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    Loot Guide by senornacho

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/20/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                            Deadly Shadows (PC Version)                        
           .THIEF: DEADLY SHADOWS COMPLETE LOOT GUIDE (and other stuff).       
           .                            by                             .       
           .        senornacho (senornacho @ austin . rr . com)        .       
           .                  best viewed in notepad                   .       
           .                       version 1.1                         .       
    A. Intro
    B. Version History
    C. The Missions
       C0. Training Mission
       C1. End of the Bloodline
       C2. St. Edgar's Eve
       C3. Into the Pagan Sanctuary
       C4. The House of Widow Moira
       C5. The Sunken Citadel
       C6. Killing Time
       C7. Of Brethren... and Betrayers
       C8. Robbing the Cradle
       C9. Still Life with Blackjack
    D. Pagan Cornerstones
       D1. South Quarter
       D2. Stonemarket
       D3. Docks
       D4. Old Quarter
       D5. Auldale
    E. Hammerite Rust Mites
       E1. South Quarter
       E2. Stonemarket
       E3. Docks
       E4. Old Quarter
       E5. Auldale
    F. Legalese
                                   . A. Intro .
      In Thief: Deadly Shadows, stealing loot is the proverbial meat of the 
    meal.  Since no one was moving quite fast enough for me towards creating
    a comprehensive loot guide, I decided to take the daunting task upon my
    humble self instead.  This guide is inspired by CyricZ's amazingly
    comprehensive Thief: DS guide, located at GameFAQ's.
      This guide is not meant to be a walkthrough, but rather something akin
    to a checklist for any loot you might have missed during your adventures.
    As is the nature for these types of things, certain elements of the game
    may be revealed to you inadvertently if you have not already completed the
    game.  Let me say that one more time:
                      ***THIS IS NOT A SPOILER FREE GUIDE!***
      I take no responsibility for the loss of potential surprise you may or
    may not have received if you're playing through the first time with this
      At any rate, let's get on with the loot!
                              . B. Version History .
      0.3, 06/10/2004:  First Version.  Contains the first two Missions, the
                        Cornerstones, and all but one Rust Mite.
      0.5, 06/13/2004:  Updated St. Edgar's and the Pagan Sanctuary, and 
                        prepared the FAQ for more missions.
      0.7, 06/14/2004:  Updated Overlook Mansion and Sunken Citadel, changed
                        format to look more like a "checklist".  Fixed a few
                        typos and grammar as well.
      0.9, 06/15/2004:  Updated Clocktower and Keeper Compound.  Added final
                        Rust Mite location, thanks to Avalon (moderator at
      1.0, 06/16/2004:  Final Version.  Updated the Cradle and Museum.  Minor
                        layout tweaks to better separate the missions.
      1.1, 06/21/2004:  Added several websites to the Legalese section.
                               . C. The Missions .
                NOTE:  Items marked with a * denote Special Loot.
    C0. Training Mission:
          _Silver Goblet:  On the end table as you walk up the stairs in the 
          _Copper Candlestick:  Room at the far end of the hallway past Lord
           Julian's Guard, in a chest.
          _Copper Plate:  Located in Lord Julian's room, on the table.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Sitting next to Lord Julian's note, near the
          _Copper Goblet:  On the end table at the end of the hall, after Lord
           Julian's room.
          _Copper Goblet:  Behind the bar in the room with Julian's Purse.
     6 total items, 200 coins.
    C1. End of the Bloodline:
        Front Gate
          _Copper Goblet:  On a barrel near the locked gate that the cook 
           opens (If you douse the signal fire).
        Window Entrance Room
          _Copper Coins:  On the desk with the health potion, in the room with
           the window entrance to the castle.
          _Copper Coins:  Right next to the other coins.
        Chest with Guard Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of the bookcase, east of the chest and
          _Silver Candlestick:  Right next to the other candlestick.
          _Copper Goblet:  Inside the locked chest, right next to the guard
           facing the window.
        Three Entrance Hallway
          _Jade:  Held in the statue's hands.  A guard stands in front of it,
           turning each direction occasionally.
        Empty Guard Barracks
          _Copper Plate:  Inside a chest at the far end of the barracks.
        Sleeping Guard Barracks
          _Copper Goblet:  Inside the locked chest across from the sleeping
        Grand Staircase Room
          _Jade:  On end table next to large stone lion.
          _*Mortimer the Mad:  High above the staircase, reached by going
           through the hidden tunnel in room with the Silver Goblet.
        Small Connecting Rooms After Grand Staircase
          _Copper Candlestick:  On end table in front of large painting.
        Room at Top of the Stairs After Connecting Rooms
          _Silver Goblet:  Inside chest.
        Bloodline Opal Storeroom
          _Jade:  On the shelves with the Bloodline Opal (left side).
          _Jade:  On the shelves with the Bloodline Opal (right side).
          _Bloodline Opal:  On the shelves, dead center. (not counted towards
           level loot).
        Tower Staircase
          _Copper Goblet:  Underneath the Tower Staircase, secreted away in a
        Lady Elizabeth's Room
          _Copper Coins:  On a bookcase, next to the bed.
          _Copper Coins:  Next to the other coins.
          _Silver Coins:  Next to the other coins.
          _*Gilded Helm:  Inside locked chest.
          _Jade Necklace:  On top of bed canopy.
        Inner Bailey
          _Jade ring:  On top of wooden deck, accessed through window from the
           Pillar Rooms.
        Lord Rutherford's Room
          _Copper Goblet:  On wooden table next to the open book.
          _Silver Coins:  On desk next to fireplace.
          _Copper Coins:  Next to the other coins.
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of bookcase, next to the fireplace.
          _*Rutherford Medallion:  On top of fireplace.
        Lord Rutherford Connecting Room
          _Jade:  Inside locked chest.
        Grand Dining Room
          _Copper Goblet:  On end table in the southwest corner of the room.
          _Copper Goblet:  On long dining room table, middle section.
          _Copper Goblet:  On long dining room table, end section (east side
           of table).
          _Copper Candlestick:  On high shelf above fireplace.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Right next to the other one.
        Hallway connecting Kitchen and Guard Room
          _Copper Candlestick:  In between a few small boxes in a cubbyhole.
          _Copper Goblet:  Sitting on table next to the ham.
        Guard Room
          _Silver Plate:  Inside chest.
     36 (37 with Bloodline Opal) total items, 2125 loot (2625 with Opal).
    C2. St. Edgar's Eve:
        Front Entrance
          _Copper Coins:  In a small bowl right in front of a Hammerite statue
           on the west end.
          _Copper Coins:  In the same bowl.
          _Diamond Goblet:  On a table between the pews and the sunken area.
          _Diamond Goblet:  Right next to the other goblet.
          _Gold Bowl:  On the northwestern bench behind the pulpit, next to
        West Courtyard
          _Purse of Coins:  Pickpocket it off the robed Hammerite.
        East Courtyard
          _Ruby Goblet:  Top of the northern stairs, sitting on a barrel.
        Greidus' Empty Room
          _Silver Goblet:  On table, next to the Holy Hammer Symbol.
          _Gold Candlestick:   Lying down on top of the bookcase, next to the
           locked chest.
          _Gold Candlestick:   Standing up next to the other candlestick.
          _*Cat o' Nine Tails:  Inside locked chest.
        Upper Bunk Room
          _Fine Portrait:  On wall above bench.
          _Silver Coins:  On desk across from sleeping Hammerite.
          _Silver Coins:  Next to the other coins.
          _*Effigy of St. Edgar:  Inside locked chest, between the two bunk
        Small Southeastern Room (Upper)
          _Gold Pitcher:  On top of barrel, next to gas bomb.
        Upper Barracks Walkway with Statues
          _Ruby:  Behind southeast statue.
        Northwest Gated Room (Upper)
          _Copper Candlestick:  Lying on the bench next to the locked gate.
        Walkway Above West Courtyard
          _Purse of Coins:  Pickpocket off a patrolling Hammerite with candle.
        West Shrine Room
          _*Codex of the Abominations:  On northwest bench, next to statue.
        East Walkway Above Chapel
          _Gold Candlestick:  Sitting on top of crates.
        West Shrine Room
          _Copper Coins:  In offering plate on bench next to podium.
        Zombie Incinerator Room
          _Jade Ring:  Inside the incinerator.
        Small Room Outside Inspector Drept's
          _Silver Candlestick:  On end table, next to note.
        Inspector Drept's Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of small bookcase, behind wine bottle.
          _Silver Coins:  Inside chest in corner of the room.
          _Silver Coins:  Also inside chest.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside chest as well.
        Storage Area
          _Silver Nugget:  Large shelves, above the open book.
          _Silver Nugget:  Behind the other nugget.
        Suspension Cage (Upper Reliquary)
          _Silver Candlestick:  Lying down on table with the Chalice.
          _Silver Candlestick:  Next to the other candlestick.
          _Golden Bell:  Lying on table next to the Chalice.
      33 total items, 2850 loot.
    C3. Into the Pagan Sanctuary:
          _Copper Coins:  Right behind you when you start the mission.
          _Gold Nugget:  Directly south of where you start the mission, in
           the corner.
        Northern Tunnel with Climbable Walkway
          _Copper Spoon:  On crate with toolbox on on top.
          _Ruby:  Next to the copper spoon.
          _Silver Nugget:  Northeast of climbable walkway, lying on the floor.
        Climbable Walkway
          _Ruby Goblet:  On top of crates at the very end of the walkway.
        Southeastern Tunnel Room (with Dead Pagan)
          _Silver Nugget:  Behind the large boulder.
        Northeastern Tunnel Room (with two Female Pagans)
          _Jade:  Inside chest.
          _Copper Fork:  Directly north of chest, lying next to fish.
        Eastern Sewer Walkway (Upper)
          _Jade Ring:  Inside chest in corner by wooden plank walkway.
          _Jade Goblet:  On top of crates, next to explosive mine.
        Western Sewer Walkway (Upper)
          _Ruby:  Inside Leafer's chest (with map)
        Sewer Entrance Ruined Building (Lower)
          _Ruby:  Southwest corner of ruined building, lying next to a pile of
        Sewer Entrance Ruined Building (Upper)
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of small stacked crates, blocking the
           eastern hallway.
        Western Hammerfool Factory Room (Lower)
          _Silver Urn:  Shelf on southern wall, next to free standing torch.
        Eastern Hammerfool Factory Room (Upper)
          _*Ancient Statuette:  Easternmost alcove, on half-buried shelves.
        Eastern Creek (Lower)
          _Gold Bowl:  Sitting on ledge in front of the bars.
        Ruined Building with Large Tree
          _Golden Dagger:  Lying next to the large tree, free standing torch,
           and rubble pile.
        Sleepsie Room
          _*Bronze Beetle:  Inside locked chest.
        Upper Walkway West of Shaman's Room
          _Bird Statuette:  Westernmost overhang where guard patrols.
        Shaman's Room (Lower)
          _Ruby Tiara:  Inside chest in northwest corner of the room.
        Shaman's Room (Upper)
          _Diamond Goblet:  Eastern rafters, next to two wine bottles. (does 
           not sparkle).
          _*Precious Comb:  Resting on roof support beam, south west corner of
           the rafters.  Right above the pillow on the bed.
        Taproot Cellar
          _Jade Goblet:  Northwest shelves from cellar entrance, top row.
          _Jade Goblet:  Right next to the other goblet.
      25 items total, 2575 loot.
    C4. The House of Widow Moira:
        Boathouse Lower Floor
          _Gold Coins:  On small table with lamp, western side. 
          _Gold Coins:  Right next to the other coins.
        Overlook Proper Main Entrance Room
          _Fine Portrait:  On northeastern wall, above table with a few closed
           books sitting on it.
        Library Anteroom
          _Large Fine Portrait:  On southern wall, next to sitting guard.
          _*Lucky Coin:  Sitting on table in the middle of the room.
        Sitting Room with Fireplace and Large Painting
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of fireplace mantle, southern side.
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of fireplace mantle, northern side.
          _Diamond Goblet:  Lying sideways on couch, northern side.
          _Gold Urn:  On table in northern side of room.
        Second Floor Staircase Room
          _Fine Portrait:  Propped up against southwest corner of room.
          _Ruby Necklace:  Inside locked chest.
        Sleeping Woman's Room with Skylight
          _Copper Bowl:  Middle shelf of dresser, northeast corner of room.
          _Copper Bowl:  Right next to the other bowl.
          _Diamond Goblet:  Fireplace mantle, eastern side.
          _Diamond Ring:  Bedside end table, next to sleeping woman.
        Standish's Room
          _Ruby Necklace:  Inside locked chest, east of fireplace.
        Trapdoor room (From Standish's)
          _Gold Nugget:  Inside chest, north end of room.
          _Diamond Ring:  End table behind dressing screen, next to bowl.
        Bedroom with Balcony
          _Purse of Coins:  End table next to small dresser on the south side
           of the room.
          _*Nereid's Telescope:  On table near easternmost wall, behind
           "Mistress Mastiff".
        North Gallery
          _Ruby Goblet:  Inside locked chest, against west wall.
          _Ruby Goblet:  On the very top of a shelves, stood against west wall,
           with a large barrel to the south of it.  Next to dining room door.
        Dining Room
          _Copper Candlestick:  On top of fireplace mantle, northernmost edge.
          _Ruby Goblet:  On the dining room table, middle section.
          _Jade Goblet:  On the dining room table, southernmost section.
          _Silver Coins:  On desk against southern wall, westernmost side.
          _Diamond Ring:  Inside locked chest, southeast corner.
        Small Access Tunnels Under Grand Staircase
          _Gold Nugget:  Small alcove underneath stairs, in southeast corner.
        Grand Staircase
          _Copper Urn:  Directly south on table, first stairs landing.
        Rotunda (Upper)
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Western wall, between two alcoves.  Doesn't
        Master Bedroom
          _Diamond Necklace:  Inside locked chest, eastern side of bed.
        Master Bathroom
          _*Widow's Mirror:  On table against eastern wall, next to padded
        Southeast Bedroom (Upper)
          _Ruby Ring:  Inside locked chest at the foot of the bed.
        Secret Room (below North Gallery)
          _Courier Bag:  Inside locked chest.
      34 items total, 4200 loot.
    C5. The Sunken Citadel:
        Entrance Tunnels
          _Ruby:  Southwest of entrance, lying between a stone pile and a red
           keeper glyph on the floor.
        Entry Plaza
          _Bird Statuette:  Sitting on stone sarcophagus south of large blue
           flame, next to open book.
        Tunnels After Entry Plaza
          _Diamond:  Directly southwest of blue flame in Entry plaza, lying on
           the floor next to a pile of rubble.
        Arena and Theater Connecting Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of a stone sarcophagus in the middle of
           the room, next to an open book.
        Arena Connecting Tunnels
          _Silver Nugget: Lying next to pile of rubble directly east from 
           connecting room above.
          _Gold Goblet:  Down the stairs to the south, lying next to the
           northwesternmost pillar.
        Theater Connecting Tunnels
          _Gold Nugget:  Lying behind a rubble pile and broken railing.
          _*Large Diamond:  On rubble wall above broken railing.  Next to two
          _Gold Coins:  Inside locked chest behind large boulder and fallen
           pillar, southwest corner of the room.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside same chest as above.
          _Gold Coins:  Same as above.
        Sarcophagus Chamber East of Citadel Core Entrance
          _Ruby Tiara:  Inside open sarcophagus, on skeleton.
          _Copper Bracelet:  Directly south down the stairs and into the water,
           below the large blue flame.
          _Silver Urn:  East of Blue flame, on sarcophagus in water.
        Large Rubble-Filled Hallway
          _Jade:  Tucked behind the fallen stone support pillar in the north
           end of the room.
          _Silver Candlestick:  Lying down on table in southwest corner of
          _Silver Candlestick:  Standing up on the same table.
        Arena Anteroom with Large Blue flame
          _Silver Nugget:  Lying on pile of ruble underneath the large flame.
          _Gold Urn:  Eastern windowsill on raised walkway above arena.
          _Golden Dagger:  Inside chest under the arena.
          _*Pagan Battle Horn:  In flooded room below arena, on top of the
        Bath House
          _Cat Statuette: Lying next to two urns in the northeast corner of
           the room.
          _Ruby Goblet:  Lying on a western-most chair in the bath itself.
        Bath House, Library, and Throne Room Connecting Hallways
          _Purse of Coins:  Lying next to a skeleton, in front of the southern
        Library Anteroom
          _Silver Candlestick:  Lying inside the large submerged shelves, in
           front of the huge statue.
          _Copper Bowl:  On top of the large shelves.
          _Silver Urn:  Up the stairs behind the huge statue, in the window.
          _Rare Book:  Northeastern empty bookcase, middle shelf.
          _Copper Coins:  Bookcase directly south of library entrance, shelf
           above open book.
          _Copper Coins:  Next to the other coins.
          _Rare Book:  Western bookcase next to chair, middle shelf.
        Keeper Rafe's Room
          _Golden Dagger:  Next to Keeper Rafe's skeleton (Did they eat him?).
        Connecting Hallway South of Throne Room
          _Jade:  Lying submerged in the southeast corner of the room, next to
           a pile of rubble.
        Connecting Staircase to Upper Throne Room
          _*Kurshok Tapestry:  Attached to the southwest wall of the L-shaped
           room, behind three urns.  Looks like a Kurshok falling with a crown.
          _Silver Nugget:  Lying in northeast corner of L-shaped room next to
           the staircase.
        Throne Room
          _Gold Coins:  Inside locked chest east of throne itself.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside eastern chest.
          _Silver Coins:  Inside locked chest northwest of throne.
          _Silver Coins:  Inside northwest chest.
          _Handful of Gems:  Also inside northwestern chest.
        Throne Room (Upper)
          _Diamond:  On top of a leaning pillar in the southern end of the
           room.  It can be reached by climbing up the small overhang on the
           south wall and climbing up the pillar.
      41 items total, 4100 loot. 
    C6. Killing Time:
        Pendulum Level
          _Silver Statuette:  Inside locked chest, southeast corner of room.
          _*Diamond Gear:  Attached to northwest corner wall, need climbing
           gloves to reach it.
        Living Area Connecting Hallways
          _Purse of Coins:  Inside locked chest, next to desk.  Southwest of
           ladder from the Pendulum Level.
          _Gold Goblet:  On the desk right in front of the open book.
          _Gold Candlestick:  On the desk to the west of the open book.
          _*Father Debole's Solace:  Lying underneath the desk.  May have to
           move chair to grab it.
        Living Area Barracks
          _Purse of Coins:  Pickpocket off Hammerite wandering the barracks.
          _Copper Coins:  On top of middle bunk, northeast corner of bed.
          _Silver Goblet:  On high shelf directly south of open window.
          _Silver Spoon:  On end table directly north of open window.
          _Silver Fork:  On the same end table, a little north of the spoon.
          _Copper Comb:  Inside chest in northwest corner of room.
          _Purse of Coins:  Inside locked chest in northeast corner of room.
          _Copper Coins:  Inside chest in front of middle bunk bed.
          _Purse of Coins:  Inside chest in between two bunk beds.
        Large Gears with Elevator Room
          _Gold Bracelet:  Inside frobbable grate, southwest of the elevator.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Inside chest, southeast corner from gears.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Lying inside same chest as above.
        Locked Room with Large Gears
          _Copper Urn:  Inside chest, northeast corner of the room.
          _Silver Coins:  Inside the same chest as above.
        Large Vertical Room
          _Gold Coins:  Southeast ledge near the bottom of the room (See note)
      NOTE:  The Gold Coins in the Large Vertical Room are extremely difficult
             to grab.  The easiest method I've found is as follows:
             Climb the northeast diagonal corner of the shaft all the way to
             the top, then move to the far left and drop onto the tiny piece
             of metal catwalk.  Jump across to the east platform (taking out
             the Hammerite if you need to).  Mantle onto the south guardrail
             and dive towards the eastern wall.  Once you catch it, climb up
             to the bottom of the windowsill, then hit the jump button.  As
             you fall, move south past the large beam and catch the next wall.
             Climb up again and move into the southeast corner proper and do
             it once more.  Leap onto the south wall and climb down until you
             can drop onto the ledge.  The gold is lying on the southern edge.
             You'll want to climb as high as you can before making the jump
             from wall to wall so you'll have enough time to grab onto
             something before you eat the floor.
             If you need to climb back up to the top for some reason, climb the
             northeast diagonal corner again and drop onto the metal catwalk.
             turn around, and you should see a boarded catwalk that you can
             mantle onto.  Maneuver ever-so-carefully close until you can grab
             the ledge and pull yourself up.  the ladder vent will be to your
        Main Gearworks
          _Gold Coins:  Directly east from the Entrance, through the window.
           Drop down to the next catwalk and turn around.  Inside the chest.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside central circular room, mid-level platform.
           Coins located inside chest.
          _Gold Candlestick:  In the tunnel on the lowest level, southern
           storage space, behind frobbable grate.
        Suspended Hammer Room
          _*Builder's Ingot:  On a windowsill behind the altar.
        Ground Floor Northwestern Room
          _Silver Goblet:  On top of the desk, southern side.
          _Purse of Coins:  On the same desk, northern side.
          _Purse of Coins:  Inside the chest to the north of the desk.
          _Purse of Coins:  Pickpocket off guard patrolling the western wooden
           catwalk above the halting mechanism room.
          _Purse of Coins:  Pickpocket off Hammerite worker walking around the
           halting mechanism.
        Foreman's Office
          _Gold Pitcher:  On top of desk, next to lit candle.
          _Gold Goblet:  On top of desk, behind bottle.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside chest, north end of the room.
      33 items total, 2450 loot.
    C7. Of Brethren... and Betrayers:
        North Tower
          _Fine Portrait:  Follow the spiral staircase all the way up to the
           end.  The portrait is on the southwest wall, above a table with an
           open book.
          _Gold Bell:  Hanging right next to the Fine Portrait.
        Council Room
          _Silver Bowl:  Climb up the north wall.  Lying at the feet of the
           bowl-holding statue.
          _Handful of Gems:  Reachable after opening up Orland's Room with the
           Keeper Key, walk along eastern edge until you reach the alcove in
           the east wall.  Located in a small open chest.
          _Gold Coins:  Also sitting in the small open chest.
        Elder Library
          _*Imbris Analects:  On table in the library, next to a readable
            parchment.  (See Note)
          _*Gold Scales:  Climb southern wall with the Lower Libraries glyph
           on it.  Located on the edge of alcove above you.
        Scribe Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  Lying atop the bookcase on the western wall.
          _*Imbris Analects:  On top of podium near south wall.  (See Note)
          _Silver Candlestick:  Southeast corner of the room, on top of a
        Upper Hallways Connect Scribe Room and Dormitories
          _Gold Bell:  Attached to south wall before the Scribe Room doorway,
           next to desk.
          _Silver Coins:  On top of desk next to Scribe Room doorway.
        Dormitory (Lower)
          _Silver Candlestick:  On desk against the eastern wall, next to an
           open book.
          _Handful of Gems:  Inside locked chest, against western wall, under
           a lit torch.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside the same chest as above.
          _Gold Coins:  Also inside the chest.
        Artemus' Room
          _Jade:  Inside chest with Keeper ring, next to bed.
          _Jade:  Inside same chest as above.
          _Jade:  Also inside the chest.
        Orland's Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  Sitting on the table next to the west wall.
          _Silver Goblet:  Inside chest against northwest wall.
          _Diamond:  Inside the same chest as above.
          _Diamond:  Also inside the chest.
        Dining Hall (Lower)
          _Fine Portrait:  Above the fireplace.
          _Ruby Goblet:  Eastern dining table, northwest corner.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Eastern dining table, a little towards the
           middle of it.
          _*Imbris Analects:  Eastern dining table, southeast corner.  Book
           sure does get around...
          _Ruby Goblet:  Western dining table, southeast corner.
      NOTE:  Depending on the outcome of the Council votes (whether you 
             "persuade" any council members or not) the Imbris Analects will
             either appear in the Elder Library or the Scribe Room.
        Caduca's Chambers (Library)
          _Gold Goblet:  On table with girl turned to stone.
        Caduca's Chambers (Lauryl/Gamall's Bedroom)
          _Jade Goblet:  On shelf above bed, southeast corner, behind statue.
          _Jade Goblet:  Right next to the other goblet.
          _Purse of Coins:  On top of small bookshelf against the south wall.
          _Golden Dagger: Inside locked chest against south wall.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside same chest as above.
          _Diamond Tiara:  Also inside the chest.  Keep frobbing if you can't
           see it, it's there.
        Caduca's Chambers (Bedroom)
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of table against east wall, northeast
          _Gold Goblet:  On top of same table as above, middle section.
          _Silver Candlestick:  Lying under same table as above.
          _Jade Ring:  Second to bottom shelf of bookcase directly north of
          _Silver Candlestick:  End table north of bed.
        Hallway with Purple Stained Glass Window
          _Copper Bowl:  On northwest corner of table against north wall.
        Circular Library (Lower)
          _Rare Book:  Easternmost bookcase, middle shelf, north corner.
          _Silver Statuette:  Southeast bookcase in alcove, second to bottom.
          _Gold Plate:  On table in northwest corner.
          _Gold Candlestick:  On the same table as above.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside locked chest located southwest from table in
           Northwest corner.
        Hall of Statues
          _Handful of Gems:  Inside locked chest, southwest corner.
          _Gold Coins:  Inside same chest as above.
    47 items total, 4825 loot.
    C8. Robbing the Cradle:
        Storm Cellar
          _Copper Candlestick:  In the room with Lauryl's blood vial, on a
           shelf above a small table with note on it.  Northern end of shelf.
          _Copper Candlestick:  On same shelf, Southern end.
        Treasurer's Office
          _Silver Candlestick:  On a pedestal north of desk with open book.
          _Diamond Goblet:  On desk with open book, southern side.
          _Silver Candlestick:  On a pedestal south of desk with open book.
          _*Gravecourt Red:  Inside wall save directly above desk.
          _Silver Candlestick:  On a shelf attached to the west wall, above a
           wooden bench.
          _Silver Candlestick:  Next to the other candlestick on the shelf.
        Second Floor Dormitory
          _Copper Candlestick:  On burnt-out fireplace mantle, western side.
          _Copper Candlestick:  On the same mantle, eastern side.
          _Jade Tiara:  Inside a locked chest against the western wall.
          _Purse of Coins:  Inside the same chest as above.
        Staff Tower
          _Gold Candlestick:  On shelf attached to southern wall.
          _Gold Candlestick:  Next to the other candlestick.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the southeast table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the southeast table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the southwest table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the southwest table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the northeast table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the northeast table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the northwest table.
          _Jade:  Lying on the painting on the northwest table.
        No. 1 Seclusion Chamber 
          _Silver Ring: On barred windowsill, after riding lift to the top.
        No. 2
          _Diamond Goblet:  On the table against the eastern wall, next to 
           the note.
        No. 5
          _Golden Dagger:  Behind painting propped against eastern wall on
           top of desk.
        No. 7
          _Gold Coins:  On desk against eastern wall, behind northernmost
        No. 8
          _Silver Comb:  On top of desk against eastern wall, next to the
          _Silver Mirror:  On top of same desk as above.
        Treatment Room A
          _Silver Candlestick:  On top of shelves, northeast corner, across
           from water treatment basin.
        Treatment Room B
          _*Silver Surgical Kit: On top of small table directly east from the
           lobotomy restraints.
        Morgue Elevator and Connecting Hallway
          _Silver Candlestick:  Southeast corner of arched barrier between the
           morgue elevator room and the nursery.
          _*Bag of Gold Teeth:  Southeast corner of morgue, inside closed 
           corpse slab.
      32 items total, 2650 loot.
    C9. Still Life with Blackjack:
    NOTE:  Since there is so much loot so close together, I grouped the pieces
           under each section together for easier identification.
        Entrance Foyer
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Attached to western wall, above sofa.
        Eastern Connecting Room and Stairs
          _Silver Goblet:  Attached to southern wall, above end table.
          _Fine Portrait:  Sitting on top of end table, southern wall.
          _Fine Portrait:  Attached to eastern wall of stairs.
        West Wing Entrance and Stairs
          _Fine Portrait:  Southeast of roped-off stone bust, attached to the
           east wall.
           _Diamond Necklace:  Sitting on roped-off stone bust.
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Directly west of roped-off bust, attached to
           the stone wall.
           _Fine Wine:  On top of table right next to the Large Fine Portrait,
            western edge.
           _Ruby Goblet:  On top of same table above, sitting in the middle.
          _Fine Wine:  Northwest (around the corner) from the roped-off stone
           bust, sitting on an end table under a pair of candles attached to
           the wall.
        West Wing Northern Hallways
          _Copper Plate:  On top of table against far western wall, lit by a
           wall sconce.  Northwest of the L-Shaped room and portcullis.
          _Copper Plate:  On top of same table as above, middle plate.
          _Copper Plate:  Also on top of table, northern plate.
          _Copper Goblet:  This one as well, southern goblet.
          _Copper Goblet:  Yup, you guessed it, middle goblet.
          _Copper Goblet:  Almost done, northern goblet.
        West Wing, Second Floor
          _Fine Portrait:  Southwest wall, westernmost room.  Above sofa.
           _Copper Candlestick:  Sitting on top of end table, east of sofa.
            Westernmost room.
          _Silver Urn:  Eastern alcove, middle room.  Inside "Carved Cornelian
           Oddities" display case.
           _Copper Plate:  Inside same display case as above.
           _Gold Goblet:  Also inside display case.
           _*Curator's Monocle:  Behind the display case, northeast corner.
          _Fine Portrait:  Westernmost wall, eastern room.  Above sofa.
        Connecting Hallway and Stairways, Second Floor
          _Gold Bowl:  West side of hallway, table against north wall.  
           _Copper Goblet:  Same table as above, behind the Gold Bowl.
           _Gold Pitcher:  Also the same table, middle section.
           _Gold Bowl:  Same table, Southeast corner.
           _Copper Goblet:  Again, the same table.  Northeast corner.
          _Copper Plate:  East side of hallway, table against north wall.
           _Copper Goblet:  Same table as above, behind the Copper Plate.
           _Copper Plate:  Also the same table, middle front.
           _Copper Goblet:  Again, the same table, middle back.
           _Copper Plate:  Same table, almost done.  Eastern front.
           _Copper Goblet:  Finally!  Eastern backend of the table.
          _Fine Portrait:  Directly south of eastern table, on the wall.
          _Fine Portrait:  Southeast staircase to the third floor, south wall.
        East Wing Connecting Rooms
          _Copper Goblet:  Western alcove, marked "Early Ironwork Jewelry".
           Inside display case.
           _Copper Plate:  Inside the same display case as above.
           _Copper Bracelet:  Also inside display case.
        East Wing, Third Floor
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Easternmost room (next to grand staircase to
           the first floor), southwest alcove.
           _Large Fine Portrait:  Easternmost room, northwest alcove.
          _Copper Candlestick:  On table in southeast corner room, against the
           east wall, under a large painting that isn't frobbable.
           _Copper Candlestick:  On the same table as above.
           _*Orbetti Forgery:  In the southeast corner room, north wall, above
           a plaque.
          _Fine Portrait:  Northwestern room, north wall, above the sofa.
           East of the Power Station door and sign.
          _Fine Portrait:  Northern end of the north/south hallway, west wall.
           _Diamond Necklace:  Southern end of the same hallway, on a stone
        West Tesero Hall, Statue Room (Lower)
          _*Coethe Medallion:  Around large statue's neck.  Shoot an arrow at
           it to knock it down.
          _Gold Ring:  Northwest bookcase, westernmost edge.  Doesn't sparkle.
        West Tesero Hall, Statue Room (Upper)
          _Silver Candlestick:  Rounded balcony with chairs, west end table.
          _Silver Candlestick:  Rounded balcony with chairs, north end table.
        Small Rotunda (Upper)
          _Copper Candlestick:  Northwest end table.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Southwest end table.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Southeast end table.
          _Copper Candlestick:  Northeast end table.
        Main Atrium West Room and Balcony
          _Fine Portrait:  Southwest corner of room west of balcony.  Above
           _Fine Portrait:  Northwest corner of same room.  Above sofa.
          _Large Fine Portrait:  South wall of the balcony.
        Main Atrium Northwest Room
          _Cat Statuette:  On roped-off pedestal in the middle of the room.
        Main Atrium Northeast Room
          _Silver Candlestick:  On table against east wall, to the north of the
          _Silver Candlestick:  On same table, to the south of the Viktrola.
        Main Atrium East Balcony
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Attached to the south wall.
        Large Northern Staircase and Room
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Climb western wall between the large urn on
           the stairs and the large blue banner to reach portrait.
          _Copper Candlestick:  On a table against the north wall on the first
           landing, west corner of table.
          _Copper Candlestick:  On the same table as above, east corner.
        Large L-Shaped Stairs and Marble Hallway
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Eastern wall, right before stairs leading to
           the Curator's Office.
          _Diamond Tiara:  Roped-off alcove east of the Viktrola, on pedestal.
        Storage Rooms before Curator's Office
          _Silver Candlestick:  On end table directly north (behind) guard
           sleeping in chair.
        Curator's Office
          _Silver Goblet:  On table against south wall, under large painting.
          _Fine Wine:  Also on table against south wall, middle section.
          _Fine Wine:  Lying under the same table as above, west corner.
          _Fine Wine:  Lying next to the other bottle of Fine Wine.
          _Large Fine Portrait:  Attached to the south wall, above the table.
          _Fine Portrait:  Propped up against a few crates, southwest corner.
          _Silver Candlestick:  On Curator's desk, southeast corner.
          _Diamond Goblet:  On Curator's desk as well, middle section.
          _Silver Coins:  Alson on Curator's desk, northeast corner.
      77 pieces total, 7750 loot.
                            . D. Pagan Cornerstones .
    D1. South Quarter
        _West of the Docks gate, right in front of the sewer entrance.
        _Small porch located southwest of the Black alley shop.
        _East cornerstone of tunnel leading to the Southmarket gate.
    D2. Stonemarket
        _North of the Tavern entrance, behind some crates.  Directly east from
         The Keeper glyph and Rust Mite.
        _Directly southwest from the Stonemarket Proper gate, behind a tree
         and some crates.
        _Directly north from the Old Quarter gate in Stonemarket Proper, under
         a streetlight.
    D3. Docks
        _Directly east of the Keeper passage from the South Quarter gate.
        _Northwest of where the Pagan tree is located on the docks, in the
         small L-shaped corridor.
        _Directly north from the Tavern entrance.
    D4. Old Quarter
        _Southwest cornerstone from the Auldale gate, next to a large tree.
        _Northwest from the main entrance of Fort Ironwood, across from a few
         stacked boxes.
        _Inside Fort Ironwood's Cemetery, northeast of the Cataclysm Memorial.
         behind a pillar.
    D5. Auldale
        _Southeast cornerstone, down the stairs from the museum, where the
         two people are standing.
        _Below the Auldale Plaza sign, where the shopkeeper and the thief 
         have their conversation.
        _Directly southwest from the Hammerite Inspector's window.
                           . E. Hammerite Rust Mites .
    E1. South Quarter
        _In the southeast corner of the Stonemarket gate area.
        _Southeast of the fountain, located in an alcove with pipes.
        _West of the Docks gate, between a large cart and Pavlock Prison.
    E2. Stonemarket
        _Behind St. Edgar's Church, between the pawn shop and the store, in
         a small alcove next to a crate.
        _Right next to the Keeper's glyph, directly west from the Pagan 
        _Directly south from the gargoyle statue in Terces Courtyard, up the
         long flight of stairs.
    E3. Docks
        _Next to the tavern, on a little walkway you can get to via ladder.
        _Directly north of the rowboat on the raised walkway.
        _Between the pawn shop and the Pagan note, near the water arrow.
    E4. Old Quarter
        _Outside of the Keeper's Compound (Where you start after the "trial")
         towards the lit hallway in the east.  Right next to a barrel.
        _Right in front of the Docks entrance, next to a large vertical pipe.
        _Fort Ironwood Cemetary, climb the east wall (between the southernmost
         and middle arches) all the way to the top.  You should see smoke 
         coming out of a pipe as you climb.  It's on the top, next to a crate
         with two Jade Goblets and a bottle.
         (Thanks to Avalon @ http://www.ttlg.com's forums)
    E5. Auldale
        _Behind two large crates, follow the stairs up southeast from the Old
         Quarter entrance.
        _Museum entrance grate, go all the way down.  It's sitting to the
         north of where you land, next to some barrels.
        _Inside the pumphouse.  Only accessible after day 8.
                                 . F. Legalese .
      Copyright © 2004 Jonathan (senornacho) Krauer.  This may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It
    may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.  I think they give you the electric chair for that
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