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    Achievement Guide by OmegaMustard

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    GAME: Batman Arkham Asylum
    By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)
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    I. The Achievements
    A. Big Bang
    B. Bigger Bang
    C. Biggest Bang
    D. Party Pooper
    E. Freeflow Combo 5
    F. Freeflow Combo 10
    G. Freeflow Combo 20
    H. Freeflow Combo 40
    I. Night Glider
    J. Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope
    K. Mano-A-Mano
    L. Catch!
    M. Freeflow Perfection
    N. Freakshow Rodeo
    O. Freeflow Bronze
    P. Freeflow Silver
    Q. Freeflow Gold
    R. Predator Bronze
    S. Predator Silver
    T. Predator Gold
    U. Invisible Predator 
    V. Flawless Freeflow Fighter
    W. Arkham Analyst
    X. Cryptic Investigator
    Y. Lateral Thinker
    Z. Mystery Solver
    AA. Conundrum Cracker
    AB. Mental Athlete
    AC. Riddle Resolver
    AD. Crack The E Nigma
    AE. World's Greatest Detective
    AF. Perfect Knight
    Secret Achievements *Spoiler Alert* All Story Related
    AG. Shocking Rescue
    AH. Leave No Man Behind
    AI. Malpractice Needs More Practice
    AJ. Born Free
    AK. Just What The Doctors Ordered
    AL. Daydreamer
    AM. Baneful Payback
    AN. Breaking And Entering
    AO. Recurring Nightmare
    AP. Zsasz Cut Down To Size
    AQ. Solitary Confinement
    AR. Double Trouble
    AS. Resist The Fear
    AT. Crocodile Tears
    AU. Poisoned Ivy
    I. The Achievements
    There are currently 47 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore.
    The difficulty achievements are stackable, meaning you can beat the game
    on Hard and still get the Easy and Normal achievements.  All the secret
    achievements are story related and cannot be missed.  I have also been
    browsing Youtube.com, if you search for achievements on there, they usually
    have a video showing you exactly what to do.
    A. Big Bang
      - Complete story mode on Easy difficulty 50G
      - See Biggest Bang
    B. Bigger Bang
      - Complete story mode on Normal difficulty 50G
      - See Biggest Band
    C. Biggest Bang
      - Complete story mode on Hard difficulty  50G
      - Completing the game on Hard will also give you the Easy and
        Normal completion achievements.  You may want to get the
        combo system and sneaking around down before attempting this
        on Hard.  The game isn't too hard except when you get 
        completely surrounded by enemies.  In areas where enemeies have
        guns.  You really need to have your sneaking down because getting
        shot once or twice will drastically decrease your health.  The 
        enemies also have master marksman ability.  So they will pretty
        much hit you from any distance.  When surrounded by enemies, take
        advanctage of the dodge move which is double tapping A and holding
        the control stick in a direction.  For every stealth type room, 
        there is always a strategy for getting through.  Boss battles may
        also take a few attempts before learning the best strategies for
        not getting hit.
    D. Party Pooper
      - Time to break up this party 10G
      - You will not be able to get this until right before going to the 
        final boss in the game.  Take out the enemies standing outside
        and in the room right before the boss fight.  They are all wearing
        party hats and won't attack you until you first attack them.
    E. Freeflow Combo 5
      - Complete a combo of 5 moves (any play mode) 5G
      - See Freeflow 40
    F. Freeflow Combo 10
      - Complete a combo of 10 moves (any play mode) 5G
      - See Freeflow 40
    G. Freeflow Combo 20
      - Complete a combo of 20 moves (any play mode) 10G
      - See Freeflow 40
    H. Freeflow Combo 40
      - Complete a combo of 40 moves (any play mode) 10G
      - A continued combo is easy to keep until the numbers start getting
        higher.  You will need quite a few enemies around you to get this.
        The more open the area the better.  That way you won't be confined
        and risk getting hit.  This is easier to get on Normal or Easy
        because when enemies are about to attack, you will see a blue flash
        over their head so you know about when to counter.  You do not
        need to do this in story mode.  You can get this in challenge mode
        as well.  This is also easier to get once you have the Critical 
        Attack Plus upgrade.  This will give you 2 points on your combos 
        when you pull off perfect timied strikes.  If you are far from
        enemies and are in fear of losing your combo, you can also throw
        your batarang by double tapping the Left Trigger really fast.
        Another tip is while fighting of a titan with a bunch of enemies 
        around.  Work down the titan until you can get on his back and
        then swing the titans fists at the enemies.  You can get pretty
        high combos while doing this.  This will take a bit of patience
        and practice.
    I. Night Glider
      - Glide continuously for over 100m  5G
      - For this one, you will have to climb up as high as you can on top
        of Arkham Mansion and then run and jump and hold A to glide and
        go towards the door leading to Arkham North.
    J. Rope-A-Dope-A-Dope
      - String up one henchman and drop him to surprise a second 
        (any play mode)  10G
      - Before you can get this, you will have to get the Inverted Takedown
        upgrade.  You will have to be in an area where stealth is needed.
        You can also do this on a predator challenge.  Stand on a gargoyle
        until an enemy walks underneath you.  Press Y to swoop down and
        grab them up.  Make sure no other enemies are near or they will spot
        you.  After hanging the enemy upside down, swing to another gargoyle.
        When the other enemies come to take a look and the guy hanging upside
        down.  Throw a batarang and the rope holding the enemy.
    K. Mano-A-Mano
      - Take on a beast in hand to hand combat  10G
      - You won't be able to get this until you face the titans enemies
        You cannot use your batarang on them or you will not get
        this achievement.  The first chance to get it is during the double
        Titan fight.  Let the titans run into each other and try your
        best to avoid them.  Titans have 3 quarter bars of energy.  Once one
        get completely depleted, run and start attacking them with the X button
        and you will jump on their back and start swinging them around
        kinda aimlessly.  Just keep swinging them at the other titan.  Once one
        titan is completely killed, this achievement is yours.
        If you miss this in story mode, you can get it on the Freeflow combat
        extreme challenges.  Some have you face titans in them.
    L. Catch!
      - Catch a Batarang (any play mode)  5G
      - You cannot get this until you have the Remote Control Batarang Upgrade.
        Stand out in a wide open area and just throw the remote controlled
        batarang and then just make its way back to you.  May take a minute to
        get the Batarangs controls down.
    M. Freeflow Perfection
      - Perform a perfect combo including all of Batman's combat 
        moves (any play mode)  10G
      - This can be quite annoying.  Batman has a good list of moves and you 
        must do them all in one combo.  Here is the list of all moves you must
        do.  Remember, you must have all move upgrades to do this.  Pick
        the challenge Sewer Bat (Extreme) and try this on the first round.
        If you mess up or get hit, simply just retry challenge.  Here is the 
        list of all the moves that must be done.
         Strike - X
         Counter - Y
         Stun _ B
         Dodge - Double tap A
         Quick Batarang - Double tap Left Trigger
         Quick Bat Claw - Double Tap Right Trigger
         Throw - X+A  After a 5 hit combo
         Standing Takedown - Y+B After another 5 hit combo
         Ground Takedown - RIght Trigger + Y
      - For the Throw and Standing takedown, you will need to first get one 5
        hit combo going to do one of the attacks and then get another 5 hit combo
        going, meaning you counter will have to be 10 or above to do another 
        attack like that.  The ground takedown will want to be the last move you
    N. Freakshow Rodeo
      - Ride a beast and unleash its power  10G
      - You cannot get this until you are facing the Titan and enemy ambush 
        in the elevators.  You will have to deplete one of the titan's three 
        bars of energy.  After this, run up and strike the Titan and you will 
        jump on his back, now just hit 10 enemies while on its back.  
    O. Freeflow Bronze
      - Achieve 8 medals on combat challenges  10G
      - see Freeflow Gold
    P. Freeflow Silver
      - Achieve 16 medals on combat challenges  25G
      - see Freeflow Gold
    Q. Freeflow Gold
      - Achieve 24 medals on combat challenges  50G
      - To unlock all the Freeflow Challenges, you must first find a majority
        of the Riddler's Riddles in the Story mode. There are a total of 8
        Freeflow challenges.  You can gain a max of 3 medals per challenge.
        This is where you will really be tested for your combo skills.  This
        will take a lot of patience and practice.  Some of the challenges get
        really difficult.  You get bonus points for not getting hit in a round.
        You also get Variation bonus points for doing a lot of different moves
        in a combo.  YOu also get bonus points for doing the entire round with
        one combo.  The challenges are 4 rounds long and you will sometimes 
        face enemies with guns and knives.  Remember you have to stun enemies
        with knives before you can attack them or your combo will be broken.
        Also the guys with stun rods will have to be attacked from behind by
        dodging over their head first.  Like I said this will take a lot of
        practice and patience.  Here are the score requirements for each
        Intensive Treatment - 18,000
        Sewer Bat - 18,000
        Shock and Awe - 30,000
        Rumble in the Jungle - 30,000
        Intensive Treatment (Extreme) - 30,000
        Sewer Bat (Extreme) - 50,000
        Shock and Awe (Extreme) - 30,000
        Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme) - 50,000
    R. Predator Bronze
      - Achieve 8 medals on predator challenges  10G
      - See Predator Gold
    S. Predator Silver
      - Achieve 16 medals on predator challenges  25G
      - See Predator Gold
    T. Predator Gold
      - Achieve 24 medals on predator challenges  50G
      - To unlock all the Predator Challenges, you must first find a majority
        of the Riddler's Riddles in the Story mode.  These are complete 
        stealth missions.  When you press the Back button while in the 
        mission, It will tell you what is required for each medal to be 
        obtained.  The first few missions are pretty straight forward, but 
        the later challenges get really challenging.  Here is what is 
        required in every level.
        Silent Knight
       -Silence Is Golden: "Sneak up behind a henchman and perform a 
        Silent Takedown."
       -Blast Zone: "Explode a weak wall into a henchman to knock him out."
       -Mind Your Head: "Knock down a henchman with a Batrang and then take 
        him down."
        Record Breaker
       -Fall Guy: "Batclaw a henchman and pull him off a walkway to 
        take him down."
       -Over The Ledge: "While hanging from a ledge, grab a henchman and 
        pull him off the ledge."
       -Round The Bend: "Use Corner Cover to hide and then take down an 
        approaching henchman."
        Survival Tactics
       -Smash Landing: "Smash through a glass ceiling onto a henchman below 
        to take him down."
       -Hang Time: "Perform an Inverted Takedown from a vantage point 
        (Upgrade required)."
       -Break Your Fall: "Drop down on top of a henchman and then knock 
        him out on the ground."
        Invisible Predator
       -Watch Your Step: "Spray the Explosive Gel on the floor to stun a 
        patrolling henchman. (Auto Proximity Detonation required)"
       -Crowd Control: "Take down 3 henchmen at once with one wall 
        using Explosive Gel."
       -Grate Moves: "Jump out of a floor grate and take down a henchman."
        Silent Knight (Extreme)
       -Three For Three: "Take down 3 henchmen with 3 different walls at 
        once using Explosive Gel."
       -Break Through: "Line Launch through a window into a henchman 
        on the other side."
       -Aerial Assault: "Glide kick a henchman and then knock him out on 
        the ground."
        Record Breaker (Extreme)
       -Chain Reaction: "Kick 2 henchmen in one move using the Line Launcher."
       -Three In A Row: "Knock down 3 henchmen with one Remote Control Batrang 
        (Upgrade required)."
       -Sonic Boom: "Use the Sonic Shock Batrang to pacify a henchman 
        (Upgrade Required)."
        Survival Tactics (Extreme)
       -The Magic Number: "Use the Triple Batrang to knock down 3 henchmen with 
        one throw. (Upgrade Required)"
       -Kick Off:"Use the Line Launcher to kick a henchman off an edge and 
        knock him out."
       -Hit And Run: "Punch an armed henchman."
        Invisble Predator (Extreme)
       -Two For The Price Of One: "Using the Ultra Batclaw, pull the floor out 
        from under 2 henchmen."
       -Shock Tactics: "Appear out of nowhere and surprise a terrified henchman."
       -Tug Of War: "Use the Ultra Batclaw to pull 3 henchmen off a walkway at 
        once, taking them all out."
    U. Invisible Predator 
      - Complete one predator challenge by using only Silent 
        Takedowns and without being detected  10G
      - Pick the first Predator challenge, Silent Knight. Now, just take your
        time and sneak up behind every enemy and take them out with the silent 
        takedown.  Best to let enemies get by themselves and then take them out.
        Make sure once you get down to 2 enemies, when they are scared, you take
        your time because they are real shaky and turn around at unexpected times.
    V. Flawless Freeflow Fighter
      - Complete one combat challenge without taking damage  10G
      - You have to completed all 4 rounds of a Freeflow challenge without taking
        damage.  I wouldn't say it's easy but it isn't too hard.  Pick the first
        freeflow challenge and take your time.  Make sure to dodge and counter
        a lot.  Remember you don't have to do the rounds in one combo, you just
        can't take damage.
    W. Arkham Analyst
      - Solve 5% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    X. Cryptic Investigator
      - Solve 10% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    Y. Lateral Thinker
      - Solve 25% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    Z. Mystery Solver
      - Solve 40% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    AA. Conundrum Cracker
      - Solve 55% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    AB. Mental Athlete
      - Solve 70% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    AC. Riddle Resolver
      - Solve 85% of Riddler challenges  20G
      - Crack The E Nigma
    AD. Crack The E Nigma
      - Solve every riddle on the island  20G
      - This includes finding all invisible question marks that
        only appear in detective mode.  Scanning all riddles,
        finding all trophies, chattering teeth and all the beetle
        crypts.  The riddles aren't too hard to complete, some 
        require all weapon upgrades which you won't get until you
        get near the very end of the game.  So don't worry too much
        about the riddles and such until you have all weapon upgrades.
        You will also get riddler maps in each area that will make all
        riddle items show up on your map which makes this achievement
        really easy.  Only thing that won't appear are the chattering
        teeth, so try and break those as soon as you see them.
        Here is Gameradar's guide to all collectables in the game
        Here is a link to my guide for just the riddles
    AE. World's Greatest Detective
      - Solve Arkham's biggest mystery  20G
      - You will not be able to complete this until you have saved the
        warden in the Penitentiary and have found all the Arkham Chronicles.
        After you find all of them, go to where you left the warden in the
        Penitentiary and you will see circles drawn in the floor.  Scan the
    AF. Perfect Knight
      - 100% Complete  75G
      - To get this, you do not have to complete the game on Hard or Normal.
        You just have to complete the game and find all 240 riddles in the
        game, complete all challenges with 3 medals and unlock all 20 
        upgrades on the same save file.
    Secret Achievements - Story Related so Spoiler Alert
    AG. Shocking Rescue
      - Take down Zsasz in the Patient Pacification Chamber  10G
      - You will get this as soon as you glide kick Zsas and then
        ground takedown him at the start of the game.
    AH. Leave No Man Behind
      - Rescue the guards and henchman from the Joker toxin in 
        Decontamination  10G
      - Save all people about to fall into the joker's toxic gas,
        even the henchman.
    AI. Malpractice Needs More Practice
      - Survive the onslaught from the deformed Joker henchman  10G
      - Just when the titan is about to charge you, quick throw
        your batarand and him so he will hit the wall to damage 
        himself.  Do this until he is out of health.
    AJ. Born Free
      - Escape from Intensive Treatment to the island surface  10G
      - Pops as soon as you exit.
    AK. Just What The Doctors Ordered
      - Save all the doctors in Medical  10G
      - You will have to save 3 doctors.  Fight off the enemies
        holding the doctors.
    AL. Daydreamer
      - Survive the nightmare of the Scarecrow's fear gas  10G
      - Sneak around the scarecrow in the nightmare.  Unlocks
        after you reach the end and shine the light at him.
    AM. Baneful Payback
      - Defeat Bane  25G
      - To defeat Bane, throw your batarang at him while he is
        charging you.  He will hit the wall to damage himself. 
        He has 3 quarter bars of health.  Once one is completely
        depleted, run up and strike him a few times, You will see
        Batman jump on his back and knock a tube off of him.
        Do this three times and you have defeated Bane.
    AN. Breaking And Entering
      - Gain access to Arkham Mansion after it is locked down by 
        the Joker  10G
      - You will have to pull down the grate on the roof above the
        front door to the Mansion to get in.
    AO. Recurring Nightmare
      - Face your biggest fears and keep your sanity  10G
      - Again, sneak past the Scarecrow in the nightmare and
        shine the light at him at the end.
    AP. Zsasz Cut Down To Size
      - Save Dr. Young from being killed by Victor Zsasz  10G
      - Get on the corner of the doorway where Zsas is holding
        Dr. Young and when he sticks his head out from behind the
        doctor, throw your batarang and hit him in the head.
    AQ. Solitary Confinement
      - Capture and lock up Harley Quinn  25G
      - You will have to fight off a ton of her goons first. 
        After all have been defeated, You will defeat Harley.
    AR. Double Trouble
      - Defeat two Titan Henchmen at once  25G
      - These are the two titans where you get the Mano-A-Mano 
        achievement.  You can let the titans run into each other
        or you can use your trusty batarang to blind them while
        they charge you.  Once one of their bars of health are
        gone, you can run up and strike them to get on their
        backs for a few cheap shots on the other titan.
    AS. Resist The Fear
      - Conquer the effects of the Scarecrow's fear gas  50G
      - Again, make your way through the Scarecrow's nightmare
        and don't get caught.  Shine the light at him at the
    AT. Crocodile Tears
      - Venture into Killer Croc's lair and come out alive  50G
      - You are sent here to collect the antidote for Ivy.  
        Sneak around and whenever Killer Croc jumps up, hit
        him with the Batarang to knock him back into the water.
        As soon as you have collected the antidote, make your
        way out and detonate the trap Batman sets for Croc.
    AU. Poisoned Ivy
      - Defeat the giant Titan Ivy plant  50G
      - To defeat Ivy, you will have to dodge her goons and
        her plant roots.  Once you have done that in a way,
        She will show herself in the plant.  Quick throw your
        batarang at her to damage her.
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