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    Enemy/Boss Guide by Dauragon C Mikado88

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 10/16/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Boss/Enemy Guide
    Version 1.03
    By Travis Rappa (Dauragon C Mikado88)
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    Version 1.00
    Began the FAQ. All enemies and bosses have been added with basic strategies. 
    New updates will include grammatical fixes, additional strategies and some 
    background information.
    Version 1.01
    -Added FLAWLESS strategies for Nurses and Needlers. I also improved on the
    Sepulcher strategy.
    Version 1.02
    -Made the Needler strategy even more...flawless. 
    -Mentioned the upgrades to each weapon in the Weaponry section, as well 
    as where you find each one. I noticed the Crowbar is actually the 
    Steel Pipe replacement and not its own weapon. However I still kept it 
    as its own weapon since it's still fairly harder to come by than the other 
    hidden weapons and is particularly useful for Scarlet.
    -Added Crowbar as good weapon against Lurkers.
    -Corrected 'Order Follower' with its official name 'Order Soldier'.
    -Added some minor extra tactics against Order Soldiers.
    -Minor typo corrections.
    Version 1.03
    -Made a little note about the Laser Pistol.
    -More typo corrections, especially a fairly big one on the Copyright
    -Changed 'Stomp of Death' to 'Stomp of Doom' (sounds better, eh?)
    -Added a new section to 'Combat Techniques' named 'Counterattacking'
    I did receive a few submissions improving on certain strategies, 
    I am still going through most of them and checking how well they
    work so I will most likely start adding some by the next update.
    I am looking for very effective means of defeating Smogs and Siams
    using melee only. If you know a strategy that avoids damage or
    take very little, please submit me one!
    Table of Contents
    Please use the Find function in your web browser and type in the numbers listed 
    in parenthesis to quickly find what you are looking for.
    I. Introduction (1000)
    II. Combat Techniques (2000)
    	2a. Dodging (2001)
    	2b. Counterattacking (2002)
    	2b. Melee Attacks (2003)
    	2c. Firearms (2004)
    	2d. Stomp of Doom (2005)
    III. Weaponry (3000)
    	3a. Knife (3001)
    	3b. Steel Pipe (3002)
    	3c. Fireaxe (3003)
    	3d. Crowbar (3004)
    	3e. Circular Saw (3005)
    	3f. Handgun (3006)
    	3g. Shotgun (3007)
    	3h. Rifle (3008)
    	3i. Laser Pistol (3009)
    IV. Enemies (4000)
    	4a. Nurses (4001)
    	4b. Swarm (4002)
    	4c. Lurker (4003)
    	4d. Feral Dogs (4004)
    	4e. Smog (4005)
    	4f. Needler (4006)
    	4g. Schism (4007)
    	4h. Siam (4008)
    	4i. Order Soldiers (4009)
    V. Bosses (5000)
    	5a. Sepulcher (5001)
    	5b. Scarlet (5002)
    	5c. Asphyxia (5003)
    	5d. Curtis (5004)
    	5e. Amnion (5005)
    VI. Contact Info (6000)
    VII. Copyright/FAQ Usability Note (7000)
    NOTE: This guide was written with the standard 'Normal' mode difficulty in 
    mind. While this guide can be used for tactics on Hard mode, actual hits it 
    may take to defeat a boss may vary.
    I. INTRODUCTION (1000)
    Silent Hill: Homecoming marks the first Silent Hill title to be released on 
    the PlayStation 3. Being developed by a new company, Double Helix Games, many 
    diehard Silent Hill fans were concerned about how scary the game would be, 
    and most importantly - how scary the monsters would be! I believe it is safe 
    to say that the monsters and bosses in Homecoming are just as terrifying as 
    we've come to know from all the previous Silent Hill games. Each monster and 
    boss for their matter has their own strength and weaknesses, and this guide 
    is here to help you perfect your strategies against all enemies, especially 
    when using melee combat.
    You will undoubtedly be spending most of your time using a melee weapon in 
    combat, and at times also a firearm to deal with your enemies. As such, it's 
    important to master the combat controls and the most important button of all: 
    the dodge button.
    2a. DODGING (2001)
    Dodging is executed by pressing the O (Circle) button. A successfully timed
    dodge will allow you to evade an enemy's strike, and counterattack with your
    own strike by quickly following up with the X or [] (Square) button. Depending
    on where you move the analog stick in junction with the Circle button, you
    will dodge in that direction. It is also possible to parry enemy attacks by
    pressing the Circle button almost immediately before the enemy would have
    hit you. While not as effective as a well-timed dodge, it is the games way
    of rewarding you for a near-miss block.
    Counterattacking is executed immediately by pressing X or Square after a
    successful dodge. Dodging and counterattacking is an effective strategy
    against most monsters, especially bosses, as it can usually lead to combos
    in a more vunerable point on a monster. For example, dodging and countering
    a Siam or Needler in the back is very effective. Most monsters are vunerable
    to back attacks and dodging + counterattacking is the way to do it.
    2c. MELEE ATTACKS (2003)
    Melee can be executed in 2 forms: a light attack (X) and a heavy attack 
    (Square). Light attacks are quick and may temporarily disorient an enemy but 
    will not stun them or knock them back. Depending on the weapon, there is a 
    set amount of consecutive light attacks possible; however at the end of a 
    light attack combo, a heavy attack can be used to finish off the chain. Heavy 
    attacks are capable of stunning and knocking back an enemy, and can even lead 
    to a fatality-type attack in which Alex instantly kills the enemy. Heavy 
    attacks can be 'charged' by holding down Square, doing do will usually knock 
    the enemy over or stun them depending on health and allow you to finish them 
    off with another press of Square. However a fully charged heavy attack is 
    hard to pull off.
    2d. FIREARMS (2004)
    As you probably expect, firearms are the long-range weaponry of the game. 
    Firearms will not be used as much as you might expect due to the low hold 
    capacity rate Alex has. However firearms are very useful when dealing with 
    multiple enemies or your health is very low without recovery items. Firearms 
    are readied with the L2 button and fired with the R2 button. A weapon bash 
    can be performed by pressing X while the weapon is readied. It will take some 
    time to get used to the firearm controls if you primarily use melee weapons. 
    Unlike melee weapons, aiming for vital spots is important. I will list some 
    enemy weak points in the monster sections.
    2e. STOMP OF DOOM (2005)
    Yes the infamous Stomp of Doom has returned in Homecoming but unfortunately 
    to my understanding it can only be used to squish Swarm enemies.
    III. WEAPONRY (3000)
    3a. THE KNIFE (3001)
    Quickness: 5/5
    Power: 2/5
    Overall: 5/5 (The best melee weapon)
    The good old Combat Knife. Usually the knife is always seen as a 'last resort' 
    weapon with very weak damage, but surprisingly, the knife is probably the 
    best melee weapon in Homecoming. The knife, while fairly weak, its rapid 
    slashes and quick heavy attacks allow you to keep almost any enemy at bay. As 
    you will come to see in the Enemy/Boss sections, the knife will appear almost 
    every time for recommended weapon. View the sections below for some tactics 
    with the knife against various enemies. The knife is also used for 'Cut'.
    The upgrade to the knife is the Ceremonial Dagger automatically obtained
    later in the game, however I am not sure of any noticable differences
    between it and the regular combat knife.
    3b. THE STEEL PIPE (3002)
    Quickness: 3/5
    Power: 3/5
    Overall: 3/5
    What's a Silent Hill game without the trusty Steel Pipe? In Homecoming the 
    Steel Pipe is the second melee weapon you will obtain in the game. It is a 
    fairly balanced melee weapon all across the board. Once you master the knife 
    you will most likely not use the pipe, and you'll probably use the Fireaxe 
    or Crowbar when you need a stronger weapon, so unfortunately the pipe doesn't 
    get too much loving in the usefulness department. The pipe is also used for 
    3c. THE FIREAXE (3003)
    Quickness: 2/5
    Power: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5
    The Fireaxe is the 'powerful but slow' melee weapon of the game. Being 
    effective with the Fireaxe can actually be a challenge as enemies will 
    counterattack you during the slow swings, especially when charging up a heavy 
    attack. However if you land it, the damage dealt is devastating. The Fireaxe 
    is also used for 'Hack'. An upgrade, Pulaski Axe is in a truck just outside
    the Prison entrance, it provides greater power than the Fireaxe.
    3d. THE CROWBAR (3004)
    Quickness: 3/5
    Power: 3.5/5
    Overall: 3.5/5
    The Crowbar is a hidden weapon in 'Hell's Decent' that can be missed for the 
    entire game. Its main purpose is to make the Scarlet fight a lot easier, but 
    I also consider it in the middle of the Steel Pipe and Fireaxe in terms of 
    effectiveness. If you obtain it, I would recommend using it when not using 
    the knife. The weapon also replaces the Steel Pipe completely.
    3e. CIRCULAR SAW (3005)
    Quickness: 1/5
    Power: 4.5/5
    Overall: 2/5
    The Circular Saw is obtained in the Garage of Alex's house ONLY after you've 
    completed the game once. Unfortunately the weapon is very slow and even for 
    its power, doesn't make up for the beatings you will receive in counterattacks 
    from the monsters. I do not recommend using this weapon much besides the 
    entertaining effect of hitting things with a chainsaw.
    3f. HANDGUN (3006)
    The Handgun is automatically obtained from Curtis shortly after exiting the 
    Graveyard. While not incredibly powerful, knowing where to aim can make the 
    difference of 5-6 bullets and 2 bullets. The Chrome Hammer pistol upgrade
    can be found in the graveyard behind some boards. Requires the Fireaxe.
    3g. SHOTGUN (3007)
    The Shotgun is automatically obtained from Wheeler in the Sheriff's Station. 
    The shotgun allows a greater deal of aiming freedom, and can kill most 
    monsters in 1-2 shots with a near direct shot to an up-close monster. Can
    be upgraded to a Bluesteel Shotgun which is found in the father's basement
    room in the Shephard's house.
    3h. RIFLE (3008)
    The Rifle is an optional weapon that you can obtain either at the Silent Hill 
    Cemetery after discovering all 3 gems, or obtaining the Police Rifle in the 
    final area in one of the rooms. The Rifle is in the middle between the handgun 
    and the shotgun fired at close range. It's a hassle to get and is not important 
    to complete the game at all. The Police Marksman Rifle is found in the last
    area, in one of the rooms.
    3i. LASER PISTOL (3009)
    This hidden weapon is obtained after completing the game and seeing the UFO 
    ending. The weapon is located in Joshua's room in subsequent playthroughs. 
    It has unlimited ammo and can defeat most enemies in just a few hits. 
    Because of how powerful this weapon is, and how easily it dispatches
    enemies, it will obviously not be included as a recommended weapon.
    IV. ENEMIES (4000)
    4a. NURSE (4001)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife, Handgun
    The Nurses are surprisingly the first enemy you will encounter in the game. 
    The best offense is the best defense against Nurses, as they can be relentless 
    in attacks if you give them an opening. The first weapon you'll even be able 
    to use against them is the Knife, which generally is the best melee weapon 
    to use. Do the full X (x3) + Square knife combo that ends with the spin
    slash. Do not attempt to do a charged heavy strike or you will almost
    always be countered before you can finish it. The final heavy attack will
    send the nurse slightly back, causing her counter-slash to miss you. At 
    this point, simply repeat the combo and you will easily kill her without
    taking any damage.
    Later on you will fight them again while you possess a handgun. There are 
    a few instances where you will fight many of them at one time (up to 4 at 
    one point!) The handgun comes in handy here, as you probably could have 
    expected from their humanoid appearance, aiming for the head is the most 
    damage. 2 bullets from the handgun should bring one down.
    4b. SWARM (4002)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife, Stomp of Doom
    The swarm enemies are more of a nuisance than a real threat. They will always 
    come in numbers of about 3-4 at once. While on the ground, ready your weapon 
    and press X near one to do the infamous Stomp of Doom for an instant kill. 
    If they hover near you, slash them with your knife. If they manage to latch 
    onto you, mash Circle then press the button that appears on screen for a split 
    second to throw them to the ground and kill it.
    4c. LURKER (4003)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife, Circular Saw, Crowbar
    Lurkers may seem intimidating but are actually weak enemies and can be killed 
    off very quickly. Their main weakness is their head, to quickly dispatch with 
    the knife: X (2x) + Square followed by an X + Square will bring down a Lurker 
    with no damage taken. In later playthroughs, the Circular Saw can usually 
    behead it in one cut. For another easy means to kill it, use the Crowbar 
    combo of X + Square which will knock it down, then proceed to use a fully
    charged heavy attack on the downed Lurker, beheading it instantly. I am not
    completely sure if this works as quickly with the Steel Pipe. Will verify
    in a future update.
    4d. FERAL DOGS (4004)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife
    Yes you guessed it, the knife is again the most effective weapon against Feral 
    Dogs, and is even said so in the loading screen. X (2x) + Square is the safety 
    combo to bring it down without damage. You can also use the complete combo 
    of X (3x) + Square but the time you are vulnerable can allow the dog to attack 
    you, it also slightly sends the dog away in risk you might not be able to 
    hit it again right away.
    4e. SMOG (4005)
    Effective Weapon(s): Handgun
    Smogs are in my opinion, the most difficult normal enemy in the game to defeat 
    by melee weapon means. I would save handgun ammo simply for killing Smogs. 
    Before a Smog readies its poisonous gas attack, it exposes its yellow lungs 
    for a brief second in which a direct handgun bullet will stop the attack, 
    and send it stumbling backward. Get close to the Smog to trigger the attack 
    again, and then repeat with a second handgun bullet to the lungs to bring 
    it down. A shotgun is also highly effective, as one well-placed shotgun blast 
    to the exposed lungs will kill it, but since a Smog is so easy to defeat with 
    the handgun, I would save those bullets for other monsters, such as a Siam 
    or Schism.
    You can defeat the Smog using melee weapons but it is risky and you will most 
    likely lose some health during the battle. If you decide to use melee, try 
    to circle strafe it as much as possible, and attack it from behind once it 
    uses its gas attack, but do not stay in that spot for long, or you risk taking 
    damage soon after.
    4f. NEEDLER (4006)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife + Fireaxe Combo, Shotgun
    Needlers are right below Smogs as the most difficult normal enemies in the 
    game. Unlike other enemies, Needlers can block attacks from the front using 
    their claws, and will counterattack you from blocked strikes. This makes 
    striking from the back the most useful position to defeat a Needler. 
    Fortunately, its attacks are predictable, usually using a side swipe which 
    is easily dodged and can put you behind the monster if you use a direction 
    with the dodge. 
    Begin each encounter with a Needler by immediately using a full knife combo 
    with a fully charged spin cut >at the front of the Needler<. You will usually 
    get this off before the Needler swipes you, knocking it to the ground. It will 
    block most of your attacks, don't be concerned by this, it's suppose to. Now 
    here is the tricky part, once the Needler is knocked to the ground, equip your
    Fireaxe. Use a fully-charged heavy attack on the downed needler. Now
    wait for it to get up, and press Square. Instead of using a heavy attack, 
    Alex will use the axe fatality 100% of the time on it. This strategy is flawless
    and you should not take any damage at all.
    Sometimes you get lucky and can continously hit a Needler from the side
    or the back giving it very little time to turn to you and block your attacks
    this is one of the great things about the knife, if this happens, just keep
    doing full knife combos on the Needler without charged heavy attacks to bring
    it down quickly.
    If you don't want to deal with using melee weapons, dodge and get behind the 
    Needler and shoot it with a well-placed shotgun blast. The game recommends 
    using a Handgun and aiming at the head, which is probably harder than it seems, 
    especially since you only have a brief time to aim at its head.
    4g. SIAM (4007)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife (as if you figured anything else), Shotgun, 
    Siam's are the intimidating huge monsters that do large amounts of damage 
    if they connect with a hit. Fortunately, their slow speed means for 
    predictable dodging. The back of the Siam, aka the 'female side' of it is 
    the most vulnerable part for damage. As much dodging and getting behind it 
    is important. If it attempts to punch you, dodge to the side and slash two 
    times in its back, most of the time it will attempt to follow up with an 
    unexpected rear strike, but if you only hit twice, you will be able to roll 
    away from the attack. It also seems to go in slow motion from your slashes, 
    make it easier to predict. Sometimes the Siam will slump over from the attacks 
    to the back allowing you some moments to really punish it. Rinse and repeat 
    the dodge + counterattack strategy until its dead, it usually tries the same 
    moves over and over.
    Sometimes, it will turn its back and run away from you, why it does this I'm 
    not sure, but as soon as you see this, equip the handgun or rifle and fire 
    off as many rounds as you can into its back, this can kill it quite easily. 
    The shotgun also can bring it down very easily and with little effort, 3 
    shotgun blasts to the front will bring the monster down, and even less if 
    you manage to shoot it in the back.
    4h. SCHISM (4008)
    Effective Weapon(s): Knife, Shotgun
    A Schism is another fairly difficult monster that will try to work around 
    you and will counter your attacks whenever possible. It has long range attacks 
    and deadly attacks that knock you over as well. The best weapon to use to 
    prevent it from countering is of course, the knife, or the shotgun. 
    If you are choosing to use the knife, ONLY use the X (x2) + Square combo 
    (uppercut finisher), then repeat the combo as quickly as you can. This usually 
    keeps the Schism on lockdown until you kill it. It may attempt to counter 
    you after a combo but the speed of the knife should prevent that. Avoid using 
    any charge attacks and the complete knife combo, as tempting as it is, it 
    leaves you open. If possible, try to corner it near a wall as it becomes a 
    lot easier if the mob tries to step back.
    The shotgun is the easy method to beat these guys; one well-placed close range 
    shotgun blast will bring one down in one shot, two if the shot was bad.
    4i. ORDER SOLDIER (4009)
    Effective Weapon(s): Any melee weapon for melee type, handgun/rifle for 
    firearm type
    Some people consider the Order Soldiers to be the hardest enemy in the game; 
    I actually consider them one of the easiest. While they will try to use 
    'tactics' against you such as dodging your strikes, that only proves 
    effective for one of your swings. They focus too much on counterattacking 
    that if you put on a heavy offense you can defeat them without taking any 
    damage. The ones wielding firearms can be trickier but defeating them with 
    a handgun or rifle of your own works best.
    As usual, I use the knife here, but I tested this strategy with both the pipe 
    and the fireaxe so it's safe to assume any melee besides maybe the circular 
    saw works well here. Begin by doing your maximum light attack combo, then 
    follow up with a fully charged heavy attack. Yes you heard me right; take 
    the 'chance' here. They will stand there and not even attempt to hit you as 
    long as you began the combo with the light attacks. I have no idea why, but 
    it works. If successful, you will knock them over and allow you to pummel 
    them on the ground, and repeat again. Two complete combos from the knife 
    usually did them in, and every one ended in a fatality of Alex cutting their 
    throat. To speed up the process, if you read my Needler strategy, you can
    apply it here as well. Once you knock over the soldier using the knife
    combo, equip the fireaxe and do charged heavy attacks on the downed foe.
    This will do much more damage than the knife, and will allow for a quick
    fatality once he gets up.
    The ones wielding a firearm are a bit tougher because they will very 
    frequently weapon bash you, so frequently to the point they almost prevent 
    you from doing melee attacks. The simple way to counter this is to use either 
    the handgun or rifle and headshot them until they die, simple, but effective 
    and easy way to dispose of them. You can melee them, but be prepared to
    dodge their very quick weapon bash after your combo. Do not attempt to
    use any charged heavy attacks.
    V. Bosses (5000)
    5a. SEPULCHER (5001)
    Effective Weapon(s): Your melee weapon of choice.
    Sepulcher is an easy first boss with plenty of room to maneuver and even take 
    cover behind. In this first form he will mostly try to punch you away, or 
    slam the ground and hit you with debris. You will notice many of these bag-type 
    objects all surrounding the boss. These are your first targets. Also take 
    note of the shelves placed at the edges of the area as well, Alex is able 
    to hide behind these shelves, which the monster will then punch, usually 
    causing it to become disoriented for a few moments. This gives you time to 
    hack away at one of the bags. Any weapon works particularly well here, I'd 
    go for either the knife or the fireaxe. Use your best combos and end with 
    combo with a fully charged heavy attack to make short work of each hanging 
    Sepulcher's attacks are also predictable so if you see him readying his punch 
    attack or the ground pound, be ready to dodge. Besides that, there isn't much 
    else to worry about on the first form. Once all the bags are destroyed, the 
    boss will shift into a second form.
    Now you'll be face-to-face with the boss with much less cover to provide. 
    You will now have to defeat the boss up front, but fortunately his attacks 
    are still predictable. I would recommend switching to the fireaxe now if you 
    weren't already. Pretty much all of Sepulcher's attacks is a side swipe with 
    either arm, when you see it coming, dodge around the arm and immediately 
    follow up by pressing X or Square, if done correctly, Alex will counter attack 
    the monster's arm right after the dodge. Try to stand as far away from the
    monster as possible, it will usually go for a pound attack, and if you
    dodge, the monsters arm appears to become stuck for a brief moment, if you
    attack during this time, that usually knocks the monster to the floor.
    After two assaults on the head when the monster is down, Alex can perform
    a fatality to end the fight.
    5b. SCARLET (5002)
    Effective Weapon(s): Crowbar/Fireaxe (first form), Knife (second form)
    If you were like me at this point, you may not have many healing items at 
    all for Scarlet. I had to manage a way to beat Scarlet with half health and 
    no healing what so ever. Fortunately, beating Scarlet is mastering the dodge 
    and counterattack system for the first form, and just keeping her on lockdown 
    with the knife the second form.
    Begin the first fight by equipping the Crowbar, if you missed it, the Fireaxe. 
    Scarlet's main attack is a swipe attack usually with her right hand. If you 
    remember from Sepulcher, he did the same thing. However Scarlet is a lot 
    faster and may take a few times to really anticipate her attack. Sidestep 
    dodge the attack, then quickly counterattack on her leg. Get a few hits off 
    as well before she tries to attack you again. Sometimes she throws you a 
    curveball and will go for a double swipe if she misses, you can tell this 
    is coming as she has a brief charge by holding her hand back before she does. 
    Again, practice (which may mean dying a few times as a result) will make 
    perfect to understand her attack pattern. You have two layers of her legs 
    to chip off before you can actually start knocking her over. Once all 2 parts 
    on both legs are broken, your attacks will now knock her to the ground. She 
    will not attack when she collapses so take this time to unleash charged 
    attacks on her arms. Once she rises up, repeat the process of dodging and 
    counterattacking on her legs until she falls again. Once both arms are 
    destroyed, she will change forms.
    Now she will become a lot more agile and can even move across the ceiling 
    to surprise you. Have Alex keep his weapon readied so you can auto-target 
    Scarlet moving across the ceiling. When she is over you, keep rolling backward 
    to lessen the risk of her jumping right on top of you. Once she comes down 
    to the ground now you must prepare for all out offense. Equip the knife and 
    quickly get close to her, doing your knife combo as quickly as you can, meaning 
    do not charge any attacks. She may move positions after an attack or try to 
    counter you but keep following her and just lying on the knife combos 
    continuously. To put it bluntly: the knife messes her up. If done well, you 
    will not take any damage at all this form. The fight will end once you initiate 
    the fatality prompt when it appears.
    5c. ASPHYXIA (5003)
    Effective Weapon(s): Your most comfortable melee weapon and firearm.
    Asphyxia is essentially an alteration of Scarlet with more moves, but a lot 
    more freedom where you can strike. Overall she is an easy boss that you can 
    either defeat effectively using melee or a firearm, in particular the 
    Like the bosses before her, she will usually go for two side sweeps with her 
    arms, and sometimes finishing it off with an uppercut. Countering her swings 
    with your dodges is again the most effective way to defeat the boss. Her 
    weakness is her tail which usually just one strike will bring her down into 
    a temporary stunned state, at this point you can unleash some charged attacks. 
    She will also frequently go for tail lunges or tail sweeps which you can also 
    dodge with proper timing, allowing you to counter attack on her tail. 
    Since the fight is again more about dodging and counter attacking on her tail 
    to stun her, the fireaxe works well here for pure damage, but if you are like 
    me and feel most comfortable with the knife, which works well here too. Any 
    melee weapon should get the job done.
    If you are sitting on a lot of shotgun shells you can try blasting her at 
    mid-range and running away/back rolling when needed, you have a pretty open 
    area, about the same as the Scarlet fight to maneuver.
    After enough damage you will be given the fatality prompt to end the fight.
    5d. CURTIS (5004)
    Effective Weapon(s): Anything
    Curtis is more of a mini-boss than a real boss, but I decided to include him 
    in this section. Curtis is basically just a beefed-up version of an Order 
    Soldier, wielding a Circular Saw. If you actually have the Circular Saw then 
    you'll know how much of a slow weapon it is, making this fight an easy one. 
    If you are going for the melee approach, equip the knife and treat the fight 
    like a normal fight against an Order Soldier, do your full combo and go for 
    as many fully charged heavy attacks to stun him. Sometimes he does not get 
    stunned and may go for a charged up attack of his own, fortunately all his 
    attacks are predictable and are easily dodged should you even need to.
    The easiest approach to this fight is to use your handgun. If you've been 
    following the melee strategies against the other order members, you should 
    have plenty of handgun bullets left. Simply keep headshotting Curtis to keep 
    him staggering back, it is possible to beat him this way without him ever 
    damaging you, let alone even getting near you.
    5e. AMINON (5005)
    Effective Weapon(s): All your firearm arsenal, your favorite melee weapon
    You've finally made it! The final boss of Homecoming, beating this boss using 
    melee can be challenging but if you have plenty of spare health drinks and 
    first aid kits, feel free to go all out on this boss, it will all go to waste 
    on your next play otherwise. 
    If going for the firearm approach, begin with either the handgun or the rifle, 
    you are given plenty of room for this fight so maintain as much distance as 
    you can, the first form is more challenging to aim at, so place your shots 
    well. Consecutive well-placed shots can stun her and send her retreating back 
    momentarily. If she manages to get near you, try to run in a circle around 
    the room, she will tend to use a spit attack that only shoots in one direction, 
    giving you ample time to shoot at her side.
    Once the first form is defeated, she will transform into a more agile form, 
    with more reach on her claws. However, she exposes her body in full which 
    allows you to aim a lot easier. Maintain the same strategy at the first form 
    and blast her with whatever weapon you still have ammo for. Keep your distance 
    and run as much as possible. Eventually she will stagger to the floor, 
    allowing you to finish her with a fatality using the knife.
    If deciding to do this with a melee approach you'll be in for a greater 
    challenge but not much more than any of the others. If you are skilled with 
    the dodging system by now, you'll have no problems with this boss. Equip your 
    preferred melee weapon and circle around her first with some distance, try 
    not to be tempted into rushing her head on. Eventually she will try to spit 
    acid at you which is easily dodged, and gives you time to get close and start 
    hacking away with your weapon.
    Her main defense against your assault is swatting you away with one of her 
    legs, or a very predictable leap attack in which she'll jump high into the 
    air and slam down on you. You should easily be able to back roll out of that 
    and continue the assault, the swipe is a bit harder to anticipate but still 
    very doable. 
    The second form is actually easier to defeat with melee means, she gets 
    stunned easily from your attacks, and usually will try to get you away by 
    either moving back quickly or raising her claws up and bringing them down 
    upon you, this is also predictable and a side roll easily dodges it. She can 
    also do the swipe attacks which by now you should be pro at dodging considering 
    every boss uses this attack very often. When you've won, she will fall to 
    the ground, allowing you to perform the fatality, and end the game. 
    VI. CONTACT INFO (6000)
    If you need to contact me, my e-mail is neolavie@live.com.
    Here are things you should contact me about:
    - Grammatical/spelling issues in the FAQ that need correcting.
    - Certain errors or inconsistencies in actual substance of the FAQ.
    - Telling me where this FAQ is going to be posted (see Copyright section for 
    more on this)
    - Improvements to strategies, if it's very important and helpful to beat a 
    certain boss or enemy.
    Things you shouldn't contact me about:
    - Being stuck on a boss or enemy beyond my strategies. Reason for this is 
    GameFAQs also has some very helpful message boards where you can receive very 
    fast help on a boss rather than waiting for my e-mail response (which I may 
    not even respond to). Please go there if you need additional help with 
    - Submitting to me your own lengthy guides and strategies. If you've read 
    some of my other Boss FAQs I used to do this but not for this one, as I usually 
    can't keep up with all the submissions. If you do submit to me a helpful tip 
    I decide to post on the FAQ, I will however, give you credit.
    If you are looking to post this FAQ on your website please read below:
    The information expressed in this guide is copyright to me, Travis Rappa 
    (Dauragon C Mikado88). By no means are you permitted to call this guide or 
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    If you wish to post this guide on your website (as long as the content within 
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