going to use a ranged weapon sell 
    the bolts and arrows aswell. Then buy the Jaw Chisel and the Wing Shears. If
    you don't have enough money, feel free to sell trophies... ie claws, teeth,
    wing dust and the nautilus shell. Avoid selling the plants as these can be used
    later in the game to make potions.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Go Hunting With Doug"
    	Offer to help doug hunt the rotworm, then follow him to it's location.
    even on hard this battle should be pretty easy. Let the worm focus on Doug 
    while you circle around it and attack. If the worm turns to you, back up a bit
    and it will go back to attacking Doug. Once it's dead make sure you talk to
    Doug or you won't get the quest reward.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Ricardo
        Continue up the bridge path and talk to Ricardo, who is guarding the 
    entrance. After a drawn out conversation, he'll offer to train you with the
    Crossbow, and give you a quest to kill some insects.
    +-- Tip --+
        If you're a prefectionist feel free to skip to the sections about Luis. 
    	He'll teach you the Gut Animals skills, wich you can use to gain some
    	trophies from animals around the swamp.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Disgusting Insects"
    	Turn around and look, South Southeast, and you'll a few moths flying 
    around. Save your game and go kill some bugs. There's 4 of them so don't let
    them surround you. Also be carefull if you get to close to the bridge, there
    are a few stingrats hiding in the brush, that can turn this fight into a six
    on one battle. If you stick a little to the right of the tree, you can take
    out on moth before the others get to you making the fight alot easier.
        Before heading back for your reward, search the island. Especially the two
    chests, each has a quest item in them. On the South side of the island is a
    couple nautilus, kill them for they're shells. Make sure you got full health, 
    and walk slightly south of the island. A bog body (swampthing looking huminoid)
    is in the grass. This is your first bipedal foe, and is pretty tough. Just 
    take things slow and block often. Try your best to not let him hit you, at this
    point in the game two to four hits from him will do you in. If you're blocking
    and waiting for him to hit before you strike, don't strike as soon as he 
    hits you. Sometimes he'll strike twice, but it seems he only attacks once if
    pause for a second before attacking.
        Make sure you pick up the tools here, especially the pickaxe and the shovel
    and look at the ground around the second chest. Theres a spot that's a 
    different shade of brown. This is a digging site, click on it when you have a 
    shovel to dig up a treasure chest.
        Get your reward from Ricardo, then head west towards the henchman sawing a
    log to the left. Turn right around the cliff edge and you'll come across the 
    arena. Further above the arena is Brannon
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Brannon
        Talk to Brannon, and except your reward for killing the insects. Afterwords
    he'll go back to digging were you kill the bugs. He'll also tell you about
    Ricardo and give you another quest.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Brannon Needs Help"
    	Just go talk to Ricardo about guarding Brannon and the quest will be 
        A few steps ahead is Domingo, sitting next to the camp fire. He really
    doesn't have much to say but go ahead and talk to him anyways. Make sure you
    keep bugging him everytime he sits down till he wont talk to you anymore.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Sam
        Next up is Sam, he's cutting wood a little past Domingo. Ask him about 
    hunting and he'll off to teach you a few things. Most notably, being 
    'Gut Animals' and 'Sneak'. If you can afford both, make sure you atleast get
    gut animals. Don't leave the camp without these skills.
    +-- Tip --+
        If you're running out of coins, check the purses you've found for coins,
    	and the mussels for pearls to sell.
    	After talking to Sam about the camp, head over to Brogar.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Brogar
        Brogar is always sitting outside his house, just past Sam. He's head of the
    fighters and quite a rude character. Talk to him and he'll give you a simple
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Brogar's Lacky"
    	You need to get some meat from Rachel. Turn northeast and head up the stone
    path across the creak. At the top you'll see Rachel cooking at either the stove
    or trhe couldron. Stick to the point when talking to her and get Brogar's meat.
    We'll come back to her later in the game. With some meat in hand, walk back to 
    Brogar and hand it over.
        Keep talking to Brogar but leave the Ricardo issue alone for now. He'll
    give you yet again another quest if you ask him for work.
        +-- Quest --+ 
    	"Lazy Dog"
    	One of his fighters isn't doing his job, and it's up to you to make him.
    From now on we'll be using the quest map to find alot of locations. Bring up
    your quest log now ('L' key), select the quest and make sure you pick the quest
    map on the right side of the screen. You should see a couple red dots, one of
    them is Clay, so head to it.
        Wake Clay up once you find him, and you can either pay him ten gold coins
    to get back to work or beat it out of him. Fighting is the more profitable
    choice and I have yet to notice a con in the choice. If you're having trouble
    with the fight. Try blocking and pushing him up against the crates nearby. This
    will give him a lot less room to move around. I manage to get him traped so he
    couldn't even have time to swing. Once he is down make sure to loot his body
    and pick up his sword.
        Talk to Clay again before he leaves to get the experience for the quest.
    Then either wait or follow him up the path till you meet Phil. Talk to him and
    tell him about Clay, he'll give you some gold. Also he'll teach you two other
    important skills, 'Pickpocet' and 'Open Locks'. We'll make sure to not leave
    the camp without these. Now go back to Brogar and tell him about Clay for a
    small reward.
    +-- Loot So Far In The Camp --+
    Gold Coins = 66                  Bolt = 44
    Arrow = 8                        Rusty Sword = 1
    Club = 1                         Shortbow = 1
    Ring (+1 Axe) = 1                Strong Healing Potion = 1
    Healing Herb = 3                 Healing Plant = 2
    Green Leaf = 1                   Mana Plant = 3
    Mana Root = 1                    Mana Mushroom = 1
    Raw Meat = 4                     Weed = 8
    Druids Hemlock = 2               Berry = 4
    Wanderlust = 2                   Pixie Hat = 1
    Mint = 1                         Beer = 4
    Vial = 1                         Carrot = 1
    Water = 2                        Lockpick = 3
    Teeth = 2                        Wingdust = 4
    Stinger = 1                      Cold Heart = 1
    Nautilus Shell = 2               Torch = 1
    Shovel = 2                       Hoe = 2
    Pickaxe = 2                      Useless Amulet = 1
    Fragment of Sword = 1            Weed Reefer = 1
    Pearls (From Mussels) = 2
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp Part 2
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Brogar
        Continue to talk to Brogar, just remember to leave Ricardo out of it. He'll
    send you to find one of his lost fighters.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Gone With the Gold"
    	You can ask around for clues as to were he went, or just head for the cave 
    in the eastern part of the swamp. Turn east from Brogar and head towards the
    dam passing between the two houses. Near the dam is another excavation site
    with Luis sitting next to a camp fire. From Luios head southeast to find the
    cave. Near the entrance on a little island is a few stingrats. Killing these 
    little guys will complete a quest you haven't been given, but don't worry you
    still get the reward for it.
        As you enter the cave there is three grave moths just past the entrance 
    hallway. Lure them back to the narrow entrance and fight them one at a time.
    Further in and to the left is four more moths, use the same tactics as before
    and don't let them surround you.
        Search the cave for Dorgan's body and make sure to loot it for the two
    quest items he has on him. Don't bother going down the hole or through the
    tunnel in the back of the cave, both lead to really strong monsters.
        Make your way back to Brogar, but don't let him have the list or the sword
    fragment. At this point Brogar has another task for you but for the story lines
    sake ignore him for now.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Lorenzo
        Sitting at the next campfire is Lorenzo. Another rude fighter, get him to
    tell you about an undescovered temple. He'll agree to split the loot, 50-50
    aslong as you help him kill the monsters inside.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"To the Temple Ruins With Lorenzo"
    	Save your game and follow Lorenzo. At the top he'll make it pretty clear
    there is no templ and this is a medievil mugging, so get ready to fight. He
    can be pretty tough on normal or hard, so if things are looking bad use the 
    same old tactics and push him against a wall so he can dodge as well. Take 
    your time when swinging, if your first strike doesn't connect don't bother
    going in for another. Once he's down, grab his sword off the ground and steal
    anything he has on him.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Hawkins
        Across the bridge from where Brogar is sitting, over by the campfire to the
    right is Hawkins. Talk to him to learn about the workers and why he hates 
        +-- Quest --+
    	"The Workers Are to Work Again"
    	Get as much information from him about the workers, as you can. Then let
    him know you already got Brannon (remember him?) to go back to work. Open
    your log and quest map, then head for Dwight.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Dwight is to Get Back to Work"
    	Either take the cheap route and yell at him to ge to work or else. You can
    also just pay him twenty gold coins to do his thing. I chose the later just to
    get it over with. Dwight's back to work so head to Hawkins for your lame
        The last worker is Enrico, alot of people seem to have trouble here
    thinking he's not actually in the swamp, and if you've been doing things as I
    have you should've already found him once. First head to Brannon's marker
    then head to the south end of his excavation site were you fought the Bog body.
    Right across from this point is another camp fire marking an excavation site.
    Go there and loot the island, just dont go to far east. Near the edge is a 
    rotworm. At this level you'll probably find it impossible to defeat it, if you
    are looking for a challenge and have a bow and maybe a boost to yuor desterity,
    you might want to take a few pot shots at it first the ntry to lure it close to 
    the camp. To get the fighters to hel pyou take it out. Just make sure you get
    the final blow.
        From this island feel free to head towards Enrico's marker. If you came
    here earlier it should be cleared. If not, then there is probably a stingrat
    or two around.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Protection Against Ghost of The Ancestors"
    	Enrico needs some reassurince that he won't be killed by the ghost for 
    digging up the artifacts. Hopefully you searched the chests near Brannon. If
    not head over there and get the amulet. Give it to Enrico and he'll go back to
    work looking for more.
        Go back to Hawkins and let him know Enrico is back to work, then let him 
    know they all are. He'll give you another lame reward, but let you buy workers
    clothes off him. I guess if you feel like your rolling in coins go ahead an
    purchase the clothes, though the money can be better spent on skills at this
    stage in the game.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Beppo
        Let's skip past a few people, and go up the stone walk way were Rachel is.
    Beppo is sometimes up he but usually just further ahead across the little
    bridge. Talk to him about the crates for a quick quest.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Artifact Delivery"
    	Just let him know you've gotten the workers back to work and consider the
    quest completed, though for a meager reward.
        Now continue east from Beppo up the hill were you whomped Lorenzo. On the 
    right just past the Watch tower is a swamp farm. Talk to Obel who is harveting
    brugel weed. He'll offer to sell beer and weed wich can be handy for a couple
    quests here. Make sure you grab the random weed plants in the swamp, but don't
    stray too far. There's a group of bog bodies by the waterfal, and some worms on
    the other side of the farm house.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Rohbart
        Up on the porch of the house is Rohbart. If you got the sneak and open
    locks skills. You can sneak into his house and open his chest, the combo was
    right, right, left, left in my playthrough. I'm pretty sure it's always the
    same but might be wrong. Once you're down talk to him about the swamp. If you
    ask him about his beer he'll send you to take some to Rachel.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Beer For The Gang"
    	Run down to Rachel and give her the beer. In the process she'll give you
    one of the major quests, we've actually been gaining parts of without knowing.
    Just ignore it for now. As for the price to sell the beer at choose as you like
    they all get the same amount of experience, so you mise well go for 100 coins.
    That way you ca npocket some. Go give half to Rohbart.
        Offer to help him out with farm, and he'll tell you he needs weed and will
    pay for it.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Rohbart Needs Weed"
    	If you don't have enough search the local area, and down in the lower swamp
    area. Once you have enough he'll trade it for gold and experience. This is a 
    great way to make some extra gold if you ever find more.
    +-- Tip --+
        If you have six to nine weed plants left in your inventory, buy enough from
        Obel to add up to ten. Then trade it into Rohbart for a profit and more 
    	He'll also teach you alchemy, but it's better to hold of for now, as 
    without an accessable alchemy table and recipes it's worthless. Plus you'll get
    the first level for free later down the road.
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp - Craig
        Go back to the main part of the camp, and talk to the red haired fight
    named Craig. He runs the arena and ofer sword training. You can also gamble on
    fights and that's what we're going to do.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"The Best Fighter In The Bandit Camp"
    	Bet against Ricardo, then let him know you've challenged him to a fight.
    Follow him to the arena.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Forbidden Games"
    	"Defeat Ricardo in The Arena"
    	Ricardo is pretty weak and doesn't move to quick, just corner him against
    the far wall and take him down. Don't kill him and make sure to loot his body
    while he is down.
        Next bet against Lorenzo, but he'll refuse to fight since you whomped him
    once before, so let Craig know to get your money back. Now challenge Craig to
    a fight.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Defeat Craig in The Arena"
    	He's no more tougher than Ricardo was but he does parry attacks and moves 
    more. Because of him mostly moving sideways he can be hard to pin against a
    wall just block alot and he'll be down eventually. When looting his body
    don't take the sword fragment or you wont get the money for beating him.
        Now go bet on Domingo, when you talk to him he'll refuse to fight you. Find
    a beer around the camp or go back up to the farm and buy one from Obel. With a
    swig of beer Domingo is ready to fight.
        +-- Quest --+
    	"Defeat Domingo in The Arena"
    	Domingo brings a shield to the fight and is pretty good at using it. He'll
    block alot more of your attacks then the others, but his main dodgeing tactic
    is to leap backwards, so pin him against a wall and he becomes easy prey. Once 
    you defeat him he'll offer you axe training. If you prefer to use that weapon.
    Finish the quest by talking to Craig and let him know you have no more 
    opponents to fight.
    +-- Loot From The Don's Camp --+
    Gold Coins = 175                 Sickle = 1
    Rusty Sword = 2                  Crossbow = 1
    Arrow = 13                       Wooden Sheilf = 1
    Ring (+1 Crossbow) = 1           Healing Root = 1
    Healing Herb = 1                 Greenleaf = 2
    Berry = 1                        Mana Root = 1
    Mana Mushroom = 1                Mana Potion = 1
    Healing Potion = 1               Small Healing Potion = 1
    Raw Meat = 3                     Vial = 1
    Druids Hemlock = 1               Mushroom = 1
    Mint = 1                         Bread = 1
    Weed = 10                        Beer = 2
    Light Spell Scroll = 1           Small Healing Scroll = 1
    Tell Joke Scroll = 1             Fragment of a Sword = 1
    Natilus Shell = 4                Wing = 7
    Wing Dust = 7                    Lump of Gold = 1
    Amber = 1                        Torch = 4
    Wed Reefer = 1                   Quil = 1
    Pickaxe = 2                      Hoe = 1
    Shovel = 2                       Goblet = 1
    Saw = 1                          Weak Healing Potion Recipe = 1
    List = 1
    -    Chapter 1 - Don's Camp Part 3
        Take a small break from questing and sell all your extra gear, especially
    all the trophies you've been getting. At the point in the game you should have
    roughly nine hundred coins and twenty five learning points. Visit Phil and Sam,
    then get the skills, gut animals, sneak, pick pocket level 2 and open locks
    level 1 if you haven't already.
        With these skills save your game and run back to the begining of the swamp
    were Doug is. We're going to pickpocket everyone we've dealt with so far so
    save your game before each person incase something goes wrong.
        Doug - Choose what you like but if you don't have a bow yet, you might want
    	       to grab that right now, else the scroll is a good choice.
    	Ricardo - Steal his sword.
    	Hawkins - Your choice, the potion is probably most useful.
    	Lorenzo - Steal his axe.
    	Beppo - Steal his sword.
    	Dwight - Stole the potion.
    	Brannon - Stole the cheese.
    	Enrico - Stole the potion.
    	Obel - Stole the rum.
    	Rohbart - You can wait on Rohbart if you like. One of the things you can
    	          take from him is all the weed you've brought him. So if you got
    			  patience wait till later in the game when you've sold more to him
    			  then steal it from him. You can turn right around and sell it 
    			  back for gold and experience. I choose to just steal the twenty
    			  one plants he had and sell them back to him.
    	Clay - Take his axe, and be werry of the two wolfs that are right behind
    	       him. If you do fight them lure them towards Clay so he'll help you.
    	Brogar - He's got quite alot, pick as you choose. The money can help 
    	         recoup your losses, or as I did pick the weapon to make him 
    			 easier in the arena.
        When I first got up to the farm, there was a Rot worm near the back of the
    farm house that went after Obel. Once it get s close enough to him Clay will
    attack it. Just like the fight when Doug helped, let Clay take the damage. You
    make sure you get the last blow, for the experience.
        That's all the thieving for now.
    	To Be Continued...
    -    Credits and Thanks
        - Thanks to Stethnorun, for th early tip about the shield on the beach.

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