Help with chosing a job?!=P

  1. I love PVP and I'm not sure which job usually owns in PVP.I heard lots of them say thieves rock at PVP.But I'm still not convinced cause mostly of them are kinda new to the game.So please!!Can somebody help me?

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    BabiesPwn - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    one more thing. i play in singapore which is in SEA and not in America or wherever you play dragonica

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  1. Assassins- They rule in pvp after Lv 30+. They got high Dodge Rates and they also got Block Rates which make them hard to get hit. They can do alot of damage with their Dagger skill if used at close range (the closer, the more daggers hits). They DO have troubles fighting monks, or whoever who heals though.

    Jesters- They pwn in the early late 20s. They got this ''Jesters are very powerfull and deadly, but they die fast'' rule. They can kill someone in a few seconds, but they die fast too if u get hit. They got the skill Burrow which can be used to evade attacks. Master this ''evading technique'' and you'll become a deadly Jester.

    Monks- They can heal, turn peoples into frogs and freeze people. Monks are one of the cheapest jobs to PvP with. Once frogged/frozen you're practically doomed. They dont require much skill to use. Use Frog/Freeze, and Run & Heal your HP to 100% if you got hit. Theyre hard to kill if you can't 1-combo-kill them.

    Battlemages- BMs also rocks in PvP (After Lv 27+). Once caught in their Blizzard and you got frozen, its pretty much game over for you. Their Fire Emblem and Magic Missiles do massive damage. BMs require alot of skills and tactics to use though. Catching people in Blizzard isnt always easy.

    Knights- Due to their High HP/DEF and Block Rates their one of the hardest jobs to kill. They might not do much damage, but their HP/DEF/Block Rates and their skills Impervion (negates knockback) and Revenge (return 70% damage back to the enemy when maxed) makes up for it. They require skills to use too. Without a good combo you're pretty much screwed.

    Gladiators- They dont got alot of HP/DEF, but they do more damage than knights. They can also AoE stun and lower their Aim Rate/Damage. Gladiators require alot of skills and precision to use effectively. You need to practice alot to get the timing right and such. Though they ARE deadly when mastered.

    Pathfinders- They got alot of fast skills. They start shining at Lv 31, and they really pwn at 39+. They even pwn more at their 3rd job (40+). When theyre a high Lv, most of their skills launch peoples in the air which can be followed by a deadly Anti-Air Shot. Did i mention most of their launch skills are SUPER FAST? Its easy to hit someone with it... and when you got a fast AAS its pretty much game over for them. NOTE: Spamming Anti-Air Shot (AAS) is lame and you'll lose respect from players. They will hate you. Use at your own risk.

    Arbalists- Their only good skill is Gatling Rush. Without Gatling Rush and AAS spam their pretty much WEAK. All their other skills are useless. Especially in PvP. They get even worse at 3rd Job. I dont recommond you to use this job to PvP. BUT their Gatling Rush + AAS spam IS very deadly, but thats all they got. If you wanna do only those 2 skills your entire PvP carrierre, i say go ahead ^^

    Hope that helps o_o''

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  1. erm... it actually assasin that rock in pvp.Assasin are the second job of thief and jester rock in pve.Archer can own people too but it depend on your skill

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  2. I think you should choose the Magicians. they have High Survival rates as I have tried all the 4 jobs and in my opinion its the mage which is best. I play the Acolyte which is the healer and they can heal very fast while in combat. like say you're running from an enemy and you are about to die then you can heal youself and then resume fighting. also, acolytes have Resurrection which ressurects one of your team members but using 60% of your mp. Battlemages also have the upper hand. they have lots fighting moves and they deal lots of Damage to one opponent at a time. So I would reccommend magicians as they are good in both the storyline and in PvP.

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