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"One of the BEST free online games I have ever played"

Dragonica is an online game. It is a 3D side scrolling game, and heck, its a good one. At first, someone might say, " Oh No! ANOTHER Maple Story!" Yes this might look like a 3D Maple Story but it is much better than Maple Story.


The story is about you. Basically, you are a person(Warrior, Thief, Magician, or Bowman) who is on their way to becoming a hero. Dragonica is a, obviously, a game about a dragon. The dragon is chained up in the beginning intro but someone has set it free.


The gameplay is quite simple. Easy to control and to move around. There is a bar where you can register your skills. The monsters are basic beings at the beginning(tree stumps, wolves, etc.) but as you progress the monsters get more ferocious.


There are currently four jobs in Dragonica. The jobs as I mentioned earlier, are Warrior, Magician, Thief, and the Bowman. Warriors use swords and have a lot of health. They deal mainly melee damage. At 2nd job, they split into the Knight and Gladiator. The Knight wields a 1h sword while the Gladiator wields a 2h sword. Gladiators do more damage but Knights take less damage. Magicians use staffs and casts spells. They don't have much health but they do have the most MP. They later split into Acolytes and Battle Mage. Acolytes focus on healing while Battle Mages have the ability to use spears and focus on damage. Thieves are another melee class. They have many skills. They later split into Jester and Assassin. Jesters use claws while Assassins use katar blades. Last but not least, the Bowman. Bowmans deal physical damage from a distance. They split into Hunter and Ranger. Hunters use a longbow and attack quickly but deal weak damage . Rangers use crossbows and get to use Rocket Launchers, Tanks, and more. They attack slower but deal more damage.

What can I say? The BGM is fine.

Graphics: The graphics are great. Looks a little cartoony but its not squares like some other games.

Now before I go, I will explain the Pros and Cons of the game.

Nice, Clean graphics
Easy to play
Some fun skills
Good Mission Maps give good EXP
Lots of equips to wear
Lots of looks your character can have. More Basic looks than Maple Story
Foods have no cool down effect such as an Apple
Get many equips easily from Mission Maps

Can only do 7 quests at a time
Potions have a cool down effect
Money is kind of confusing

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the game as much as I enjoyed typing it up for you all. Also, I hope to see in the game. Thank You for your time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/03/09

Game Release: Dragonica (EU, 06/10/09)

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